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Long before the current occupant of the “White House” set into motion, yet another wave of destructive bureaucratic malfeasance, to add even more injury to insult, the entrenched corruption of the previous administrations had already kicked America in the balls, figuratively speaking so many times, it is no wonder that people today still can’t think straight. The presidency of the elder Bush was an unmitigated disaster, which technically set this country up politically for yet more presidential failures, by lowering the bar [mediocrity] to such a degree, any fool, other than another Bush, has looked better by comparison.This downward trend now epitomizes the current administration.

To understand the geopolitical mess we are in today requires a more serious look at the dirty underbelly of the American leadership/political system for what it really is and not what the talking heads pretend, they believe it to be, therefore,  so should everyone else who expects to be taken seriously on their so very special mass-media turf.

By such terms on their “media turf” really means: nobody else gets a real platform to express their political perspectives, free from the “treatment” which becomes rather obvious, especially as the many well styled, political chickens avoid the “danger zone” where are all those “conspiracy nuts” naturally congregate. Thanks to decades of this kind of enforced false superiority, which assumes the media perspective is always right about where that political fence is determined, anyone who challenges such predetermination’s can be ridiculed, slandered or just never allowed a single second on those pricey national airwaves. Those they prefer to showcase, as amusement, usually are the least capable of actually articulating the essential ideas so required for intelligent discourse, or expressing the rational foundations necessary for proving whatever claim is being made, or at least discussed. This tactic works perfectly with any UFO subject due to the inability to ever acquire any “objective proof” that can meet the impossible  extraordinary “Proof criteria” to therefore, satisfy the demand, of the usual obnoxious critic trotted out like some kind of academic gangster, ready to kill yet another one of those “believers” for merely stating their own opinions however subjective they may be.

This quality of corporate “Mindspeak” manipulation also works quite well to protect the bumbling bureaucrats from being pummeled by anyone outside of the accepted “Zones” of “Engagement” where only those specific “Press-pass” people get any access to the “movers and shakers” who are of course, way to busy to answer to any of those lessor mortals, with whom they have little or no social equality.   This is the odious secret of most political arrangements— If you are not born to Rank and Privilege, you have nothing to say— they want to hear— period. The “little people” are tolerated only to a certain level of proper adulation to the big-shots. That is, if you are not one of those “people” slobbering on some politicians shoes, chances are you will never get within a mile of them for any reason period. The security apparatus they have built specifically protects them at all times from ever having to answer to anyone not in their immediate circle by choice, or necessity depending on the ulterior motives in action.

In the deep background across this protected Class are an entrenched layer of “important” people acting in concert, but utilizing a method of influential sophistication’s far too complex in specific detail to be described in mere generalizations. What can be said, is that, the higher up in the social circles one might attain through various special clubs, secret organizations etc. the more exclusive these relationships become by necessity to whom they serve. If an outsider attempts to rub some elbows with the “high and mighty” well, maybe they might get lucky with an amusing quip, or simply get tossed to the street corner with a polite but firm warning. Some clubs are clearly far more dangerous for outsiders to crash than others. The Skull and Bones club, is one such example, of these organizations which operate on deep secrets.

“George Bush Sr: The Unauthorized Biography — By Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin provides a penetrating look into the historical background of those whom he keeps as company:

Observers of Skull and Bones, apologists and critics alike, have accepted various deceptive notions about the order. There are two outstanding, among these falsehoods:

1) that it is essentially an American group, an assembly of wealthy, elite “patriots”; it is in fact, an agency for British Empire penetration and subversion of the American republic; and

2) that it is somehow the unique center of conspiratorial control over the United States. This misconception is certainly understandable, given the rather astonishing number of powerful, historically important and grotesquely anti-human individuals, who have come out of Skull and Bones. But there are in fact congruent organizations at other Ivy League colleges, which reflect, as does Skull and Bones, the over-arching oligarchical power of several heavily intermarried financier families.

The mistaken, speculative notions may be corrected by examining the history of Skull and Bones, viewed within the reality of the American Eastern Establishment.

Skull and Bones–the Russell Trust Association–was first established among the class graduating from Yale in 1833. Its founder was William Huntington Russell of Middletown, Connecticut. The Russell family was the master of incalculable wealth derived from the largest U.S. criminal organization of the nineteenth century: Russell and Company, the great opium syndicate.

But the Russells were protected as part of the multiple-intermarried grouping of families then ruling Connecticut (see accompanying chart). The blood-proud members of the Russell, Pierpont, Edwards, Burr, Griswold, Day, Alsop and Hubbard families were prominent in the pro-British party within the state. Many of their sons would be among the members chosen for the Skull and Bones Society over the years.

The background to Skull and Bones is a story of Opium and Empire, and a bitter struggle for political control over the new U.S. republic.

Samuel Russell, second cousin to Bones founder William H., established Russell and Company in 1823. Its business was to acquire opium from Turkey and smuggle it into China, where it was strictly prohibited, under the armed protection of the British Empire.

By the 1830s, the Russells had bought out the Perkins syndicate and made Connecticut the primary center of the U.S. opium racket. Massachusetts families (Coolidge, Sturgis, Forbes and Delano) joined Connecticut (Alsop) and New York (Low) smuggler-millionaires under the Russell auspices.

[1812– American John Cushing, under the employ of his uncles’ business, James and Thomas H. Perkins Company of Boston, acquires his wealth from smuggling Turkish opium to Canton.

-1816– John Jacob Astor of New York City joins the opium smuggling trade. His American Fur Company purchases ten tons of Turkish opium then ships the contraband item to Canton on the Macedonian. Astor would later leave the China opium trade and sell solely to England.

-1840– New Englanders bring 24,000 pounds of opium into the United States. This catches the attention of U.S. Customs which promptly puts a duty fee on the import.]

The incestuously intermarried Massachusetts and Connecticut families associated themselves with the British East India Company in the criminal opium traffic into China. These families made increased profits as partners and surrogates for the British during the bloody 1839-42 Opium War, the race war of British forces against Chinese defenders.

[Lin Tse-Hsu, imperial Chinese commissioner in charge of suppressing the opium traffic, orders all foreign traders to surrender their opium. In response, the British send expeditionary warships to the coast of China, beginning The First Opium War. The Chinese are defeated by the British in the First Opium War. Along with paying a large indemnity, Hong Kong is ceded to the British. ]

A police-blotter type review of Russell’s organization will show why the secret order, though powerful, was not the unique organ of “conspiracy” for the U.S. Eastern Establishment. The following gentlemen were among Russells’ partners:

  • Augustine Heard (1785-1868): ship captain and pioneer U.S. opium smuggler.
  • John Cleve Green (1800-75): married to Sarah Griswold; gave a fortune in opium profits to Princeton University, financing three Princeton buildings and four professorships; trustee of the Princeton Theological Seminary for 25 years.
  • Abiel Abbott Low (1811-93): his opium fortune financed the construction of the Columbia University New York City campus; father of Columbia’s president Seth Low.
  • John Murray Forbes (1813-98): his opium millions financed the career of author Ralph Waldo Emerson, who married Forbes’s daughter, and bankrolled the establishment of the Bell Telephone Company, whose first president was Forbes’s son.
  • Joseph Coolidge: his Augustine Heard agency got $10 million yearly as surrogates for the Scottish dope-runners Jardine Matheson during the fighting in China; his son organized the United Fruit Company; his grandson, Archibald Cary Coolidge, was the founding executive officer of the Anglo-Americans’ Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Warren Delano, Jr.: chief of Russell and Co. in Canton; grandfather of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • Russell Sturgis: his grandson by the same name was chairman of the Baring Bank in England, financiers of the Far East opium trade.

{—“Apart from the Astor group in New York City, the East India Company developed similar networks in Philadelphia and Boston, among other American cities. The leading British merchant bank Baring Brothers, which remodeled the old East India Company as an instrument for the opium traffic after William Pitt’s installation as British Prime Minister in 1783, acquired a group of business partners (and brothers-in-law) in Quaker Philadelphia.

The family the Barings married into was William Bingham’s, reportedly the richest in the United States at the turn of the nineteenth century. Barings were prominent throughout the first years of the China traffic, founded the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in 1864, and retained their family seat on its directing “London Committee” as of the HongShang’s 1977 annual report.

One historian describes how closely the Bingham group aped the British oligarchy:

Bingham was a most enthusiastic admirer of the British financial system which he desired to see copied in America. . . . Immense wealth enabled the Binghams to import fashions, and copy the Duke of Manchester’s residence in Philadelphia. . . they gave the first masquerade ball in the city, encouraging what soon became a mania among the American rich — a passion for dressing up as aristocrats.

The Binghams finally achieved their ambitions by uniting two daughters to foreign aristocrats: one to Count de Tilly, and the other to a member of the London banking house of the Barings, who later became Lord Ashburton. (42)

Another Philadelphia family that united itself with Baring Brothers was that of millionaire Stephen Girard, (43) whose interests survived under the family name, in Philadelphia’s multibillion dollar Girard Bank and Trust.

Several of the old “Boston Brahmin” families, however, made it into the mainstream of the 19th century opium traffic, alongside the well-remembered British names of Jardine, Matheson, Sassoon, Japhet, and Dent. The Perkins and Forbes families achieved notoriety in the traffic after the East India Company’s monopoly expired in 1832, and after the Astors had ceased to be an important factor. William Hathaway Forbes became so prominent an associate of the British trading companies that he joined the board of directors of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in 1866, two years after its founding.

Hathaways, Perkins, and Forbes operated through a joint outlet, Russell and Company, formed around the Perkins family shipping empire, a “business reaching from Rio to Canton.” (44) The fortunes of these families, as with the Philadelphia group, began with the slave trade — handed to them when the British dropped the slave trade as unprofitable in 1833. The China clippers of Russell and Company made not only Perkins’s fortune, but most of the city of Boston’s.


A biographer reports,

“By merging and creating. Russell and Company, he was responsible to a large degree in the establishing of all of Boston’s merchant families — Cabots, Lodges, Forbes, Cunninghams, Appletons, Bacons, Russells, Coolidges, Parkmans, Shaws, Codmans, Boystons and Runnewells.” (45)

Baring Brothers, the premier merchant bank of the opium traffic from 1783 to the present day, also maintained close contact with the Boston families. John Murray Forbes (1813-98) was U.S. agent for Barings, a post occupied earlier by Philadelphia’s Stephen Girard; he was the father of the first American on the HongShang board.

The group’s leading banker became, at the close of the nineteenth century, the House of Morgan — which also took its cut in the Eastern opium traffic. Thomas Nelson Perkins, a descendant of the opium-and-slaves shipping magnate who founded Russell and Company, became the Morgan Bank’s chief Boston agent, through Perkins’s First National Bank of Boston. Morgan and Perkins, among other things, provided the major endowments for Harvard University. (46) Morgan’s Far Eastern operations were the officially conducted British opium traffic.

Exemplary is the case of Morgan partner Willard Straight, who spent the years 1901-12 in China as assistant to the notorious Sir Robert Hart, chief of the Imperial Chinese Customs Service, and hence the leading British official in charge of conducting opium traffic. Afterwards he became head of Morgan bank’s Far Eastern operations. (47)} —-http://www.whale.to/b/dopeinc.html

During this critical period of time 1850 to 1945 America was being plundered, drugged and gagged by a swarm of duplicitous self-serving tyrants who were being lauded by their press mouthpieces, even as they controlled the dirty underbelly of the nation. A Tyranny of Evil men whose staggering wealth allowed them to dominate the political and economic landscape with near impunity, who also purposely sabotaged the natural functions of a “Public Democracy” which really meant destroying the Constitutional limits of power in order to subvert the representational Republic, which stood in the way of the British empire. While ordinary Americans struggled with one devastating banking crises after another, the criminal syndicates operating under the Noble titles so afforded to them, were able to substantially diminish any opposition to their plans by aggressive tactics aimed at ensuring only their world view was going to be taught in schools and universities while under the banner of proper social conditioning. If you wanted a piece of that “American Pie” the Eastern Establishment was the Baker-in-chief whose offerings definitely came with a hefty, hidden price.

The money king-pins knew the real score and made certain so did anyone else who might want to deal in their stock and trade.

–“Such persons as John C. Green and A.A. Low, whose names adorn various buildings at Princeton and Columbia Universities, made little attempt to hide the criminal origin of their influential money. Similarly with the Cabots, the Higginsons and the Welds for Harvard. The secret groups at other colleges are analogous and closely related to Yale’s Skull and Bones.

Young South Carolinian Joseph Heatly Dulles, whose family bought their slaves with the money from contract-security work for the British conquerors in India, was in a previous secret Yale group, the “Society of Brothers in Unity.” At Yale Dulles worked with the Northern secessionists and attached himself to Daniel Lord; their two families clove together in the fashion of a gang. The Lords became powerful Anglo-American Wall Street lawyers, and J.H. Dulles’s grandson was the father of *Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles.

*[President Johnson, the calculating political manipulator, had twisted the arm of Chief Justice Warren, persuading him to head a special commission to investigate the assassination. Norman Redlich, with whom Carey had been allied in civil-rights causes, was one of the senior counsels, as was Joseph A. Ball, whom Carey had known in California from law school days and for whom he had a great deal of respect.

“With Earl Warren heading the commission, this is going to be a thorough investigation,” Carey told me. “Nothing is going to be covered up. Let’s just wait until the commission has time to make its investigation and file its report.”

I was still more skeptical and more impatient. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was using every stratagem at his disposal to determine what the verdict of the commission would be. In a memorandum to Carey on December 3, 1963, 1 spelled out my doubts about the kind of report that would be produced. I was especially disenchanted with the composition of the commission, all solid Establishment types who could be almost guaranteed to uphold the Establishment view. Gerald Ford had long been noted in Washington as a strong FBI partisan; and as for Allen Dulles, I wrote: “Naming Allen Dulles to the commission was about as suspect a thing as could be done.” (Long after the commission’s work was finished, it would be disclosed that Dulles sat there silently, not letting any of his fellow commissioners know that his CIA had already entered into partnership with the Mafia in plots intended to kill Fidel Castro, certainly a vital bit of information.)[The ‘Bonesman’ do not spell out to non-members their dirty, little secrets, as this case so damningly proves.]

As for Hoover, referring to articles that had appeared in the press, I wrote that “the old authoritative leak system at which the FBI is especially adept was used. Day after day we were treated to stories that contained only a smidgen of new information in their leads — stories that went on to point out that the FBI report, whose details nobody was permitted to know, concluded definitely and positively that Oswald was the killer; that he acted alone; that there was no conspiracy. By the time the public is permitted to get a peep at the FBI details that justify this conclusion, the conclusion will have been so drummed into us, so thoroughly accepted, that it will be a bold man indeed — and where the hell does one find them today — who questions the details.

This turned out to be an uncannily accurate forecast, for once the Warren Commission got organized it found its case — a case it was expected to accept — had already been made by the FBI. Some members of the staff resented the way in which they had been boxed in. But Carey’s faith in Earl Warren and the commission was unshakable. I could not move him. And since I had contracts for two major books that had to be finished not too many months down the road, I had to shelve my concern with the Kennedy assassination and get on with my work.

I have never seen an official report greeted with such universal praise as that accorded the Warren Commission’s findings when they were made public on September 24, 1964. All the major television networks devoted special programs and analyses to the report; the next day the newspapers ran long columns detailing its findings, accompanied by special news analyses and editorials. The verdict was unanimous. The report answered all questions, left no room for doubt. Lee Harvey Oswald, alone and unaided, had assassinated the President of the United States.” — http://mdatoz.com/cook/

Were it not for Allen Dulles, sitting there silently, the Warren Report might have actually solved the real crime. The connections between the fraternity of the Bones is deeply entangled in many operations at the highest levels, that is where the big money flows. This quality of entrenchment goes all the way back to the very individuals who helped transform the West into a bankers private monopoly under the guise of “environmental protections” or wildlife preservation’s. The same key players are as always just a brandy apart on these big deals.

–“In 1832-33 Skull and Bones was launched under the Russell pirate flag.

Irving Fisher (S&B 1888) became the racialist high priest of the economics faculty (Yale professor 1896-1946), and a famous merchant of British Empire propaganda for free trade and reduction of the non-white population. Fisher was founding president of the American Eugenics Society under the financial largesse of Averell Harriman’s mother.

Gifford Pinchot (S&B 1889) invented the aristocrats’ “conservation” movement. He was President Theodore Roosevelt’s chief forester, substituting federal land-control in place of Abraham Lincoln’s free-land-to-families farm creation program. Pinchot’s British Empire activitism included the Psychical Research Society and his vice-presidency of the first International Eugenics Congress in 1912.

Helping Pinchot initiate this century’s racialist environmentalism were his cohorts George W. Woodruff (S&B 1889), Teddy Roosevelt’s Assistant Attorney General and Acting Interior Secretary; and Henry Solon Graves (S&B 1892), chief U.S. forester 1910-20. Frederick E. Weyerhauser (S&B 1896), owner of vast tracts of American forest, was a follower of Pinchot’s movement, while the Weyerhauser family were active collaborators of British-South African super-racist Cecil Rhodes. This family’s friendship with President George Bush is a vital factor in the present environmentalist movement.

With Henry L. Stimson (S&B 1888) we come to the Eastern Liberal Establishment which has ruled America during the twentieth century. Stimson was President Taft’s Secretary of War (1911-13), and President Herbert Hoover’s Secretary of State (1929-33). As Secretary of War (1940-45), this time under President Harry Truman, Stimson pressed Truman to drop the atomic bomb on the Japanese.

The present century owes much of its record of horrors to the influential Anglophile American families which came to dominate and employ the Skull and Bones Society as a political recruiting agency, particularly the Harrimans, Whitneys, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and their lawyers, the Lords, Tafts and Bundys.

The politically aggressive Guaranty Trust Company, run almost entirely by Skull and Bones initiates, was a financial vehicle of these families in the early 1900s. Guaranty Trust’s support for the Bolshevik and Nazi revolutions overlapped the more intense endeavors in these fields by the Harrimans, George Walker and Prescott Bush a few blocks away, and in Berlin.


  • Harvey Hollister Bundy (S&B 1909) was Henry L. Stimson’s Assistant Secretary of State (1931-33); then he was Stimson’s Special Assistant Secretary of War, alongside Assistant Secretary Robert Lovett of Skull and Bones and Brown Brothers Harriman.


Harvey’s son William P. Bundy (S&B 1939) was a CIA officer from 1951 to 1961; as a 1960s defense official, he pushed the Harriman-Dulles scheme for a Vietnam war. Harvey’s other son, McGeorge Bundy (S&B 1940), co-authored Stimson’s memoirs in 1948. As President John Kennedy’s Director of National Security, McGeorge Bundy organized the whitewash of the Kennedy assassination, and immediately switched the U.S. policy away from the Kennedy pullout and back toward war in Vietnam. [National Security Files McGeorge Bundy]

It was in these postwar years that George Bush attended Yale University, and was inducted into the Skull and Bones society. The Bush family’s home at that time was in Greenwich, Connecticut. But it was just then that George’s parents, Prescott and Dorothy Walker Bush, were wintering in a peculiar spot in Florida, a place that is excluded from mention in literature originating from Bush circles.

Certain national news accounts early in 1991 featured the observations on President Bush’s childhood by his elderly mother Dorothy. She was said to be a resident of Hobe Sound, Florida. More precisely, the President’s mother lived in a hyper-security arrangement created a half-century earlier by Averell Harriman, adjacent to Hobe Sound. Its correct name is Jupiter Island.

—–“It was in 1981, Tatum states that “President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive Number 3 (NSDD-3), which authorised the vice president to chair the Special Situation Group (SSG). The Special Situation Group was a division under the national Security Council (NSC). One entity formed to support the SSG was the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TIWG). TIWG was formed in April 1982, by authority of President Reagan in NSDD-30.  This group consisted of representatives of the following: Director of Central Intelligence, Department of Defence, FBI, NSC staff and others as required.[iii]

 Tatum continues, “The purpose of TIWG is to provide SSG with direct operational support. TIWG then recommended to the President that a Terrorism Task Froce be formed and chaired by the head of SSG (the vice president).  Reagan approved NSDD-138 in April 1984, which extended TIWG’s arm and ability to form sub-groups.  As a result of NSDD-138 was the formation of the Operation Sub-Group. The subgroup was a select NSC-DOD-CIA-FBI-Foreign Intelligence Agency which operated so as to by-pass the regular operations of intelligence/military/law enforcement agencies. OSG was formed in February 1986.”

 Having revealed the framework of the authorising Presidential Directives necessary for the conduct of these covert operations, Tatum then details the nitty-gritty of the OSG.  “I was an operative for OSG from April, 1986 through January, 1992. When I was operating under the authority of the OSG I would report directly to the OSG, not to the CIA or DIA. This ‘secret government’ apparatus, built by Bush from 1981 to 1986, was able to draw upon assets from the CIA, the DOD Special Operations Units, and the private sector. Using the private sector clause, Don Gregg, VP Bush’s National Security Advisor, included a representative from British Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence. To date I have called this group Pegasus in an attempt not to divulge it’s true identity until I was on safe ground. Although most of the missions performed by OSG-2 are classified, the existence of the organisation is now declassified.”

 According to Tatum, a deal was arranged in the early mid-eighties between VP George Bush, Panama’s Manuel Noriega and the Iranian leadership. A sum of US$8 billion deposited in the Banco Nacional de Panama on behalf of Colombian Cocaine king, Pablo Escobar was “lent” to George Bush. Of this, US$4 billion was shipped by plane to Iran where it was exchanged at a ratio of one good bill for two counterfeit bills. On the return trip, the aircraft, an 707 cargo container carried two shrink-wrapped pallets containing US$4 billion each.  The 707 arrived at Howard/Albrook Air Force base in Panama where the pallets were off-loaded under armed guard of the Panamanian military. The counterfeit notes were re-deposited back into Escobar’s account at the Panama central bank. Under no circumstances could the counterfeit bills be permitted to leave the bank vault – for fear of devaluing the US currency with forged notes – and active steps would later be taken to ensure this.

The other half of Escobar’s “good” money was placed into the hands of Nana DeBusia, the grandson of Guyana’s first democratic leader.  DeBusia was chosen by the CIA’s William Casey to launder the massive sum into numerous bank accounts under the joint signature of VP George Bush and Director Casey.  The next leg of the operation was to retrieve the $4 billion exchanged with the Iranians for the Superbills. This was facilitated by the supply of military equipment – arms, ammunition and replacement parts for weapon systems. This part of the deal was arranged by Col Oliver North on behalf of the CIA’s William Casey.              

 The result of these complex manoeuvres were twofold. On the one hand the CIA acquired $4 billion – via the arms sales – for use in future black operations without the need to rely on Congressional oversight or authority. If later caught, Tatum says “… the CIA can report the source of funds as being from an arms transaction with Iran.”  Part of these funds were then used to support the Contra’s, whilst the rest disappeared down the ultra-black hole of the Company’s covert finances. Meanwhile, Nana DeBusia had begun laundering the remaining $4 billion through various banks, including the Vatican bank.[ix] For his trouble, DeBusia was entitled to take a commission amounting to $200 million. The remaining $3.8 billion was then secreted in private numbered accounts around the globe controlled by George Bush and William Casey. —- http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/the_pegasus_file-part2.htm


Jupiter Island is a town on the barrier island of Jupiter Island in Martin County, Florida, United States. It has no post office and all mail comes from Hobe Sound on the mainland. The population was 817 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Port St. Lucie Metropolitan Statistical Area. Some of the wealthiest people in the United States live on Jupiter Island; it has the second highest per capita income of any inhabited place in the country.

–“During his political career, George Bush has claimed many different “ home ” states, including Texas, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It has not been expedient for him to claim Florida, though that state has a vital link to his role in the world, as we shall see. And George Bush’s home base in Florida, throughout his adult life, has been Jupiter Island.

The unique, bizarre setup on Jupiter Island began in 1931, following the merger of W.A. Harriman & Co. with the British-American firm Brown Brothers.

From 1948 to 1950, Prescott Bush’s boss Averell Harriman was U.S. “ ambassador-at-large ” to Europe. He was a non-military “ theater commander, ” the administrator of the multi-billion-dollar Marshall Plan, participating in all military/strategic decision-making by the Anglo-American alliance.

The U.S. Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, had become a problem to the Harrimanites. Forrestal had long been an executive at Dillon Read on Wall Street. But in recent years he had gone astray. As Secretary of the Navy in 1944, Forrestal proposed the racial integration of the Navy. As Defense Secretary he pressed for integration in the armed forces and this eventually became the U.S. policy.

Forrestal opposed the utopians’ strategy of appeasement coupled with brinkmanship. He was simply opposed to communism. On March 28, 1949, Forrestal was forced out of office and flown on an Air Force plane to Florida. He was taken to “ Hobe Sound ” (Jupiter Island), where Robert Lovett and an army psychiatrist dealt with him.@s8

He was flown back to Washington, locked in Walter Reed Army Hospital and given insulin shock treatments for alleged “ mental exhaustion. ” He was denied all visitors except his estranged wife and children–his son had been Averell Harriman’s aide in Moscow. On May 22, James Forrestal’s body was found, his bathrobe cord tied tightly around his neck, after he had plunged from a sixteenth-story hospital window. The chief psychiatrist called the death a suicide even before any investigation was started. The results of the Army’s inquest were kept secret. Forrestal’s diaries were published, 80 percent deleted, after a year of direct government censorship and rewriting.

Lovett, Marshall, Harriman and Acheson went to work to unhorse Gen. Douglas MacArthur, commander of U.S. forces in Asia. MacArthur kept Wall Street’s intelligence agencies away from his command, and favored real independence for the non-white nations. Lovett called for MacArthur’s firing on March 23, 1951, citing MacArthur’s insistence on defeating the Communist Chinese invaders in Korea. MacArthur’s famous message, that there was “ no substitute for victory, ” was read in Congress on April 5; MacArthur was fired on April 10, 1951.

That September, Robert Lovett replaced Marshall as Secretary of Defense. Meanwhile, Harriman was named director of the Mutual Security Agency, making him the U.S. chief of the Anglo-American military alliance. By now, Brown Brothers Harriman was everything but Commander-in-Chief.

These were, of course exciting times for the Bush family, whose wagon was hitched to the financial gods of Olympus–to Jupiter, that is.” —- The Tomb -7

Only employing one arm, of a world-wide syndicate operating under the British Crown, was not a good idea from the strategic viewpoint; that such an operation might stand out to such a degree, that it might be swept out, if so discovered. Having a multiple set of fronts, however, provides the necessary social camouflage to ensure different factions can maintain control of specific areas, while another faction does another job, with no obvious connections between the factions, to inform the public at large they are indeed getting the treatment. Naturally, those whom have careers which are deep inside the tangled webs, so woven, are quite capable if they choose to be, of determining where the real players are holding court and carrying out the business.

—–“Mounting the drug invasion

The United States’ fourteen-year experiment in Prohibition accomplished precisely what its British framers had intended. Ralph Salerno, an internationally recognized authority and historian on organized crime, a law enforcement consultant and former member of the New York City Police Department’s intelligence division, succinctly summarized the effect of Britain’s Prohibition gameplan in his book, The Crime Confederation:

The most crucial event in the history of the confederation (organized crime — ed.) was a legal assist called Prohibition. . . . Prohibition helped foster organized crime in several ways. It was the first source of real big money. Until that time, prostitution, gambling, extortion and other activities had not generated much capital even on their largest scale. But illegal liquor was a multibillion dollar industry. It furnished the money that the organization later used to expand into other illegal activities and to penetrate legitimate business.

Prohibition also opened the way to corruption of politicians and policemen on a large scale. It began the syndicate connection with politics and it demoralized some law enforcement groups to the point where they have never really recovered. . . . The manufacture and distribution of illegal liquor here and the importation of foreign-made liquor gave the men who were organizing crime experience in the administration and control of multibillion dollar world businesses with thousands of employees and long payrolls.

Men who had never before managed anything bigger than a family farm or a local gang got on-the-job training that turned them into leaders developing executive qualities. . . . Mass evasion of the Volstead Act also put the average citizen in touch with criminals, resulting in tolerance and eventually admiration and even romantic approval of them. It permanently undermined respect for the law and for the people enforcing it. Ever since Prohibition the man in the street has accepted the idea that cops can be bought. (10)

The combined revenues of the illicit whiskey and drug trade during Prohibition had constituted a multibillion dollar black market booty. While families like the Kennedys and Bronfmans “made out like bandits” in the early 1930s transition to “legitimate” liquor trade, the overall financial structure for maintaining an organized crime infrastructure demanded diversification into other areas of black market activity only marginally developed previously. The market for illicit drugs in the United States — though significantly expanded as the result of the Prohibition experience — was not to become the foundation of a multibillion dollar traffic for several decades.”

[Too handle all the money being made, or to supply the needed funds for the contracts, at every level of the operations, meant the international banking institutions, so employed, had to have deep connections to both the gold and diamond trading syndicates, as well as, the prime markets of Trade dollars. All of the largest banks and the Agents of them are quite cozy with one-another and with those on the other side of the arrangements, as all of them are established in one way or another under or with the British oligarchy.]

–“South Africa’s largest producer, De Beers, was the 1888 creation of Rothschild legman Cecil Rhodes; in 1929, the company underwent reorganization by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, of the Anglo-American family. De Beers controls the Central Selling Organization (CSO), which handles 85 percent of international diamond trade.

At ten “sights” each year, 300 clients purchase stones from the CSO. The list of these select clients is secret. Following their purchase by the secret list of clients, the diamonds are sent to cutting centers for further preparation. The two dominant cutting centers are Antwerp and Ashqelon, in Israel. Antwerp’s diamond cutting and related trade is financed by the Banque Bruxelles-Lambert, controlled by the Lambert family, the Belgian cousins of the Rothschilds. Israel’s (and also New York’s) diamond business is financed by Bank Leumi. (8)

Within the individual centers, dealers trade among themselves on such exchanges as the New York Diamond Dealers Club, the Ramat Gan in Tel Aviv, and the Antwerp Diamond Bourse. No written records are kept of any transactions on these exchanges; the agreements are sealed with a handshake. No aspects of this trade are available for scrutiny by law enforcement agencies, even under American law, before the diamonds reach the jewelry store level.

Hong Kong’s own substantial wholesale diamond market is the virtual monopoly of the Union Bank of Israel; this bank is wholly owned by Israel’s largest finance house, Bank Leumi. Bank Leumi, in turn, is under the control of Barclays Bank, on whose board sits Harry Oppenheimer and the Oppenheimer family itself. Bank Leumi’s own chairman is Ernst Israel Japhet, of the Charterhouse Japhet family whose fortune derived from the official British opium trade during the nineteenth century!

Ten times a year, representatives from the Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv’s diamond exchange, go with Union Bank financing to the De Beers Central Selling Organization “sights” in London, and purchase one-third of the world diamond output.

Like the Peking-British-controlled Ch’ao Chou Chinese networks in the Far East, Britain’s Zionist financiers are a cult unto themselves, with their own family networks, cults, and language. New York’s diamond market consists, at the lower levels, mainly of members of the extremist Hasidic sects resident in the area. This exotic feature of the diamond traffic achieved public notoriety after several unexplained thefts and murders occurred in the diamond trade during 1977.

Although there is an apparent division of labor between the Hofjuden precious metals and precious stones channels of the world dirty money operation, the various firms involved are so closely intermarried, interlocked, and inter-owned with the major dirty money banks, that the working of the dirty money apparatus is totally integrated.

A case in point is Canada, the dumping ground for all aspects of Dope, Incorporated that feed into the United States. The Bank of Nova Scotia, for example, is both the major gold dealer (and banker for the second largest gold dealer, Noranda Mines), and the major dirty money operator in the Caribbean.

The Nova Scotia is notorious for bribing its way into new branch offices in the Caribbean, violating local currency laws, running flight capital against currency restrictions, “investing” in local businesses known to be intelligence fronts, and so forth. Nova Scotia’s branch network in the Caribbean is the largest of any bank in the world, save Barclays which has a similar pedigree. Gold is a specially useful medium for the special case of the Caribbean, where official restrictions make some bank transfers difficult. Conveniently, Nova Scotia leads the Toronto gold market.

The other leading gold market operator in Toronto is Noranda Mines: its chairman Powis is a member of the board of directors of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Powis is also a member of the board of Sun Life Assurance, the Rothschilds’ insurance company. http://www.whale.to/b/dopeinc.html#From_Opium_to_Dirty_Money__

The murder of a sitting president was a bold in-your-face middle-finger that the powers in charge were not going to tolerate a U.S. president, no matter how popular he may have been, to interfere with the plans these insiders were already long on by way of covert operations. The apparatus was already in place and had been for a very long time. Executing, the president live on national television, and then to blame the attack on a patsy was not a new idea either, but it was the one method, which allowed the “control” of the resulting “investigation” to be squarely in the hands of those who hated Kennedy, with a passion, and not look bad, when they resoundingly found Oswald guilty as tried without a trial. This method of bypassing a legitimate investigation has been used most recently in the Sandy Hook travesty proving these guys do not change the playbook they just keep on stonewalling the public as always.

—–“Griffin did his best to defend the report. He ridiculed my conclusion that a shot, or shots, had come from the grassy knoll overlooking Dealey Plaza at the right front of the motorcade. There was some exceptionally hard evidence, as well as the wounding of a spectator by a bullet splinter, to indicate shots had come from this direction. Griffin insisted that the first shot that hit the President had followed the downward trajectory necessary to wound Governor Connally. I told him what an expert pathologist had told me, and he conceded that if the one-shot, multiple-wound theory was invalid, the commission’s whole lone-assassin case had to fall by the wayside.

Interestingly, it seemed to me, he admitted that there might have been too much haste in closing out the conspiracy angle. Warren had been impatient, he said; the commission was being pressured to get out a fast report; proof of conspiracy wasn’t easy; and if anything had been overlooked, Griffin thought it was due to this impatience.

We discussed the very real possibility that Oswald had been an FBI informer. A Dallas deputy sheriff had told a reporter that he knew this was so; the Warren Commission had been thrown into a flap by what Warren called “this very disturbing” rumor — but the whole matter had been dropped on J. Edgar Hoover’s word that Oswald hadn’t been on the FBI payroll. Harv Morgan asked Griffin the direct question: Did he think Oswald was connected with the FBI? Griffin replied that he thought no one was ever going to know. I asked him if this wasn’t a pretty horrible admission: here we had a very popular president assassinated — and we weren’t going to be permitted to know about such an important link if it existed? “I am just stating a fact of life,” Griffin said. He added that he was certain that if anyone from any of our great federal agencies had been involved, the record would have been covered up so thoroughly that no one could ever find out.

After the radio program was over, Griffin asked to speak to me personally. “I admire what you people are trying to do,” he told me, “but I have to tell you that you’re not going to get anywhere.” He thought, he said, that the critics were performing “a public service” because he hoped that if anything like this happened again — and he prayed it wouldn’t — “it certainly never ought to be investigated in this way.”

Harv Morgan was as surprised as I was. “Fred, did you hear that?” he exclaimed after Griffin had gone. “My God, did you hear that!” —-[It was just some kind of intuition. I did not know at the time, none of us did, that the CIA was financing and sponsoring the publication of somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 books that were being brought out in the United States as if they were the products of independent scholarship. This activity — totally illegal since the CIA had been specifically barred in its charter from domestic activities — did not become public knowledge until the mid-1970s investigations of our intelligence agencies. Even then, the CIA refused to identify any of the writers, books, or publishers it had helped finance; and efforts since that time to obtain such vital information under Freedom of Information actions have been barred in the courts. The result is that we do not know to this day the full extent and insidiousness of the CIA’s brainwashing endeavors. http://mdatoz.com/cook/

When people wonder how it is that a “conspiracy” can be kept secret with so many people working in all of these agencies, in addition to reporters and news agents, plus general functions of everyday life where people might be in the right place to know something— the answer is you can fool most of the people— so long as the operations themselves are already well underway and can involve ordinary events with the “false” in order to provide the necessary cover stories which sway people’s opinions just enough to discourage outright public condemnation of the official reports. Here too, the media always plays the important role of repeating the conclusions already determined, and by this 24/7 machine the opposition, if any so remains, is simply reduced to silence.

This tactic was used to an exceptional degree on the morning of 9-11-2001.




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