Free Money—- universal basic income (UBI)

The idea that people can receive free money aka the Universal basic income— as the answer to ending poverty, has several qualifying merits, however, the cause for world-wide poverty is not addressed. Trading one set of chains for another is not a solution, so the real question is who benefits by the granting of such solutions?

Ed Dolan’s— Econ Blog, provides a starting point to understand the points to ponder:

“Everywhere you look, it seems, people are talking about a Universal Basic Income (UBI)—a monthly cash benefit paid to every citizen that would replace the existing means-tested welfare system.

Supporters maintain that a UBI would not only provide income support to people in need, but would also increase work incentives. That is because, unlike the current welfare system, it would not claw back 50, 70, or even 100 percent of the earnings of low-income workers who make the effort to get a job. Opponents are more skeptical. They fear that if everyone were given a basic cash income with no requirement to work, people would quit their jobs in droves and we would end up with a nation of layabouts.”

If the UBI was implemented, in the manner Mr. Dolan illustrates very well, the merits far outweigh the cons. People who are already in the classification of the working poor have a greater incentive to work more because they can keep the additional income, with no penalties for working more hours, or a slightly better job. The problem is you will not see such a well balanced explanation of UBI from the policy wonks of the left, or the right. The question left hanging in the air, is of course, where will all of that FREE money come from?

People know, damn well and good, there is no such thing as free money, period.

Like the word “is” it really depends on whom you ask the question, which determines the answer. So ask yourself first, why do you believe in money at all? Does money rise up from the ground? Does it fall from cloudy skies? Did money get created on the seventh day and half of creation? Does the Lord of the known Universe take cash or credit? So long as you believe it only comes out of the bankers magic hat, thereby excluding any other possibility, the bankers owns you by what you need to get what you want— money is the means to a greater scam, but it depends on your acceptance first… money is not just four functions it is those plus two more: Abstract expectations and Tension resolutions. Without the mind money is indeed nothing… so there is the root, but a declaration, or a lawful fiat does not square the circle. The banking syndicate substitutes one quality of money for another, as if an apple and a horse were one and the same. So claims the banker with a straight face. He wants you to barrow his apple, pay the rental on the cart and you become the horse he rides for free.

Another aspect of the debate will need to involve what kind of free money? Here too, we have the soft money versus the hard money. Why, giving poor people more free anything will just cost taxpayers even more soft-money, so it has to be a bad idea by principle and communistic by practice. The caveat to any UBI program is indeed on which side of that credit/debit scam it will be funded. No hard money can be used. The UBI is in itself not a threat to the hard-working, or out-of-work labor classes— but it will be detested by the hard-right[they get money for free] and manipulated by the hard-left[protecting their pet causes as usual], as always, as each side has an axe to grind on each others head. To be idle is to be lazy and lazy is wasteful, so the story goes and yet, the real causes of human suffering is the long-term results of power-hungry–world domination seeking— banking syndicates {no doubt secretly operating as Satan’s right-hand men, who never miss an opportunity to increase their bloody-war profits, land grabs etc} pounding the little people, one-generation after another, into the dirt. Ironically enough, it is the money they take in from all of those national-Income tax scams, they have set up around the world, where-ever their central banks sit like a bridge Troll, which has caused the more potent forms of poverty they now are going to solve. It is actually laughable, that these very same crooks, are now crying out for the poor to have a basic livable income— especially when one considers the abuse of the word INCOMES itself never included labor period.

Like a giant, deep-sea net that word, seemingly set in stone, reaps the golden tax-dollars from the working stiffs, who in turn never question the absurdity, that it is not their money being spent on the poor— the scam is to borrow the budgets into existence. The tax dollars are skimmed off the top, in ways even modern economists find too daunting to contemplate, so they ignore out-of-hand, anyone who simply points to the black-faced elephant, in the corner like a Sith, staring all red-eye at anyone who dares to do so. The glib, sarcastic remarks from the professionals, only encourages the tide of net-posters to parrot the latest, most uninformed opinion, without question. If Banksters want something, it is well worth the effort to find out the real story, and in this case the deeper truth may well be the same old communistic “custurd,” hidden under a chocolate coating. However, buried under the opinions are principles which need to be examined more carefully.

The reason why that old, worm-eat’in institution, called the London syndicate, waged war on America, besides our Hemp industry, was of course to DESTROY our free money! That would be the greenback dollar— redeemed in silver, not gold and furnished WITHOUT cost to pay for government services, and to circulate INTEREST-FREE, among the several States, and thus, the free citizens. This was not to be tolerated by those old, pompous windbag’s, so they unleashed a war upon America through their banking interests, and sure enough by the end of 1913[The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913] they had declared victory— And America was squeezed and squeezed, every year thereafter, until every last gold, or silver coin was in the vaults of the enemy.  And after the depression people were glad to accept a hollow Tender Promise, whose synthetic elasticity was factually, no better than using a rubber coin for a dollar. Now after all these many decades those same old worm-eat’in, crusty pirates are offering up yet another deal, that by all sound principles is indeed, too good, to be true. Pirates, being what they are, by practice and trade know they can fool most people with their own greed. So this roll-out of a new, big plan, from the sharks no less, is of course fresh bait for something far worse, but only because of the inherent evil dripping from their greasy fingers.

What actually protects you from them?

Does an Income tax protect you the wage-earner from the predations of this pirate-class of ultra-wealthy, world dominating shysters? Nope… does even one of those amendments protect you from the over-reaching pomposity, of these well-heeled Grifter’s? Nope— all of those laws simply hand you right over into their red-claw clutches, as if you had no other purpose, but to make them even richer, by every dirty-rotten trick, they can cast on you, just like a spell from the foul one himself. Correcting that little defect might very well do Miracles for the economies at large, but that will never happen, so long as people willingly hate any possible solution, which severs the illusion, they too, can become fabulously wealthy, by the same old tricks— it works like a charm. Never mind the fact, that illusion is an Art to fool your brain to believe one lie to hide another. That would be how the numbers themselves are “Artfully” manipulated, and how such information is marched across that page, and or stage. Very few ever stop to consider that the biggest aspect of the scam is the claims of such wealth itself— Do these pirates really have such trillions?

Well, those ultra-filthy rich sure do carry on as if they did indeed OWN every last drip of asset income known to mankind— plus interest, which the debt-slaves by crooked laws alone, owe them outright well until the twenty-fifth century. Never-mind that the only way anyone could ever amass such fortunes was to steal it outright— and sell the theft as public good. Why of course that ballooning debt is good for consumers. Consumers love debt and banks provide that debt for a small nominal fee, what could go wrong?

The whole of the modern model is based on a fraud of such magnitude— it is TOO big to fail— which is why those big banks received free money— people shouted out long and hard not to do that—- and those big policy makers gave the public the  finger, as always, and did it anyway– just as they planned all along. Or did the public think that was some kind of last minute move? When you own the press and the law— and the fools in high places, what are you worried about exactly? They just shifted a few gears and presto— more free Money for them. Just like a perpetual machine… how convenient.

So what did you the “taxpayer” get out of that inside-deal?

Not a damn thing— as always. Does that arrangement ever change? Nope—- been that way for so long it is like some kind of granite rule which God himself cannot change— how odd? The Master of the known Universe cannot defeat some slimy bankers on the grounds that debt is as good as money. Well, wait there was that older God that smote the lords of usury, like a leisure sport— what the hell happened since? When the communists came along and proclaimed God was dead, that the State was the Supreme Being, that those capitalistic pigs were going to be hanging from the pitch-forks of the newly minted dictators of poverty, the mental fatigue settled in like a dark fog and mankind has been fighting over the same old dogma ever since. Meanwhile, the creeps behind the communists, who owned the central-banks just kept right on with their golden plan of world domination, quite satisfied the ‘rights versus the lefts’ would keep the masses forever, entangled in the war of the mind — aka pyschotronic warfare, and only had to worry about the occasional moments people stop fighting each-other and zero in back on them.

The only reason communism exists in the first place was to protect the owners of the capitalists. Class-warfare is the game that keeps the slime-balls, sleeping soundly in their multibillion-dollar beds. Violence as a whole, props up all of their schemes— better than any other method. So long as people are at each-others throats they will make a profit. Violence equals profit margins— you probably will not find that specific metric on any economic theory-sheet, but it is there nonetheless.  Maybe some brave economist will take a shot at it and find a correlation or two. Just ask the simple question: If the middle-east was peaceful— and not a drop of blood was being spilled anywhere— what would be the nominal price of a barrel of oil? The Petro-dollar, is attached to the war dollar, and the war dollar is attached to the… debt dollar. Simplicity works quite well despite all claims to the contrary.

The Hole Grail of the Pirates in charge is the entire world earning them interest until the end of the Universe… or when people simply run out of debt borrowing ability. The real constraint on ANY debt based system is always the ability of the populace at large to borrow more DEBT— period. When that line is breached the debt-pig falls over dead. Marx was a spiteful, evil sob and his theories were as dead as his malignant heart. No macro economic-theory is worth a damn, if the key principles of human life are to be excluded—he hated artists as much as he hated Christians, so he simply invoked another wretched turn in mankind’s hostilities, on purpose no less, to help the war-mongers who paid him well, with their greater goals. People who disagreed with the fanatics riding his coat-tails, were of course murdered— thus excluding them from the debate and proving that ‘communism’ could not stand on its own merits. No murderous theory can— and to invoke bloodshed is the fruit of the tree kind of deal. Whose tree did those early Marxist fanatics eat from? And why?

Why does killing everyone else appeal to these types of people at all? Many simply claim revenge for past actions. After all, that C-church sure did embrace the contrary to the Word of Jesus, and the absurd attempts to justify its bloody marches around the world, forever ruined its honor. But two evils are no better than one, or a hundred for that matter. Evil for the sake of being evil today is quite popular and trendy to boot. Why flashing a horn sign is sure to increase your likes and add stars to your social calendar. The banality of evil, like mediocrity appeals to those to whom effort finds wanting.

Those ultra-rich sharks simply want piss-poor serfs inhabiting the lands under their Lordly Authority— encased in the ALL powerful Doctrines of the State— which they bought for pennies on that old, Yankee dollar. So yes, people need to be damn suspicious when the enemy suddenly decides to throw out a bone— so what does it mean when they do?

Sometimes even evil schemes are too successful. They are so good at being bad they trumped themselves in the process. The world-wide debt dollar was a farce to begin with— they used the American people to fiance their war on the world and it served them well, only now having unleashed the worst of the worst they find themselves once again limited by the same genuine law of diminishing returns— the debt horse is dead— and all of that private wealth[hidden as well] is idle— how many trillions are just sitting in a vault or in an electronic form doing absolutely nothing? They have contrived a system to give themselves the lions share and then some, and now having done so, what more does it buy? The 4th leg of inflation— as I see it— is too much idle wealth chasing ever fewer synthetic returns, especially in the black markets: drugs, female slavery/prostitution, graft in general and other areas of the foul economic-underground these cretins own as well. What fun is the game of evil-over-lords if nobody wants to play anymore? Their goals are dead-ends, whose hidden purpose is to destroy any possibility of people accumulating real wealth, they do not control. Using that fiat debt-dollar gave them a FREE ride until they cooked the golden-goose– the ‘taxpayer’ by any other name and now, they are so desperate to prop up their dying system, they are willing to give people a minimal income, whose strings are simply the new chains of yet another form of debt enslavement.

It really is that simple.

Now if people really want to be free they must own their credit/debt in such a manner that the Oligarchs cannot erase it all with the flick of a bankers pen… hell one of their own said so way back then. Why do people ignore the blatant truth?  The monopoly of money Issuance is the pillar to their success. So they destroyed our original system here in America, and replaced it with their own rotten one. Having had all this time to fatten up their pile of assets— nothing short of some kind of catastrophic change will free the world at large from their crony clutches— and UBI is not that crises.

The problem as always is not the idea as it is the means by which it is carried out. If the goal is to make the people of America poorer yet, we are already past that line in the sand— well past in fact. My guess is that they are counting on the class hatred boiling across America, for good or bad reasons, and intend to further the internal destruction to allow the full-on police/military state they have been telegraphing/drooling over for years — and they have already written the laws to enforce this goal. So they need the guns out-of-the picture and so the random violence has to increase to justify the actual goal— so the hate-fest must be given more hot-air over the national scene and nothing seems to stir up the working class more than free money for those they see as lazy, and way too over privileged for their own good.  Never mind the exaggerations, as the lack of any self-control among the black-youth is going to end badly for them. These fools are pushing the wrong social-buttons, and they are so mindless they cannot seem to understand how they are being used, or even care. The implementing of UBI is not going to save these people from themselves, as many are too far down that road to be saved by anyone.  The only positive of UBI is that it does not punish people for working more, or less, which might allow people to find jobs, better suited to their own sense of purpose, or lifestyle. Will it root out poverty for good is a whole other question— as most poverty starts in the heart not just the mind.

Money itself as a form of Debt, has very few virtues, even less, when it is divorced from the heart. People who express that quality of the heart of which the money is the giving, do not follow the same principles of a loan shark, looking for an easy meal. So IF that UBI road is to be taken seriously, and it will eventually, this Nation needs to kick out the London Syndicate from our National Treasury, along with the IMF. When the paper is issued usury free, most of the root problem is immediately solved— and that infernal Incomes Tax— itself born of misplaced class-hatred— will finally die a well deserved death. If it really solved the problem in the first place the wealthy would have never allowed such a law to be used against them. So it was a ruse to do the opposite of what was claimed— it protects the ultra-wealthy from further taxations in a manner no working stiff can match period.

As for work, this country needs so many improvements across the board, it is mind-boggling to suggest, there is no work to be done… there is more work than that lazy president has ever tried to mumble about in any recent press-conference. His lack of initiative to galvanize the working classes, and those looking for gainful employment, is quite the proof itself, he was no leader to begin with despite all the ridiculous hoopla he was a game-changer. He is nothing, but a useless dud pure and simple.

The next step to the path of financial freedom is self-accreditation. That is what you call a person, or a government that furnishes its own money, usury free. That is the only money that is free. The idle rich hate true, free money due to the simple fact, it earns them no interest in bonds or securities–the dual snakes, which squeeze the working class into poverty in the first place, and in the second as well. Just ask another simple question: can you give another man your actual labor? Say like, you woke up this morning and called up Bob and gave him your labor for the next eight hours? No… your hand is not detachable. Technically, labor is an Unalienable Right— as it cannot be removed from the man without harming or killing him— especially in regards to true freedom, and not some rotten, fustian bargain.

Self-accreditation would allow multiple workers for the same job to work out their schedules and be paid regardless of any employee to employer relationship. This means a very dynamic flexibility can be gained by employers as well. How much money is any job worth needs to be addressed and the Metrics of that wage determined by an Independent criteria, which boss and worker need to agree on before any Wage can be paid. For some this is tougher than the job itself, but economists are good at something and those answers can be determined fairly. One step further and SA requires no employer, only that the job is performed to the criteria so established. The potential here is quite significant, but few seem to grasp this to any degree of the big Eureka moment. A service economy is well suited for such a workforce.

The Property of mans Labor was once held sacrosanct in all of the early Supreme Court rulings, as quoted endlessly by the people trying to solve the IRS riddle of how and when, labor became Incomes, long after the fact of the 14th or 16th— the Fed Treasury around 1943 supplied the MASS-Capitation TAX rules— to provide INCOMES for the war machine. The Victory tax was morphed by semantic magic and the Canadian tax treaty into the foul creature it is today, which is why the IRS needs to go bye-bye as well.The incomes tax was a bad idea to deal with a real problem, the accumulation of wealth outside of traditional, lawful powers of taxation on the State level. Solving that problem was cleverly side-stepped by the false contention that corporations are persons— by fiat, not genuine law. Nonetheless, the corporate person was allowed to make money and for that privilege that tax on incomes was born, as many corporations back then demanded the services of the government around the world to make that fat profit possible. That is where the law was needed, and the accounting required. The shysters also hated paying excise taxes and people were being reduced to poverty by the tariff laws. ALL of this as a result of the government not furnishing its own money!

As for the individual, as a rule, the idle rich DO not labor for a living—go back to the history books— peons labored along with slaves—- wage-slaves as known in early America— those ancient guys were a funny bunch. There is no way to level the inequality field by tax laws. The proof is staring people in the face, right now. Did the ultra-rich get richer? Yes, and those who live in London have done quite well too. Clearly, those incomes tax laws are toothless when it comes to the idle wealthy in their custom legal-castles. Since nothing has really changed, such inequality, which after all this time–centuries really, the Law has no means or rules to do the impossible. It is impossible to make everyone equal, except in the eyes of the Law, but even that distinction is thoroughly ruined by corruption at the highest levels— the Holder problem. So the rats of the bureaucracy, are not going to solve the real problems, they just want another band aide until the next totalitarian comes along to kick that can of tax-worms further down the road. So looking to them to solve the deeper problem, which they have kept in play all along, is seriously stupid.


Self-accreditation is a simple idea— money is fungible and so is your property of labor— they are created by the same sweat and toil and IF this Nation is to ever regain any quality of genuine prosperity ever again— the working class might want to pay more attention to the guys with the real ideas and not the fools having another drink to your demise— that silver-dollar standard, per the Constitution, needs to become the labor-dollar standard as well. Or inflation, will indeed kill the economy, as it has done many times before, under the same rotten rules, those Syndicate clowns love to use against the American people and elsewhere. If the Syndicate cannot make any MONEY from your DEBTS, they cannot control the credit function of money, to their advantage, or ultimate control either. Without the manipulations of debts such shysters cannot take your lands or homes, or the water from under your feet by a crooked law. They cannot tell you what you can grow or eat– in short, when you remove the parasite from your National body— the State body will finally heal. Nothing short of this will do anyone a damn bit of good.  Money has to be free of usury as a National circulating currency. Private lending is a different animal. International trade is the next sewer-pit that needs to be hosed from one end of the Earth to the other. Clearly the pirates have had such a long run on the whole of it all— there is no quick fix to the damages so wrought by their never-ending cut-throat mercantile rules of warfare.

And warfare it is and has been all along. People do need to be skeptical of the claims of UBI, but if the root problem is money, allowing more free money for bankers while once working people starve is just plan evil. A digital dollar is like digital inflation— an illusion. We need more reality and less illusions. UBI is a better solution than the current hodgepodge of welfare programs, but the real problem is that it will no doubt be hooked to the debt-machine and nothing will really change for the better, it will just be another illusion of snarky intentions and bad results. Kick out the Syndicate and initiate UBI until the Nation is back on its proper footing. This game of musical[money/jobs] chair is getting real old. Intelligent cooperation would do wonders for America and the world at large. Funny how communism destroyed common sense as well, in that regard. Must be just another coincidence.







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