Grand Illusion – 8


“While the legislature is in session, no man’s property is safe.” – Mark Twain

There are so many outright audacious lies in the the ‘order’ followed by damn evil lies it is absurd beyond reason to continue the asinine pablum that the land of the free, was still free after the People had their money confiscated by official decree. Since when do free men lose the fundamental right to own the very property of money itself? If FDR said the hoarding of milk was bad so all cows were now the property of the Treasury, is this just another example of the awesome powers of the presidency? Is there any limit to the awesome powers of taking private property by executive decree? If hoarding of gold was so bad why was the hoarding of gold by the Treasury and forbidding its ownership the solution? Was Fort Knox the economic hub of America or the world at large?

The total insanity of this wretched absurdity still prevails today as if such details didn’t even matter. Who cares if presidents lie to get something of value, for nothing in reciprocal consideration, make a windfall on politically stolen said assets and cheat the people yet again, by outright deflation of the very paper touted as superior to the barbaric metal as money. So by the actions committed, a paper currency is superior only by political decree, lies, deception and anti-constitutional actions? The Law just became an absurdity of itself.

If the American people have no fundamental, therefore unalienable right to own gold, or silver; as fundamental property,therefore no right to own private money, free of any further obligations then this country is under a financial dictatorship. So the IRS is the collector for the dictator? Who else is left? In this case however the “arrangement” affords the real powers a buffer between the source of the influence and the day to day mechanics of controls and operations. The bureaucratic machine has a nested order intertwined with multiple echelons of administrative ranking managing the lower clerical orders and sub classes of the rank and file.

Good luck on figuring out how this colossus of authority actually operates behind the facade so artfully engineered. The superior advantages of compartmentalization to exclude is the only give-away to the real lines of power connecting to those so included, to higher levels of class protected individuals actually wielding first rights to spoils so engendered. Those who move in the higher circles are not required to divulge their secrets, thus actions, to the common masses, hence the need for secrecy and the industries which protect them. In very simple terms it is just Laws acting as castles whose dimensions are flattened to the eyes of the uninitiated who are ignorant of the purpose.   The control mechanisms must operate in plain site without giving away the game, hence the art of their construction and use.

To control the economic source and the conditions which arise from all things so induced is the game. The circulation of silver and gold coin placed the game operators in a bind, so they had to rid themselves of the constrictions such a system placed upon them. To accomplish this task meant twisting the Laws to bend to their wills and produced absurdities both in the Law itself and the resulting demands on a free circulation now turned up-side down. To prohibit free circulation, the source of money had to be locked up. And the rule of first rights had to be enforced with draconian efficiency. Real money was made illegal to allow false money to circulate in its place as no other mechanism can produce such results.

This manipulation of silver and gold stocks also begs the question: When did these precious metals become the sole property of the federal government? The authority to regulate commerce—to forbid taxing as a means to inhibit trade between States— is not the power to steal the very substance of the economy itself. The source for this ruthless BS is the ‘implied powers’ doctrine which like all dogmas is rooted in the Noble presumption, that commoners like slaves have no inherent, unalienable rights.

Since the American lower classes are presumed to be no better than slaves, the superior class has no qualms about taking away such political right to own property, precious metals being only one class, of said privileges of property ownership. Therefore, it stands to reason this superior class has not only repudiated the perception of sovereign Law itself, but has subverted the entire political structure upon which it once stood to restrict its application to all men equally. The 16th amendment fails this test of Uniformity as well. The absolute corruption of money, goes hand-in-hand with the absolute corruption of power, both political and economically speaking.

The repudiation of “implied powers” is found in the results of its abuses. Without such implied powers to relieve the Congress of its conscience, the executive of his heart and the Courts of their brains, this country might actually have recovered its real Honor and led the world to a real meaning of peace. Instead, the Nation ignores the real source of its degradations with sophistries dressed in propaganda. Presidents do not Rule over America by fiat or orders, but they have not had to worry about that little bit of Principle in such a long time, one must consider the fact it is already done.

If men cannot pay their lawful debt with lawful money, then such men pay unlawful debt with unlawful money and are taxed unlawfully as well. That means the People are all out-laws to their own Constitution and so is Congress as well. No wonder people cannot get a lawful answer to a lawful question. The pattern is there, but it is subtle unless properly held in plain view. If silver and gold coin constitutional money is against the law for the People to use as they see fit to do so, then the taxing of an Income paid out in debased, worthless paper is just another insult to the People for whom it is intended. People who depend on an exchange of tangible wealth are usually in the working classes, not always, but most of the time as labor has very few immediate exchanges possible. A man could labor for apples per hour, but such an arrangement is only useful if it is proper to the agreement.

 People have very different financial affairs and gross generalizations do not offer keen insight into such differences. However, when one form of wealth is purposely destroyed to favor another that is the Crime in progress. Taxing labors is a Crime in Progress, but the criminals are hiding behind a facade of legalities so contorted, a pretzel looks straight as an arrow by comparison.

In 1970, a days wages could buy nearly three quarters of an ounce of gold; by 2010 those wages could only buy a little more than one eighth of an ounce of the metal. Your wages have quintupled since 1970, yet you actually have become poorer. If you are making the average hourly wage of $19 per hour, you are experiencing a level of poverty that was unimaginable to your grandfather, who made only $3.50 an hour in 1970.” Jehu HTTP://www.economicpopulist. org/blogs/jehu

This keen insight also explains the Rule of Diminishment: to inflate is to diminish worth.

What required only one dollar now requires ten, then twelve and so on. Each dollar is now deficient to the sum of its worth. To reclaim the whole advances the absurdity that another deficient dollar adds any value to the first. Specifically, this means the bank cashing the numerical value of one-hundred dollars has to ADD an additional 96 to rectify the loss as suffered. But each of those dollars is also deficient and another 92.6 dollars are now stacked upon the others… but these are also deficient…. the result is an absurdity and yet the absurdity is an inverse to how modern banking operates by fractional lending. The sly lie is more money is being circulated when in fact it is diminished—- they cannot shave a coin and call the result a whole— but a fractional reserve debt-dollar can be shaved mathematically upon the sum of the whole into infinity.

If a gallon of milk was so operated upon, the shopper entering the milk aisle would be quite puzzled as to why a half-ounce jug of milk was priced as IF it was a gallon. After, asking the store manager how it was possible to sell a gallon as a half-ounce for the same price he merely answers, according to the new, fractional reserve regulation, “gallon” is the NAME of the jug— THE MILK— is not measured by the name “gallon” only its current Market value.

The shopper is now faced with the simple, but irritating choice of buying the milk at the higher volume price, now in a smaller jug measure, or buy nothing at all.  When the same operation is applied to the “coin” this shaving does not work at all, as people would know damn good and well, the measures and weights are flat-out false… but a debt-dollar, on an ever-sliding rule of inflation to infinity…. masks the theft with scientific sophistries, intertwined with mind-numbing regulations, dense secretive codes and anything else as needed, to make the laws operate like boiling noodles in a pot.

The system is dynamic and the rules treat the money as static. Money likened to water has four states in continuous action and can be pooled in very sophisticated, debt matrixes as to concentrate the flow of interest, not unlike honey from a bee-hive, into the desired channels of profit.

If the system was actually working for the People, instead of against them, the substance of a dollar as measured, can never be less than its intrinsic whole to the sum of its legal worth. An apple cannot be sliced into ever smaller pieces and retain its whole value and neither can real money.

The subjective difference is the interest-returns from the credit use  flows back to the Peoples Treasury not the bankers. As people have first rights to what they create from their labors not the bankers, such an arrangement produces natural harmony.  Free circulation of money destroys banking powers hooked to usury. Usury has to be against the LAW to prevent and to protect the Peoples Treasury as a function of their government. There is no other arrangement to safe-guard the money from predation. Which is why the silver and gold had to be stolen by legislative fiat and bleed out of the economy by what-ever means possible. That would be the hook and the crook leaving the People high and dry as a result.

The circulation of money is described by velocity and volume. Interestingly enough a black-market acts as a counter-force to a white-market. The potential difference can also be described as torque– circulation velocity/volume of cash in all illegal transactions is in the billions of dollars, plus under-ground economic activities perhaps in the trillions?

[An excerpt from a well thought out analysis of the conflicting problems—]

Economics of Illegal Drug Markets:
What Happens If We Downsize the Drug War?
Mary M. Cleveland

An economic analysis of the illegal drug markets suggests that if the U.S. drug war were downsized (by cutting back interdiction efforts, targeting primarily large or violent dealers, and reducing severity of punishments), the following would happen:

       1. Prices would fall, marijuana prices more than hard-drug prices. There would be some increase in casual use, especially of marijuana, and a shift to marijuana away from cocaine, heroin, and possibly alcohol.

     2. The black market sales volume would increase, but the number of dealers would decrease. At present, probably a majority of regular illegal drug  users also deal part-time to help pay for their own use; the lower the price, the fewer who would deal.

     3. The black market would become less dangerous. Small, teenage dealers would be replaced by larger, less-violent, adult dealers.

     4. The number of problem drug users would probably not increase, but their per capita consumption might increase dramatically. Problem users who survive by petty theft would probably not steal less if drug prices declined but simply consume more

Defenders of drug prohibition make a straightforward supply-and-demand argument: Legalization, or any lessening of aggressive enforcement, will lower the high cost of drugs, in terms of price, risk of arrest, severe punishment, and social opprobrium.”

The following is a good example of addressing the under-ground economy as opposed to the black-market, but I think the author is a bit hesitant about how the two actually operate simultaneously with the taxable, except for the difference of where the cash flows as a literal quality to its actual purpose. Prohibition was not just a bad period of social policy it was a well thought-out social experiment to understand the movements of cash money, at a time, such questions of mass circulation, needed deeper examinations to allow a better engineered purpose of use. Nothing happens by accident only be design.

The underground economy, also known as the shadow economy, has been in existence as long as its legitimate counterpart. The difference is that the government has any number of methods for tracking the exchange of goods, services and currency in an above-board economy, but very few ways of tracking the activities of a shadow economy. Prostitutes, gamblers and others earning illicit incomes are not likely to provide the government with accurate income information on their IRS tax forms, for instance, and cash-based transactions often work best without governmental interference.

As of 2010, this economy in the United States alone was estimated to account for over $2 trillion US Dollars (USD) per year in unreported cash holdings. It has also been estimated that up to 80% of all US $100 dollar bills printed every year end up overseas within weeks of their circulation. The underground economy supports any number of overseas operations, including covert wars, raw drug production, and human slavery rings. All of these illegal activities require an abundant amount of untraceable cash, preferably from a strong government with a stable legitimate economy.

Estimating the actual extent of the underground economy can be a very tricky proposition. Essentially, the US government observes financial changes in the legitimate economy, especially when it comes to the flow of hard currency. Assuming that most citizens’ spending habits don’t change much from year to year, any sudden increases or decreases in the amount of currency circulating in the legitimate economy are most likely the direct result of movements in the shadow economy.”

What is important is the rules of circulation and volume exert Tension forces which can be described with a certain degree of accuracy, so long as the financial numbers are being reported and are accurate as well.

Here is another example of the influence of the black-market:

With pot and porn outstripping corn, America’s black economy is flying high–Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles– The Guardian, Thursday 1 May 2003

“Marijuana, pornography and illegal labour have created a hidden market in the United States which now accounts for as much as 10% of the American economy, according to a study. As a cash crop, marijuana is believed to have outstripped maize, and hardcore porn revenue is equal to Hollywood’s domestic box office takings.

Despite laws that punish marijuana cultivation more strictly than murder in some states, Americans spend more on illegal drugs than on cigarettes. And despite official disapproval of pornography, the US leads the world in export of explicit sex videos, according to Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs and Cheap Labour in the American Black Market, by Eric Schlosser.

Although the official American economy has been suffering a downturn, the shadow economy is enjoying unprecedented levels of success, much in the way that the prohibition period fuelled the illegal markets in the 30s. Schlosser found that three specific industries accounted for a major portion of this boom.

No aspect of farming has grown faster in the US over the past three decades than marijuana, with one-third of the public over the age of 12 having smoked the drug.

While the nation’s largest legal cash crop, maize, produces about $19 bn (£11.9bn) in revenue, “plausible” estimates for the value of marijuana crops reach $25 bn. Steve White, a former coordinator for the US drug enforcement administration’s cannabis eradication programme, estimates that the drug is now the country’s largest cash crop.”

[The correct word is Hemp, but the slang term dominates the usage to keep the mental doors closed to the deeper truth.  Hemp the plant cannot be outlawed any more than gold or silver and yet the People are under this strange mind-control that the civil servants so employed can outlaw Natural resources from private use. And in the case of Hemp this was a disaster of epic proportions for the farmers, productive hemp industries, food reserves both man and livestock(hemp seed is second to none in nutrition wholeness) and hundreds of other uses completely divorced from the smoking of the female flowers.  Is THC the evil drug from nature?

NO… but the damn bold-faced lies dressed as laws have been written to ignore the governments own findings so many times, it is laughable and absurd, when authoritarians must banish the truth from the Courts, to keep their lies safe, as well as, the industries dependent upon those lies safe from natural remedies to human ills. The very ones such “prohibitions” created in the first place.

If Hemp was properly utilized for the plant that it is in this country the generation of tens-of-billions of Free-Resource Dollars(no debt originations) would lift a substantial number of Americans, in every State,  out of the grinding jaws of poverty to produce the goods and manage the services so created.  The Market of Hemp was made illegal on purpose to protect the wealthy and their resource rackets always tied into the debt-money control racket and the tax-control racket. Hmmm sure are a whole lot of rackets all hinged on lying like demented swine on the same kernel of resource related issues. All of these issues when combined become empirical proof of Trespass of Unalienable property rights. The crime is against the Sovereign Principle as established by the Declaration which is the Foundation for all Laws which govern the Civil authorities by Constitutional restrictions. These are facts not suppositions and conspiracy theories.

When the facts are clear so too are the natural relationships of people to their land and each other in civil discourse both of social duty and moral compact. To do no harm to one another is the only foundation for peace. There is no other way for this to occur as a natural response of living Tensions all people must endure in a social function of Trust.

In this next example, the language is explicit as to what is being taxed as if no sovereign unalienable rights exist at all:

The Congress ALONE shall have power to lay and collect Direct taxes on all Incomes, from slave-wage labors, livelihoods, professions, trades, employments, or vocations, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Even though the original wording has once again been substituted, this construction demonstrates HOW it has to read, IF it is to be construed, as Having the very power the IRS always says is what Congress intended and NOT the People themselves. And whose demands is Congress actually serving in this diabolical arrangement? Once again, that would be the Lender. The one authority never mentioned in a single line in the Constitutions of the States or their AGENT on the International Stage, the federal government. The Agent is the servant of the States, therefore the States cannot be made subservient without destroying the Law of Sovereignty.

A mans labor is not the subject of a direct taxing power of Congress, due to the salient fact this was not a power on people, but on enforcing the payments of STATE shares of federal expenses. All taxes on people were INDIRECT and Uniform period. There is no other class period. The sleaze-balls in Congress of those times and now patently ignore the Law right before their damn collective noses. This must be a learned skill to ignore what is the Law to enforce Tyranny by injustice.

  Congress cannot authorize any such taxing scheme period. To do so destroyed their authority in that very second and it has never returned. Gone to the winds went the constitutional restrictions on mis-use of congressional authority to allow usury to operate on the Nations money supply. Everything else is pablum to hide the facts and obscure the honest truth. What a rotten double-dealing scam it really is by operation and purpose. That would be the trillions of debt which interestingly enough would be on the Peoples side of the ledger as Credit in an honest Treasury operation. Think about that very carefully… when the light comes on the clarity is really quite astonishing.

How even IF  the construction of the 16th amendment was not a deceptive tactic it is still quite defective by proper constitutional purpose. Once again, what does a census have to do with taxing a mans labor? Are all labors equal of worth by political fiat as well? If so, why are labors paid in such UN-equal time-values, compared to managerial time values, or stock ownership profits?

How exactly does a census bring equality to the proportions of two very different time-values of Income? If a census has absolutely nothing to do with such measures why pretend changing the direct taxation Law somehow changes the distribution of Incomes in economic classes of UN-equal political forces?

The inclusion of the Census was a restriction on the STATES  due to the fact the federal agent has no SOURCE of income of its own. I am simply amazed by the simplicity of this arrangement, where one is subservient to the other, and yet, the reversal of the arrangement produces absurdities so obvious a child can understand them without difficulty. It is quite uncanny how perceptive kids are to first rights. As a condition of fairness in all matters entered into by contract the first rights must always be secured by the Compact itself. This is the Why in the Constitutional orders of operations. People are first and their legal fictions then follow. The federal agent was purposely restricted to specific Clauses of taxes to protect the People from the tyrannies which arise from the mis-use of said powers.

Congress cannot have a “power” over any Subject out of its Jurisdictional reach and that is the Law they cannot legislate away or subordinate to a lessor fiction of themselves. Sovereigns are likened in a circle. This circle contains your Will and nothing else. Draw this on a piece of paper. Now draw another circle and label this one delegated authority of Congress. Now ponder how it is that Congress, which is in the second circle has reached across time and space to your circle and made you the object of its creation. Did you draw the second circle within the first? NO… is there any over-lap? If not, how can the Will of Congress, which is technically an “Infernal Object” a Class of artificial creatures, so defined to specify by empirical standards, the difference between a Sovereign Will and its inferior classes, which are always of an inferior Status.

Why is this empirical? Simple:  our Wills have Unalienable qualities from our Creator, which no inferior Will-less object can possess. Take a doll. Write Congress on its forehead. You have just created an infernal object. Does the object tell you what to do? No…. it has no Will of its own. Now understanding this simple example ask yourself where is the Will of a corporation? Is it in the Logo? How about the executive bathroom? Does the building have A WILL all of its own? No… not unless it is possessed. But that of course is not the definition which makes a corporation equal to a living being.

Corporations are Infernal objects, inferior of Will to living beings. The State is an Infernal Object, despite what that humbug Marx had to say on the subject and all States are inferior to the Sovereigns which create them. NO State has ever created anything period. Mr. Marx may be lauded by some, but I have never understood why. His lack of any proper understanding or insight into the English people versus Norman Conquering Class problem is stupendously defective. The poor English people lost their entire aristocratic class, as well as, their freedoms when they were conquered by the Normans as led by William. The English people became absolute slaves in such a manner that made other forms of slavery look tame by comparison. How the HELL did Mr. manifesto Marx miss that empirical cause of class warfare?

This glaring omission of fact finding, calls into question whether he actually knew a damn thing about what he was even talking about, or even cared. Communism is such a farce for it cannot deliver the very thing it promises: equality of Freedom. Not all States are the same and in fact unless strictly controlled, soon become hot-beds of Tyranny. Why? They have no Will of their own and thus always become the externalization of whomever is defining their purpose and intent. People need little excuse to slip on the mad-powers of tyranny and nothing makes it easier then glorifying a facade called a State. A State is as only as good as the People themselves. If the people are rotten so goes the State. A state simply has no Will to call its own and thus it remains inferior to those that do.

A municipal corporation is an infernal object to Congress, which created it and Congress is an infernal object of the Sovereign People. This causality of authority, like time, moves in only one direction down. If you submit or volunteer to swim in the municipal pool, under subject control of Congress, then you are liable for the privilege of swimming in said pool. States are also playing this “municipal game” without proper disclosure which is strictly speaking, a severe trespass upon Sovereign Rights.

NO municipality corporation has any powers to tax incomes of Citizens of the State. Note a lower c-citizen by the rules of this nefarious game has liability for the demand made real by the tax itself. The problem is the fools who created this diabolical state-within the State, never considered the possibility the money(intention of the tax) by becoming a fraud, turns any demand based on the fraud, by implication of its control, a fraud as well.

WHY? No consideration of value.

The state has paid its debt with worthless paper while demanding real goods and services. The increase of printing volume, plus the debt costs of all aggregates out-standing, coupled together increase inflation aka the diminishment of worth. Taxation also removes the excess notes from circulation, so the incomes tax is really a hidden inflation control mechanism as well. This is the more significant reason why the Congress, acting on behalf of a private syndicate, refuses to acknowledge, much less admit the 16th amendment was Void the second the ink dried. Congress, is playing a very dangerous game with meanings, terms and invisible definitions.

How about this example to demonstrate the 16 amendments power to tax IF it was intended to be honest by its application:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect Direct taxes on Wealth,  both by its indirect aggregate and its direct singular concentrations, from whatever source derived, pursuant to profits by privileges, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration, as neither of these clauses apply to legal persons as Chartered, as Citizens of the States so domiciled.

At least by this example a fictional person so named as a corporation is now liable for Incomes taxation, without violating the separation of powers, or the restrictions of Direct taxing power on the sovereign States or People. The courts however, have moved the political football away from the actual issues to the political field where no principles need apply.

As Judge Halpern of the tax court explained: Plainly, an expenditure made for Federal income taxes is not an expenditure made in consideration of any specific property or service received by the taxpayer.  {political only} 

The payment of Federal income taxes is a civic duty, not a matter of business contract or investment advantage.    {political only} 

All taxpayers, as well as others (citizens and non citizens) receive benefits on account of the funding of the Federal Government. {Tips his hat to the Lender} 

 The payment of Federal income taxes reduces a taxpayer’s wealth otherwise available for consumption.  {Communism by principle and unconstitutional by fact} 

Thus, Federal income tax payments exhibit characteristics not common to business (or investment) expenditure.  {Understatement Award}

 Justice Holmes made a point that serves nicely to emphasize the non-business aspect to tax payments.  {Ad-hoc insertion}

“Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.” {Political hokum} 

 Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas v. Collector of Internal Revenue, 275 U. S. 87, 100, 48 S. Ct. 100, 72 L. Ed. 177 (1927) (Holmes, J., dissenting).106 T.C. at 71-72, 1996 WL 10243 (Halpern, J., dissenting);  see also id. at 60, 1996 WL 10243 (Ruwe, J., dissenting) (“Income from an unincorporated business is merely one of the many components necessary to determine what is still in essence a tax on an individual’s personal accessions to wealth from whatever source derived.”), citing James v. United States, 366 U. S. 213, 219, 81 S. Ct. 1052, 1055, 6 L. Ed.2d 246 (1961). {Absolute defiance of the original intentions—a tax on Corporate profits at the source for easy payment—}

If I have A wealth of information, how much income is derived from such wealth? If income is meant to mean an increase in gains of wealth, why is Congress so damn poor? For well over a hundred years, Congress has wasted the Wealth of this Nation, in mind-boggling amounts, allowed foreign banking cartels to transfer the Peoples money out of the country, in mind-boggling amounts, given monopolies of Credit Issuance to private syndicates, in mind-boggling amounts, while depriving the People of their Constitutional money.

All the while making a general mockery of every Principle the federal government was endowed with to Defend the Peoples assets. Why did Congress never make use of the same tools as the super-wealthy, for the benefit of the People, thereby itself?

Congress treats the wealth of the People with sneering contempt, but we are supposed to ignore this salient fact and continue pretending the needs OF Congress, to protect the Lender,  far out-weigh any other proper consideration of the People themselves. This arrogance that Congress, has a Superior Right over the People themselves smells like a Norman aristocratic indulgence.

Long before the federal income tax was in place, multimillionaires such as John D. Rockefeller (who once said “I want to own nothing and control everything”), J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie had their foundations set up and operating.

The next step was to make certain that the new tax bill passed by Congress contained a provision specifically exempting their treasure houses from taxation.

The tax bill which the Sixteenth Amendment authorized was introduced as House Resolution 3321 on October 3, 1913. It turned out to be somewhat of a legislative potpourri for tax attorneys, accountants and the federal courts. In the ensuing years, untold millions of dollars have been spent trying to figure out exactly what this tax law, and those which followed it, were intended to provide. However, tucked away in its inward parts was that precious key which safely locked up the riches of the super wealthy. Here are the magic words under Section 2, paragraph G:

Provided, however, that nothing in this section shall apply… to any corporation or association organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific or educational purposes.”

All of the foundations of the super-rich were designed to qualify under one or more of these categories.” HTTP://www.salestax. org/library/skousen_16history.html

And just like that, the Super-wealthy, who were the intended victims of the 16th amendment, were as always way ahead of the game, and thus escaped once again a tax on their entire aggregate of wealth, not just Incomes for any single year. And Congress, as always, made this possible by deliberate legislative inequality by design. Uniformity rules apparently do not apply to special privileges. For even more fun with word games, another researcher provides yet more insight into how tangled this web remains.

“According to the Congressional Research Service, the federal income tax is not a tax on income. It is a privilege tax measured by income. In other words, Congress is taxing some government-defined privilege and income is merely the measuring stick to determine the value of the privilege. Nowhere in this report does CRS identify the so-called privilege that is the basis for the tax.

 If the income tax is an excise or privilege tax, then what’s the privilege? The nature of this “privilege” has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in American history. Neither the Internal Revenue Service nor members of Congress will identify the privilege. Instead, in letters and publications they have asserted that the Sixteenth Amendment granted the federal government a new power to impose a non-apportioned direct income tax on the people of the several States. As shown above, this position is contrary to the Sixteenth Amendment that limited, not expanded, the taxing power of the federal government. If Congress is imposing federal income taxes on the erroneous assumption that the Sixteenth Amendment granted it the power to tax income directly without apportionment among the several States, then the tax is being unconstitutionally applied because it violates the restriction placed on the taxing powers of the federal government by the Amendment. 

There are two irrefutable facts, however, that foreclose any possibility that the income tax is a direct tax. In 1943, an analysis of the federal income tax was published in the Congressional Record. This compilation of information was written by a former legislative draftsman in the Treasury Department and entitled, “The Income Tax is an Excise Tax, and Income is Merely the Basis for Determining its Amount.” This commentary stated in part:

“The income tax is, therefore, not a tax on income as such. It is an excise tax with respect to certain activities and privileges which is measured by the income they produce. The income is not the subject of the tax: it is the basis for determining the amount of the tax.”

 Since the Sixteenth Amendment is not the source of the federal government’s power to impose income taxes and did not authorize any new type of tax, those groups and individuals who claim the Amendment was not properly ratified are beating a dead horse. Producing historical documents that show the Sixteenth Amendment was not properly ratified 91 years ago simply proves that politicians in 1913 were as corrupt as the scoundrels we have in office today.” htm

From the IRS site itself:

The Law: The Internal Revenue Code imposes a federal income tax upon all United States [municipal, corporate, domestic] citizens and residents, not just those who reside in the District of Columbia, federal territories, and federal enclaves. [No mention of Union Citizens specifically… how odd?]

The United States Supreme Court has “recognized that the sixteenth amendment authorizes a direct non-apportioned tax upon United States [municipal-fictions] citizens throughout the nation, not just in federal enclaves.” United States v. Collins, 920 F.2d 619, 629 (10th Cir. 1990) (citing Brushaber v. Union Pacific R. R., 240 U. S. 1, 12-19 (1916)), cert. denied, 500 U. S. 920 (1991).

People are not fictional citizens… is thus answered:

This frivolous contention has been uniformly rejected by the courts, and the IRS warned taxpayers of the consequences of making this frivolous argument. Rev. Rule. 2006-18, 2006-1 C. B. 743.

In light of this additional insight it is the “privilege” which determines the Liability, of which the income is but the measure of the Excise tax, which is indirect and if the IRS taxing tables are to be taken seriously, are uniform. Of course the loss of purchasing power is so ridiculous compared to 1913, or even 1933, worthless paper cannot be taxed as real money. This means not only are savers being cheated, but anyone receiving the worthless FRN’s is only getting four percent or less of real dollar value while being taxed as if it was still 100% of pure gain. The absurdity is that debt-money is always losing value and the tables to be real must reflect the truth or they too are fictions and nothing more.

Naturally, the IRS is still claiming it is the 16th amendment which authorizes a direct, non-apportioned tax upon —United States  citizens— throughout the several States, not just in Federal enclaves. This is of course a reliance on the 14th amendment to determine who a United States citizen is specifically, which of course also plays a huge role in the damning circle of Hell that the Sovereign Citizens of the Union of States, must dance around just to live at all.

The IRS enforces this gross injustice knowing Congress, has no interests in defending the People, thus they have no fear of subverting the Sovereign Unalienable rights, contrary to the rule of Law itself. The Courts have served their Masters well with diabolical efficiency, as Uniform commercial codes dominate the mercantile demands of the Lending class. Obviously, the word Uniform has special meaning to ensure every activity known to mankind falls under the taxing whip of powers.

So this must be true as well:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect, an indirect excise tax by privileges so rendered, on all Uniform Incomes, of all citizens of the United States, wherever resident, and Hereto Imposed, on all resident-alien-individuals, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Quite the level of contortions needed just to include all possible definitions of citizens and residents, both natural and unnatural both inside the several States and those working within federal zones and States. Plus, justifying no need for a census even when no census applies to Uniform rules of indirect taxes in the first place.

Now the original just for comparison:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

However, An excise tax must be Uniform and a direct tax to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: Specifically, Congress is required to apportion direct taxes which it levies inside the States.

Note the fact money and Incomes are not mentioned period.

The general term “income” is not defined in the Internal Revenue Code. [U. S. v. Ballard, 535 F.2d 400, 404] [(8th Circuit, 1976)]

The word “State,” when used in this Title, shall be construed to include the Territories and the District of Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out its provisions. [Title 35, Internal Revenue, Chapter 1, page 601] [Revised Statutes of the (municipal United States)] [43rd Congress, 1st Session, 1873-74]

What was the Source of the levies: land and slaves{only due to the inclusion of them as property thus a measure of land wealth}.

What was the purpose of defining a citizen of the United States, by the 14th amendment: to include free slaves in a new class previously undefined.

A freed slave became a political class citizen[voting right]  of the Federal United States, which the municipal revenue service [Internal]  specifically targets for resident-Individual and resident alien-individuals, non-resident aliens for the purpose of  “citizen” as liable for incomes taxes. Is the pattern getting any clearer?

A Citizen of a Union State seems to be termed a nonresident alien, from the viewpoint of  the federal zone. From a cynical perspective  it also appears the freed slaves, now owed Congress, a tax for the Privilege of simply being free men.

Is this why Congress, set up a corporation of municipal operations to entrap the ‘slaves’ no matter where they went (residents) after the war? Is this why they also muddied the water for the rest of the population, in regards to inclusion in municipal aka federal citizenship? Federal citizenship is inferior by the exclusion of unalienable rights… so why in the Hell would any sane man take that deal at all?

Is this why the hypocrites use every rotten, dirty trick to hide the legal meanings of terms, definitions and thus liabilities? If the road to hell is paved with good intentions then the Evil road to Hell today now looks like a modern expressway.

The sordid nature of false Nobility, feigning equality, while legislating into debt-slavery, all of those common folk, into a permanent under-class, whose terms are meant to hide the despicable truth and punish anyone who might give away the real secret:

Your “com·pen·sa·tion n. 2. Something, such as money, given or received as payment or reparation, as for a service or loss.

American Heritage Electronic Dictionary

Absent an apportioned direct tax, or some commercial agreement to the contrary, the federal government is not empowered to obtain a controlling interest in, or otherwise lien on private property so as to compel a private Citizen’s specific performance to any third-party debt or obligation.

The Constitution is not a magical power box given to Congress, by a Deity, to rule us all with a golden ring called tax. The Law is Constrained by Consent for a reason. The Constitution is a Direct Restriction on what kind of law can be enacted. This is also why a King or a Pope cannot make Private law over Americans proper. The tendency for tyrants to arise and demand UN-limited powers, as well as, the manipulations of officials in office by foreign powers is another reason WHY the Constitution is a Binding Restriction, on all civil servants, including federal presidents and Congress.

Congress has two and only two powers of taxation from which to fund the federal government. Even IF the 16th amendment was actually ratified lawfully, which silence to the contrary defines as fact, this amendment was never intended or construed to tax any thing but Returns on Corporate activities, both tangible and intangible as ownership defined,  from which Income was Derived.

Congress, cannot give itself a power, over any subject it does not possess. People are not Subjects of the Congress. The People are not the indentured Servants of the Congress. Congress, has no Kingly powers of Authority over the People themselves OR why bother having State or Federal Constitutions at all? Congress cannot give itself a Kings authority by throwing away the crown of the People. And yet congress and the President have trespassed on the People as if “We the People” were simply a rug beneath their feet.

If Congress can tax a man into his grave and then in the grave one more time, who the hell can claim to be free man, except those who make the laws. Congressional taxing authority has usurped the Peoples crown of freedom. If Congress owns your “purse” as its “source” of Income, then you are a slave to that which owns you as property and as if belonging to its State, which apparently cannot be questioned. Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, makes this very clear in its various definitions of “government”:

Republican government. One in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whom those powers are specially delegated. In re Duncan, 139 U. S. 449, 11 S. Ct. 573, 35 L. Ed. 219; Minor v. Happersett, 88 U. S. (21 Wall.) 162, 22 L.Ed. 627.

[For a Corporation] The source of income is the situs of the income-producing activity. Sources are either inside or outside the federal zone. Congress cannot by any definition it may adopt conclude the matter, since it cannot by legislation alter the Constitution, from which alone it derives its power to legislate, and within whose limitations alone that power can be lawfully exercised. [Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U. S. 189, emphasis added]

So Congress, now by virtue of the 16th amendment owns the people, just like chattel property?

Then the 16th amendment would read something like this:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on its chattel property, by the measure of a dollar, as Derived by Incomes, from whatever source, tangible or intangible, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Once again, why bother with laws at all? Why bother with elections or any other restrictions on the Divine Congress, which sits regally upon a golden throne called the 16th Amendment, issuing Eggs of Debt, while demanding the Devil’s Credit in return?

Why not just say, The Congress shall have power to lay and collect Direct taxes on every man, woman and child in Existence also called Persons, as liable taxpayers, who are living on all Lands, possessions territories, etc., where money as measured by any and all forms of personal property or revenue, tangible or intangible, received from whatever Source, anywhere on Earth or beyond, of all transactions, from which wealth, is or can be derived, as an activity, privileged corporate or otherwise, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration or any other restrictions bound by space or time.

Plus an enforcement clause:

Congress shall enforce these provisions, by what-ever means necessary, by its Collection Agents who are immune from Tort, by the little people, hereby recognized as wage-slaves aka the Persons known as taxpayers.

Now even the most stubborn of Deniers, will have to admit, this specific version covers every possibility by direct inclusion and leaves no room for Doubt, that persons are the individuals known as the “taxpayers” who are bound to Congress the Master, as personal government property. You have become the Source from which this game of Credit/dollar/debt revenue revolves and tough luck on ever owning any property free and clear  for any reason period.

The funny thing is the actual 16th amendment makes no mention of the “individual” natural domestic person and neither does the IRS define “individual” as the Person (natural or unnatural) who is Liable, for the payment of this tax. What unspoken assertion must be made to connect the individual to the person? If we can identify ourselves as non-taxpayers, thus nontaxable individuals, then we are natural persons outside the scope of the fiat powers of Congress. Americans are of course conditioned to never think this way and RIDICULE anyone who does. The IRS just beats people with a law stick until they cry uncle or go to prison.

If the original framers of the Constitution believed Congress had the Divine right of Kings to supersede all definitions of property, then there would be no meaning to the Constitution itself. A mans labor is like his hands, as it cannot be separated from him except by great harm. A man does not OWE his Labors to the Congress, nor can he be compelled by force to give Congress his property, by another name, for the convenience of government. Income does not exist without a defined source. The assertion that Congress decides the Source and then conveys authority over the result is false. Congress does not have superior Rights over and above that of the sovereignty of the People. Congress did not create itself and any assertion that it can rise above its own creator is quite easy to refute.

Which came first the People or their Congress? As a fiction of the People vested as their Agent the result is People.

The Congress of the People belongs to the People from whom it is Vested by Consent. There is no defeating this Principle of exclusion. We the People have a congress that cannot sell itself to another sovereignty or engage in Acts, to defeat this compact.

Why does Congress need a central bank, miss-named to convey an improper assertion, to carry out its scheme of Incomes taxation? If congress has no restrictions on its powers over “Sources of Incomes” why not charge compound-interest on its own Notes, free of conflict with inferior third parties? Why is the Congress using a defective, ambiguous system to extort Credit to produce Debt for a supra-foreign, quasi-central bank?

Congress, by its own failures, has no money of its own. Is Congress actually unable to own its money free and clear from the People, from whom said money was created? If Congress has to take Income from the people, who is the creditor? That would be the People. Do the people have the Authority to take back what is owed to them? That would be yes. The Sovereign unalienable rights of people trump inferior powers every time.  Which is why the truth has to be buried in a blizzard of unrelenting BS.

Since men do not owe their existence to Congress, they cannot be taxed for just being alive or for the necessity of survival. Congress has trespassed upon the unalienable rights of individuals by applying a miss-directed assertion, of a negative inference, using a false-positive construction.

When is congress going to stop beating the People with an Incomes tax?

The assertion that people belong to Congress as subjects is patently false. Yet, congress is beating the people with an Incomes Tax, therefore Congress is guilty of Willful Harm.

 The question is how do “We the People” punish a disobedient, malcontentive, abusive Congress? Take away the “Implied-Powers” it is abusing and remove the debt like a rope from Americans necks. There is a reason these “abuses” are like Siamese twins, as they are connected to the same creature. Congress has formed a symbiotic relationship with the Federal Reserve Board. This perversion is so foul one has to wonder, is any part of the government not dysfunctional as a result? That answer is no. Such is the monstrosity of this Beast it influences every part as if it was indeed a part of itself. Everything it has touched it has corrupted.

Absolute power of taxation is the power to destroy everything which comes under its control. Too bad the Supreme court has abdicated its first Rule of law: Protect the People from willful violations of the Constitution itself. But the sugar-money is too hard to resist. Money like heroin is addictive to the ninth degree. The Beast feeds the addictions like narcotics to the drug addled. Big daddy beast has the fix and it knows how to make the dependency permanent. Congress reigns over a cesspool of unmitigated foulness, so drenched in blood, so devoid of any principle that one must be a hypocrite just to stand on the edge of its gluttony of greed.

I imagine the people holding on to their sanity in such shark infested waters know how to avoid the third rail. Never call the Beast what it is and never go against those who drape themselves in its false attributes. This is after all a Religious Cult, an authoritarian group-mind love-fest and they do not appreciate anybody messing with their fantasy of power. Or this pompous Bullshit would have come to a swift end a long time ago.

Congress can clarify the matter of the 16th amendment by addressing its defective purpose. Is the IRS wagging its tail called CONGRESS OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND? The bloated federal government wastes more money in one day then millions will earn, one hour at a time, in a year. This fact alone is the ARROW of Truth. The Congress clearly does not give a rats-ass about money per se or why waste it so absurdly? Since it does not earn a penny that it takes by punitive taxation, it does not care for or take heed of its waste, or the Grace Commission report would have been the end of the Fed period. And with it the assertion of an individual Income tax.

Congress has no Authority, to make any man obey an inferior fiction I term Infernal Objects. All corporations are Infernal Objects, as they have no Will, no Heart, no Mind or tongue from which to Speak as a self-conscious Being. All governments are Infernal objects. They are Fictions, bound to a subservient level of existence, as they cannot be greater then anything they do not possess of themselves. Does a government depend on people for existence? When was the last time you saw a small government just starting to grow like a tree in the forest? Do governments go to heaven? Only living Beings, have a soul. Now for many people this is an assertion they cannot bear to believe, but they can believe the Congress, can cheat the nation out of its real money, place us in extortionate debt, thereby rendering every man, woman and child a slave. And Why? Cause the 16th amendment said so? Actually, it didn’t.

Deniers have a mental issue with the deeper meaning of Living in Freedom. All people live in a Natural State called non-taxpayer land. Wretched fools living in denial, cannot understand this land for it is foreign to them. For such men, bound in the cocoon of federal slavery, the very idea is frightening, repulsive and in direct conflict with their need to be caged with protection. Congress asserts all people living on the lands of the union States are property, to be used as collateral for the Credit and full faith, without the benefit of Consent, much less mutual Contract. The Constitution, does not bind any man to Congress, as a slave and to construct any Act of Legislation, which turns this Principle on its head, is Offensive to the People and has no weight of Law.

If you think you are not a Master of Congress, you are right. The congress, now in Session, in the corporation of the US does not respond to the Will of the People, does not Hear its grievances, will not cease its hostilities, restrain its goons, or change the wretched condition of the monetary system, which has DE-evolved into a foul, dank pit where even vipers fear to tread. That would be the Lenders back-yard. Looks just like the gates to Hell apparently.

“A little while and I will be gone from among you, whither I cannot tell. From no where we came, into nowhere we go. What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the winter time. It is the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

— last words – Chief of the Blackfoot: Ispwo Mukika Crowfoot (1783-1850)

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