Connecting The Dots…. of the Never-ending Corruption

“A fear based economy is a racket, where fear becomes a mind-set unto itself.”

Fear has always been a racket. From the most ancient of days there have always been two kinds of people. Those that live in fear and those that make them live in fear. Being afraid of the wilds of nature is a quality of instinct and self-preservation. Fearing another member of your own species is a part of the Natural Order, especially when the size difference favors the gains one might have over another smaller foe.

The grand pecking order is still with us today, having been established into the social norms, which in turn define the roles of relationships internal and external to kinship’s. The social order is quite fluid in many of its cultural dynamics, and exceptionally rigid in class divisions, where blood-lines and wealth reinforce each-other. People on the lower end of the “social class order” do not get to boss around those upper-level Executives, much less the upper-crusties they quietly defend by Administrative authority. Low men on the dog-pile of life do not get to exercise any such powers of the Law or the money, such upper-level, High Society snobs take for granted. Political inequality is a function of wealth inequality and it is enforced by its adherents with a rather disturbing sense of entitlementitis.

After all, they did not call themselves the “Establishment” for nothing.

However, when the oozing stench of corruption begins to sting the noses, of even the most hard-core defenders, of those glossy, lofty-realms, the offending hit-man might very well take one of those permanent powders. However, when the economic wheel is crushing idealistic hope into the now silent desperate change, where the only thing really changing is how much more squeeze is to be applied, or how the fear must be doubled, or even tripled to keep that mass of people too afraid to be asking any questions. When honest questions from the ordinary public are met with deafening silence, where the truth has to be told to avoid that tyranny of stupidity— that awkward moment is also the most likely spot, euphemistically speaking of course,  for another dead body to exit stage left.

For a number of years, the list of dead-biologists, was growing to such an extant, one might conclude the profession to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the world today. The manner in which these deaths were “explained away” breathed new meaning into conspiracy theory as the official explanation for any incident where the truth cannot be told. The current list of dead-bankers, does seem to have a common thread to the general trend itself, but speculation on such sordid motives, for the early demise of those monied players, still leaves plenty of unanswered questions nobody wants to touch. At least not up close and personal, or other bankers might be singing a different tune by now. What do these men fear…? The simple answer is never the right one. Occam simply takes a nose-dive when the answer requires irrational logic just to get the party started.

Who really benefits, by all of these Machiavellian schemes, is of course the heart of the game itself. To find that answer one must swing a sharp sword to that big hunk of festering lies. Just do not expect any accolades for the effort. Wickedness sells more than honesty and truth combined or none of those “Rags” would even exist.

The current saga featuring the Bundy Ranch is certainly nothing new to the wilds of the west. The numerous property wars, which have festered over the many generations, involving sheep grazers versus cattle, or miners versus loggers or any number of combinations of people, who see the land from very different perspectives, prove that ultimate ownership Rights are rarely settled amicably if at all. What is lost in the blowing dust of time and memory is that no one has to be absolutely right, or wrong, to be on either side of that imaginary fence.The fuzzy middle while devoid of absolutes is also vacant of any new ideas. People are hamstrung on that fence with diabolical efficiency. By forcing the various conflicting interests into the same old political gridlock, those sly devils on the inside track just zoom ahead on their way to the next deal.

As for the Land it does not care one wit what, much less whom roams its soils. Many environmentalists are over zealous, irrational to the extreme and never consider the absurdities of their own logic defying emotional reactions— the land does not care about you personally– period. Wild animals are not tree “huggers” or sign carrying members of PETA. Ores and dirt do not give a rats fart in what state they are in or why. The prime factor here is ownership. Only mankind, of all earth-bound species, runs a line through the dirt and claims whatever is within that declaration. Territorial-ism among animals, is the instinctive root, but man takes this “claim” to a whole other level. Laying claims to the riches of the lands and waters is a primary reason for the existence of corporations, and of course governments. The social hierarchy soon determines who gets a hand in those spoils and how much that spoil will be.

When the Rights to a land cannot be purchased they will be Conquered.

America was essentially conquered in regards to the Eastern States and purchased in the Western. The ever long running war of the Eastern Establishment, gaining control over the western lands, by every ruthless means and measure, has never ceased for one single day. Our foreign adversaries have seen to that with great success. What kind of Nation would we be today if that rotten, worm infested bank had not wrecked our own government, like a baseball-bat to a pumpkin. No civil war at all…. being just one major possibility. In reality, we have a much more sobering matter to ponder— what happens when the government becomes so bloated with its own internal corruptions, the external social disintegration is hardly noticed. At least by those players too focused on their own ambitions, personal power trips and other associated flights of their over-wrought egos. Questioning their sanity is to also find some answers to the “Benefits” always flowing to the elite by one channel or another. And when the consequences collide once more with reality what we see in that Media Coverage is usually a mere puff of the actual incident and its many participants.

The connections between the various “players” is not always real obvious, in regards to the pointy-heads in those fancy federal offices, but one can be sure when it involves large sums of wealth, raw or refined, there is a dot waiting to be connected, but of course not all dots are equal:

—–“During the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill, the law firm WilmerHale was winning concessions for BP during White House talks over a compensation fund, about the same time that then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar famously declared the Obama administration would keep a boot on the neck of the British oil giant.

[Quite the tough guy act… but what did he do when the dust died down…]

–“Three years later, Salazar has now joined the prominent firm (WilmerHale), where he will focus on strategic counseling as well as energy, natural resources and North American issues in a brand new Denver office.

[Nothing like a brand new office to cement some brand new deals…]

–“But Salazar won’t touch any of the law firm’s work with BP — and other energy clients may also be off limits.

–“I’m permanently walled off from any BP work and money, now and forever,” Salazar said during an interview.

–“That’s an arrangement I made. That’s in place with the firm.”

[Yeah, I bet that arrangement is real cozy as well. But of course he is really just comparing himself to other players…]

–“Salazar isn’t alone in having to navigate ethical issues as a former cabinet secretary moving to the private sector.

–“Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton drew headlines — and a federal investigation — when she was hired by Shell Oil Co. in December 2007, not long after the department sold potentially lucrative oil shale leases to the company (once Norton had left). Norton was later cleared of allegations that she was involved in giving Shell preferential treatment while negotiating employment with the company.”— [Salazar navigates ethical limits in new role-by Jennifer A. Dlouhy]

[So she side-stepped the investigation, no doubt due to her fancy foot-work in those cozy offices where those new deals are just as average as the napkins under their fancy glasses. Who benefits the most from selling U.S. interests, when the money from such assets never touches, but the fewest of hands? And whose hand in the end chain is that exactly? Oil of course is one of those resources that never quite reflects the deeper questions kicked to the dark corners of the basement.]

–“The sale of our public lands for private oil and gas development should be an open and transparent process, period,” reads one section of the letter the group has sent to BLM principal deputy director Neil Kornze. “Any policy falling short of this basic principal cannot be maintained.”

–“Meanwhile, a new report from the Center for Western Priorities estimates that more than four million acres of public lands across the West are closed off to the citizenry because of problematic adjoining ownership patterns that create trespassing issues, tribal claims, barriers that haven’t been removed — even private landowners illegally fencing off public rights of way. Colorado has 540,539 inaccessible acres; Wyoming, more than 750,000; Montana, nearly two million acres. The report maintains that there are tools and resources available to fix at least some of the problem — but Congress has perpetually underfunded one key resource, while agencies like the BLM have failed to keep vigilant about public access.

–“Grassroots groups encouraged by the numerous reforms promised by Obama’s first Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, are now left wondering how much has actually been accomplished in the critical areas of transparency and access. Presidents change, but the BLM? Not so much.

[How easy it is to fool some of the people most of the time, when their policy expectations are selfishly motivated. ]

–“On December 17, 2008, President-elect Obama announced he would nominate Salazar as U.S. Secretary of the Interior. The environmentalist movement’s reaction to this nomination was mixed.[1][2] Previously, Salazar supported the nomination of Gale Norton to Secretary of the Interior,[3] President George W. Bush‘s first appointee who preceded Salazar as Colorado Attorney General. On January 20, 2009, Salazar was confirmed by unanimous consent in the Senate.

–“On January 16, 2013, it was reported that Salazar planned to resign his post as Secretary of the Interior in March, 2013, but his resignation was delayed pending Senate confirmation of his successor, Sally Jewell. [4][5][6] On June 10, 2013 he became a partner in the major international law firm of WilmerHale, and was charged with opening a Denver office for the firm.[7]

–“WilmerHale: The firm has had a long and mutually profitable relationship with nearby Harvard Law School, alma mater of more than a fifth of WilmerHale’s current lawyers, and home of the WilmerHale Legal Services Center.[4]

–“On March 24, 2014, the firm announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller has joined the firm.

—–“Law360, New York (March 07, 2013) — Revenues at WilmerHale crossed the $1 billion mark for the first time last year, as the Boston-based firm saw steady client work across a range of practice areas, a co-managing partner said Thursday.  The Boston-based firm’s gross revenues hit $1.076 billion, up 8 percent from $994 million in 2011, according to the firm. Profits per partner rose $1.46 million, up from nearly $1.38 million in 2011. Revenue per lawyer declined slightly to $1.12 million as the firm grew by 77 lawyers to 961.”—

{A short list of clients of WilmerHale: Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Chrysler LLC, Danaher, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Educational Testing Service, EMC, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, The Hartford Financial Group, Honda, HSBC Finance, John Hancock, JPMorgan Chase, Kodak, Lufthansa, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Monsanto, Morgan Stanley, Novartis, Oracle, Panera Bread}—

[No wonder they are raking in the billions... when the suits come rolling in one of them is no doubt from the A-team.]

—–“Facing multiple investigations, including one from the U.S. attorney general, companies involved in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have secured legal teams with deep Department of Justice and White House ties.

–“Oil giant BP PLC recruited WilmerHale, an international firm with 1,000 attorneys. Partner Jamie Gorelick in Washington, D.C., will lead the effort. Gorelick during the Clinton administration worked as deputy attorney general of the United States, the second-highest job at Justice.”—

Not everyone is so easly fooled by the shiny titles or the inflated self-importance of federal authority.

—–“On July 1, Jamie Gorelick will leave her position as vice chairman of the Federal National Mortgage Association to devote more time to the bipartisan National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, more routinely known as the “9-11 Commission.” Her appointment to this select ten-person commission has raised no eyebrows.

–“It should have.

–“As deputy attorney general, Gorelick played a key role in shaping – some would say “corrupting” – the outcome of the TWA Flight 800 investigation. Given what she knows, Gorelick could play an even more critical role in determining “prior knowledge” about the events of Sept. 11. But the question remains: Did congressional Democrats appoint Gorelick to share the truth or suppress it? She has the power to do either.

–“In 1994, Gorelick assumed the deputy position after Clinton crony Webster Hubbell resigned in disgrace. In time, she would hand it on to her successor, Eric Holder, who himself would be disgraced in the Marc Rich affair*.”— Did Clinton appointee corrupt Flight 800 probe? 04/12/2003

—-*”From beginning to end, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Eric Holder’s nomination as attorney general observed the ban on candid discussion of the main objection to confirming him. The forbidden topic: the real reason behind the pardon of Marc Rich eight years ago, a controversial action that Holder reviewed as deputy attorney general — and that he failed to oppose for reasons he did not mention.

–“In an editorial that appeared on the morning of the hearings, the Washington Post urged the Senate to question Holder “closely” on the Rich matter. But it is difficult for senators (and editorial writers) to ask pertinent questions when they are completely ignorant of the real background and motivations of the players in the case. Even now, the true machinations behind the Rich pardon cannot be discussed honestly — perhaps because they implicate the government and the security services of the state of Israel.”—

—–“A U.S. government web site once described Rich more simply, as “a white male, 177 centimeters in height … wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Customs Service and the U.S. Marshall Service.” In 1983, he was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list indicted for tax evasion, fraud and racketeering. At the time, it was the biggest tax evasion case in U.S. history.

–“Rudolph Giuliani, who had worked as a prosecutor on the Rich case before becoming New York Mayor, said in a statement: “Mark Rich committed serious crimes against the United States and then fled the country when he was called to account for his conduct. He should never have been pardoned.”

–“The fact that Bill Clinton and Eric Holder engineered a pardon for him – without input from me, as the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted him, or Janet Reno, as Attorney General, will forever be a blemish on our justice system,” Giuliani said.

–“Rich once told Fortune magazine he was a normal person with an image problem. “I’ve been portrayed in a horrible way,” he said, “as a workaholic, a loner, a money machine. It’s not a true picture.”

–“Nevertheless, to his enemies he remained a symbol of the monomaniacal pursuit of vast wealth.

–“The smoking gun is greed,” said Ken Hill, a U.S. Marshall who hunted Rich around the world for more than a decade. “This is what Marc thrived on – the greed of those who had commodities and were in positions of influence and power.

–“(Reuters) – Billionaire Marc Rich, who invented oil trading and was pardoned by President Bill Clinton over tax evasion, racketeering and busting sanctions with Iran, died on Wednesday in Switzerland aged 78.“—

The big wheel never stops turning, especially when there are stupendous fortunes to be made by knowing how to bend those rules, or just ignore them altogether. When those big “Deals” are stepping on more than just a few toes, there are plenty of possible “groups” of one kind or another, who often wield, surprisingly, some fairly hefty, political clout.

–“But, as Grist’s Kate Sheppard reports, many smaller conservation groups in the West are not so thrilled. Ms. Sheppard cites a press release from the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity, which calls Salazar “a disappointing choice.”

“The Department of the Interior desperately needs a strong, forward looking, reform-minded Secretary,” said Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity. “Unfortunately, Ken Salazar is not that man. He endorsed George Bush‘s selection of Gale Norton as Secretary of Interior, the very woman who initiated and encouraged the scandals that have rocked the Department of the Interior. Virtually all of the misdeeds described in yesterday’s Inspector General expose occurred during the tenure of the person Ken Salazar advocated for the position he is now seeking.”

This is another fine example of how those players use their positions to favor one another, but not exactly as if best of buddies… more like two casual enemies seeking the same conduit to the desired goal and recognizing the beneficial arrangements supersede the political alliances so forged, thus confusing people as to why such preferences go against the grain of the political parties so involved.

This is one of those aspects of that “party magic” which eludes so many in the party system itself. These “players” wear those party hats offering those party favors to entice membership. The party system allows the public to believe these political parties are following a different platform, when in fact the top players  hold no allegiances to the public side of the facade period. Like all shams, this two party illusion has served its real Masters so well it is no wonder they will not let it die— and yet dead it is— and has been for quite some time now— it’s like watching two corpses on strings being danced around the big stage. Well, with all of that fancy graphics and such, it is too easy to ignore, what a ghastly show it really is, once stripped of its wretched excesses.

The power of exclusion is founded by inclusion… those in power know very well not only just whom to exclude by how to use the exclusion rule, to favor those public defense strategies, which only look unbiased to causal public scrutiny.

What the big-top show does best is hide the true reasons for so many nefarious relationships.

—–“A May 26 Josh Harkinson Mother Jones article headlined, “Steven Chu’s Ties to BP.”

–“On December 11, 2008, Obama chose Chu as his Energy Secretary, the same day he picked Carol Browner to oversee energy, environmental and climate policies and Lisa Jackson as EPA head.

–“Chu had been professor of physics and molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley and director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), originally called the UC Radiation Lab.

–“Today the Energy Department runs LBNL, continuing its radiation research, what it’s done since the 1940s with little regard for public or environmental concerns, true as well under Chu. He was picked for his commitment to nuclear power, while downplaying the risks.

–“When asked in 2005 if fission-based plants should be a larger part of the energy-producing portfolio, he responded: “Absolutely,” displaying a cavalier attitude about its dangers in advocating for “recycling” of waste, when experts say doing it spreads poisons causing cancer, genetic damage, and premature deaths.

–“Harkinson asked: “Is Steven Chu too cozy with BP,” given his longstanding ties to the oil industry that “funded the Energy Biosciences Institute at UC Berkeley that (he) founded a year before he joined the DOE.”

–“BP’s chief scientist, Steven Koonin, gave him a $500 million grant. In return, Chu appointed him DOE undersecretary for science. But instead of them both getting involved in the Gulf disaster, they stood aside, telling reporters earlier that “things are looking up” when, in fact, they’re worsening.

–“It’s unclear “to what extent Chu has given BP favorable treatment, either in terms of crafting DOE’s research agenda or its response to the oil spill. But what is clear is that the close ties are casting a shadow over the agency, sowing doubt among the public that the government is truly an independent watchdog.”

–“Also clear is that $500 million buys a lot of influence, expecting payback in far greater amounts and nearly always getting it and then some. When Chu arranged it, UC Berkeley Professor Ignacio Chapela called it “the coup de grace to the very idea of a university that can represent the best interest of the public,” benefiting a man who looks deeply compromised – the same “qualification” as other Obama officials for their close industry ties, serving their interests, not the public’s.—

Further confusing the public about what is really at stake is the sophisticated manipulations of public sentiments in order to sway public opinion to block “other” players from getting what is at stake, while allowing the actual spoils to fall into the winning hands. While pitting environmentalists against conservative groups makes for great, splashy stories seemingly so positioned to champion those opposing sentiments, when in fact a more odious reason is lurking in the deep background. The U.N. Agenda 21 is so successful due to the salient fact that it exploits genuine concern for the quality of Natural life in order to hide its actual mission of destroying specific qualities of Human Life. A goal so hard to believe nobody takes the warning signs seriously, even as the trap is sprung.

—–“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, Founder of the UN Environment Programme and co-author of ‘The Earth Charter’ with Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet Union Communist Dictator.

–“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” -Professor Maurice King

–“Talking of ‘mortality control’, this is how those at the head of the ‘Green’ movement view the farcical ‘carbon footprint’ problem and their solution to it just in case you can’t grasp what ‘mortality control’ actually means.

–“If we allow a fraudulent pseudo-environmentalist cult to control every aspect of our lives then our children are doomed to a totalitarian existence which Stalin could only have dreamed of.” by Neil Foster–planet-earth-/

—–“WASHINGTON — The Interior Department on Friday let stand a Bush administration policy barring the federal government from using the precarious state of the U.S. polar bear population as a reason to crack down on global warming, upsetting environmentalists and cheering oil and gas companies.

–“The decision means the government cannot use the Endangered Species Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, though Interior Secretary Ken Salazar explicitly has blamed those emissions for the habitat erosion that last year landed the polar bear on the list of threatened species.

–“The single greatest threat to the polar bear is the melting of Arctic Sea ice due to climate change,” Salazar said in a conference call announcing the decision. But the Endangered Species Act “is not the appropriate tool for us to deal with what is a global issue,” he added.

–“Like Bush administration officials before them, Interior officials said it would be impossible to directly link any one factory or power plant to the decline in polar ice, and thus impractical to regulate their emissions.

–“Environmental groups promised to sue.”—

The issue seems to be about saving those poor polar bears from the excesses of human existence, upon the natural world, but this absurdity of political theory is based on paper-thin assertions, themselves riddled with appalling, unethical abuses of scientific procedures. Procedures of biased data collection and analysis, which is of course claimed to be too technical for the average reader to comprehend, thus the alarming, fear based conclusions by necessity are trumpeted as being the unquestionable truth. In other words pure political hokum requires big media head-lines of pure lies.  The global warning/climate change fiasco is a just one of many tactics so employed to convince people they need to be HARMED to be saved from themselves.

People today are essentially being punished for merely being alive— who gave these pompous lairs and frauds of these political theories, such powers they alone can decide such matters? Science confers no such powers.  So why pretend that it does? When the moral waters are so dirty, that pool is more likened to a sewer pit, who exactly is swimming around in that hell-hole? The use of false moral-ambiguity arguments to cloud otherwise, sane issues with clarity and focus, is another favorite tactic so used to manipulate public opinion and cause diversion when needed. These methods require some rather substantial methodologies in order to be successful, and it is apparent who gets to go up to the top of the “blessed order” is well linked to such successes.

The issue of energy use is always ripe for manipulations, especially when guilt and fear is working its magic on the mass mind. People are being lied to in order to convince them it is their own personal fault, that the world is bad, and so it is right for them to be punished, especially by taxation and higher prices for living necessities. Manipulations of the Markets reinforces the illusion energy costs must go higher to make the world safe again.

—–“Administration critics, meanwhile, have latched on to a decline in oil and gas production on public lands even as production from privately held lands reaches new heights.

–“The constant message the Obama administration sends to the American people is clear — unreliable, intermittent and expensive energy sources will receive preferential treatment while the affordable and reliable sources we use every day will be taxed, embargoed and driven into bankruptcy,” Dan Kish of the Institute for Energy Research said in October. “President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have presided over the most abysmal stewardship of public lands in recent history.”

Even the underbelly of the nuclear power industry was partially exposed, but not for the purpose of saving turtles much less people:

—–“Experts believe the United States must develop domestic sources of uranium in the face of higher prices and increased global demand. America is over 90% dependent on foreign sources of uranium to fuel the 104 nuclear reactors that provide power for 1 in 5 American homes and businesses. A major source of U.S. imports is uranium from dismantled Russian warheads; however, the agreement under which the U.S. purchases that uranium expires in 2013. There is currently a global supply shortfall of about 40 million pounds of uranium per year, which comes from existing stockpiles. With nuclear power generation around the world projected to increase substantially even after Fukushima these shortfalls will increase and stockpiles will dwindle. There are 435 nuclear reactors operating worldwide, but, according to the Nuclear Energy Institute, there are 65 reactors under construction and 491 reactors planned or proposed around the world. The World Nuclear Association estimates that there will be between 602 and 1,350 reactors in the world by 2030, a 38% to 210% increase. Therefore, worldwide competition for uranium will increase dramatically.

–“Nonetheless, environmental groups consistently attack efforts to develop domestic sources of uranium. For example, at the national level, leasing of uranium lands by the U.S. Department of Energy was halted by a lawsuit by environmental groups demanding more study. At the state level, a permit issued by Colorado for a uranium mill in economically hard-pressed Montrose County is under attack by environmental groups. Meanwhile, in 2009, Salazar joined in the assault by proposing to withdraw the million acres in Arizona to protect the Grand Canyon watershed. After environmental studies that found no significant risk of environmental harm, Salazar issued an emergency withdrawal order in June 2011.

–“According to the lawsuit, Salazar’s order violates the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), the National Forest Management Act (NFMA), and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The lawsuit also complains that the FLPMA’s provision permitting the Secretary to make withdrawals in excess of 5,000 acres is unconstitutional because it is linked inextricably to FLPMA’s legislative veto provision, which unconstitutionally permits Congress to veto Secretarial withdrawal orders in excess of 5,000 acres. That is, Congress, which with the passage of FLPMA reasserted its constitutional authority over federal lands, would not have authorized the Secretary to withdraw more than 5,000 acres if Congress did not retain the right to reject any such order.”—

With Salazar on his way to a cushy new office job in Denver, the next office holder was not exactly drawing praise either.

—–“Monte Walsh comes to mind with President Obama’s nomination of Sally Jewell, president and chief executive officer of Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), to replace Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior. The media mentions often that the English-born and Seattle-raised Jewell is a mechanical engineer whose first post graduate job was with Mobil Oil in Oklahoma. After three years, Jewell hired on with a bank interested in the oil boom that needed engineers “to understand the value of the collateral in the ground.” That bank was acquired by another; Jewell ran its business-banking activities. In her last role in a 20-year banking career, she led Washington Mutual’s commercial-banking business. In 1996, she joined REI’s board, in 2000 became its chief operating officer and, in 2005, its CEO. Neither Jewell’s engineering degree nor her long ago and limited years in the oil patch define her as Monte Walsh’s cowboying defined him.

–“That Jewell contributes almost exclusively to Democratic candidates is irrelevant; a president’s nominee should support his party’s views. Of concern, however, is REI’s funding of the Conservation Alliance whose grantees brag of killing energy development in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, for example;”—

One gets the distinct impression, the only purpose of the office is to destroy the only reason for its existence. That and to keep the Western States from ever gaining control of resources that might actually help the people who live in those states and balance the many forces which seek to benefit from first Rights of the land ownership itself.

—–“In an administration infamous for ignoring the Constitution and the rule of law, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stands out.  President Obama’s EPA:  administratively implemented “cap and trade” after the Senate refused to enact requisite legislation; killed a multimillion dollar West Virginia coal mine by vetoing the Army Corps of Engineers’ approval—action so unprecedented 27 state attorneys general urged Supreme Court review; and, sought to “crucify” energy companies in the nation’s most productive oil and gas region, all while a senior, regulation-writing, job-killing employee masqueraded as a CIA agent and defrauded American taxpayers of nearly $900,000.

–“In December, however, the EPA outdid itself with the extraordinary decision that a million acres of land in west-central Wyoming, including the town of Riverton, lie within the Wind River Indian Reservation.  Purportedly, the EPA’s action is required by the Clean Air Act’s provision allowing tribes to obtain the authority available to States to regulate their air quality programs but, in doing so, the EPA subjected land long known to be outside the Reservation to the tribal jurisdiction of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone.  In February, Wyoming challenged the EPA’s ruling in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Denver.  Days later, the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation, on behalf of its members who live and or work in Riverton and in greater Fremont and Hot Springs Counties, joined in the lawsuit.

–“Westerners, elected officials, and commentators nationwide heaped deserved abuse on the EPA, but there is plenty of blame to go around.  The EPA wrote that it received “input from other federal agencies,” and that its “determination is consistent with a 2011 Opinion of the Solicitor of the U.S. Department of the Interior.”  Secretary Sally Jewell’s Interior, home of the Indian Bureau since 1824, is the 500-pound gorilla on this issue, as it has been since 1873 when Congress transferred territorial responsibilities for the American West there from the State Department.”—

Another article describes why this “office” has become a mere joke of itself:

—–“Secretary Jewell’s first episode of political thuggery was her ham-handed attempt to silence those who dissent from the received wisdom on climate change.  She warned Interior employees, “I hope there are no climate change deniers in the Department of Interior.”  The former engineer, who should be used to scholarly disagreement, did not say “skeptics,” “dissenters,” or “doubters,” but “deniers,” a pejorative linked to the Holocaust.

–“Her timing is odd.  Climate change orthodoxy began collapsing in November 2009 with the release of data from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  Weeks before her comments, The Economist, long alarmist on the subject, wrote “Over the past 15 years air temperatures at the Earth’s surface have been flat while greenhouse-gas emissions have continued to soar.”  Days ago, three prominent scientists faulted the promotion of “scary scenarios as if they were forecasts,” noting they are “neither forecasts nor the product of a validated forecasting method.”—

Her career path is an example of her personal choices, but who is really deciding what she believes?

—–“Sally Jewell, a former oil company official and corporate banker, seems like the perfect candidate to protect our public lands from the greed and destruction of oil companies and Wall Street. But her business experience is not just about the profitable extraction of fossil fuels from our planet and the monetization of everything. She is also the chief executive of Recreational Equipment Inc., or REI, the expensive outdoor gear chain that allows wealthy screenwriters to wander New York City or Santa Monica dressed like they’re climbing boulders at Joshua Tree or Yosemite.

–“Environmentalists had hoped Obama would pick a dedicated public official with a history of green action for this “liberal second term,” with many pushing for Congressman Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Democrat and Latino with a strong record in environmental policy, a “natural” favorite for taking over from outgoing Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, an actual corporate rancher who even wears a moronic cowboy hat and bolo tie.

–“Luckily, Sally Jewell has also won various “conservation awards,” so there is more to her than just another Mobil executive given control of Western public lands. Let’s hope she allows widespread fracking on public lands in a way that doesn’t make Republicans think she’s an eco-terrorist.”—

–“Another noteworthy waiver winner: Seattle-based REI. The trendy Pacific Northwest outdoor equipment retailer’s progressive CEO and Democratic campaign donor, Sally Jewell, appeared with President Obama in 2009 to tout White House health care reform initiatives. Two years later, REI snagged a waiver to protect the health benefits of a whopping 1,180 workers from the very tentacles of the big government bureaucrats Jewell embraced at Obama’s roundtable.

–“To date, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has granted federal health care law exemptions to more than three million American workers covered by more than 1,300 unions, companies and insurers who had voluntarily offered low-cost health plans with annual benefits limits. Meddling Obamacare architects outlawed those private plans — nicknamed “mini med” plans — in the name of “patients’ rights.” But without special waivers, the escapees would have been forced to hike premiums or drop insurance coverage altogether for mostly low-wage, seasonal and part-time workers.”—

 See how that influence comes back looking like a winner every time. Of course Miss Jewell, applauded the grand scheme like any another political sycophant, and when the reality check came in she tossed it to the trash. If all of those supporters who pretended to approve that monstrosity are now getting a free pass— that lazy, worthless Supreme Court needs to send that fake tax back to the trash can which was once a working House of Statesmen… or at least did a better job of pretending their public titles actually meant something honorable.  Perhaps, one of them could get the ball rolling by explaining why the Mining law of 1872 is STILL determining how the west will be robbed blind by foreign interests, just like stealing candy from a baby hand-cuffed to the crib:

—–“If you read the article “The Mining of Our Aquifers” you may have wondered how the Mining Law of 1872 could be the most current law to regulate the mining industry and its disastrous effects on our aquifers and land.

–“According to the article “Harry Reid, Gold Member: Is our Senator in bed with America’s worst polluter?” by Josh Harkinson, “Reid has been instrumental in blocking efforts to reform the archaic General Mining Law of 1872, a legal blank check that has allowed miners to take an estimated $408 billion worth of gold and other hard rock minerals from public lands without paying a single cent in royalties – ever.   As those mines are tapped out or go bust – as they inescapably do – taxpayers are often stuck with the cleanup bill…But Reid…has vigorously fought off efforts to make the industry pay its way

–“But that’s not all, under the 1872 law, mining companies have been able to buy mineral rich federal land for $5 an acre or less.  Before Congress banned the practice in 1994, Toronto-based Barrick Gold paid just $9,765 for 1,950 acres in Nevada that held an estimated $10 billion in gold.”

–“The Conde Nast article “When Harry Met Vegas” by Peter Waldman, stated that Sen. Reid, who is supposedly the “darling of environmentalists” is actually “the Godfather” of the casino-real estate-development nexus and hard rock mining, which are Nevada’s leading despoilers and polluters.

–“The article explains that Sen. Reid’s high-profile wilderness protection plans were bundled with federal land sales that gave developers vast acreage once off-limits to building.  Sen. Reid co-sponsored laws pushed through by Nevada’s congressional delegation that enlarged the Bureau of Land Management’s “disposal boundary” in the Las Vegas Valley.

–“All four of Sen. Reid’s sons (Rory, Josh, Leif and Key) have worked for Lionel, Sawyer & Collins, Nevada’s biggest law firm, which represents many of Nevada’s biggest mining companies, developers and casinos.  Sen. Reid’s oldest son, Rory, was also vice-chairman of the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

–“Senator Reid sponsored a law granting the Southern California Water Authority a free right-of-way on federal land to pipe groundwater from the Great Basin aquifer (which runs from Death Valley, California across Nevada and into western Utah) into Las Vegas (hundreds of miles away at a cost of $3 billion).  The water pipeline was routed through Coyote Springs, the site of a new development about 50 miles north of Las Vegas, controlled by one of Sen. Reid’s closest friends, Harvey Whittemore, a senior partner at Lionel, Sawyer & Collins.”— [Senator Harry Reid is working hard – but for whom? By Debbie Coffey]

Those dots start looking like a vast blur on the page:

—–“That’s what Hage v. U.S. was all about. Hage owned land outright surrounding his ranch headquarters in Nevada, and was paying his AU grazing fees when the feds tried to shut off his access to water and force him out of business and off his land and grazing lease. Hage fought the feds for 17 years in court. They even tried to make a felon out of him at one point but failed, and used every chicken spit lazy bureaucratic lawyer-ed [with tax dollars] trick in the book to disqualify him and his AUs access to BLM land, but Hage parried every move and kept his private property and won his case when a federal claims court judge ruled he and his family had been wronged, and awarded them and their lawyers more than a million dollars in damages.

–“The government appealed this ruling because it threw a bucket of water, so to speak, on the bankers’ land grab scheme.

–“Time passed. The government refused to pay the Hages’—another gambit they use against older land owners.

–“Wayne’s wife died.

–“Then he died. [Second wife as well, same year 2006.]

–“Then, a visiting judge who “happened” to be sitting in took a look at Hage’s case when the government’s contract lawyers “happened” to be on the docket, and spotted a “technicality” and told the Hage family they would have to go back and retry the case after 20 years of factual litigation.

–“In other words, when a rancher beat the feds at their own game and it was time to pay for their wrong-doing and make him whole, the feds refused to honor their own court system’s verdict because they knew if they did, the Hage case would set a precedent for other western states ranchers to file claims against the government when the BLM tried to do the same thing to them they tried to do to Hage.

–“Using the EPA. ESA, CWA, etc., to confiscate private property, the feds end game is to force all people on, or living on lawfully owned private property inside of what the government claims is “its land”, or who own land the fed wants for “. . wildlife corridors mandated by Agenda 21 . . .”—all of which was designed and deliberately implemented to skirt the Constitution, a document that they could not discredit head-on—to force rightful property owners to relinquish their land to the government.” — [Ninja Turtles Used To Evict Nevada Ranchers  by W. R. McAfee, Sr.]

All of these dots are connecting right back to where the troubles begins— the Western States were forced to place in their “Constitutions” a form of land Rights blackmail, a condition which no original state, had to endure or agree with in order to Secure that Union. I have documented in previous posts the collective efforts of the National bankers, in collusion with the Banking syndicate run out of London, who literally put the squeeze on the western states and their people to ruin them, financially and otherwise. They did the same damn thing during the depression. And given the lack of interest in the historical roots of the problems plaguing the people across the nation today, those conditions and consequences will continue well into the future.

Another round of lets play the game of politically correct has Mr. Bundy making remarks that sound racist.  The New York Times hit piece is a fine example of why those playing the game never have to worry about losing any skin or sleep. The media talking heads just pull out the race card and just like that—- public opinion no better than a Roman spectacle inside the coliseum— and the thumbs go down accordingly. When it comes to playing dirty Mr. Bundy is in way over his “Ranching” head.


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