The Credibility Gap

WTC_DemolitionThere are any number of pictures of the “towers” available on the web which captured the critical moments of failure. This image captured a moment of physics which does not agree with or support the governments “theory” of a “pancake” collapse. Why did government investigators ignore the extreme velocity of the ejecta, in addition to the voluminous mass? Surely, in a “pancake” collapse as so claimed, one expects to see the visual evidence in agreement with the theory…. now look closely at this image and try to determine which floor is pancaked atop another?  Another simple observation:  why is there so much excess energy propelling the massive atomized concrete and steel? Since when does gravity alone produce such an enormous, upward directed explosion?

This structure, as captured in this image, is being violently shredded into massive, atomized clouds of debris from the top down, which of course begs the question of why not just how. The sheer momentum of this explosive destruction defies the simplistic explanation puffed up by the government shills, who had to ignore the actual engineering of both towers in order to sell the ludicrous pancake theory as unquestionable fact. This is the reason why the “Credibility Gap” invites conspiracy theory, to fill in the holes purposely left, when the ridiculous official lies fail to explain the most obvious details in plain site. Instead, the government imposed spin is sold by the mass media to the public to confuse the facts with premeditated fictions. Fictions which did not come from the patsies themselves. To achieve the goal no one lie is ever small enough to get the job done… especially, since such little lies, are needed to convince the public that what they see is not what they know to be true. The trick is to exploit those tiny details in scientific double-speak to produce doubt, thereby, allowing false claims of authority to be used as a wide social basis of ridiculing anyone who refuses to believe the BS emanating from the talking-heads, well paid as they are to be dominating the airwaves.

When science itself is reduced to one-sided posturing it becomes just another pitiful tool of propaganda. The big lies need plenty of support and there seems to be no shortage of duplicitous fools selling what little is left of their conscience for another shiny dollar. Money buys silence, just as easily as it buys science and rarely is there any chance of over-turning the big lies once they have become the equivalent of cement between the ears. People who know better are silenced by the shouting down of any opposing idea, or theory, by hordes of mindless meat-puppets who have nothing to lose by cheer-leading the official fictions, and everything to gain, when such wretched behavior is well rewarded. Once those lies start entangling themselves in policies, furthering the cause of the liars in charge, there is no incentive for these double-crossing psychopaths to change anything of the Status quo, much less demand, an actual investigation which is not being run by the crooks themselves, behind the media controlled facades of entrenched political and financial power.

When the grotesque lies have done their job of eliminating any real investigation, the next wave of the propaganda machine goes into action to suppress genuine questions, regarding the event itself, allowing the true culprits to quietly erase the factual foot-prints which might still be discovered. This quality of damage control can only come from the inside players in key positions of influence. Nobody else can touch this state-secret level of intelligence/security, thus, ensuring,  in the compartmentalized process of stopping the flow of free information, any external dissent from the official line is easily squelched, well out of public view. A National/State/security barrier, which will not be crossed lightly where it counts, also supports the CIA inspired Plausible deniability. No matter how many inconsistencies may be present, the rank and file know damn well, there is no tolerance for the wrong kind of information getting into the public medium. This of course is the reason why secrecy serves the wrong principle, thereby, confounding both justice and public confidence in the government itself.  If the public cannot trust what officials tell them in relation to minor events, why do these very same officials then pretend to be so surprised, when after a far more serious event, a significant majority of Americans refuse to believe a word they say?

The purpose of these lies is not to hide the actual truth, but to dispel the very reason(s) for the inquiry itself. Lies are simply used like verbal swords to cut down the opposition until that thin-line of opposition is crossed… where upon the issue itself vanishes back into a cloud of disbelief. The cynical use of “mass disbelief” works well to camouflage the intentional manipulation of the law to hide the deeper, usually raw criminal motives behind the events themselves. Layers of corruption need constant management by the intelligence arms to keep the threats of disclosure so minimized such issues can be ridiculed by the mass media when needed. Hence, the mass-media’s odd obsession with C-theory they actually perpetuate by yet more ridiculous excuses, no sane mind can agree with, or ludicrous examples for smear tactics and amusement.

When the public is lost in a fog of conflicting beliefs they are more susceptible to counter-intelligence operations, especially more so, if the counter-ops are specifically designed to trap people in psychological diversions, which appeal to their natural sense of injustice. Simply put people are fooled by what they do NOT believe, even more so than what they will believe, for personal or moral reasons, so long as the tension imposed by the cognitive dissonance is relieved by that quality of approval necessary to remain in the desired social standing. If john believes the government did 9-11 his co-workers regard him like a leper and his job may be in danger, but if he believes what the office pool believes he remains well within that secure social boundary. If his wife believes something different so long as she poses no threat to his career he will tolerate her differences of opinion, but where that balance becomes intensified to the negative the relationship may suffer to the point of dissolution itself.

Understanding the subtle differences in key areas of beliefs allows purposeful give and take of personal opinions, but not all people react the same way under stress, or cope the same way with day to day tensions. If people are already maxed out on the “I cannot deal with this now” meter, they are far less likely to question the complex factors underlying a major event and will simply go along with the simple pat answers already made socially acceptable. Go along with the crowd… only those bad conspiracy people question the government and nobody likes them around. Who wants to be a social outcast in a time of increasing hardship? Better to be safe than sorry is the motto the mass mind prefers thus, people do indeed find social safety in numbers to be of far greater security than winging it alone.

A recent CNN news report concerning the opening of the 9-11 memorial, also characterized “Architects and Engineers” as a bunch of “Conspiracy Theorists” who of course, according to the media pundits, never know nothing about what they speak… professionally or otherwise:

Emily Bazelon, Senior Editor Slate, was also interviewed to help explain why such “conspiracy theory” has such staying power…. but what she actually says in defending the government story is quite telling… at about the 7:06 mark “If the government made up 9-11…. There is no reason to believe anything any federal official says and certainly no reason to pay your taxes.”  She may be in fact trying to say the truth, but cannot state it explicitly, so she frames the truth as if it was too “monstrous” to believe. This produces an absurdity that the Government is so evil—that it cannot be believed to be evil [cognitive dissonance] so the evil must be ignored, in order to save the government from having to admit it is in fact really damn evil. Here again, one has to be very careful not to make any sweeping generalizations about “WHO” may have been part of the planning, as opposed to those who unwittingly played their roles in the scheme (without any knowledge of how they were used) to add the proper credibility to an otherwise blatant lie. Classified, compartmentalized-secrecy, as a function of the ‘need to know’ hierarchy, severely limits the necessary flow of information to purposely hide the “evil” while simultaneously, stressing the States authority to prevent said acts from being discovered.

To determine, who did in fact know, what was going to happen, thereby proving, the attack was preventable, only requires to ask which key government officials refused to speak while under oath. This tactic of claiming, by reference to authority, why their knowledge of the event has to remain classified as National Secrecy, is an easy out no other suspect can get away with as a defense to defraud the Law. These lawfully expressed “equivocations” add fuel to the fires of speculation, and give rise to the belief that the federal bureaucrats have written themselves out of the law. Adding a big topping of secrecy  just confirms these government outlaws are evading actual justice and are mocking the public.

Another blurb from a year ago let it be known the CIA has a secret museum which the public cannot actually tour in person:

News /Other

Jul 24 2013
‘Secret’ CIA museum features Osama bin Laden’s AK-47
By Richard Engel and Robert Windrem

The “coolest museum you’ll never see” has a new piece de resistance – the gun found next to the body of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan when Navy SEALs killed him in a midnight raid.

The AK-47 is a recent addition to a collection that’s among the toughest tickets in the country for museum goers. Tucked into various hallways at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., the museum displays the gadgets, artifacts and trophies of 70 years of spycraft, from World War II through the War on Terror. The museum is closed to the public and is only visited by employees and invited guests. It is rare for cameras to be allowed in.

Some images from the collection are viewable online via the agency’s website, so while the museum is off-limits to the public most of its contents are not unknown. There is, of course, another secret museum behind the not-so-secret” museum, a “classified collection” kept in a secret warehouse, from which curators will sometimes pull new items to display.”


Now consider for just a moment, as in what IF…. Osama did not plan nor carry out the 9-11 attack… then he was killed by those SEALS under false claims of guilt. To ensure the case against him was in fact based on real evidence, would have it had been so difficult to bring him back to the U.S. to stand trial? Mr. Obama added his two cents here:


The easy answer is not to be confused with Occam’s razor of simplicity… there was nothing simple about 9-11. This crime required at the most basic level specialized super-computers, plus top military and commercial scientific engineers, in dozens of specialized research areas, to accomplish the extreme tasks required for a successful operation. The brain-power needed is also quite expensive… way too expensive for minor league stupid-shits to ever motivate into a criminal exercise, where none of the so-called “terrorists” achieved anything for themselves, much less, their kin-folk, even after adding religious dogma to the mixture of their personal credibility. A credibility the patsies could not attain on their own. People had to be convinced by strong-arm tactics to accept the shrill claims of those “terrorists” did the deed, even as the holes in the “official” story continued to break down under the most minor scrutiny. A genuine investigation would have started with WHY not just who… the official story elevated the criminals well beyond normal capability, without one shred of independent evidence, in support of the ludicrous conclusions, so drawn. These superficial cut-outs were no more brilliant superman than they were pilots.


If the one of these WCT towers were going to fall this picture would have been that moment. What raging fire is seen through the gaping hole? That massive plume of fuel fire{no other source right?} is outside of the building and will soon be gone. How much fuel could have been left, after the explosion, is of course hotly debated. Also debated is the gravity free-fall or “pancake” theory being caused only by the fires:

“Furthermore, it has been “well-established” that the factors that caused the onset of collapse in the South Tower appear defi nitely to not have been the fires. The fi res created from the plane impacts were not that intense just before the collapse initiation for either Tower, and for the South Tower the fires seemed close to being contained and put out by the firemen when suddenly rapidly horizontally-moving masses of material
violently broke through walls of the floors below where the fi res had been burning from the plane hit. As the film documentation shows, the collapse of the South Tower 2 initiated 1-2 stories below the lowest floor where the fires had been burning, with very dynamic (roughly 40 mph) hurtling of white material (broken and pulverized concrete) in the horizontal direction away from the building material with absolutely no fire associated with it.  (NBC films, 2001) This ejection and a subsequent horizontal ejection of rapidly-moving white material at floors just near this formed the white clouds around the lower segment.

As presented by Grabbe (2008a), the force that ripped the South Tower apart at one edge in the collapse was a force an order of magnitude larger in strength than that of the force of gravity (the only force acting in Seff en’s model for the collapse). There is similar evidence that the fi res were not the cause of the North Tower collapse,
such as the energy analysis in Ho man (2003) that calculates the amount of energy expended in the collapse of the North Tower to be about an order of magnitude larger than the energy that is available for gravitation collapse, the sole force in the model of Se ffen. These analyses e ffectively disprove what Se ffen refers to as a “well-established” assumption – that gravitation was the only force involved in the collapses of the Towers.

“There was really no need for phony media coverage. As with The 9/11 Commission Report and the lead-up to the Iraq War, the major media simply parroted any explanations, or non-explanations, given in support of the official story. One example is from a television program called “The Anatomy of September 11th,” which aired on the History Channel. Corley took the lead on this one as well, but James Glanz, a New York Times reporter, was also interviewed and helped to spread what is probably the worst excuse for collapse given. He told us that the fires heated the steel columns so much (the video suggested 2500 F) that they were turned into “licorice.” Other self-proclaimed experts have been heard promoting similar theories.9 They will probably come to regret it.

“This is because the results of physical tests performed by NIST’s own Frank Gayle proved this theory to be a ridiculous exaggeration, as some people already knew. The temperatures seen by the few steel samples saved, only about 500 F, were far too low to soften, let alone melt, even un-fireproofed steel. Of course that result could have been calculated, knowing that 4,000 gallons of jet fuel10 —not 24,000 gallons or 10,000 gallons, as some reports have claimed—were sprayed into an open-air environment over several floors, each comprised of more than 1,000 metric tons of concrete and steel.

“Another expert who served on NIST’s advisory committee was Charles Thornton, of the engineering firm Thornton and Tomasetti. Thornton’s partner, Richard Tomasetti, was reported to be behind the unprecedented and widely criticized decision to destroy most of the steel evidence.11 Early on Thornton said: “Karl, we all know what caused the collapse.” He was talking to Karl Koch, whose company erected the WTC steel. Koch attempted to clarify as follows. “I could see it in my mind’s eye: The fire burned until the steel was weakened and the floors above collapsed, starting a chain reaction of gravity, floor falling upon floor upon floor, clunk – clunk – clunk, the load gaining weight and momentum by the nanosecond, unstoppable. Once enough floors collapsed, the exterior walls and the core columns were no longer laterally supported and folded in.”12 This is a description of what was called the Pancake Theory, the most widely accepted version of what happened.

“The Pancake Theory was promoted by an influential 2002 NOVA video called “Why the Towers Fell,” in which Corley (yet again) and Thornton were the primary commentators. Both of them talked about the floors collapsing, and Thornton described how the perimeter columns buckled outward, not inward as Koch had described. The video made a number of false claims, including exaggeration of the temperatures (2000 F), remarks about melting steel, and the incredible statement that two-thirds of the columns in WTC1 (the North Tower) were completely severed. NIST’s report now indicates that only about 14% of the columns in WTC1 were severed, and in some photos we can count most of these for ourselves.13

NIST and Underwriters Laboratories

“In August 2004, Underwriters Laboratories evaluated the Pancake Theory by testing models of the floor assemblies used in the WTC buildings. Despite all the previous expert testimony, the floor models did not collapse. NIST reported this in its October 2004 update, in a table of results that clearly showed that the floors did not fail and that, therefore, pancaking was not possible.14 NIST more succinctly stated this again in its June 2005 draft report, saying: “The results established that this type of assembly was capable of sustaining a large gravity load, without collapsing, for a substantial period of time relative to the duration of the fires in any given location on September 11th.”15

When the so-called experts are soundly refuted by the NIST tests— does this make them conspiracy theorists?  Of course the absurdity becomes that the government experts had to lie in order to protect the truth. Otherwise, every individual who promoted such a lie, was in fact, involved in a monstrous conspiracy to cover-up and blame false agents for the 9-11 attack. To accomplish this task required, yet more conspiracy theory to hide the real Perp.’s tracks, as active participants in a far worse crime. That would be covering up the criminal, murderous activities of those who operate in the darkness, so provided, by the dirty under-belly of America. A foul place where the worst elements of society operate under the mantle of national Secrecy to perpetuate these “criminal franchises” which destroy those very freedoms these lying, duplicitous slime-ball politicians claim they are protecting the public therefrom. What a Racket… a racket which has stolen so much wealth (not only from the tax-paying people of this Nation, but every other country under the domination of those fiat-debt central banks as well) that poverty has become the new norm under their rotten abuses of leadership.

When it comes to credibility, that gap has never been wider or more dangerous to cross. The truth is out there all right, but the price to speak that truth has never been higher, as every person who has died as a result of the 9-11 attacks surely attests. The death count tells another story, but those media hypocrites still selling the big 9-11 lies are under no pressure to get their facts straight, much less, report why they bought outright such lies in the first place. Why did they champion such absurd, bold-faced lies unless they had something to gain?  Funny how a real motive is always circling around that big, pile of cash. Whomever received the biggest pile of money is the culprit at the center of the crime itself. When crime and money wear the same suit— the law is just a piece of paper to wipe ones ass. The lawless ambitions of evil men have ruined every principle upon which their corruptions come to rest. They have to call other men conspiracy theorists just to save themselves from hanging at the end of rope.  And that day needs to be sooner than later.

Update— A well done interview which deserves a much wider audience:










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