Inside the Sandy Hook classrooms— What Crime?

Deceptions are much easier when the facts are swirling around rumors and emotional reactions. No solution of contradictions was part of the strategy and purposely used to create confusion and conspiracy theory. That would be the successful exploitation of the natural tendency for people to see things differently. This crime needed this buffer of denial on both fronts and the media made sure that it happened, as did the real planners of the crime itself. Taking a long break from the “incident” allows a fresh perspective to help discern other factors which escaped scrutiny. The official report did very little to support the official narrative, or even prove the most basic of facts.

Mass murder is not clean and neat.

The most glaring fact derived from these inside-classroom pictures is the lack of bullet-holes, properly identified as such. No markers at all for the hundreds of rounds fired-off [so claimed] inside the rooms? The bathroom and the ‘invisible’ closet not riddled with bullets? No discernible pools of blood, or splatter on any of the walls, carpets, ceilings, or the copious amounts of stuff and materials, stacked all around the classrooms? Perfectly clean white-cylinder-block walls, with no visual evidence of a mass slaughter of students or teachers? A tiny speck of possible blood, is a far cry from a brutal rifle-based, three times or more, shots to the faces and bodies of victims. Deductive logic is based on factual observation of provable facts— where additional facts, can be properly derived as true as well.  If a conclusion, is to be true, the evidence has to be observed in most cases, right in plain sight. Some evidence, such as DNA, is quite specialized, but in general, mass-murder scenes are messy, organic assaults on the senses, even if only by images alone. There is nothing neat and tidy about brutally, slaying people in bathrooms, closets or in a heap in the middle of the room..


  • Jesse Lewis, 6, courageously shouted for his classmates to run while gunman Adam Lanza was reloading [Conjecture and an unsupported conclusion–sounds good to sell a story while not supporting a truthful analysis of evidence.]
  • Six children ran out the door to safety because of Jesse’s heroism [not supported by actual facts, and what door is actually referenced? How easy it is to assume, when no specifics are added.]
  • Eleven children from Jesse’s class survived.  Only one child survived in the classroom next door
  • In all, 11 children from Miss Soto’s class survived. Five other first-graders hid in a closet [The first reports were all of her 16 angels survived— then the stories diverged. I found the first picture of Rosen, was taken before the incident itself and was changed again for the next news cycle. That single image refuted the presumption, Lanza was the sole perpetrator of the crime, much less its planner.]

Continuing along with more articles describing the incident and the kids who ran out:

“But a group of six pupils ended up trying to bolt from the room and were gunned down as Soto tried to shield them.

“The Courant, citing those officials, reported that Lanza walked past the classroom of Kaitlin Roig, who had hidden her students in a bathroom, and into the classroom of substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau, where he fatally shot Rousseau, a special-education teacher, and all 14 children as they huddled in fear.

“There were 14 coats hanging there and 14 bodies. He killed them all,” a law enforcement officer was quoted by the Courant.”— USA Today  [Plus one survivor who did not have a coat? Why not?]

“Dec 16, 2012 – Ms Soto, 27, faced the killer, and saved her children. … friend, says that she had bundled the class into a large closet, and told the … “That saved a lot of people,” said one teacher Theodore Varga, who survived the massacre.”—

“But six of Soto’s students tried to flee. Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher who was in the room. Later, in their search for survivors, police found the remaining seven of Soto’s students still hiding in the closet. They told the police what had happened.

–Finally, they opened that door and there were seven sets of eyes looking at them,” a law enforcement officer familiar with the events said Saturday. “She tried to save her class” he said of Victoria Soto.

–She was shot not far from her desk, from which she had hung drawings on which her students had written captions such as, “I love my teacher Miss Soto.”

“Seven-year-old Cyrena was in Soto’s class last year, and remained the girl’s most beloved instructor. Despite Soto’s tragic absence, Cyrena deemed Thursday’s return to school a success. Soto, 27, used herself as a human shield when the crazed gunman began spraying the school with an assault rifle. The selfless teacher’s body was found in a closet where she brought her students to hide.

Be sure to check the link— the girl in question, is absolutely not in the Soto class-photo. Just another minor detail.


In this photo of room 12, the windows are already boarded up. Note the door, which is open— leading to the adjacent room 10. That small door right of the entrance is the bathroom.


Room 12 emptied out.


A classroom bathroom for comparison.

That tiny bathroom is the pillar of the entire Roig story.


Considering this room had the highest death count— those are clean walls— not a speck of anything to be seen.


Classroom 8 is Mrs. D’Amato’s room — sub L. Rousseau— the windows are covered rather extensively and appear to be covered by plywood as well. Note location of door, towards the front which leads to the adjacent classroom 6 — not a closet. The next image of room 8 shows no indication of any crime either.





What was the point of leaving the handgun on the floor without an evidence marker? The room of Soto has not been cleared, but some things are already gone, such as the desks.



Note the connecting door to room-8, covered with birthday cakes— the date on the board is 12-12-12— no plywood on the windows— looking through the door none on the adjacent windows either, and of course it is later in the evening. No lights outside which is odd as well considering this is supposed to be a major investigation in progress. The official story was they were leaving the bodies overnight, but none of the non-blacked-out images support even the most basic contentions of the crime itself.


In this picture of classroom 8 the interior of the room has been cleared. Note the lack of any markers on the floor, or anything else indicating a crime even occurred here. Same room different angles.



The trajectory lines show an upward path of two shots in room 8. Oddly enough the one shot of an actual bullet hole is in room 10. The Soto classroom has candles in the windows. The door with the b-cakes leads to room 6. A picture of the front of the room would have been helpful, which is no doubt why none will ever be forthcoming. No picture which actually proves the claim or the level of violence has been released, and none of the few which were allowed to be seen prove anything. Do those two markers prove anything?  Markers are not evidence, so no. Was this an invisible crime?


A stray bullet in the ceiling of room 10 does not prove mass-murder. If the proof of the crime is to be found in the weight of the evidence— the investigation itself was the crime in progress.  Judging by the whole-sale failure to produce simple, logical answers to the most basic of questions–proves the liars ran out of material. Considering the visceral gravity of the crime, and the manner that it was sold to the public, like a sick carnival joke, is it any wonder a significant number of people fully believe it was hoax? Was this by accident or design? Since this crime was no accident, it was purposeful. So why did they do something like this? Why did the real Perp’s want the official narrative/story to be rejected wholesale?

What would be the motive for producing a perfectly bad hoax?

Well, the money is one thing, the call to significantly reduce the right to bear arms another, coupled with increasing animosity between large factions of people on either side of the “conspiracy/truther” fence, by increasing the splintering of otherwise potential allies, normally united against the continued government subversion’s of freedom and justice. To destroy the public’s belief in itself is only possible by manipulating the perceptions of reality that bind people into a single, coherent body. What does an outlaw government fear is to be found by what it seeks to control and eventually hopes to destroy. This crime was made to order to destroy the public’s ability to trust itself beyond simple, political gimmicks. If one does not believe a crime was committed— how can one that does believe something happened, trust the opposite camps judgement or discernment? People simply cannot be allowed to form opinions from their own common sense, moral judgement or personal experience. People who can think on their feet are a constant-threat to those who need complacency and obedience.

The media is wholly complicit in the framing of an oddball, who has yet to be proven Guilty in a court of Law. Is this America or a third-rate version of a banana-militarized, ignorant democracy? The more insidious factor is the manner in which past or future atrocities, will be black-washed under yet more murky, ruthless BS to cast real independent-research and investigation into the proverbial toilet. And that is the actual deeper motive. Produce a crime not even the truth can solve, and push a media lie so bold, the Devil is dying of envy. To keep that whopper-of-a-lie hanging on its toes, requires some masterful counter-intelligence pushing the more loony “theories” stirring up the otherwise, totally dead-story.The loons get the lurid attention they crave and the honorable researchers simply get derided as if there was no difference at all between them.

The lie is too big to fail, so the truth is too small, to be believed.

Here are a couple of video-screen-shots showing the kitchen closet.



No evidence of murder here either.

The nurse said she saw the killer, below the knees wearing boots…. are these boots?unnamed

A sharp-eyed blogger “adriaen22” pointed out this small detail, but I seriously doubt her attention to the facts, will mean much to the latest buzz-feeders, hawking conspiracy-theory like day old-popcorn. The nurse helped sell this rotten-bloated farce, and thanks to the “authorities” in charge, keeping this photo out of the media-circus until a year later— nobody was the wiser. Those bastards knew all along what stories were planted fakes… and they kept that Ace right where it has been from day one. Adam Lanza is just another twisted, lone-killer myth, a lame, toothless dog that cannot escape the leash, they helped to create and no doubt, that simple fact, will not be changing anytime soon. They have everything to gain by lying until Hell freezes over, and nothing to lose, so long as people ignore the details, they cannot be bothered to explain.


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