The Irony of Flat Earth Theory

Deja Vue

The very idea that the Earth is flat presumes that our senses can be fooled by illusions distinct from Reality itself. By this I mean that IF we were simply cartoon characters, and we were attempting to see our exterior reality— the TV set— we would be facing the daunting task of becoming something that we are not to see what we are in fact. Just as a cartoon is not created by the device itself, but is merely viewed as a transmission from another source, which conversely is also not the origination of its creation. A cartoon is produced from cells upon which the skills of artists are made permanent, in addition to the production of the product into a film which can then be viewed with yet another piece of equipment and a screen. Thus, the bewildered cartoon character trying to understand the true Nature of its Reality is forever trapped in an tripled-layered illusion bound by rules beyond its toon-brained comprehension.

A human being trying to understand its ultimate reality, or at least the connections thereof, is also faced with a similar quality of the impossible. The mind is the screen upon which the whole of reality is played out therefore, to remove the mind is to remove the screen, but what of the viewer? If one is looking into a mirror with the light on, merely switching off the light does not cancel out the viewer as well.   A change of perception may well allow additional information to be realized, but the core of perceptions so referenced by Awareness is the kernel of fact upon which a deeper truth can be realized… one is more then mind alone.

So what does any of this have to so with a “theory” in complete contradiction to established norms of science? Those who are swearing flat-earth theory is the truth of the world are making a claim which incorporates elements of logic the adherents themselves apparently do not understand. Which is why no amount of reasonable, or even basic examples of common-sense knowledge,  will change their minds. If the world is an Illusion, it is the mind that is the source not the world itself. [Unless the world is acting as the TV set, but that is not the claim being made…]

One of the common claims of the flat-earth theory is a ring of ice around the circumference to hold back the oceans from falling off. Since flat-earthers also do not believe in gravity it never occurs to them NO ice is needed to hold back waters which are under no force to move in any particular direction. Removing gravity from the conditions of reality actually makes a flat-earth more impossible.   I seriously doubt any die-hard adherent will take the time and effort to understand the critical reasons why. The irony is a flat-world needs  gravity just as a round one does for stability. Without gravity to induce criticality and its opposite force of least resistance— a world either round or flat, becomes substantially unstable as there is no coherence to preserve any order.[Another strong possibility is that water mass would actually flow towards the center and collapse into a frozen tear-drop on the underside.]

Flat-earth theory is so defective at the micro-scales it is devoid of any attempt to explain anything of substance. Every cell and muscle is what it is today due to the forces of gravity upon a body. Every species of Life upon the Earth is an amazing solution to the forces of gravity. But of course if it all is just an illusion of digital synapses then a “NEO” must surely soon arise to shatter the false reality.

However, the presumptions underlying that it is just all a simulation, are themselves still subject to observation. To simulate a comprehensive reality requires a reality from which a false one can be factually derived. To wake up in a pod aka the Matrix, still requires gravity and energy or the need for placing humans in pods is completely unnecessary. If keeping humans alive in a pod costs more energy then can be gained the entire Matrix scheme collapses. If a simulation produces no excess energy, then all that energy so consumed is itself a reality… cartoons do not power TV sets no matter how amazing those graphics may become such as in the film Avatar.  Flat-Earth theory is just another Matrix fantasy without the entertainment factor.

Another major theme of flat-earth theory is that we cannot see the curvature of the Earth. Those who devise all the more clever reasons why a flat-perspective of the horizon proves their contentions never realize the irony of what they proclaim, actually proves the very opposite. In order to see the curvature of the Earth, one would need to be able to see both poles simultaneously. Take a basketball for example and hold it up. Your hands easily define opposite points (poles) on the sphere. A flat-earth model has no need for poles. The size of the Earth, coupled with the dynamics of the human eye determine the horizon. This horizon will always be flat regardless of curvature— the distance to the horizon will always be the same just like a mirage or a rainbows end. Only in orbit can a spherical boundary become obvious. Naturally, flat-earth adherents disavow any image from space as computer generated. Since no proof is good enough it becomes the lack of proof, or the negative assertions which flat-earth believers cling to for the wrong reasons, which drives their unique form of madness.

As much as flat-earthers would like to escape this Reality, by contrarian beliefs, they are barking up the wrong tree. Trading one illusion for another does little to change the actual challenge to free one’s mind. The atypical tactics of flat-earthers is to get under the skin of the globalists and mock whatever argument is offered along with a heavy dose of sarcasm. There is nothing wrong about questioning the dogma of science or religion, but to take the extreme viewpoint is to ignore the basic tenants of common sense and the lessons learned from experience coupled with hardship.

While it may be fun to mock accepted beliefs is is quite another to accept the nonsensical, ravings of fools as accepted fact. Flat-earth theory fails becuase those that propose the theory never bothered to really delve deep into how a genuine flat-world would actually have to behave in any quality of real physics. Apples fall from trees when criticality is reached… if there was no gravity to place tension upon the stem apples would remain attached. Leaves need sunlight as roots transfer nutrients from the soils. Without gravity trees do not require the same internal structures to maintain upward growth. Why trees might well grow up into space where one could look down upon a flat-earth, while eating slices of apples as big as flying whales.

That’s the funny thing about flat-earthers, they claim so much and yet have no imaginations. On a flat-world of very little gravity every form of life would be evolving perfectly to those laws of ecological conditions. On the other hand, if everything is just an illusion why would there be any global rules governing life? The Earth is the sum of all of its parts and systems, and as such, is a cell of a larger solar-system. If a theory cannot explain the mundane facts which are readily observed then it is of no use in advancing knowledge beyond the primitive mud-hole of superstitions and fear. Flat-earth theory is a major step backwards into apathy and ignorance.

Challenging lies and secrecy is always preferable to simply accepting authoritarian demands. Proving NASA keeps secrets is one thing, but to claim this is a reason to believe the world is flat is quite silly. If all physical laws are simply lies of science the Earth could be any shape period. There is no physical law or reason for the Earth to be flat specifically, as there is no gravitational Up or Down for a flat-worlder to worry about, thus, an icy physical-edge would be the last thing one would need to prove. A flat world has qualities a round one cannot simulate. By observation alone one could never mistake one for the other. I seriously doubt a flat-earth believer would care anyway. Too much thinking spoils the fun.




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