The Inexcusable Failure of Modern Money


If there was any truth to the paper dollar it would carry the warning—ANY resemblance to the actual Value of “A real dollar” is purely FICTIONAL. 

In the old days when a silver coin was shaved, the weight was diminished right along with the size. When a modern paper-dollar is shaved there is no difference for the eye to see, or the hand to feel. The modern dollar is a perfected criminal device.

The value of that piece of paper is not set by real rules. That is rules which are not themselves products of a criminal syndicate operating with impunity over the entire money supply, like vultures with perpetual, first-rights to the kill. The debt, which is the ball at the end of that money chain, just gets bigger as the dollar-value shrinks, thereby requiring even more debt-slaves to carry that weight. That bill ought to say “To Service Debt” which would be the truth. A negative sign would remind people it is a perpetual loan, which operates by rules against their better interest.

While people seem to be much more cognitive of how the U.S. federal system actually creates more debt-notes, the deeper problem continues gathering dust in the corner like a corpse, nobody wants to bury. The stink on that corpse is fierce, but modern technology has masked that bad smell to such an extant, it is real easy to forget there is a smell at all. Why, of course our money system stinks to high-heaven, like any pile of BS it’s supposed to smell bad on purpose. Why if the money system isn’t cheating people 24/7 somebody isn’t doing their job. Banks did not invent money, but they did perfect its substitution. And naturally, only to their benefit. Well, those really big, syndicate banks, of which the federal reserve belongs, as a class of pet sharks, whose ownership leads to the dirty, under-belly of the world at large.

War is the most lucrative method for these sharks to earn, on behalf of their secretive owners, yet even more of that blood-soaked money they prefer above all other possible classes. Blood so shed is the hidden metric of modern, debt-money and that cost is shouldered by those least able to afford its true damning cost. The sacking of other nations to literally cart off everything of asset worth is still the big game, but the rules are far more sophisticated, as is the methods to clean them out. The latest group of psychopaths unleashed, aka ISIS, seems to be yet another wrinkle in the larger plan to ramp up hostilities thereby, increasing the demands for war related activity. When it comes to the middle-east and the oil assets, one has to keep a firm eye on the real motives which underlie every action— demand plus hostilities equals higher oil prices. This gimmick is rotten on every corner, but it works so well, nothing short of a day of Miracles is going to change the game plan.

Closer to home, economic depression has been repackaged under the cloak of austerity, which translates into smaller weight to price ratio’s, so the consumer is fooled into thinking that dollar still has purchasing power. Naturally, the consumer price index leaves out all those pesky, volatile items, the poor, the old and all rural areas, as a convenient way to give the finger to most Americans, whose paychecks are ravaged by inflation and taxes, as if that was indeed a good deal. Maybe someone will create a nifty, little iPhone/android app which displays the real value of that wage-dollar, as measured by what a real dollar purchased back in the day the “Weight” of the dollar was actually connected to reality, and not a bankers wet dream of never-ending C-interest.

The scheme here is so blatant a third-grader gets it, while the nations politicians, as always are about as useless as a bent nail, when it comes to fixing the sinking American economy. That is IF they actually wanted to fix what previous Admin’s purposely broke— Obama the communist-in-chief has absolutely no interest in actually doing his job, which would be comical, if the communists lurking under the mantle of leftist-ideology were not as bankrupt of new ideas as their, useless scarecrow of a president. Apparently, the wicked-witch kicked his ass and sent him back empty-handed. He has nothing and is rather pleased he has nothing.

I do not dislike communists because they do not believe in the fables of a dead god, I dislike them because the whole of the cloth reeks of stagnation and intellectual death. The tripe still trotted out on every occasion, that communism is going to save the day— well actually, that day came and went and nothing changed period. The mutated leftists of today are devoid of any solutions, which actually amount to anything substantive, same old crap with a different dressing. The right and left paradigm is a dead-horse propped up like an ancient, museum piece missing most of the body, so that only the eyeball is left on display. People think Obama is destroying the system, but the fact is IT destroyed him. Ran him over as if he was nothing more than a clown holding the red-flag.

The system is in-human on purpose. A malignant, evil thing that will kill any man, in an eye-blink, to keep some artificial line from dropping a micro-point on a screen-graph. The system is rotten because it was designed that way— to make money by destroying people one nick at a time, until the limbs fall off. The growing swell of people out-of-work continues unabated and the clowns in D.C. keep singing the same old tunes— debt is good for America— taxes are wonderful— the IRS does no wrong— Holder is fighting for Justice—- white people are natural born racists— water rights like food rights do not apply to people, unless the FED’s say so— the labor class takes one hit after another, and small business’s find it harder to keep in business at all period, and still the same old, broken record is playing in the corporate background–greed is good.

The labor dollar and the Unit of Account [silver-dollar standard per Constitutional Law] need to be one and the same. The U.S. silver quote for today stands at $19.19— the manipulations of the PM markets make headlines for a day or two then it is back to the latest Ebola scare in progress, or more ISIS terrorists foul evils, grabbing the nations scant attention span, yet again. Maybe between beheading people missed yet another eye-catching article from the news cycle:

FED- US Consumers Have Decided to ‘hoard money’—

“One of the great mysteries of the post-financial crisis world is why the U.S. has lacked inflation despite all the money being pumped into the economy. [This guy must be a comedian… oh, none of those rising, consumer prices actually counts in their swell, little world, which means they never accounted for THAT money so spent? So, they are counting money as Hoarded that does not exist? Or they did and just didn’t give a monkeys ass the premise is false: people actually had extra money to Spend. Keep in mind they do not include poor-people period in any inflation index. ]

The St. Louis Federal Reserve thinks it has the answer: A paper the central bank branch published this week blames the low level of money movement in large part on consumers and their “willingness to hoard money.” The paper also cites the Fed’s own policies as a reason for consumers’ unwillingness to spend. [So saving your money in a bad economy is now bad?? Is this like saving water when your house is on fire? Or more like saving water when the fire is ravaging the hillside and you need to save your home? Saving money means no new debt is being issued… prudent living is bad for the debt syndicate.]

Though American consumers might dispute the notion that inflation has been low, the indicators the Fed follows show it to be running well below the target rate of 2 percent that would have to come before interest rates would get pushed higher. [The economy of debt is dead.]

That has happened despite nearly six years of a zero interest rate policy and as the Fed has pushed its balance sheet to nearly $4.5 trillion. [They bought all that worthless toxic-debt and they have no where to stick it…? Or, they are sitting on all that “cash” say like hoarders?? They gave the banks free money, so they could earn interest in the sly little game of hide that fouled asset. Did the bankers lose yet again?]

Much of that liquidity, however, has sat fallow. Banks have put away close to $2.8 trillion in reserves, and households are sitting on $2.15 trillion in savings—about a 50 percent increase over the past five years. [Nothing compared to the what 32 trillion sitting in off-shore accounts? And who exactly are they actually referring to in that generalistic  term “households” which means very little if they are referencing the top ten-percent of wealth ownership. I would like to see the actual “Share” breakdown…]

“So why did the monetary base increase not cause a proportionate increase in either the general price level or (gross domestic product)?” economist Yi Wen and associate Maria A. Arias asked in the St. Louis Fed paper. “The answer lies in the private sector’s dramatic increase in their willingness to hoard money instead of spend it. Such an unprecedented increase in money demand has slowed down the velocity of money.”

I wonder if her nose grew longer as she spat out that monumental turd of a lie. Yes, why of course an increase in money demand, slowed down the velocity of money, like oil to water. Classically speaking, the velocity of money was the measure of the dollar moving through the economy, as measured by its changing of hands. The demand of money is debt… which is flat-lined… so the movement of dollars has crashed, thereby decreasing the leverage banks use to increase loan rates. With less debt demand the amount of money needed to service that debt has decreased… so why lie about something so simplistic? With ninety-million people or so out-of-work— no new debt for them either. A rabid anti-business admin scaring investment elsewhere? No, its “Hoarding” that’s hurting the banking syndicate— yeah right, so it’s actually price-deflation they are desperately worried about and dare not say one word of truth, as to its cause, or cure.

The inexcusable failure of modern paper-money is that it does not deliver the claim it Tenders. People have to save more to off-set its diminishment of worth, or have three jobs to earn what came from one. The Time-Value of every labor— clock-punched on the job, or in contract, is being eroded down into negative territory— so what is next that the dollar is now worth a negative five cents? A possible reason why the CFR floated the idea recently of giving consumers some free money. When in fact they need to give back to Americans their real money, which they earned by the Lawful rules, only to see the crooks give them the finger, when those rules were changed to destroy the American economy. The debt-dollar system was a bad idea based on ruthless, evil principles to allow the few to Rule the World, under an iron fist.









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