Classic Examples—- Knee-Jerk Response— Sex in the Classroom

A morning post headline, “Teaching Strap-on sex in public schools to 11 year old’s is OK? THIS IS WHAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE TEACHING?”  was really quite shocking, all things considered, and so I [like many others] promptly checked out what the site-poster was bringing to peoples attention. The linked images were quite disturbing, by any context even without kids— however, the picture’s were old and not in relation to the direct, inference so given. A quick search on the main terms and images led to the woman in question and by additional links to a University oflogo Waterloo:  The Feds Diversity Education Team is an enthusiastic group of undergraduate student volunteers working toward creating a diverse, respectful, and inclusive campus community. The team coordinates activities and builds resources that create opportunities for learning, dialogue, and celebration around diversity. The team is supported by two senior student Team Co-Coordinators and the Student Program Coordinator, a full-time staff member with the Federation of Students (Feds).

What do we mean by diverse, respectful, and inclusive?

  • Diversity includes every aspect of a human being and valuing all the ways in which people differ. Diversity encompasses visible and non-visible attributes including: race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, physical appearance, ideas, perspectives, and values. (Adapted from: Glossary of Terms, University of California, Berkeley, Division of Equity and Inclusion; Trainer’s Diversity Source Book)
  • Respect is consideration for the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of others. (Adapted from University of Michigan Office of Institutional Equity)
  • Inclusion is the act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. An inclusive and welcoming environment embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people. (Glossary of Terms, University of California, Berkeley, Division of Equity and Inclusion).
  • Mission
  • The mission of the Feds Diversity Education Team is to contribute to the creation of an inclusive campus community by coordinating activities and building resources in order to build knowledge and appreciation for diversity amongst undergraduate students of the University of Waterloo.

Sexual Health Educator Carlyle Jansen presents Sexuality 101 (watch the talk here!) Published on Oct 17, 2012. There are no comments to judge reactions, however, the speaker is clearly the same woman who is demonstrating a strap-on, black-dildo in the classroom picture. The critical question is why is a picture from several years ago being headlined as if it was from last week in a Nebraska classroom? While there may be a casual connection[students], the specific one[which ones and where] is absent from the photo-meta-data as presented. The Knee-jerk responses, without checking the facts, are typical given the topic, but not all of the intended audience was fooled, however, just enough were taken in to induce that powerful form of immediate social-media, WTF-gossip — whose agenda is at work here?

The topic touched upon real concerns, and some key-points any parent with school-age kids definitely needs to be aware of and informed, but the truth is one thing and bold misdirection is another; to induce hysterical gossip, plus, blatant misinformation is a whole other subject. To control free-speech by the opposite function, in a sneaky manner, requires a scare-tactic to make the erosion of the real free-speech principle, absolutely needed for immediate safety. The common mantra–We need to protect kids from _______ so all of these restrictions are brought in to placate that fear, and it seems quite good that such restrictions are in place for the Security of innocent school-kids— and so more restrictions, as yet more dangers come into view, and so these “protections” are always moving into the key-areas of superficial concerns, with those genuine concerns still acting as the guide-posts. Sort of like barbed-wire being put up where at first it is for the protection of the sheep from predation[one has to have a predator function at work] then it is to keep them from HARMING each-other, some sheep just can’t get along,  so more control-grids are needed to keep the peace. Of course, to defend the property itself, requires a whole other bureaucracy to administer the enclosures, and then political mandates to govern individual and group activities to keep the sheep from being seen, or smelled, by those none to pleased with the idea that filthy sheep are in the near vicinity and so even more restrictions are put into place to accommodate the extracurricular demands. Them sheep owe some money, so that too is ratcheted into the grand-scheme providing yet more reason to induce the very inequalities which demand yet more mandated solutions.

Oddly enough, all that extra barbed-wire needs extra security/maintenance control as well, and soon enough miles and miles of barbed-wire cover another once free open-space. Too much freedom scares these timid sheep-creatures who are used to living in secured pens. Sheep raised under such high-security naturally, refuse to go anywhere near an open-field– they have no idea how to LIVE in such a strange, non-controlled, nonconformist environment. Why the very idea of living in the open is so odd, that those that would even advocate such a living arrangement must be bad for all the other sheep’s happiness and Security. New and improved armed-security forces come into action to keep those bad elements far away, real or imagined, and from possibly interfering with the daily lives of the sheep, so yet more walls are being formed with ever greater ingenuity. Thus, the Collectivist Paradigm having been fully implemented for the defense and protection of the herds is always for the best solution of them all, and none, except those “bad” sheep, dare say a word otherwise.

The CP-system needs real “bad elements” to shock the conscience[fomenting obedience on both sides of the will force] and to raise the fear-levels much the way a drug[by way of addiction] has to be ever more powerful to cause an additional effect. The American sheep, raised on a steady diet of promotional fear, and now mixed with shocking fear, awesome fear, oh my god fear, Holy Jesus fear, are practically drowning in the giant, tub-of-fear. The fear of fear needs more drugs to allow relief of fear-driven psychosis and of course, the sheep are so paranoid from years of constant fear-mongering, those drugs need even more drugs to undo the previous drugs. All the while the real dangers are cleverly masked from them, by the fear-induced fog, courtesy of classic pyschotronic-warfare, which few sheep even understand. To control the opposition needs some opposition, but real opposition has to be squashed in the deep-background where it can be denounced as the wrong form of free-speech or free anything. Free is bad— speaking your mind is only good if it follows the predefined method of proper expression— today it must be Included in proper Diversity. Since we know about inclusion what about exclusion?

The Exclusion function must also have a Department at Berkeley, right? Well, sort of…:

Diversity and Merit: How One University Rewards Faculty Work That Promotes Equity by Shelia O’Rourke

“The new policy language acknowledges the history of exclusion that has created lasting disparities in higher education and society as a whole. It recognizes that these disparities are public problems that can and should be addressed by the teaching, research, and service work of the University of California’s faculty members.

–Some faculty members have objected to considering contributions to diversity in the evaluation process, citing the imposition of “political correctness” and limitations on academic freedom. These objections, however, overlook the necessity for colleges and universities to allocate resources to deal with the changing demands on higher education. Seeking faculty members who can contribute to a university’s diversity mission is no different from seeking faculty members with technology or science backgrounds in order to build expertise in those growing areas of need.

–The language on diversity is part of a much-longer list of the types of activities that should be recognized as teaching, research, and service for appointment and advancement. No professor would be “punished” for not doing diversity work, but in the past, faculty members who did such work were sometimes disadvantaged. Diversity work has been devalued at many research universities and not seen as legitimate academic achievement. The new policy creates an explicit framework for faculty members to receive credit for this work in their appointment and promotion cases.

–The Berkeley Diversity Research Initiative is an excellent example of how faculty contributions to diversity through research can be rewarded. In response to the initiative’s call for proposals to spark faculty searches in interdisciplinary topics focusing on diversity, Berkeley professors identified about 25 new areas of research focusing on ethnic and racial disparities of concern to the State of California and the nation.

–Faculty involvement in the diversity discussion is vital to achieve institutional transformation. The Assembly of the Academic Senate of the University of California voted unanimously to adopt a diversity statement that defines diversity as “the variety of personal experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences of culture and circumstance.” It adds: “Such differences include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and geographic region, and more.

–The statement also states the value of diversity to the educational mission: “Because the core mission of the University of California is to serve the interests of the State of California, it must seek to achieve diversity among its student bodies and among its employees.” This statement — written by the faculty, endorsed by the president, and adopted by the regents — serves as a unifying policy platform in support of faculty diversity.

–Valuing faculty members’ contributions to diversity through their teaching, research, and service also overcomes some of the limitations that plagued earlier faculty affirmative-action programs. Under the old model of affirmative action, “opportunity” hiring programs left women and minority scholars vulnerable to accusations of special treatment and second-rate scholarship. Some departments interpreted “affirmative action” to mean reviewing the list of candidates who were not selected for interviews to look for women and minorities. These practices, while well intentioned, reinforced the mind-set that a commitment to diversity meant asking departments to consider less-qualified candidates on the basis of their race or gender.

At first glance this seems to be just another way of re-naming the weaker aspects of affirmative-action to improve the perceptions that “affirmative action” is really Diversity in Action, which sounds much more acceptable, without really saying anything of genuine substance of why name changes mean anything.  There is more going on here just out-of-sight.

How college institutions are classified, aka the Carnegie Classifications, was also changed several years ago:

“Many of those who will be most critical of the new system in the weeks ahead will, not surprisingly, come from institutions that feel that they were bumped out of a category like “very high” research. One close observer of research university rankings who doesn’t have that bias is Kermit L. Hall, president of the State University of New York at Albany, an institution that made the “extensive” category in 2000 and the “very high” category this round.

–Hall said that, on the whole, the new system seems to be an improvement, doing a better job at making clear “the diversity of higher education.” He said he was particularly pleased to see new tools for understanding community colleges. With regard to research universities, he said that he was satisfied that the system counts non-science funds and the number of post docs — categories that he said help an institution like Albany and that provide “a fuller and better picture of who is doing what.’

-The Office of the President and Office of the Provost created the Faculty Excellence & Diversity Program —The University of Connecticut

–Is “diversity” a code word for racial/ethnic minorities and women to the exclusion of white males?

–No. “Diversity” is broadly defined under FEDP, in accordance with the University Board of Trustees’ definition of “diversity.” FEDP applications will be awarded based on the specific needs of a School/College at the time of application with an emphasis placed on those new hires who demonstrate diversity in pedagogy[*especially British], research, public engagement and service.

Now this is just a very small sample of some of the links to the key word “Diversity” relating to institutions and what it means to these specific goals, which are not necessarily part of every college or university program. But it may well be worth some time to look through the institutions on the Carnegie listing, to see if some of these concepts are already in the background. The other side of this cursory glance  at those connections, is what is going on in schools across America under the new Common Core Standards. An informative article is here:

So the sex education teacher here is in fact in Canada— not a school in Nebraska. Since this is a hot-button issue, I checked out the video to help understand this woman’s motives for what she does in her workshops. For some people the frank discussion of human sexuality is offensive, for others only the prudes are afraid to hear or know more about sexuality. This woman was casually framed as if she was doing something quite shocking, but her video from the University classroom, while in front of college students, seems fairly routine for a sex-education workshop and she seems to be well informed on her topics and presentations. This still leaves the burning question of who decided to use the pictures out of context, yet again? Another internet-prank to stir up a hornets-nest seems to be the answer.

As for the deeper questions of why the education system is not going to be improving, regardless of which side is manipulating the political cheese-whiz, is of course not so easy to answer. Lets say you’re a globalist crony, seeking a better way to knock down the American people, while blaming Americans for the problems you’re creating for them, by administrative leftist-policies. A top-down control apparatus is essential— and nobody can change it no matter how bad it is by design— how spooky that Common-Core made that a reality. Just like a fascist dictatorship.

Keep stirring the racist pot to convince an already disenfranchised, middle-to-lower class segment of the working and barely working, that all of the problems are caused by reasons which have fallacies at their dirty-center. Dirty so that even bringing up the “problem” is soon lost is mindless, snarky verbal assault tactics taught to millions by Jerry Springer and let the ‘whose mama jokes’ determine the losers and winners.

Blame white kids for being too smart, only due to racists school-standards and then raise the new testing-pass scores so high none of the students can pass the test, so they are all dismissed as too stupid to be future success stories anyway. Convince parents their dumb kids deserve the diminishing expectations which go hand-n-hand with low test-scores, while touting the highest-achievers as normal, and since there is no such thing as normal, in these diversity schools, those tests-scores have nothing to do with their parents cushy, upper-class lifestyles. Those low-tests results are proof-positive evidence that there are too many schools, and too  many teachers. Those crybaby students just need to find a job, ’cause school is just a waste of tax-pay’in money.

While this British style “cheeky” summation is borne of a cynical-American, white-male perspective it is fully in-line with a possible globalist-goal. Driving down economic expectations is not easy if the people themselves are too well-educated to be fully exploited. People need to be given a fifth-grade education, which lasts until they are high-school seniors, so that they have no means of challenging those really smart highly educated enemies, ruling every sector of the homeland economy, from London. Dumbing people down is not enough. They need to obey. Since the global shyster’s have already ruined the easy form of slavery–chain and collar style— the new slavery has to be more savage, yet sophisticated, by design. What jobs market is really going to be here in twenty-years if Americans do not produce much of anything? Why teach even basic woodworking if there is no industries which need that skill? These kids in the educational pipeline are being taught they must test, for every gain they seek. So this must be the actual criteria they are going to be facing. If you score the wrong way on say, Diversity tests, social-economic tests, religions or moral-race tests, you do not get to question the methodology, or any of the hidden-core objectives, as these kids are being taught they have no Right to question the Authority of those tests period.

They are being conditioned to accept an even higher-level, of conditional mind-control.

Imagine you are a high-level somebody at say the NSA facility in Utah. Your big secret is that an AI has been finally achieved, but it is void of conscience— a moral sense of right or wrong— on purpose. Unlike those silly TV shows where the AI is good or ridiculously bad this one is simply amoral. The objective is how to maintain the necessary functions of a captured society, without the captured catching on, and even if they did, the system still defeats their attempts to free themselves, while under a very tight-budget and manpower. The AI is going to need a whole lot of information— big amounts of personal data, covering every possible aspect of human life here in America— and so the social-media is driven forward and upward and all of those smart kids, use those smart-phones, plus, all those other internet fun-gadgets, and spend a huge amount of time texting, pix’ng to no end. Meanwhile, sending all that highly personal-information right through the AI in real-time, which only needs to store the data for milliseconds, to take what it needs. A multi-sensory capability only in extended capacities well beyond the basic five-senses. All of those school kids taking all of those tests— data grabs essentially– covering every aspect of their learning minds in stupendous tested detail. That damn AI will know them better than themselves, or their parents.

Now what would this kind of prepping would all of this be for? Trans-humanism? Teach those kids that the only way they will ever have a better life than the horrible one waiting for them— is to accept the extra help— why with a brain-implant, suddenly all those doors that cannot be opened, by any other means, are waiting to be walked through and they too, can achieve the new American dream. Imagine having a computer link in your head, so powerful you can receive a whole new level of “education” in a tenth of the time, of that old-one. No more worrying about competing with those slave-labor, manufacturing low-techs in the slums of China, either. With the snap of an implant all those terrible problems just go away, and you too, can earn gobs of high-powered money, just like in the really old days. No more poverty and all the ills which come from living hand-to-mouth. And perfect birth-control as men and woman cease having any relations at all. Why being a metro-sexual is the new in-thing— all the really cool-kids are trying it so why not you? Wake up every morning full of joy and confidence that you are the future today. Naturally, Bill Gates owns the satellites which connect all of the really, trendy people in a perfected fascist-utopia, where every problem has a corporate, government-approved, socialist solution.

Now why would the globalists want this kind of future? It fulfills the agenda of total world-dominance of course. Every nation has its purpose as a good world Citizen. No more crime, as there are no poor people only unplugged-people, who are no doubt too dirty and disease ridden to be anywhere near a perfect, utopian city. How many are going to die to make this happy future possible— probably anyone one over thirty is already dead. The perfection of the cure is to unleash the disease kind of deal. Each piece of the greater puzzle is already in motion… you need an AI to unlock the secrets of how that works, just like Sandy Hook unleashed a huge out-pouring of emotional responses, while remaining an odd-puzzle of absurd contradictions, so too, is the rest of the puzzle just as dis-cognitive by design.

An AI would be perfect for such cognitive-dissonance, based manipulations, especially on a mass-internet scale, media, books, magazines, music, TV, radio… it generates everything to just the right in-box and cubby-hole, and people have been learning to trust that non-personal interaction, allowing isolation creep to distance people from the ‘communications’ as a way of life. Imagine an AI that can create perfect porn, sport-shows, auto-races, TV reality-shows without a glitch to be seen or heard. Conditioning is expansive— it is learning right now— how to be you– better than you even—- and can generate instantly any persona it needs based on real people, but better than real-people. You have flaws and the artificial ones do not, well, unless those characteristics are needed to carry out some more social-programming. More bad white-males doing racist actions, leading to yet more backlash and then real bloodshed on a massive-scale. Gosh darn terrorists always know when a drill is going down. Uncanny really….

Who is going to be any the wiser?

Maybe dumbing down is not the specific goal— more like it is mental fine-tuning. Less fantasy writing or reading and more “textual reality” which sounds like the Borg-syndrome. Be the better Borg and fortune is yours. All the leftists and rightists might very well find themselves in the same sinking-boat. Of course they will be at each others throats so they won’t even notice just how deep that BS really is…



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