A Solution to Solving the Sandy Hook Crime


To solve a crime which has no true solution— by conventional methods– sound reasoning, deductive logic, empirical evidence which are the nuts and bolts of any genuine investigation is expected. The Sandy Hook crime— took all of those elements and tossed them to winds of  absurdity. The crime was not solvable, but it was perfect for everything else which could be crammed into the emotional-hole so dug.

Cognitive-dissonance— In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.[1][2]

Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals tend to become psychologically uncomfortable and are motivated to attempt to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoiding situations and information which are likely to increase it.[1]—-

If Adam Lanza was a real patsy— the crime is real, the investigation proceeds comprehensively and solid evidence of the crime only has minor discrepancies, involving Adam.

This crime investigation “avoided any real evidence” as if no crime could be proven by standard procedures as reported.

What was the real crime avoided?

The murder of Nancy and Adam? The murder of key school personal? The sacrificial murder of children? What IF they had all been killed the day before? What crime has to be invented to convince people of the fake-crime scene?

A simple hoax still produces the wrong evidence— why did the State Police take over jurisdiction as IF they had already been prepared for this action?

The supporting evidence, especially, the digitally altered photo’s, for example, were already in the REX Features data-base long before the crime date, which strongly suggests pre-positioning  of evidence was established, for all elements as well. ALL of them! Too much focus on one element is always in contradiction to another. This is the pattern which keeps full psychological resolution from being consistent for all required elements of the crime itself. High-level Cognitive-Dissonance.

Step way back from the entire incident. A crime planned perhaps as much ten years in advance— who plans and carries out that kind of crime? When you can answer that question without doubting yourself– the whole of the crime is solved.

The intended crime was against the American Psyche– the people themselves, like a knife. And it was quite successful. All of the people who were killed, prior to that morning,  died by some other means whose actual murders were well hidden by the fog of the fake crime itself.

That is my working theory in a nutshell… I will be expanding on this solution.




From the very first moments the Sandy Hook shooting can across the news, a perception was formed. The story I glimpsed shortly before heading off to work that morning, was a male parent had a semi-violent altercation with school officials involving his kindergarten-aged child. When I arrived home much later that same day, the story had dramatically changed, to one of much greater violent severity. A perception, shaped by the media coverage, was fully formed by the details of the incident. Helpless school kids and teachers violently assaulted and killed, by a heartless, male shooter with apparently nothing to lose by his cold-blooded deed. Bad things happen in America, and this one was particularly foul due to the ages of the victims and the senseless nature of the crime itself. What was this guy thinking, as he riddled kids and teachers, by the early accounts, over some kind of twisted hatred for his own mother? A psychopath is the proper perception as determined by the actions themselves. No same man will kill so many for absolutely no reason period. He had to be on PCP or something just to get to that rage level to commit himself, or his mental condition was so thoroughly compromised he was bat-shit crazy.

Lots of additional, internet rumors, were just barely taking focus as it became clearer that something was just not adding up. Tiny details, which changed from the initial reporting, were too wrong to be simple mistakes. Basic investigative facts were going sideways for no good reason. Finding and identifying a deceased woman in a classroom and then changing the story of where and what time she was found, to somewhere else— breaks the perception. The gross miss-identification mistake of the shooter with his older brother, who is substantially different by both facial and physical characteristics, cannot be dismissed as a simple clerical error.

A dead man on the floor is not just identified by his ID’s in the wallet, and even if he was using his older brothers D. L. he has blue-eyes, no glasses, was severely malnourished, perhaps taller than the older brother and was not living at the same address. The vehicle registration was not a link back to the brother, or insurance. How hard could it be to have direct access to the work history of the older, by his SS info? Well, they dismissed the earlier mistake by claiming it was the first names, were transposed wrong, actually proving they did in fact have two sets of information. How did the error not get corrected while looking at two separate photo-data print-outs? Are they using 1975 era computer-equipment? A daisy-wheel printer? No graphic-card? That excuse is nonsensical balderdash. So why did they screw up such a seemingly, inconsequential detail?

Why look for a dead man at all? The “perp” was already in a body bag— never to be seen again. And from many accounts nobody ever really saw him well before the incident itself. If he was already dead— the day before by his records, who placed him at the scene? Technically, nobody identified him independently of the so-assumed investigation. They danced all the way around of ever releasing a genuine crime-photo of him, or a morgue photo, his actual C. DL photo, and of those that were circulated I easily found them to be complete digital fakes.

Adam Lanza death master  file

Adam Lanza death master file


Adam / lovecraft

Just another uncanny resemblance…



Are those blue-eyes? Is this the best a photo-expert can come up with? Funny how millions looked at this lousy, digital fake piece of crap image and accepted it as proof of Adam the berzerker. Why of course, his eyes turned brown, his iris and pupil become as one, and one of them rotates as a squarish shape above that tumor-ish photo-left eye-brow? And that speck in his eye is just a shadow-something…  no eye-lashes… no tear-glands… miss-shaped ear-lobes, nose and stupid looking painted hair. Nope nothing wrong with this camera produced photo… sarcasm aside, why release such a bad fake at all? If the real Adam was still alive… how would anyone identify him if his “false” picture is absolutely false? His picture is purposely bad for no good reason. To hide a bold-ass lie— a crappy, creepy pic is the only answer.

Here is the only pictures of both sons from the the bedroom of Nancy Lanza. Note hair and eyes of Adam.



Oddly , enough it was the media which fingered the older brother, who retorted to the Facebook accusations– it wasn’t me. Funny how he was reported dead, at one point, along with his father, in separate news stories. How easy it is to forget a dead man, reported to be Peter Lanza, was found by police in Hoboken.

Here is an oops list which was part of a top-ten facts article on Dec 14th, but updated several times since:

 10. There Have Been A Lot Of False Reports

Right now, the information regarding Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook Massacre is very fluid. More information keeps coming in and it then frequently turns out to be wrong. So to clarify:

The shooter was Adam Lanza, not Ryan Lanza his brother as was originally reported.

Peter Lanza, Adam Lanza’s father, is not dead and has not been killed by Adam.

Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza’s mother, was found in the home she shared with Adam, not the school as previously reported. She did not work for Sandy Hook Elementary. She did have a connection to the school that law enforcement is aware of, but is currently not publicly known.

There have been reports of Adam Lanza attempting to buy a gun the day before the attack, but there has been no evidence found of this.

Adam Lanza did not get into an altercation with school officials two days before the massacre.

He, in fact, used the .223 inside the school to commit the massacre, it was not found in his (cars) trunk.

He did not drive up from New Jersey to commit the attack. [The “missing” girlfriend was not his and was not missing.]

The number of victims has fluctuated. The final count is 28 dead, 20 of which were children aged 6 and 7.

Nearly every rumor floating around since the attack has been debunked.

This article section sure did a great job of pointing out nearly all of those pesky rumors were debunked. Which ones specifically, is left to the imagination.

While checking to see if any new image of Adam, other than the ones already known, might be posted on Google, I came across a full image of the mystery class-photo— no information however to aid in identification.


Do these kids look like they are kindergartens? No… so this is the first grade? Look at Noah and Daniel— note the hair and clothing. Look at Catherine Hubbard— why she is wearing the same dress for two consecutive years? Her hair is also short. Look at Josephine– her glasses askew— her picture a few photo’s down seems much older, than a few months. Look at the girl wearing a flower in her hair–Caroline also looks a year older than the class pic taken from the Katie Curic show, which has to be from the school year of 2012-13. If the class picture from the Katie show is the from the previous year— that makes them kindergarteners in that photo and the mystery pic first-graders[if that date is true]. Therefore, they would have been second-graders in the 2012-13 school-year. No second-graders were of course reported shot and killed. The school teachers were first- grade not second-grade. So this is no minor snafu. Something is seriously wrong here and simply crying “its a hoax” does not solve the critical problems.

sandy hook mystery class photo

sandy hook mystery class photo


I photo-fixed this image in order to provide a cleaner image, based on matching individual shots, especially when wearing the same clothing.


Original untouched photo for comparison purposes.


Note how they really mixed up the age of the students, with random pictures.



Note who is the teacher.

Discounting the exceptionally poor quality, of the Soto class picture, those students looked like kindergarteners. Soto was never a kindergarten teacher. If the crime was true as reported, none of these class photo’s had to be faked. Adam Lanza cannot fake school pics after he is dead, so he is ruled out as the mastermind behind the crime. A crime which defies any simple explanations of the motives or the evidence as presented for public consumption. If however, all victims were previously killed[as bad as that is] or died from some other cause, that still leads to fabricating their deaths to be purposely portrayed by mass-murder, in order to push an agenda, which is even more evil. Too evil, no doubt for people to believe. And yet, every odd, contradiction which arose out of the worthless investigation makes perfect sense, from that perspective.

A faked crime scene that cannot be shown and was destroyed to boot. A  second school which was purposely “made to be perfect, down to every detail in every classroom” is also quite strange, but then again, not a single photo, of any kids in school activities from the 2012-13 school year, at the old Sandy Hook, either. That is quite the mind job on kids, when all implications are considered. A mock drill at the old, with just enough kids to take few shots? The bizarre behavior of so many parents and kids that morning, wondering around aimlessly with lots of water and snacks? No pictures, later released showed any signs of the kind of carnage as reported. Most of them were simply blacked out. These few are mostly inconclusive except for a few really odd ones I put aside. I was looking for the “closet” the seven surviving kids in Soto’s class were placed in… there are no closets.


Bathroom entrance— no signs of carnage either.


No physical signs of a mass shooting— and where is the closet?


No signs of carnage and no closet.


Shots into ceiling.

Capture_22 Capture_24


Note names on boxes and rocking chair.



Which grade is this? Lots of familiar [Katie class photo] faces here despite the very poor quality.


This was the only classroom which was barred in this manner. Why was this done? Note this is a second-grade classroom.


Note the school-year date 2011-2012. How strange that the escape exit map was from the year before…?


Note school year–Soto class escape route.


Note the size of the bathroom…. how many kids could be stuffed into that tiny space?


The infamous medical supply closet. I could see two women hanging out for four hours—- but how did the police searching that building from top to bottom fail to look inside?


If this last pic was indeed Adam Lanza–a poster from 4channel claimed he played on-line with Adam— it is real close to the official mug-shot.  Is this the face of a future killer or just another twenty-year old playing games? The key here is not to draw conclusions, but rather allow the evidence to provide the path to the truth. That official report specifically stated nine kids escaped out of the Soto classroom. Funny how they never mentioned how?

To be continued….


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