Quantum Candy Episode VII



“I see you brought in additional military elements Eliot. I take it you no longer trust our arrangement?”

Eliot studied the face of Malick, whose usual sneering contempt was barely masked by his artificially enhanced features. Standing at 6’1″ yet quite thin, Malick himself looked fairly feeble. He was as old as worn out dirt and his cyborg implants did little to change that perception. He was dressed as usual in a dark-black suit, with a few additional devices, whose outward appearance only looked to be fashionable by purpose. Behind him was his well armed personal guards, all of which were wholly android. Their synthetic appearance looked human enough at a distance, but up close they had a unnatural shine to their skin tone, which one might mistake as a robotic style synthetic. Like Malick himself they were freaks of his own creation.

“Your grand plan failed Malick. Once again, you grossly underestimated the reach of that Guardian, you so amply despise. Not only did you not get that damn moon-base under our control, or its technologies, your simple minded flunky crossed his original time-line yet again, and re-entered the wrong damn instance time-coordinate. Or was that time-point differential mistake part of your plan as well?”

“I failed? No you failed, you miserable excuse of a scientist. I had the full advantage until you failed to stop one of your duplicates from stealing the real Series 7-Ace of Spades from a secured military facility. Or did you think you could hide that tiny detail from me?”

“Hide? What section of stupid are you living in today Malick? That Guardian, plucked one of my already dead selves, back from the time-dilation loop fiasco and proceeded to send my mindless duplicate in a direct path of its own choosing. A path which allowed him to find the original Ace card and escape right from under all of our noses. Perhaps, you would also like to explain who exactly intervened, to blue-phase him at the critical moment, we found him again? None of my people have that kind of influence or tech, how about yours?”

“Careful with your insulting accusations Eliot, my tolerance with you is quite thin as it is…” He glanced over his shoulder to his guards who kept their hands right on top of their visible weapons.”If we had the original Ace of Spades, which was your specific responsibility to re-obtain after it was stolen, we could easily track down the remaining MD devices to their true locations. We would not need to be guessing, thereby, wasting precious time.”

Wasting time? Who sent the damn things to my world in the first place? The fact is Malick, you experimented on my world, so you could see— what those cards were truly capable of— with unknown consequences and damned my world to hell in the process.”

“Your world was already as dead as the one we now stand upon Eliot. I gave your world a chance at reinlifement. An opportunity to recast the Fates, your race had already failed to negotiate. So yes, I played Devil to your races feeble wits. Without me your world would still be a forgotten footnote in the lost books of time.”

“Oh really? Our latest time-trend projections prove your a liar. Our world was entering another period of instabilities, true enough, of which war was a strong factor, but none of the trends we recently re-calculated ever ended in total nuclear destruction of the planet. You on the other hand had the opportunity to study the actual results of a full blown nuclear war from a cozy safe distance. And such knowledge, would be highly critical to your plans of taking over the entire Eskoltian system, especially those planets which will not yield to your authority. Admit it Malick, you used my planet to wipe your ass, and now your going to stand there and tell me, you are doing me a favor, by insulting my intelligence. And by the way, your time-looping experiment has gone sideways yet again. Another world iteration has fully translated, with nearly identical parallels to my own original, and is oddly enough in the “Instance Path” coordinate thirteen. Now why is that? What fucking scheme is your pet up to now?” Him and Malick, were circling around one another, which was making both sets of guards increasingly nervous.

“I see your paranoia has clouded your mundane mind yet again. My pet, as you call him, has no other agenda other than to retrieve the damn Ace. I have no answer as to why a Ten-C3 Instance has formed. As for Heriu, while his mind is indeed a bit fractured from the previous time-cascade collapse, his implant is working as intended. I know exactly where he goes and why. Furthermore, our models of the repercussions of the time-wave collapse while still rough on the edges, are quite stable, but I cannot change the past yet again, just to suit your whims. You wanted to play God, and so you have. What more do you really expect from me Eliot? My plan was simple until you decided to indulge yourself with worlds full of idiotic robots and obedient men to fulfill your self-delusions.”

“At least my people know who their God is… your race knows nothing of you at all. And if they did… they would hang you in an heart-beat for all the evil you have planned for them.”

“I think you grossly over estimate the reach of most conscious beings. As for my remaining out of sight, which is exactly as I have intended, unlike you,  I have no personal god fantasies choking my sense of reason. Your bubble-worlds, are nothing more than a school-yard fantasy, filled with obedient little toys. My plans are to raise the human potential to its ultimate heights and to explore the greatness of our many manifolds of time and space. Civilizations are too short to overcome the hurdles of such epic journeys. Mankind whether in the Eskoltian system, the Tia Ma Empire, or on the Earth, all suffer from the same fatal flaw— they live short brutal lives, and then they die. Often enough just as ignorant, as the day they were born. The Eskoltian’s have another hundred years of higher-order breeding to accomplish the genetic goals and only then will they be able to make the first major adaptations to a higher cybernetic-organism. The people of Tia Ma are simplistic peons for the most part, but they are quite diverse genetically and will provide the lower labor-classes for many centuries to come. Your world, and its bubble duplicates have an opportunity to join us as well, to accomplish the greater endeavor. That is of course, if you could only find a way to remove their destructive, religious obsessions. So far I have seen no evidence they can ever remove their previous collar of enslavement. It was a bad idea for your ancestors to hide, and or destroy, the evidence of the previous true rulers of your planet. Such mindless fear has condemned all who live upon your world today, to the lowest levels of self-disillusionment. As you so aptly demonstrate, again and again, by blaming me for your own self-perpetuating inadequacies.”

“Still harping on the same old band-saw, as always, Malick. Your actual problem is that you simply, cannot comprehend the deeper truth of living intelligence— to overcome the flaws of an imperfect universe– is to eventually become superior in all measures. People will not need to be a bunch of mindless, drone-cyborgs living out your private fantasy of superior yet, infantile existence. My race has its flaws, sure, but your trying to squeeze your race, like a camel through a gnats ass, by removing everything that made that camel something unique to itself. One bland myopic race is not the future any real man wants to live, and that Guardian knows this to be true, which is why, I believe, it has once again out-smarted you, as if you were nothing more, but a damn, ignorant bug. By your own admission Malick, you told me this thing was millions of years old, so what exactly is this new trick, you hope to teach that old dog? From where I am standing, it just kicked your ass again Malick, or don’t you have enough common sense left to know, when your ass is on fire?”

“You really are quite amused with yourself as usual. The Guardian is a problem yes, but I know it has a weakness. It wants to preserve Life…. all I need to do is make that choice all the more difficult until it succumbs to its own success. Its energy reserves are diminishing on a regular cycle— a cycle— I have sabotaged for decades on end. So, yes I know, exactly what I am up against. Soon enough, it will be so feeble it will have no effect on anything, not even a dust-mote. As usual your impatience is only exceeded by your inferiority complex. When we first agreed to our mutual deal I told you quite clearly I needed all of the devices, not one— not five— ALL of them, to achieve what has to be done to finally stop the Guardians control over the Glyphs. In return, for helping me retrieve the devices, I gave you a means to perpetuate your energy supplies, quite independent of the original source-point, ensuring your own survival and that of the “bubble-worlds” you rule over as self-styled, Omnipotent Being. What more do I need to do to correct your long line of mistakes?”

“By what posing as the Guardian to that witless Heriu, who is doing your dirty work? Your mindless slave really fucked up my original reconstruction time-plans by nearly doing the opposite of what you tasked him to do. He was supposed to collapse the future time-point in 2019 not the one back in 1949! As a result of his incompetence, my real world hangs by a phantom thread, while you stand here still clinging to a false dream of artificial glory. In fact, I would kill you right now if I knew exactly where one of your other agents slipped into the past, presumable to control your private military interests. So I have moved one of my units into position on Anzu-Vi to ensure your earth bound players keep their fucking hands out of my pie.”

“What are you saying? I have no military units on the earth?”

“Bullshit! We found and tracked them practically right to your fucking door-step.” Eliot turned on the Imager he had brought with him. “That is one of your personal ships off-loading nuclear war-heads ass-wipe, and oh, right into one of your reptilian alliance warships. Which fucking perspective do you want to examine up close and personal you lying, sack of cyborg-shit. You have been playing me against unknown adversaries all along and only pretending them to be from this Guardian. Which by the way, you have never actually proven to be anything more, but a ghost left-over from that ancient race which created, as an after-thought no less, the tiny sub-system the Eskoltian’s now inhabit, like fleas on a dead dog. You have failed Malick because you are a liar and a stinking, old coward. You have been hiding in that basement of cyborg delusions for so long the real world has passed you by. The Eskoltian’s know nothing about you, and if they did, they would know why you are an outcast— as in a bitter, old useless fart— who needs to die and move the fuck on.”

“Speak for yourself you hopeless, moronic half-wit. You may have turned yourself into a god-like being, but that is where the rub is.. for all you can do on a fantasy world, in a real one you are as ordinary as any other lump of flesh. You cannot think three steps out from where you now stand… and yet here you are, preaching to me about past consequences, which are no longer relevant to the present situation.”

“Well, let me enlighten you grand pooh-bah of fools, this time we captured Heriu and the ship, coming out of the worm-hole zone. I have Heriu and his men on ice and the ship is safely locked down, in one of our military bases. As of right now I am shutting down your little experiment. As for sustaining our set of worlds, I have found another solution which does not involve using your deceptive power sources. You know the ones which show a full power state even when empty?

Simply put our deal is over.

In another forty-seven hours the chambers on that moon-base are going to re-phase back to normal, just like a delayed magic trick, and one of my agents is going to ensure that everything goes right back to normal, but to my advantage only. Your plan of toppling the Emperor and using Heriu, like a mindless meat-puppet to sit on that throne is done as well. Oh and one more thing Mr. Brainiac, when you lied to me about why you wanted the Series 7 devices, you neglected to inform me that these devices were nearly self-aware. So the ones you secretly collected behind my back, are in fact third-generation duplicates. The real ones are defending themselves in a manner which is really quite ironic: they do not like you Malick, and seemed to have taken certain steps to ensure, that you will never possess them period. Which is why they bounced all over the damn place without rhyme or reason. They are avoiding you in the future like the plague. Which could only mean they see you for what you are— a heartless, bitter, old monster. Well, so my ship scans tell me— as in your heart is a cyborg implant, just like most of your damn, useless brain. Truthfully, I think you’re more dead than alive.”

“Actually your both a couple of heartless monsters.”

“Why Dr. Holtz, so glad to see you could finally drop in… unannounced or wanted as always.”

“How did she know of our meeting, yet again, you back-stabbing cretin?”

“I simply followed the bread-crumbs as usual Malick. I see you both are still beating on your chests like a couple of apes.”

“I have no time for your pontifications you formless witch.”

“Get to the point Dr. Holtz, my schedule does not include listening to your incessant blabbering.”

“You are an ass Eliot, whose god complex has blinded you to the deeper truth. You Malick are just dam evil. I thought however, you both would like to know, that you are both being played.”

“Oh please…” Eliot signaled for his crew to scan Dr. Holtz. “Every time you show up, right out of the nowhere zone, you inhabit like fog, all you ever have to say is nonsensical horseshit. Which dire warning is it now? Your precious metal babies may have achieved a certain quality of superior living, but they are still based on rules. Rules which are bound to the same initial conditions as any other bubble-world so created. I pull the plug and your gone, well maybe not you, but that world is a time-bubble ready to pop. And I will pop it in a heart-beat if you get in my way.”

“He is right Dr. Holtz. Your creatures are no more than gross oddities whose future is quite limited. Or have you both forgotten your original problem? Oh, say, that five-thousand year dilation point and then poof— like sand in the hour-glass once drained, it all goes back to nothing, but daydreams and dust. Longevity is your enemy and it is ruthless as it is unstoppable. You both have only a few hundred more years in real-time and then it is back to nothingness… where as I shall continue onward untouched by your fatal flaws—or your threats.”

“Your time calculations are crap Malick. You pull these figures out of your ass and expect me to believe them without question? Well guess again.”

“Believe what you want Eliot, or better yet, teach your robot slaves some better math. I told you quite some time ago that your time-dilation to time-differential equations were far too sloppy for determining your actual rotations by Instance calculations alone. Your numbers are deeply flawed like the rest of your grandiose plans. So tell me Dr. what exactly are you implying this time?”

“We have been contacted by a genuine Maker, from well outside of our galactic Instance…. whose ship, which has been caught in its own time-dilation consequence, is currently stuck in the large Magellanic Cloud. As a result of our communications our orbit station has been substantially improved and we have built a model of this ship. A ship which is larger than anything else we have ever studied. It spans entire planets. We even sent a toy model back with the new man so we could track him back to the 13th earth. The very same man who has taken temporary control of the original Ace card. He has been quite successful, but why? Whose hand is guiding him? Not any of yours of course, as you both are too feeble.

As I see it this Maker is going to succeed in freeing his ship from its current predicament, and will no doubt continue investigating why it is stuck there at all. While you two piss on each other like rabid dogs, I will be leading, my new and improved, intelligent XcJhantu, to establishing first rate diplomacy. I already gave the man the four cards that I have been safely watching over, all these many decades. Unlike you Malick my people love me. They do not care too much for you either Eliot. They very much like the new man, who seems to a have an affinity for their unique sense of truth. The Maker guides his step now, and if I were you, I would cease all further hostilities quite promptly, in regards to that one. Sort of like a warning message, so take it or leave it.” She handed Eliot a data block which he connected to his hand held controller, which in turn, relayed the data directly to the Imager. “You see… this is what your scheming has now involved.”

Eliot and Malick both stood there in slack-jawed silence. The ship was so large the Imager was being pushed to its operational limits and was beginning to over-heat.

“We had to build a massive viewing screen a mile long and half as high, just to fit the entire ship into one continuous scaling image. We have a limited number of data-blocks, a limitation we hope to soon solve. Without these ultra-density data-blocks and a system to handle the data-flows, in real-time, at around nine-hundred terraflops per second, all you can study are the limited smaller models, specialized holograms, videos or the still images, broken down into smaller segments. This ship carries, entire fleets of ships, some of which over two-thousand miles long—- destroyers by the way— which are being sent out to discover why the earth system is now stuck in such an unusual predicament. My information intrigued them to no end.

I do not think either of you appreciate the circumstances now unfolding to the degree necessary for your survival. Once again, my advice is to solve this bitter fighting, over the spoils, neither of you have ever bothered to consider, as unproductive dead-ends. I would strongly suggest that you concentrate on how you are going to make good with these new arrivals, whose armaments can reduce entire worlds back to dust. Our communications with them have improved quite steadily as their main armadas continue across the 4th manifold galaxy. The first of their advanced scouting ships will be arriving in our local space-time in a matter of months. If the two of you have not yet cleaned up your acts, I will assume they will help you the old-fashioned way, by direct confrontation. A confrontation you both are going to lose rather profoundly. For all of your scheming Eliot, you have accomplished very little over these many decades. And you Malick, are just another useless evil fool, looking for godhood by whatever means possible. All the while pretending you are the future of the human species, which leaves so much to be desired, one cannot help to conclude— your cyborg brain has long since gone to rot.” She retrieved the data-block from Eliot, turned on her heel and left without another word.

“I really dislike that freak of nature, now more so than ever,” said Eliot visibly shaking with rage.”Nothing to say Malick?”

“As much as I also despise the Dr. I understand her warning all to well. Our little mishap seems to have netted a much bigger fish.”

“Our mishap? You gave those idiots a time-warp engine to be used as goddamn weapon!

“I had to change the future you mindless psychopath in order to ensure all of the cards could be saved! A result of your miscalculations, which I might add, were entirely based on your selfish need for preserving your precious bubble-fantasies. Had you shut them down as I suggested, all we had to do was re-collect the cards and re-set the time-wave function and all would have been restored. Instead, you changed our plans to accommodate your godlike complex to yet another degree of asinine self-indulgences.”

“Fuck you Mal-dick— I saved my entire world from your reckless over-reaches. My world and people have survived your experiments in time manipulations, whose consequences, you never gave a shit about… are or you now going to deny using our planet as an experiment with the cards?” The two of them were practically nose to nose and both fuming, ear-burning  pissed. After a long silence (as they both calculated the odds of which of them would die first) they both backed off.

“Mark my words Eliot, you have bitten off far more than you ever bargained for and your reluctance to give up your false claims of godhood is what will destroy you in the end.”

“Speak for yourself asshole… ” Eliot signaled for his ship to initiate transfer.

Malick watched him fade out and then watched as his ship left the old ruin of what had once been a functioning space-communication hub on a twin-set of worlds. The massive structure which seemed to hold them both in place was built by the same race which created the Guardian to watch over their remaining technologies. A vast collection of things really— he had never been able to utilize, due the lack of fuels significant enough for deep-space exploration and retrieval. He stood there outwardly calm, but inwardly furious. That ship the Dr. had displayed was real.

And just like that—all of his future plans had gone to shit in a blink of an eye.

Maybe it was time to seal off the 3rd manifold from the rest and live out his extended life-span with only his androids and a few million workers under strict control. He had to take the work forces from the Empire due to the problem of the damn Glyphs being self-perpetuating in the host body. He had also been partially successful in secretly bringing in earth females for breeding. Another task Eliot had never quite caught on to successfully. But that plan went nowhere after the second inversion of the time collapse. The weapon had actually misfired for reasons which had defied technological explanation. The Guardian was not capable of doing anything that substantial, due to its near depletion of energy in its main complex.

Had this unknown “Maker” already intervened?

He had too many fires burning all at once to know that answer. He would return to his own world and once again try to refocus his plans to reflect the changing dynamics. Dr. Holtz was a thorn in his heel from the very first days she showed up at meetings between him and Eliot. She was a damn ghost truthfully, always nagging at them to be peaceful and cooperative. Eliot hated her for reminding him he once had a conscious. He hated for implying he never had one at all. Still fuming from the confrontation he too headed back to his smaller shuttle ship on standby.

The loss of the real Heriu, if what he had been told was correct, was going to be a real problem for him. But as long as he had that pretty wife of his under his control, he felt confident he still had a firm hand to play in the game. The moon-base re-phase would indeed occur and the metal productions would resume. He was losing a daily fortune due to that base, which was why he was trying to bring it under his control. Eliot was no doubt bluffing as usual about his agent. His military was only good on bubble-worlds. Or so he had assumed. However, he had perfected a weapon which dissolved those silly creatures in a heart-beat. Still and yet, those three dim-witted Lords of Anzu-Vi would have to find another way of disrupting the incompetent on the throne, and he would need to thwart the current investigations of the missing ship.

He had all of the duplicate cards except the Ace of Spades. Of them all, that one card, was the problem that he had never solved. There was something very different about the Spades designate. A hidden design element never mentioned in any of the historical records. Self-awareness was not the answer he was looking for either. All he needed was a damn scan of the original, which was what the real mission of the re-phased Heriu was about all along. He had to be able to replicate its unique design, plus the memory locations intact. The other duplicates he had obtained, all had empty memory slots where the foundation information was stored making them utterly useless. Eliot had missed the fact it was the emperor himself who thwarted his plans. He did not intend to send the original Series 7 cards to the Earth, only the damn duplicates— to test them— far removed from the originals, which had too many random influences over duplicates for positive control. That was the actual reason for such conceit never questioned. The even bigger secret was the connection between the Tia Ma and the ancient races which once included the earth as a trading and supply base. All the races were variants of an older species of vastly superior intelligence and physical stature.  All attempts to retrieve DNA samples from the secret locations on the Earth had failed.

Eliot liked to think he was always his match intellectually, but as he had found over the many years, Eliot always made crucial mistakes under pressure. All he needed to do, was once again, find that one mistake to exploit successfully. His agents would need to defend the communication devices—on every Earth variant possible— with great care to keep his Intel-networks operating. If not, Eliot was going to learn another very painful lesson about his real limitations— he was no god at all— just another man whose heart was bound in real time. All he had to do was re-initiate the original “Instance” and another time-disruption later, another copy of Heriu would be back at work finding that damn Ace card. This new man referred to by the Dr. was still born of flesh and thus was open to subtle influences as all men are in the right context.

Right now he had to find out more about this investigation underway. But he would have to be very careful. His lack of a real Glyph was quite the problem on those worlds where the system was still far too strong for him to manipulate. He would have to rely on his agents so recruited from the ranks of the disillusioned one-designates to move into surveillance operations.

As for Eliot his time would come soon enough.

The very reason he did not create bubble-worlds to rule over, was due to the fact they were inherently unstable, exterior to a time-dilation field expanding at maximum strength. The secret to all bubble-worlds Eliot had dismissed out-of-hand. His clandestine tests of the doomed Earth world had proved that such worlds were not meant for long term survivability. Eliot had tricked himself into believing otherwise. And that ghost women was an unnatural violation of physics. Every attempt to kill her had failed. The chain of consequences was a long one, but it all still hung by a simple hook: A ship was lost so another had to be saved and a knot formed as a result. That knot was not on the Earth, but right there at the manifold worm-hole station. A tiny blip on a huge screen. When it finally started to drain too much energy the Guardian would shut it down and goodbye Earth problem period. The 4th manifold would be once again too expensive for exploration. The Eskoltian Intelligence service would make the proper reports and the whole affair would fade back into obscurity. He had been outsmarting them all, for well over a hundred and twenty five years running. Nothing had changed. And so it would remain.

His shuttle under the expert control of his android crew parked in the hanger of his larger ship. Time was still on his side for now.




Lord Su was resting comfortably, in a reclining chair, while his aids, well supervised by Quin Lee, who was proving himself once again, to be quite competent under unusual circumstances, prepared a summarized version of the information so far collected, as well as, his progress to the intended goals. Having completed the process which enabled him to receive his Eskoltian Glyph, he was surprised by the fact he did not feel the slightest difference. The bright oval much like a body tattoo was only an inch in size and was so smooth to the touch it was not discernible. His entire staff had received the glyph as well, and he had yet to see any changes in them either.

Across the expansive room, he could see Vsaris, so dressed like many of the other agents in a dark-blue suit well suited in style to their sense of professionalism, was quite busy in the hub of a large number of various aides and assistants beginning to narrow down the possible solutions to the main problem. Identifying the intruder, or insider, depending on how one wanted to define that aspect of the adversaries behavior. Another large group of specialized researchers were hard at work, using the latest translation methods, and technologies, to decipher certain critical passages from the many books Vsaris had remembered from his fathers work. On a large white-board they had begun the task of identifying references to this mysterious 4th manifold world the adversary was using as part of his scheme. They had already discovered several potential leads, but not the key aspect of motivation. Why send a ship to such a distant location, at such an extraordinary expense? The first logical answer was evident by the military material or technology already known, but he was not convinced that angle was the only one worth pursuing. To experiment on an entire world with the Series 7 devices— while scheming plots involving military trades— while stranding them on the edge of forever. The diabolical quality of that possibility made this adversary exceptionally dangerous. He jotted down his notes under additional security risks which needed to be explored much more fully.

The crises gripping the Imperial Trades had softened somewhat as supplies from other sources came out of hiding now that higher sell margins had been invoked. This would last a few more weeks before the deeper truth caused another panic on the foreign markets. The damage being done was not going to be fixed by the usual methods. He was determined to find a way to prevent his people from succumbing to the chaos which was inevitable when the markets crashed under the threat of contract fraud.

On a brighter note Lord Su was quite pleased that he had been furnished a new formula of Pi-Ken, which had no undesirable side-effects. He was sipping a tall glass, while enjoying another unique bio-snack which was to aid the glyphs functions.

One of the libraries senior staff managers, herself a recognized expert on the glyph and its histories was almost ready to begin their formal meeting. He was very eager to understand more about this remarkable DNA addition, which was interestingly enough, not considered to be a cyborg related device. What do cyborgs know of higher-consciousness? The age old question of why is self-awareness exclusive to specific qualities of a biological mind only? When did a machine acquire the real determination of self? The ancient philosophy merely stated: that which has no form of life— cannot be alive. That which cannot provide a proper House for the Spirit is forever separate and unequal by purpose. A machine without spirit, may gain artificial intelligence, but such awareness only mimics the real without the wisdom only gained by a much longer path of evolution. How long had spirit been evolving its own “conscious-awareness” was the question none could answer. And no machine had such insight. Artificiality was its own constraint.

The flurry of activity all around him spoke volumes of the importance so attached to this investigation. Experts, from many Eskoltian worlds and their science disciplines, were to be converging on this library over the course of the next few days, to help solve key questions of identity and purpose, this insider had hidden from their society over many decades. He was still very concerned as to how Pi Lei had managed to avoid revealing that she and Puau-Mein knew one another from childhood. A purposeful deception had been underway and yet, the motive was not criminal. Pi Lei had saved Puau-Mein’s life. Or was this too a clever ruse to avoid scrutiny of her artful manipulations of another purpose? Perhaps, his Lady’s intuition was not so off the mark after all. Allowing them both to head off to a private estate held by Puau-Mein, for reasons of personal safety perhaps, was to dodge something else still hidden from sight? Another tangent which needed better resolution in facts.

The sunlight from the artful stained glass windows high above reminded him of the importance to allow actions to reveal purpose. One must give contemplation, its proper time, to reveal details haste never sees until too late. The seventy-five stories tall library itself was of a grand design, with an interior on every level quite conducive to its primary purpose— a repository of their races knowledge, and the attendant functions, so required, to teach young and old the deeper purpose of their existence. The number of students, of many ages, throughout the complex, pursuing their varied courses of academic learning, demonstrated the importance so placed on such schooling. He was quite impressed by the sophisticated social manners and respect he noticed between the students, teachers, staff members and other guests.The studious atmosphere lent great weight to his feeling of peace. The communication device he had received from Vsaris had synchronized with the Glyphs language function, and so he was hearing the spoken words with greater clarity of meaning. He found himself thinking in their tongue with a natural ease he found quite exhilarating in potential.  To command another language was quite the power in itself.

His attention came back to the large wall-screen, dominating the lower-level, which was displaying the graphical history and the data-charts of the many worlds the Eskoltian’s lived upon in the three manifolds of space-time. The screen was over twenty-feet high and forty feet-wide. It was a work of art, both technologically and in artful design purpose. Several classes of students, who were gathered in the main lecture area, were intently listening to a scholar as he gave them a historical lesson, which also allowed them great interaction with the knowledge being presented, upon the screen. This entire level was devoted to this specific category of world knowledge, as evidenced by the rows upon rows of books, specialized world globes with data-streams accessed by touch controls, so to be interactive with students hand carried reader/notebooks. The top-level of students back home in the private schools had such devices, but not the lower strata in the public institutions. A fact he realized was another glaring defect in their social balance. He stood up and adjusted his much lighter style of the silk Hansi robe, as it was time to get underway with his morning meeting with his assigned expert.

She was an elderly woman with a kind, round face framed by dark hair only touched by grey. Her eyes of sea-green, behind fanciful eye-glasses added to her quality of intelligence. She was clothed like many of the staff in a formal-dress style, white and blues, which gave them all a professional appearance, while still having that touch of individuality. She moved gracefully and was clearly in charge of the many staff members who were helping her set up their demonstration.

The eight-foot long, curved mahogany table was properly set with globe lights, refreshments and assorted materials so required. Once the informal introductions were completed between the staff members, he was seated at the table in the formal guest position, with his aides on his right to help record the copious notes so expected of such a meeting, for later review.

“Good morning Lord Tan-Kuan-Su,” she said in a clear voice of great strength. “My name is Asarta Baser. I am the lead Nucleus Representative of this official inquiry group, specifically tasked with helping you and your staff, better understand the acquisition and purpose of the Esko-Glyph. I am an expert, so recognized over the last thirty years, both in its historical foundations and its many permutations of use and purpose in current society.”

“I am quite pleased to be meeting with you Asarta Baser. I am very excited to be learning so many new things, especially in regards to this remarkable Esko-Glyph. Please let us begin our discussion with a simple question. Why did I score a one?”

“Well, let us start by correcting a slight misconception of what the Glyph is by purpose Lord Su, in regards to how it perceived.” Her aid Ms. Breenin handed her a large, paper document, which she placed by a mag-clip on the viewing board. “This is a copy of one of the oldest images, so produced in our early period for teaching. As you can see it is a stylized circle, intersected by four divisions, also stylized in form to aid the student in understanding the basic purpose of the Glyph. A cross which represents the four quadrants of division so relating to the human conscious potential. On each intersection of the lines to the circle are numbers— one through nine-with the two at the inner nucleus point. At the top of the circle of expression we have one and nine— the next in rotation–four and six— three and five— and seven and eight. These numbers are fixed here as a starting point configuration, as there is no top or bottom in this expression. A template, if you will, that allows other expressed configurations of the potential placements, or as some define as iterations, to be qualified in Contrast-Analysis. Each number in this early period, was also represented as a dash-line-dot. In the early versions of the body Glyph this pattern was connected by any number of line segments, both straight and curved. A geometric language which evolved into a method of short-hand conversions of meaning. Thus, the word Glyph came to be the standard reference for any set of alpha characters so produced, and it was quite varied along the social-class spectrum, and over time became so used as a generalized term.”

“So the term Glyph— is simply a higher-order representation of all such character sets?”

“Yes, the self-reference includes all permutations of class meanings. Consider a ship— which can be represented as a glyph—” she drew as she spoke upon the white-board so provided, “a simple shape with some water lines— which can then be used to signify some quality of information, either by direct connection or abstract relationship, depending on context as used. Thereby, establishing an easy to recognize written style as a conveyance of meaning. So our Glyph humbly began as an abstraction, within a specific set of distinctive purposes, but over time the oval area called the Permitia, became very colorful, with an endless variety of artfully personalized themes, thereby; meaningful qualities of the individual, in a multitude of social distinctions, especially that of clan relationships, marriage bonds and other personal associations. These qualities are genetically passed on through the parents to the child. During the childhood stage the Glyph is said to be closed and no young child actually has a distinct designate. However, when the child enters the first stages of puberty, the Glyph is said to open, thus revealing the first qualities of the future designate. Also during this time period they can alter the Permitia to suite their own individual tastes, as many do, to retain that unique conceptual quality they see of themselves.”

“I noted mine does seem to have a certain abstract pattern which I find quite pleasing, but If I wanted to change the Permitia, to show my family iconography, for example, that too is possible?”

“Yes, it is… you would need to use a device we call a PGD viewer, which has graphical-grid dedicated to the purpose of transferring a prepared image to the Permitia. Once the Glyph has recognized the desired graphic, unique inks are used to bond the molecular-sized, spherical dyes to the upper-dermal layers, much like a molecular 3-d printer, from the lower layer to the exterior. The Permitia oval is refreshed year to year to keep it from fading from normal skin-cell replacement. Of course many people really enjoy adding a larger tattoo by relation to the oval area. Many people also like to have the oval moved to another spot on the body, of which the upper-arm is also quite popular with men. Where it is on the body has no reflection of its purpose or use. It is only a question of aesthetics relating to personal tastes. For the young showing off their Permitia is a big part of the bonding rituals which go hand-n-hand with social recognition. The dyes have also under-gone significant advancements and this year I do believe the newest color potentials are quite astonishing.”

“This Glyph is so remarkable in so many ways. I am of course profoundly curious to learn as much as I can.”

“Our goal here today is to do just that. Our Esko-Glyph is one of the most advanced, yet sublime technologies, our race was blessed with to receive. The very term Eskol itself means, “The Gift” as we are the gifted people, which is to say, those who received the Gift of the Creator— and what a gift it has been. But I would say it has been the last five-hundred years which has really accelerated our deeper understanding of what it is capable of as a quantum-query device of stupendous possibilities. A greater part of our cultural advancements, have been directly due to having to learn, and build, the complex systems required to access its higher potentials. Without the advanced quantum systems, so coupled with parallel and singular computer systems, the upper-level potentials of the communication factors are of course rather impossible. What good is a super-phone if you have no concept of a diaphragm, or the technical infrastructure, which guides the electrical signals from one location to another? We had to learn a rather substantial body of knowledge both scientific, and spiritual in purpose, to really gain the deeper fundamentals, upon which this unique genetic device is meant to operate, as an extension of our consciousness. The fact that it is formed from our own DNA is why we do not consider it a cybernetic implant.”

“Now as you say, each of the numbers is a meaningful representation of the individuals conscious development, but the number is not to be judged by itself as a linear determination?”

Another aid Ms. Luisa helped Asarta set up the next 3’x3 ‘white-board into position, while Ms. Breenin placed before Lord Su additional materials and a graphic viewer to enlargen upon specific details with supplied context notes. “Our next set of examples will amply answer that very question Lord Su. Now if you look at these graphic charts, you can see the evolvement of the Glyph itself, was not determined by the numbers themselves, as you asked, by a linear determination alone, but the expansion of field strengths. A one-designate, is only a field representation of consciousness expression, where the sum of all potentials— one through nine— is essentially balanced—within that expression, a pointer if you will, of where an individual is most concentrated in their daily affairs of life.Think of this pointer like a channel on a radio-wave receiver. The channel so selected is only one of thousands which are all there— continuously— but to listen to all of them all at once would be a cacophony. Therefore, our minds need to exclude all others not in use, and the selective tendency here is quite strong, so while all of the field areas are always in motion, only the main channel selection is the strongest. Thus, it is the focus, which in turn, is referenced as the Designate.”

“I understand now quite clearly. To include and exclude is the way our lives form relationships, as a river flowing across the landscapes from high to low. No two minds achieve the same exact course, but the flow of consciousness is doing the same action. These Glyphs reflect this remarkable quality of our consciousness in expressed action. Thus, the number reflection is both abstract and yet, purposely qualifies the movements of such inner energies, both in peaks and valleys, strengths and weaknesses; yielding this short-hand of communication, which is dynamic to the whole not just a single part. All numbers are included in the greater circle so referenced, so none can exist higher or lower to which they are manifest. One to nine is completion not competition. As we state, All forms are intrinsic to the energy-states from which they are derived.”

“That is the crux of it all Lord Su— completion— to help us understand ourselves, and by extension, our social orders, which are manifestations of our global consciousness, we need to draw the whole inward and then outward again. To push and pull on such energies does indeed have that quality of derived form and purpose.” She went to the next graphic. “Now here we see that a one-designate signifies many things— both positive and negative attributes of such expressions, which also holds true for every number. This over-lay graphic was taken from your results. As you can see your primary field set shows us that you are a man of exceptional responsibility. The nine is balanced with the one on the opposing middle bar position. You understand the need for strict discipline, both of yourself and of those to whom you are the primary authority. Your glyph shows a natural high intellect of keen observation and intuition—and I would say, due to the five-designate, in trine with the three and six, of a very stressful monetary responsibility. Your title is also reflected in your Glyph, as is your marriage and offspring. You have only two off-spring both females, correct?”

“Yes, my daughters are fully grown and have established themselves in their marriages as good mothers and wives. Our family is quite honored by their choices and accomplishments. I have another grandchild soon to be arriving, from my younger daughter Shapei, of which my wife and I am very pleased. I do not get to see my daughters families, as much as I would like, as they are on Anzu-Vi, in the capital city of Kumi, most of the year. We are long overdue for a larger family holiday, which my spouse is quite anxious to plan, but has yet to fulfill, much to our chagrin. These are trying times in the Imperial Court, and this latest incident, has made such plans even more difficult to accomplish.”

“That is something I understand as well. I too have two daughters in that wonderful period of motherhood, that my husband and I cannot see as often as we wish. He is an exploration-engineer senior adviser. His team goes off to new planets to set up the initial Push bases for arriving colonists. So he is often away from home, as he is now, for many months at a time. As you have deduced such stressful factors in our daily lives show up in the readings as “Tension Functions” which are resolving, one way or another, in our consciousness at all times.”

“Thus, any tension in our minds is going to be represented in our Glyph expressions?”

“Yes, just as a few grey hairs often show up after a stressful day, our emotional make-up is a substantial force upon our conscious minds and so it is always there to be recognized. Now as you may be realizing these movements of consciousness, or rotations, are quite dynamic. This next example is from someone who has undergone an intense experience of violence— you see how the curving lines are twisting with these knots?”

“Yes, as if pushed and twisted into a single quadrant of the circle…”

“This kind of violent disturbance to the conscious fields is what causes people to lose their sense of core-identity, especially if they are unable to cope with what has occurred to them. A distortion followed by a collapse of the “Tension-Fields” so indicates a mental instability which can lead to a red-line, either pointing down, which is criminal in most instances, as shown by this graphic example, or upwards, as seen in this one, which is emotional by nature and usually of a crises which is often violent, say spouse related, but not necessarily criminally intended. A difference of intentions which we can read at a glance when required. Now that my third assistant Ms. Chariese, has finished setting up our next section series, which also has context notes for your viewer screen, I am going to give you an over-view of the general meanings of the numbers as they relate to our social order.

Note of course these numbers are not intended as a sequence of high to low. A one is not the lowest number it is only the representation of a qualified position of consciousness. A nine is not the highest number it is the book-end of the preceding fields, and is often a concentration of specific activities as relating to the whole of society. I can read an individual Glyph quite accurately at a glance, but a upper-zone nine reads all Glyphs across the whole. A summation of where our society is at the moment, or may be trending as a movement of expressed purpose. It is also important to remember that for many, it is considered in poor taste to constantly ask or reference oneself by a Glyph designate. To simply walk up to a stranger, say female, and ask her ‘what is your dress size’ is of course considered quite rude. Informally, people like to guess at each others designates, as a test of ones observational skills. In some professions, merely asking for the Designate number is against the law. People can choose any profession, trade or labor skill they please and none can block or prevent another individuals occupational choices. The Glyph operates quietly in the background and is regarded as personal information until shared.

All numbers are defined in three major divisions— low, central and upper registers, or zones informally. This arrangement is quite essential to understand why our societies evolved or as some prefer formed specific Trend-Lines, which are treated by the Law as informal property rights. How land was allocated in the early period was a key factor in the law of the lands and the monetary Rights— which evolved into Share Rights as well. We however, are going to focus on the general indications which accompany these zone attributes.

A low register one-designate for example— is usually only concerned with a singular focus in life. They might be poor or quite wealthy. They may have deep religious convictions or none at all. However, you will hear familiar phrases such as: ‘our way is the only way’, ‘we are number one’— ‘our god is the only god’— ‘only our nation is the best’— all authority is vested in the ‘one at the top’ distinction or a “state” is validated as the only authority and so nobody else can say one thing in opposition, to such qualifications, without serious violence as the one mind-set intensifies. All of these worlds, you see here on this planetary-orders chart, are where the low to mid-one designates mostly dominate the entire social order. Until the “Ones” reach the upper-register zone, they do not get long well with any other number-designate as a rule.

Low ones are very problematic, often enough with criminal intentions across the board and a general refusal to acknowledge the most basic Rights of any other living person. Those who test in this lower register are removed from any world in the higher-zones, usually by their twelfth year. This is not a punishment— it is a necessity for their own well being. Experience has demonstrated, if they are allowed to continue living among a higher designate social order, they would be facing incarceration, in very high numbers, usually soon after puberty, as they have no genuine sense of self-discipline. They see something they want and they impulsively act. Out in the wild lands, this is an essential element of survival, and so such people do very well, when they are in such an environment, where that quality of intelligence, and will, are well suited to such goals.

The other factor here is biological in nature— low level ones are so motivated by the base urges they tend to focus on nothing else. The incidences of rape is quite prevalent and often quite predatory in nature, so they are a constant threat not only to females, but children as well. By removing such individuals at an early age, they do not have the opportunities, or the freedom to act on those primitive will impulses to harm others. Where they are placed is quite productive to their natural level of abilities, and such individuals and groups can subsequently form an appropriate life-style order. They still have rules to guide them, but the expectations of cultural advancement are significantly reduced. Violent people need an environment just as caustic as themselves, and there are plenty to choose from on many worlds.

This movement of people early on did wonders for our over-all quality of life and allowed societies, which were very peaceful, to fully develop unconstrained by warfare and all of its attendant evils. This also separated those, whose greed is so manifest, nothing else matters to them, from the same peaceful societies, which allowed economic balances to advance to an exceptional level of Share value wealth aggregations. People not engaged in never-ending warfare, monetary absolutism, financial chicanery, corruption of governments, schools, business etc. have a wholly different Trend-Line than any society so plagued by lower-order ones. And be quite aware of the fact, that higher-zone one designates do not have these same issues. It is a remarkable difference which asserts itself in all social relationships. Also, keep in mind that in general, many of the tribal people in the mid-zones, both one and two, are quite peaceful, living happy productive lives in strong cultural kin-ships and are well looked after as needs may arise. It is the violent who are kept at a distance due to their inherent predatory habits.

Here in the city of Breint, as in many cities here on Oveita, the mid to high ones are under no restrictions of any kind and the law makes no distinctions between people. Either the law applies to all or no one is the cardinal rule.

As people of a more modern lifestyle, reach the middle register of the one-designate, here you find the hallmarks of mandatory conformity often on a much larger scale of action. Do as we say or else is found in the laws, but the sheer number of such Laws, never satisfies the demand itself. Be it religion, government, military, professional orders, social contracts of all descriptions fit right into this scheme, of how things need to be done, by authority stacked on top of yet more authority. This graph shows all of the planets so settled, by those in this zone— and as you can see— it is quite substantial. In these social orders of this zone, people do thrive on such authoritative dynamics, and to a great extant those that play this game very well, become quite wealthy. Monopolies of many purposes are quite popular in these types of social hierarchies. There is a very substantial wealth creation curve, as seen by the next graphic, which demonstrates this social arrangement has dynamics of long-term stability and great personal satisfaction, so long of course, as the concentrations of wealth do not begin to exclude the middle-to-lower classes from increasing their wealth Share aggregates in a fair ratio.

We do have specialized intra-world Laws, which are enforced when needed to break up such concentrations, especially when those who have such excessive wealth start building military machines, politically and literal, to over-take even more of the worlds they live on. Now due to the fact people can move, and rather promptly if so required, those who are moving upwards in the registry designations, do not have to remain on any world where they are being persecuted, harangued, or stultified by overly restrictive laws, rules, or any other forms of arbitrary, capricious authority. One’s in the lower zones do love authority, especially when they are that authority, usually by their own authority of course. It becomes a rather unpleasant circle of reinforcement or circular conferment among the ruling class. There is a steep learning curve here as well which those of the lower zones often find rather daunting. The single greatest punishment is the one so suffered by ignorance, followed by natural consequence. We do not punish people for not being successful with their lives. People often enough punish themselves by failing to listen and learn, thus suffer, such tribulations which naturally befall them. That lesson is a tough one, but it has to be learned, or nobody will advance beyond the limits of such futile thinking and acting.

The next major register-designate zone is of the high-ones and low to middle two’s. As you can see these are our main upper-zone cosmopolitanism worlds. We still have distinct concentrations of numbers– two through five, six through eight and nines. Or in the case of nines, we used to have them well recognized. But, as you are well aware, that insidious hand of the “insider” has nearly blotted them out of most of our current educational books.”

“How do you suppose this adversary has accomplished such a wide-spread action?”

“The simple answer is educational attrition. If very few nines are in the social order, their representations diminish rather substantially. Given the nature of the nine-designate, they also became mythical early on in our history, by that I mean such phenomenal exploits are so hard to believe, none can believe such actions, so the nines became less real over time. in addition, over the last one-hundred years, or so, the educational trends simply shifted, to a more hard-line science perspective of history. One generation, after another, has learned that the nines, were not that important over-all, and as a result, they have been banished to the fictional aisle of history.

Now here at this library, thankfully, that subversive action has failed. Right now as I speak, our in-house specialists are gathering up the oldest of books, texts, pamphlets and other assorted historical documents from our deep-underground vaults. Vaults which have not been opened in several hundred years, and were unknown except to the specialists so trained to guard them. This strategy of preservation was purposeful and quite successful. There are many libraries, from the oldest of times, so tasked in a similar manner, but ours here was the best equipped to handle that specific, repository responsibility. Vsaris happens to have an uncanny memory, and his father was well respected in his professional capacity, so I am not at all surprised that his investigative hunch, has brought him back to us, at the Foundation House Library, for the deeper answers.

Now getting back to our next chart— those which are of the two designate distinction have crossed that essential difference so exemplified by those of the one field. A nucleus order replaces the over-riding need to force conformity by ritualized authority. The impulsive will is self-disciplined and requires no external authority to express validation. In general, there is a recognition that people can act on their free-will and get along very well despite any apparent cultural differences and accepted means to the biological goals. Our one pervasive Law is simply “To be Fruitful and Multiply” which we as a race take very seriously in all our social endeavors. To be successful in these goals requires not only the appropriate social structures, schooling functions and laws establishing the standards, but the willingness to succeed in solving the many problems larger societies must overcome to ensure long-term survival. Especially in crop to food productions, and also an advanced distribution science to assure that goal of social abundance is reached, regardless of ones Glyph standing.

To this end we were quite fortunate that the Guardian had access to the knowledge base his Race left with him to ensure his task was fulfilled to the highest standards. We are quite thankful for the long range sensibilities so afforded to us, by this rather mysterious race which explored this set of manifolds well over a million years ago. We are essentially living in a system they explored for themselves. Without the Guardian we as a race would still be stuck on one planet, no doubt living in utter despair and futility. As a race, we are nowhere near this mysterious races level of knowledge or capabilities, but we are blessed with a deep drive to succeed and the knowledge bequeathed to us has allowed advancements in every area of scientific endeavor.The harmonious integration of large scale crop productions, animal husbandry of sound ecological diversity with natural ecosystems has allowed the proliferation of diverse food productions with sound environment success on literally thousands of worlds. Our food production is a parallel to our social advancements and population densities. Our food storage systems have advanced to such an extant, we could provide the fresh equivalent of every major nutritional category of fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and vegetables all year round for another fifty to eighty years without shortages across the whole system. We supply your Tia Ma system from our excess crops, that are well above and beyond, our actual storage capability.

In regards to mass-scale, food production, we produce simple organisms like blue-algae, in large under-ground, controlled environments, well beyond the natural carrying capacity. Our bio-propagation specialists, organic chemists and associated technical professions, learned long ago how to ensure this production without the associated harmful toxins which are found in wild conditions. Bio-farming as it is known is a major economic job and so it is well established across our many worlds. When the base product is added to others the result is a high-density, nutritional supplement which is found in a wide variety of finished products. This is just an example of how our social order accomplishes the primary task— feeding our large populations, while retaining our unique social organization based on the nucleus principles.

In regards to understanding proper biological relationships, our young learn at the appropriate age the necessity of knowing how their own bodies work and the advancing responsibilities which accompany sexual maturity. We do not hold back the young as they reach these stages of maturity, rather we encourage them to understand themselves first and then gradually refine their choices into adulthood. In general, people have many decisions to think about carefully, and thus must consider the long term ramifications of said choices, when reaching that next stage of their adult status.

People in the two designate tend to exemplify the ‘Right Choices” of free-will in establishing their sense of purpose, relationships, faiths etc. Couples in this zone tend to practice long term monogamy, have large families with an emphasis on establishing such status by principles of higher-planned breeding. Social standing is very important to those in the two zone and they pursue careers which enable them to establish a firm cultural connection while maintaining a dynamic quality of individual freedom. Obsession with wealth as an end to itself is the primary negative which two’s often face if they lose sight of the balance. Addictions and rituals also play a role in such obsessions and two’s will often push themselves to great extremes to satisfy that need for social equivalence. When those in the two zone find the right balance they are doers, engineers, architects, scientists and business men who in turn accomplish the great tasks which propel their immediate societies to new standards of achievement.  The woman in these zones are devoted mothers and wives and enjoy a quality of social life of great sophistication’s. They also employ the greatest number of house-labors, usually female. Self-accreditation allows a substantial quality of work related services without the ugly side of servitude and enforced poverty. Those of the two designate are very aware of these sublime differences in such employed relationships and use them with great success.

Those in the three designate have the most free union-mates in a wide variety of social constructs—-both Polyandry and Polygyny— specifically. They really take the adage of the Law, “be fruitful and multiply” quite seriously, and have very large nucleus families as a result. Here you find women seeking out mates to produce offspring almost as a connoisseur seeks out the most delectable of meals. The laws are quite flexible in regards to the free union arrangements and three’s really push the envelope in how such unions are arranged.

Just for the sake of example, we can go to this graphic based on real social-data, quite recent in fact, but impersonal, as privacy is a strong, fundamental Right— this woman, who is in a very typical arrangement of y-polyandry with four “core-mates” and several more peripheral ones, has born nine children. She is well educated, lives in a semi-rural farm setting, has high-earning Shares from the food productions of the farm she owns in tandem with her core mates; and her children, by the yearly tests so administered by the school, have scored in the top five percentile, for the entire region. Her glyph values are consistent with a stable, well managed family nucleus and the entire family has excellent health scores as well. This is just one example of many millions which demonstrate a successful bio-reproductive strategy which is not traditional and yet, well exceeds the norm’s for such standards, as collected and compared for those in the mid-to-low zones. A female who has chosen her mates wisely lives a long and productive life, and children so raised, do not have any psychological defects, as many self-proclaimed experts falsely assert.

Conversely, many women who form a paternity, or p-polyandry-grouping, where they seek out specific men, to whom the entire group has the strongest genetic profile match-up, who in turn only aspire to have that specific mans offspring, or in some cases, more than one mans offspring in a serial manner. Such groupings are quite popular with the mid to high three’s, who enjoy having such a group rapport with one man, and they too, are quite successful in raising offspring with exceptional traits, physically, intellectually or combined. This is of course for such females the underlying criteria which drives them in purpose. Mentally gifted children are quite common by these arrangements and with many brother and sisters, sharing these unique traits across the group, such children are more often than not, emotionally more stable, find the intellectual challenges purposefully stimulating and receive that extra quality of attention children thrive on well into adulthood. Since it is the women who form these groups they cannot be characterized as harems, and the men so chosen are often in the most driven areas of cutting edge sciences, high finance and sports—top abilities— something about that competitive edge which also makes these unions very successful. Thus it follows that men in these zones also have unique reproductive pairings which can be characterized as harem orientated, but with an emphasis on larger numbers of off-spring, from females with the same desirable traits.

While those in the lower zones are usually appalled by such unions, and have historically done everything they can to ban such unions, imprison the offenders and kill practitioners in some cases, on worlds such as this one such biological strategies are recognized by the primary Law and cannot be questioned. Mothers in these groupings if anything are obsessive about their children and tend to push them quite strongly to succeed. You would be astonished at the schedules these families have and the fathers in these arrangements are providers par excellence. Three’s are no slouches to hard work and dedication to goals. Wealth accumulations tend to be well above normal as is life expectancy.

Now underscoring all of these marital and free-union strategies is another benefit from the Glyph. For a woman to be able to control her fertility without drugs, chemicals and such, means a deliberate choice function is at work in any such decision. Now sixes are notorious for not using any birth control period and sevens are real iffy about procreation without purpose, but the vast majority of females can and do decide their conception periods. A natural neurotransmitter is involved which young women learn to propagate by will which causes the egg to be bathed by a unique enzyme, which seeks out and destroys the male sperm well prior to conception. Such is the success of this enzyme it is ninety-nine percent effective with no biological side-effects of any kind. Rape in our upper-zone societies is quite rare, so women have children as a function of personal choice. When woman want children that decision is quite different from the opposing position.

Now some believe this self-induced conception barrier allows the young to have too many dating related “experiences” which parents from all backgrounds often frown upon as a rule, but young adults ignore to the extant they are successful. Education coupled with firm traditions does far more good than laws alone ever accomplished. Making feelings a crime is not our priority or goal— people learn from their choices, and as a parent will tell you it hurts to see our young making such preventable mistakes, but they will never learn the truth of such choices if these decisions are masked in hypocrisy and lies.  Deceptions do not favor the strong only the weak. When the young are faced with real outcomes they learn the truth of what they do in actions. Life is not meant to be so easy that there are no repercussions for being wrong, but keeping the young out of harms way is not against the law either. We simply try to educate the young to the truth of what these bodies do and why. How they use that knowledge will become their defining standard of themselves.

Those in the four designation do a turn about as it is called and usually have smaller families, but a diverse quality to their long term relationships. They do not tend to stay with one partner after the initial child-raising period, but they do not lose family ties either. They just grow larger, nucleus-extended families and reform such free-unions as they feel best suits themselves. Very productively I might add. We gain musicians, writers and artists of many kinds from this group in great numbers, due to this movement the fours are always engaged in as seekers of novelty, as they are seekers of new vistas. They simply really get around. My husband is a four and our marriage is very typical in that regard. Fours also have some very traditional values which often surprises those who do not pay keen attention to the details underlying their lifestyle choices. They are quite studious and hard working so they also achieve financial success early on and maintain larger aggregates throughout adulthood. They are good parents and despite their wandering ways they educate their offspring by innovative methods, which adds to the great diversity of knowledge the offspring of four unions demonstrate in their own endeavors. Such adventurists also by the accumulations of such diverse life experiences make fantastic teachers of many subjects and if so inclined great statesmen as well.

As a rule those in the five-designate, have the most children by the principle of genetically superior criteria. That is to say, men and woman place more emphasis on specific genetics, thus many while having a traditional marriage, also have free forming unions as well. Those in the two fields are also often quite driven by the “best of breeding mantra” philosophy, much like the fives, which in both cases, does result in long term marriages and healthy off-spring. Those in the three designation, often have the most partners over all, and the most unique contracts for the purpose of child-bearing, but the fives are so competitive that these two groups often over-lap to such an extant, they are often mistaken for being of the same designate. Females in the upper-five zones are very successful financially as well, as they are often very hard-driven business women, much like their husbands, which can conflict with their goals as mothers, but statistically speaking their success’s far out-weigh the minor negatives usually associated with juggling careers and motherhood. The competitive nature of the fives in general can be a little off-setting at times to those not used to such all or nothing risk taking, but over-all the fives are quite stable and very productive in their life-style choices. Such large families require a consistent commitment from both males and females so enjoined and the men the fives gravitate to most often, or find the most compelling are well rewarded, as female fives are noted for their devotion to their men. Quite spoiled as many do attest. So it is rare to find broken families among the five zones, and rarer yet, to find offspring who are not thriving under the devoted care of their parents, regardless of the unions so established. Large families have some interesting complexities which arise from so many bound together by kin relationships, but those in the five designates make these arrangements work so well they often become the most stable pillars of their communities. Another factor in their success.

Our sixes are the most extravagant in their relationships and lifestyles as a rule. They tend to have smaller families, but sixes are social adventurists, they have the longest lists of friends, acquaintances, the most unique professional networks and so forth. They are a bit wild for most tastes, but they are social perfectionists. When you need to find someone in a unique status, or profession, go talk to a six and they will have such a list, as they collect names, and contacts, far more successfully than any other group combined. They gravitate to parties and any other celebration and are usually quite welcomed for their ability to liven things up, as the social butterflies that they are at heart. They are found in great diversity in the entertainment segments, as they are naturally gifted singer/songwriters, musicians, playwrights, actors and actresses, comedians across the spectrum and are excellent journalists if so disciplined— they have a real tendency for making a mockery out of any clock-governed profession. When you are around a six time is another element of which they bend to their sense of will to have fun. But too much of anything can cease to be fun and become something altogether unpleasant. Thus, the negative of the six is the dark-side of all excesses, be it sex, booze, drugs, food and any and all other combinations they have an affinity for creating just to have done so. Sixes are also quite driven to financial success and they have a proven track-record for venture capitalism, or other high risk investments often just by intuition, more so, than pure math driven equations and economic theories alone. A six might very well be the most amazing friend you might ever know, or the worst enemy you never thought possible. Children of sixes can seem a bit lost at times, but they are surprisingly very protective of their young and such children born of six unions often make excellent careers in counseling others.

The seven designation is another turn. The sevens are the spiritual hearts and voices of our societies. They are often quiet, introspective and perfectly moody. They have eclectic tastes both in their personal relationships and work choices. They are also exceptionally protective and in the upper-register zones the only ones who can literally take down the liars, frauds, cheats and any one else violating the Law, as guided by their ultra-fine sense of genuine spiritual insight– of what is wrong and right. Most people do not pick fights with sevens, as a rule for any reason male or female. They are by tradition, especially well trained in all martial arts styles and are endurance orientated to the extreme. They push the physical body beyond the normal limits and make it seem easy. They do very well in all intelligence related type fields, as our own Vsaris so exemplifies, and keep a keen balance between those who have no power and those that do. In the oldest of days it was the sevens who took down any— One or Nine— who was violating their authority of office and such ethical Laws so established. They are quite protective of society as a natural instinct. Those that decide to become teachers do very well as the young love them for their kindness and intelligence. Sevens form unions conducive to their sense of purpose, and even though their families tend to be small, they are excellent parents. Due to their being very leadership orientated, they are very popular in schools where their sense of organization lends itself well to activities exterior to the schools themselves. They love writing, poetry and literature in general and run quirky book stores or art related shops quite successfully as well.

Since sevens practice what they preach they are also very popular in the fitness and well being circles, and many have very large audiences across the media spectrum for their broadcast physical fitness shows. One of the current favorites is a husband and wife team “The Corveinna’s” who set another record recently with an early morning audience reaching some four and half billion, and that is with solid numbers, based on an innovative Glyph reference routine, on heart response rates they utilize as part of the morning workout regime. Naturally a six came up with the shows format and when the partnerships are good they tend to be very good. That show is a bank buster– as in windfalls– thankfully like many sevens they are so community orientated that the vast amounts of wealth that show generates is re-gifted across hundreds of schools, churches and monasteries they sponsor. They are just wonderful with kids and parents so they are immensely popular.

Those in the eight designation are the innovators, the dogma breakers, the firebrands questioning stagnation wherever it is found. They are found in the ranks of the military, firefighting, crises responders, also in any of the most dangerous of occupations especially in all areas of space related operations, large scale mining of ores, including underwater explorations. Those of the three and five designations are quite attracted to the strengths and courage of the eights, male or female and they tend to have very large families with diverse relationships, and often on many planets, as their work schedules may demand of them. Eights take command where-ever they go and as a result they seem pushy to some not so inclined to see the big picture,but they are also well grounded in their sense of spiritual purpose and when the time comes to defend people from harm those in this eight-designate zone are the first to go in and the last to come out.

The last designation which is the nines is also the most scarce. A situation which is quite abnormal. We have lower zone nines in many councils, but the upper, nine-zone is simply missing in today’s society. Which is quite the problem as eights as a rule look for that leadership to fulfill their own deepest drives, as those in all the upper zones, across the whole of the numbers, seek that quality of leadership to advance our culture. Without this leadership we seem to be going around in a grand circle with progress in the critical areas, but not the kind of progress we once counted on to lead us to the next big step. The nines did things on that upper-level that no-one else has ever accomplished. The upper zone nines worked very closely with the Guardian, serving as the primary link between the people and our guiding protector of life. Which is of course the more diabolical factor to the motivation, of the one who is manipulating us to its own ends in secrecy. I can tell you without hesitation, the “insider” is a one, and I would say of unusual intelligence, who had to have been raised in a rather secretive culture which shielded him from proper disclosure, thereby, bypassing the many check-points which are essential from keeping any one man from unlawful ruler-ship over us all.

This over-view is not meant to be all inclusive. The number of potentials inherent in any segment of the people is quite diverse and this final graph shows just how diverse that quality is when viewed from the greater perspective. Interestingly enough your Glyph designate Lord Su, places you in the same relative placement that you enjoy on your own world, as your charts indicate that your upper-level zone is well positioned for such a specific social responsibility. You have a keen mind for new knowledge and you are well disciplined in your relationships to handle the social interactions many others might find rather overwhelming. As a bridge between our society and your own you will have our deepest assurance of success. And I would say by the information so provided our societies need to greatly enhance our top-level interactions, before any more serious repercussions, from this incident or another, become too deformed to right by peaceful resolutions.  I now fear that our notorious “insider” has been waging war on us all along, and we are about to find out the unpleasant facts of such dark ambitions.”

“Thank you for such an informative briefing Asarta and such kind words on my behalf. I have much to reflect upon, and I do hope we can continue this extension of knowledge to more of my own people. I see many possibilities here for deep cultural exchange, especially among the young seeking new avenues of future prosperity. I feel quite confident we are opening the door to a new future of great possibilities.” Lord Su in turn thanked each of the aids for their contributions to the presentations.

On the other side of the room from where Lord Su was finishing up his morning meeting, Vsaris was waiting for the language experts to cross reference several key texts which by context seemed to be the best bets for what he had hoped to discover— the possible name of this ancient world and its theoretical relationship to the founding worlds of the Eskoltian system. Way back on those dim times there were five worlds which the tribes had been placed as workers sworn to obey the sky lords. The languages of those times were never deciphered, but the oral traditions which the elders swore by eventually were written onto gold sheets which were then placed into books made of a specialized glass.

One of the earliest wonders of the nine-designates were materials that came to be known as nearly indestructible. The gold sheets were sandwiched between the two layers of this unique glass and then bound with brass plates.  A scholar had studied one of these books, over the course of his adult life, and only partially succeeded in translating, what was called the minor passages. The short version was basically that ‘The Shanscreet’ people came from the sky arks, which were essentially massive space-ships, originating from this 4th manifold, and specifically, a world of great oceans and teeming with vibrant life.

For tens of thousands of long years, so the arks journeys and came to the five ancient worlds full of men, flora and fauna to help propagate— the fecund life, from which the ancient doctrines ‘be fruitful and multiply’ were established, and enshrined, by the Glyphs, as fundamental law.  The sky Lords, after many countless generations, had left the worlds they started. Then the dark times came, which threatened all with plagues, wars, famines and other such evils too overwhelming for the people to overcome. The Guardian took pity on the worlds, populated with human kind, and re-bound them in three inter-connected manifolds, under its control. For another eleven-thousand years the people lived very simply, and so encouraged, began to learn from the Guardian, the principles of advanced knowledge, thereby, guiding the people, now known as the Eskoltian, to a prosperous, and much more advanced civilization.

The greater passages, while never deciphered, did have a few controversial aspects, of which the most recent was that, these writings were actually complex graphics, so faithfully recorded, that certain mathematical codes were still viable. A young maverick researcher, still working on his final degree, had demonstrated the math and his peers vetted his results. The controversy was that the graphics made no sense to any being having binocular eye-sight. The ancient sky lords were never depicted with compound eyes like insects, so the academic journals were not so eager to sign off on the work just yet.

But as one defending scientist had opined in a lengthy retort, which Vsaris had included in his index of notes,”who said the messages were meant for our eyes at all? These ancient scribes were trained to compose these long documents with exacting precision, like computer code— no errors allowed. The originals were sent off and the multiple copies placed in secured vaults. Data storage on the cheap sure, but nonetheless, data storage of key information, and it was a clock-work operation, which was spread over thousands of years. A specific coding language to be used in systems of unknown purpose and design. We had more than just a mystery, we had a puzzle, made from a riddle, derived from minds so alien to our own, that our people never understood their actual purpose, much less the race itself. We just worked one generation after another until the job was done, and so they left us, with no man one wit wiser than the day they arrived.  History was an anomaly whose only solution was admitting defeat. Insanity was defined by those still trying.”

Vsaris wondered how many other factors of the past went unrecognized due to the information not being in a format men could perceive as such. No doubt far more than many would dare to admit. He checked his schedule for today. He had another baffling piece of information which had just recently come to light. It was time to ring up agent Seachio, his go to agent for all things data intensive. As an agent she was one of the very best he had worked with over the many years and certainly one of the most respected. She and her husband had quite an operation going in tandem to her official duties and Denreck, was going to be needed on this one as well.

“Agent Seachio please…”

“Morning Seachio, I have another piece of the puzzle that Denreck, is going to want to see right away… I am sending you a hard-copy right now…”

“Now this is quite interesting Vsaris…. any idea what we are looking at…. or where?”

“Not a clue…. all it says on the back of the photo-original is a ref. number, which we matched up to a personal hand-book, whose pages were torn out where this ref. had once been included, and no names of the researchers anywhere. The image itself was found in a large note-book containing hundreds of images, hand drawn schematics, tunnel descriptions and so on, so we know this was a very secretive dig, but the where and when is missing, from any notes, so far recovered. The devices in this image are unquestionably from a nine monastery, and that machine in the middle, is the old style query terminal. And I do mean old— like 1500 years ago minimum. The other machine showing a crystal of some kind in the viewer is newer— has to be within the last fifty or so— which makes this photo all the more mysterious.”

“I am way ahead of you Vsaris— with hubbies many connections to the old-school, tech-boys network, you are angling on the hunch he might be able to trace back the year, manufacturer and possible ownership of that viewer-model and lead us to yet another big breakthrough — that would be the clandestine archaeological diggings for old tech— both collectors and evil doers are notorious for especially, on worlds like Bensavio— which come to think about it hubby has been wanting to visit again, as he has made some very interesting friends there over the many years. One moment agent, while I relay some news and I have some hot-links for you as well.”

From across the room agent Zenoif casually made his way through the hub of activity.

“Well, do I have some hot news off the wire,” he began, while taking a sideways look back to where Lord Su was finishing up with his meeting. “I just received an update from the main office, seems a new administrative Director Plencho, has just arrived from Akanrrey, to take over the lead nucleus position from Ramfry.”

“No kidding?”

“Yeah, ain’t that a coincidence?”

“Did you catch that Seachio?”

“Yes I did… morning agent Zenoif, so when were they going to let the rest of us peons know about this little shuffle of personal?”

“Well, I would say just thirty seconds after they shut us down, by the scuttle-butt about our new mysterious admin.”

“Our insider is rather bold with this little move…” added Seachio, who was multitasking several open channels.

“Get the word out Seachio, ” said Zenoif then added, “I want every one of our field agents and staff offices to now what is being pulled on us back behind the big, black curtain. Now I also need to give a heads-up on something else we found. We completed all of our interviews with the staff of Lord Su and those two very interesting tag a long’s specifically, the implants we found in both. Tiny spheres buried deep under the hippocampus in both of them— of unusual material properties. I have the data ready to sent and if you could Seachio, find us a science investigation work group, vetted with the sevens, to look into this right away. These spheres were active as we scanned them and responded with a code output, none of us non-experts recognized period. Lots of data was moving and we have not a clue as to what it may mean.”

“My we are percolating right along this morning…” responded Seachio. “Now let me return the courtesy for some big stuff. Seems that not only was there some very big data movements, hidden inside the normal log channels, there was an additional signal in the ultra-high frequency range which indicates a weird anomaly between a third relay station, unknown to us, which is piggy-backing this echo. Almost as if somebody forgot to shut off the switch as the tech guys put it… or it cannot be turned off, or nobody even knows it is there at all… take your pick the outcome remains the same, because the ship has not only failed to return from the last Jump position, the gate reference data-stream has tripled in volume going into the hub station, but nothing is going out. In a nutshell, this means two parties are trying to locate that ship, and none of those parties include us officially. The military has no idea, so they claim, of where these signals are being transmitted from specifically, but they do offer us a small token of their appreciation for our due diligence in tracking down the method of the errant signals. They gave us the kiss-off— agent Mynerivia, thinks we will be receiving the official thanks, but no thanks, within the next 48 hours. He also thinks they are about to cancel the stolen designation, with a mere lost in transit self-destruct pending. What-ever the hell they are trying to hide they do not want us to know a damn thing period, and all diplomatic concerns be damned.”

“We now have half a dozen smoking guns, complete with bullet holes and yet, they will say, there is nothing to see here,” dryly remarked Zenoif rubbing his head. “Well the military administration is going to be getting another black-eye over this and well deserved too, if they keep stalling the obvious conclusions— that ship is being used for clandestine military missions, but we are only seeing the play after it is well over. We are more than just a step behind, it is if we are in the wrong building as well.”

“Take a look at this picture agent Acevia, pulled out of a dusty vault early this morning. This image has not seen the light of day in who knows how long— if ever possibly— more importantly are the upper-nine tech devices which look to be operational. That is a working query-access terminal— look at the screen— full power and logistics right there, indicating a plot coordinate-position in progress.”

“Looks like it caved in at some point, was filled with water was drained and cleaned back up…as well.”

“Exactly, and from the look of the statues, the one on the photo-right was moved to prop up that section along with the red stone… those monasteries back then were really specific in their lay-outs and they did not mix and match stuff either… ”

“I get what you are saying… the statue on the photo-right is a later addition, therefore, we only see just a small sample of a much more serious time-consuming job— which of course never saw any science journal or historical society review either.”

“Exactly—my dad would have been all over something like this… in fact I can think of half a dozen major organizations which would have spent the big outlays on a site so important and to have a feather like this in their caps, as a result.”

Director Merchinko joined them.”Morning agents… just wanted to let it be known, I think we need to get some of our heavy hitters into motion right away. I do not like how this latest news is shaping up, and I have no intentions of letting the military big-wigs steam-roll us like kids on a stroll through the park. We need to utilize some counter-surveillance actions to park some bait where the rats are bound to be sniffing around, so we can start shifting this back to the proper focus— the creep wagging us from a distance.”

“Consider that request in motion Director Merchinko,” chimed in Seachio as she updated the high-security, priority status ratings of the agents already in motion, to high-alert, thus allowing the upper-division defense agents to go into immediate action.

“Seachio see if you can also bring into stand-by mode that one out-fit headed up by the seven Ms. Agersia. She is a real fire-cracker when it comes to sniffing out duplicities from any upper-level, double-crossing, slime-ball hiding behind the false facade of authority. I am sending you her personal number I have used in previous emergencies. Her out-fit has deep connections to hundreds of personal, and if need be, she can pull them in promptly for active service. Anything else you guys can think of security wise have Agent Seachio, coordinate and keep the loop tight. We have a dark cloud following us around and I for one do not have a happy feeling about this latest twist to our proper diplomatic protocols. We are an independent intelligence agency and we do not take orders from any one outside of their proper jurisdictions period. I will take this to the highest Councils in a heart-beat if I think we are being played by our damn enemy against ourselves. In the old days as my grandfather told me as a young boy, the nines followed by the eights and sevens, took out the trash like nobody thought possible— fearless action in motion. This is what that chicken shit insider fears from the nines, but this bastard must be missing a few screws as well, because if he had properly read his history books he would know the sevens carried that power and the nines respected that truth to a T— so my insight is that this guy is looking through history with a pair of foggy glasses, and if he thinks the sevens are going to roll over for some military dogs on his private leash, perhaps, he has surrounded himself with yes clowns far too long for his own good. A weakness I want our agents on the inside loop to exploit however possible… understood?”


“Right on the bulls-eye boss.”

“Good. Now Lord Su is going to be taking a visit to the VounGen shopping complex. He is really taking a strong interest in our social customs and I want him to be well guarded at all times, but nothing too obvious. He is also going to be heading over to the local school for a walk-through. We are finalizing that tour right now. Seachio will coordinate the time placements of our agents and by the book Seachio— I want this to be as smooth as baby silk— our people and their people need some diplomatic good-will to throw that insider bastard back his bone. All right then— I will be a few steps ahead and if anybody needs anything ring it right through— Vsaris wrap up our investigation here for the moment, and we will hit the books later again tonight. Right now I want visual and satellites on the same page— we really need to know how deep into our data  communications this insider has dug a hole. Throw out some loose ends Vsaris, use that fancy section clause-C stuff to send some smoke up and maybe we will get lucky and catch a signal return. Zenoif I want you to head over to the school. The principle is waiting for one of us to finalize the schedule. This is a top-notch school and I do not want any surprises. Lets get on the road.”

The ride over to the VounGen shopping complex was only a half hour or so. The tour bus was quite the luxury ride and Lord Su was feeling quite energetic as he stepped off, with Asarta at his side and her aids and his own staff of twenty-four right behind them. They were greeted at the North entrance by the general manager Mr. Korinuet, who looked to be around fifty or so, who was dressed in a light blue business style suite. He greeted them all warmly and led them into the front galley section. He had assembled a large courtesy task force, who also greeted them with big smiles.

“Now Lord Su, I understand you are eager to get a feel for our way of doing things, so I am not going to impede that request, these young ladies here, along with our own Mrs Glespian, executive manger of our entire retail division, will be your staff’s personal guide and will answer any and all questions, you or they might have of our fine establishment. I will confer with your entourage manager and we will ensure, that your first experience as our honored guests will be a good one. Of that I promise. Now Mrs Glespian, would you be so kind as to show our esteemed guests right on over to our cuisine area so they can sample some pf our wonderful finger foods before heading out into our main shopping zones.”

“Yes, of course Mr. Korinuet. If you all would be so kind to follow me our first stop is right down the lane here to our international cuisine courtyard.”

Lord Su feeling quite pleased with the courtesy so afforded to him, breathed in the wonderful aromas of the various specialty dishes, from across this worlds best chefs. Or so he had been told by Asarta, who looked right at home leading him by the arm, at a natural pace, as they both were close to each others age of sixty-one. She was such a wonderful woman, he knew his Lady Su might be a smidgen jealous, of her stately presence.

They were guided by the well heeled, Mrs Glespian, whose dress and over-all style was quite eye-catching as well. The ladies he noted were dressed very expensively, with such a fashionable sophistication to every detail. The children were well groomed and courteous, with formal expressions which seemed quite natural, and not forced. That was what made him feel so confident he was doing what was right by his own people and not just Court business. While he was well acquainted with the men and woman who worked hard in the space-shipping business, along side the savvy business men and woman, selling every thing under the sun, this trip to one of their esteemed older worlds, provided a much better sense of the people in their own cultural setting. This is what his people needed to see to help them get past that hump of stagnating cultural indifference.

Across the main floor and up on the 2nd level lounge-deck Vsaris was meeting with Mr. Korinuet.

“This is a real pleasure agent Vsaris Renchiento. We sure don’t get any one from the diplomatic intelligence command offices here very often and with such a distinguished guest. My phone has been ringing off the hook all morning long. I kid you not we have news journalists flying in this afternoon by the shuttle full. A genuine Court Lord from the Imperial House of Qan… this is a first on so many levels the excitement level is quite something. History is in the making right here today.”

“Yes it is Mr. Korinuet. Just keep in mind the Lord Tan-Kuan-Su, is the lead contract authority for the Emperor himself. He presides over the twelve-trillion Csentero a year contracts of which our people benefit handsomely. Keep that firmly in mind, as you also ponder the possibility that he would be instrumental in helping our people build and run shopping centers just like this one on every imperial world, in most major cities. He is critically interested in how we do things because he wants to present his findings back to the Court and to the Emperor personally. So I cannot stress how important it is that he has a fantastic experience here today using our Glyph system.”

“I can assure you agent Renchiento, we have one of the most advanced query-exchange systems currently on the market. We updated the whole she-bang last year prior to our tourist season and we ironed out every bug that popped up. We also have a master level hand-held unit, which Mrs Glespian has tucked in her purse under her arm. Our shopping aides here right now are the very best we have and they are on the in-house conferring wire, so as any request comes in we are on the floor running.”

“Good. I am glad to hear you have thought ahead and planned for a few contingencies as rare as a bad shopping bug may be… we just want him to have a positive and fun experience. He is a really deep thinker and nothing gets by this guy. He is a natural for his line of authority, scored really well across the board on the Glyph. So he gets it… know what I am saying?

“Absolutely agent Renchiento.., I’ll be damn… full diplomatic advancement using our Glyphs for their own people would be worth trillions in future business dealings. We will ensure he has a wonderful time here today I promise.”

“Good and he is quite the impeccable gentleman as well. He is the genuine real deal and I can tell he is quite pleased with the quality of our courtesies. Stress the importance of that to all staff and guests as well. My lone fear is one of the kids will let loose with some expletives, or something, thinking it is cool to be bad-mouthing somebody in the lower=class. We noted you have quite a mix today of shoppers from all over, hopefully our best socially and perhaps, some not so keen on inter-world diplomacy.”

“We have a whole bevy of our floor managers on over-time out there, smoothing the path, if you know what I am saying. Lucky for us most of the South-Lander’s are still on vacation at the big-lake resorts and not here. We do have one of the largest older settlements still thriving with mid-level ones, who can be a bit rough around the edges, especially the young boys. But don’t you worry, right now we have a good number of our native upper-zone guests and they are well appraised of the situation.”

“Contact me immediately if any of your eyes out on the floor note anything, even slightly suspicious, or out of bounds.”

“Yes sir. Will do.”

Back out on the floor, Lord Su was enjoying a nice melody of local cuisine on a fine porcelain plate with a gold pattern inlay. The food was quite good and his staff was relaxed and enjoying themselves as well. After he had finished, it was time to test out the Glyph.

“If you are ready Asarta I would like to go over to the main produce section.”

“Yes of course Lord Su… let us be on our way.”

The shopping complex was according to the pop-up screen, itself ergonomically designed to aid the shopping experience, so attached to the self-propelled carts, on seven main levels. Additional merchandise of great diversity was located in four more large stores in the anchor positions of the main complex. He could see exactly where they were by the grid-guidance map and with only a few presses of the selection keys, what-ever items the shopping guest was looking for specifically, was displayed on the screen in crisp color, and where such items, were located.

“Now back home of course,” Lord Su said to Asarta, “I do very little shopping— like so many of my position, I have aids tasked with yet more aids to do whatever is required— and my spouse has a similar arrangement, although she does like to go on excursions to the main city Yan Showe, where she enjoys herself with her close friends, purchasing merchandise of many kinds in the luxury boutiques and specialty shops. Our kitchen staff relies on special farms for our general produce, but I know they do have good relations with the local merchants for anything they may need for meals. My primary schedule arrangement is such that I travel to our moon-base once a month on average, where I spend several weeks, and my other time is spent shuttling around our primary cities, to over-see the Court affairs as needed. I spend a good amount of time, eating in my private quarters aboard ships alone, so I have been rather disconnected from the simple pleasures of doing such tasks for myself. Some might say I am quite spoiled by the life-style of an Elder Lord and in many ways they are right, but far too many fail to consider, when ones time is bound to such formalities as my own, one does not have as many choices as people assume. Which is why I enjoy such rare opportunities, such as this excursion, to bring me a sense of freedom from the burdens of Court responsibilities.”

“That is quite interesting. I can only imagine the type of stresses one must bear under in order to over-see such financial responsibilities, but I can relate to the sentiment of doing the simple things for oneself— just for that quality of personal enjoyment. I like choosing just the right ingredients for our family meals and for guests, but I too have come to rely on personal staff to do many of the day to day chores. So many conveniences becomes a way of life.”

“Yes, that is quite true. What I am really worried about is that for many in the largest of our cities, the lack of viable work has shifted the fortunes of many to a very lean measure. Coupled with the shortages of fuels and other essentials many simply do not have much to sustain them— in good times or bad. We need to improve our system of doing things, in so many areas, it is overwhelming to contemplate, how to accomplish so much, in such a short period of time. We have tried various measures to keep the food stocks flowing into the big cities, but it is the same old problems, where political influence and peddling meet in this stone-wall of expectations. The hands demanding a cut of the action rarely pass along the fruits of the labors as agreed, or even demanded by law. We have lost an essential connection between the necessity of hard work and the proper quality of reward. Men and woman who work hard should not have to beg for the meager things they need to live, or to feed their families. This is what drives me to find a better way. We have the wealth, but it does not move through society properly instead, it sits in great vaults and does nothing, but collect more of itself. Your system of self-accreditation is a wonder which I hope our top level admins will actually try to understand. But I am also realistic in that they prefer doing things the old way, where they are the only ones with authority, and thus sit impassively atop massive levels of wealth.”

“Does the Emperor listen to your advice on such matters?”

“Sadly, no Asarta. He is quite removed from the Court, and is distant to the people. Honestly, I have not spoken to him directly in many years now. He is a secretive recluse behind a facade so large none dare to admit it no longer functions. I know he reads our reports, that is due diligence and he does pay attention to our grievances, if they threaten to spill over into one of his areas of concern. But when it come to the general welfare he is relying on a vast bureaucracy, indifferent to anything they cannot micro-manage to their own interests. Somehow we need to bypass them and their armies of cronies, or better yet, allow significant immigration to new colonies under a very different form of ruler-ship.”

“We do have laws in place for the mass relocation of people suffering under extreme hardships, whether geophysical— by say volcanic activities, earthquakes etc. to political upheavals, where lives are threatened by poverty, warfare and so forth. A grand council is convened when ever such emergencies arise and it is a fast action nucleus group by law. They have tremendous resources available to them to solve problems on a large scale. We have by the latest census reports over four- hundred worlds which are basically under-populated, with no restrictions, meaning once the glyph is accepted people can be moved quite efficiently to any settlement they decide meets their personal expectations.  We do not force people to just go anywhere by authoritative decree, instead, we rely on peoples native sense of purpose to guide them to the best choice. Even those on the lowest of the one registers still make that choice, and history has shown they choose pretty wisely so long as they understand the control they have in that decision process. Those that score in the higher zones, can go anywhere in our major cities which have immigration sectors. I know from my own research over the many years we can absorb another three to five billion people on our less populated worlds without hardship. We are really stretched out in many ways, which in light of recent revelations, may not be by accident either. The Glyph is strongest on those worlds with the highest population counts. A study was done several years ago which demonstrated that very fact quite conclusively. Worlds with less than a million people are much more vulnerable to take-over by those in the low one designate.”

“I see we have entered the produce section.  I will start with a simple selection. A couple of these melons which have such a nice scent.”

“On your personal reader— yes, that selection right there, after the key is depressed it will auto-lock on the infrared scanner and then beep— just like that— and on your register value— that column lights up and now you can see you have just purchased these sweet-golden melons at two for four-tenths of a cera. The key here gives you your amount remaining— which is your total register value— you have a full one-hundred pera, which is a thousand cera— and that is just your daily value— and also does not include any further holdings you may have in any other form of fungible wealth. Our system does not severely punish people for financial mistakes, but it will evaluate unusual excesses, which are more often than not, accounting errors, due to a check not clearing under the correct account, or some other innocuous mistake factor. In all the many years my husband has been clocking in time payments on other planets, which as a rule have no systems at all when he arrives, I think we have only had one check that did not clear correctly. We have had some major improvements in the checking functions once our scientists perfected micro-metallic ink-printers, coupled with quantum dot replication. Pay-roll checks are spendable right to the last cera and never have to be cashed-out first into— say a paper-bank note and then back to an accounting number in register format. One stock issued individual pay-roll check under most circumstances can last for six months, under normal wear and tear. And the account value is on the fly as they advertise— simply meaning where ever you are so is your Csentero.”

“Now lets say, you needed to transfer some value to your wife or your child, are there any restrictions?”

“None what-so-ever— I will give you a quick example as I think my oldest daughter is no doubt doing some shopping, as I can see from her update status, she is in fact at her local shopping mart. All I have to do is key in the intended account recipient, which I have stored in the send to memory listing— and you can see my list is a long one– my husband, children, relatives in general, friends and then commercial accounts as well— pay your bills anytime and anywhere— so I just press a single key and off goes the amount to my daughter— who is already calling me in return –yes darling— I am showing an esteemed guest to our world how our transfer functions operate in real time, yes, you have heard correctly, a dignitary from the Tia Ma Empire—yes, I will say hello and do call me later this evening — bye for now.”

“Very simple in practice. Under the hood so to speak not so simple at all. I now see that each of the items for sale have the micro-dot information ready for activation— Oh my, this is quite astonishing. I can see perfectly all of the information about these items— such impressive images of the specialized hydroponic towers, growing technologies include advanced nutrient film techniques, from which an assortment of food crops are grown year around in great abundance— plus advanced light propagation and tuned sound vibrations for optimal plant growth. This level of information is all due to the Glyph having communication capabilities on multiple E-tangent referential nodes? There is so much to understand.”

“That is the honest truth. I remember quite well my father trying to explain to me before one of my fifth year tests, how this entanglement theory works, on so many simultaneous references by index, almost instantly and I just couldn’t see it as real. No that cannot be the answer I kept thinking, it is just impossible, but he was right and I nearly flunked that test, mostly due to my own stubbornness. It is so daunting to contemplate the sheer size of the index queries today, but the real mind bender is we actually store a substantial amount of that data in branched four-cell configurations. Bottom line it is the Glyph which stores send and receives the data-inputs, independent of the system, but the system replicates the data-streams where it is needed— so it is a vast communication system in real-time up-date cycles.”

“Fascinating… I just marvel at this wonderful gift. If I can just get more of our people to understand this we could do so much to alleviate the suffering of so many, that is if of course the Guardian accepts this action?”

“I cannot recall off-hand of any law or even a rule which ever stated the Glyph was only for the people of the Eskoltian system… we of course did not know of the Tia Ma system until three-hundred years ago or so, when our explorer ships received communication signals from one of your moon-bases. I think we have always assumed that the people of Tia Ma were simply not interested in our cultural ways of living, but I never really gave much thought to the question of future interactions based on sharing our Glyph either. We have assumptions as well that need some major revising and I will see to it that our awareness of this little gap of proper understanding is addressed promptly where it counts— that insider may well be manipulating  our proper sense of advancement, but I assure you we do not simply sit on our collective fannies when there is work to be done. ”

“Let us continue— now I see many moms and children of various ages— but we are in the noon hours right?”

“Yes, we are on a twenty-eight hour clock here so we have a nice two-hour lunch break, fairly standard for most people, but some professions are never off the clock either, firemen for one example, certain emergency providers are on call as needs arise.”

“The problem of sitting with younger children keeps many young moms, or daughters out of school— families make choices in hardship which often exacerbate the underlying problems even more… with so many children to watch over what solution is working for your people?”

“Speaking from personal experience, it is a combination of several key factors— self-accreditation means young girls have a ready made way to earn much needed register value, which does not remove said value from often young mothers of humble backgrounds, therefore, traditions have arisen where the young girls and the grandmothers have come to an agreement of sorts in this very important area of looking after the very young children. Now once the children are of around five years of age we have extensive child-care centers, which encourage moms of any age to utilize properly. By this I mean not just a place to dump off the kids and forget about it— there is an expectation, of what you use you help to maintain kind of deal— so there is a real dynamic there that is always in need of management, or least expert supervision and so this area has grown over the years and with some real flexibility. Night shifts place unique strains on a younger family and so many centers have meals based on the schedules of the parents, as accommodation is a real important aspect of success. Self-accreditation and Share distribution have done wonders to help keep families from sinking into dire poverty on all of the one worlds, and on worlds like this one the participation rates are quite substantial. In the end it is simply families helping families with social support in key pillar positions. Simplicity is a maximum well preserved in practice.”

“Yes, I agree.” They had been walking down one aisle after another as Lord Su, continued choosing good examples of the many assorted products both with sale prices and unit-values. The stores wide aisles were easy to navigate and the ornate tiled floors were spotlessly clean. The aisle shelves were neatly organized with plenty of visual aids to help customers with their shopping choices. Sound was also effectively used to enhance the feeling of calmness, while audio files prompted by the shoppers interest played short adverts to high-light the qualities of selections. He was amazed at how many brands were being sold side by side and with such an assortment of differences. The range of colors and ergonomic designs from toothbrushes to foot-pads demonstrated the exceptional manufacturing science advancements. The scent strips added another layer to the use of the senses to allow shoppers to sample key factors of why certain items were better suited to their individual needs.  “Thus, I ask these questions because it will be the young for the most part who will even consider such a movement. The elders will be quite reluctant until they see the younger are doing much better than themselves, and only then will they admit, perhaps there is a better way after all. When the young understand that better means of child-rearing and keeping meaningful work are not just illusions to trick them they will make the proper choices.”

“Nothing destroys the work ethic faster than false economic choices and confidence scams to cheat people out of their hard-earned assets,” replied Asarta. She was acting as a minor buffer between the curious shopping guests who were politely acknowledging Lord Su as he contemplated the many choices of merchandise, by both the Glyph values and Csentero exchange rates. His meticulous manner was to be expected. Bridging the gap between cultures was no easy task and he was going to be pivotal in that regard if his own people were going to be able to even make such a change. “Another aspect of why our system has advanced to such a level is the consistency of the standards. While every store is unique to its ownership, the underlying factors are based on the prevailing standards. If you were to travel to a dozen worlds and cities you would find the same standards in operation and by the same set of rules. If you went to a small rural shop in a country town those same rules still apply.  The system is simple by such key rules of operation, and is quite scalable by application.”

“The purchasing of merchandise is indeed very simple by this method of communication exchange. I have a nearly a full cart of various items and I have barely moved the register value downward. My sale items are well under twenty Csentero. This eradication of poverty by value discrimination is pivotal to the advancement of society. These food stocks are in great supply, the mechanical systems of this large store are quite advanced, the people are courteous to one another yet informal. I see no fighting over the plumpest fruits, or the best cuts of meat, in fact I see no signs that people here must fight for every little bargain they can gain. Unit-values based on economy of scale productions, plus Share functions— which Vsaris has been teaching me as time permits— all working together. I am very impressed.”

“I think the rest of your staff is doing quite well under the expert tutelage of Mrs. Glespian.”

“Yes, I see they too have nearly filled their carts as well. Over-all I have found a good mixture of the priced merchandise and unit-value food stocks.  The sheer amount of stocked goods in this store is astonishing. The cart-screen has not missed a price or item listed yet, even with shelves so tightly packed with so many brands there is not an inch between them. From large to small servings, there is a real organization to how all of this operates to sell as much product as demands dictate. Nutrition information is informative, but not lost in a maze of scientific nomenclature. I like how the ingredients are displayed in proper real percentages, based on the Glyphs medical indexing. Lady Su would greatly enjoy the fact that certain foods are red-flagged as not good for my age and diet. So many sweet snacks too. Most interesting how quickly information is placed into a form most conducive to ones proper health concerns and not just a profitable sell. So even with little knowledge of the local produce, or the products for sale, my shopping basket is filled with food stocks that are proper to my nutritional needs and with recipes in this new file category showing me meal preparations as well.  I see we are nearing the two hour mark, so it is time to wrap up our expedition for today. We have a busy schedule to keep.”

Now what Lord Su found even more interesting was that everything in his cart was already paid for in full and only needed to be bagged by the stores check out teams. There were no taxes on any purchase. The Csentero exchange was done in the background and the scale measures showed his diplomatic account was under no restrictions. There were basis point movements in the exchange value fluctuations, but so minor an account holder was not effected until spending rose into the millions and above.  His staff was in very good spirits from their experience and he was pleased by the courtesies so extended to them all.

Vsaris met up with Mr. Korinuet as the buses were loading up for the next stop.

“I just wanted to thank you personally, for all your staffs help Mr. Korinuet. Our guests really enjoyed themselves today and Mrs Glespian did a wonderful job of showing them how our Glyphs work in practice and this modern shopping plaza really shined all around. The people here today can state with great satisfaction they helped bridge us diplomatically to another culture and this will be remembered in history.”

“I thank you as well agent Renchiento, for allowing us this opportunity to establish goodwill and friendship, with so many very nice people. I have received so many compliments both from our general staff and our home guests regarding how nice these people are and we want to help them. Our world is wide open for settlements on two continents— we have so many opportunities for families and business men alike in our major cities— our tourist season is one of the few areas we still have a surplus in people wise, but we are a small population over-all and we could really use an influx of new people. I noted all of these wonderful people have high register ones and above… why one of those young men, Lee I believe is a high zone four. With Glyph numbers like that they would have no trouble at all making this world their new home.”

“Well Mr. Korinuet, the best thing you could do right now is form a Push Council, and get as much information as possible into the Push format, thereby, allowing us to bridge that gap diplomatically and socially at the same time. I know the Tia Ma people are under severe stresses right now, and I have a strong gut hunch, that Lord Su is fully realizing his people are in deep trouble, if they do not get some real balance, back into their social-class orders. They are more top-heavy than any society I have ever studied and it is going to get worse. If we have a Push Guide ready to go I can keep these diplomatic channels open under our lawful diplomatic doctrines— we can be the major movers— if there is enough backing of the people of course to flush out the details and make it happen properly.”

“Don’t you worry agent, I have contacts all the way up to our world council nucleus and I know from our previous meetings, informal as they may have been, we know we need to reach out to more people. Which is why we do not send the ones off to another planet in the lower zones. We have been taking the extra time and expense to help them along and so we can do the same with those perhaps not as savvy on the social scale of things, as those here today. I will get a Push Guide in motion right away and ready for general approval.”

“Good. As soon as you have it completed send it directly to me and I will plug it right into the top-council on foreign affairs of State. We have some real flexibility here and if need be we can declare large numbers of potential refugees as politically endangered and the wheels go in motion immediately.”

“You’re talking full military escort right off their planets?”

“Absolutely… on any world where people are being targeted for political, religious or economic related execution our military has not only a lawful mandate to Act, our Guardian is compelled to find any nine on the board for leadership, and if no nines are available, then the call goes out to eights and sevens. If you know your history when the Call goes out sevens power up and the military had better have its ass in motion.”

“That’s damn straight. When the people give the Call to action to their defensive leaders and such authorities, refuse the Call, it is a red-line moment. No seven in their right mind will allow themselves to be used either. My dad is a seven, and he is just as feisty today, as when I was a youth. He fears no one and nobody had better tell him to stand down when a population of innocents is in harms way. I have seen that fire in his eyes, and my mom loved him for that quality then, and still does today. We will have that guide ready in a week or so… proper too.”

“I will be talking to you again soon Mr. Korinuet.” They shook hands and Vsaris waved to the staff, who had gathered to watch them off, as he headed back down the spiral stairway and then back across the parking lot to where the buses were nearly ready.

Next stop was the local school and according to his contacts it was a model of how things are done right. Now he may have buttered the bread a bit thick, as such lingo is meant to do, but the fact was he was working on another hunch— what would be the one thing that coward of an insider needed to happen?

All of this activity to simply fade away like it never happened.

If there was one thing that seemed to rouse the great sleeping forces of that mysterious Guardian it was people in dire need. The Law as he was taught in his schooling days was the Preservation of Life— not just those of the Eskoltian worlds either— all life and that insider was depleting the guardian of its need for nines to carry out the great works. However, he knew from the ancient writings that any man or woman of sufficient courage was an instrument of action. The sevens and eights were wide-spread and not just passing shadows in the night. If the insider was going to attack them it would be undermining the trust between the different classes. One of the few things that stopped such misdirections was the wellspring of human kindness to help others less fortunate than themselves.

The insider had to be a low level one as Asarta had shrewdly asserted, and as he thought about it more carefully, maybe some one diabolical enough to have removed the Glyph altogether. How else to silence the evil emanating out of such a damn twisted mind? If he had implants in his brain, perhaps, just like those found in the two females, and had his Glyph surgically removed, what was he trying to accomplish? And who would do that willingly? What if he was building a colony of people who never saw a Glyph, or even more extreme an artificial population of clever copies– clones or androids. He needed to get some more information on those possibilities ASAP. He dialed up Seachio and quickly explained to her his latest hunch to be promptly acted on.



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