The War on Americans Who Dare to Express Fundemental Rights

The Federal government, that is those scheming as always uncivil servants, continue ramping up the number of “offenses” which can be categorized as “terrorist” activities. The first place to look as to what is defined as “domestic” is of course the law:

18 U.S. Code § 2331 – Definitions []

(5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
(B)** appear to be intended—
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

18 U.S.C. § 2332b defines the term “federal crime of terrorism” as an offense that:

Is calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion, or to retaliate against government conduct; and
Is a violation of one of several listed statutes, including § 930(c) (relating to killing or attempted killing during an attack on a federal facility with a dangerous weapon); and § 1114 (relating to killing or attempted killing of officers and employees of the U.S.).

H.R.3162 Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of — Amended the various codes quite substantially and these changes were placed into a easy to read order here:

Section 981(a)(1) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting at the end the following:

`(G) All assets, foreign or domestic–Seizure of assets – Sec. 806:  Section 806 amended the civil asset forfeiture statute to authorize the government to seize and forfeit:  all assets, foreign or domestic:

`(i) of any individual, entity, or organization engaged in planning or perpetrating any act of domestic or international terrorism (as defined in section 2331) against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property, and all assets, foreign or domestic, affording any person a source of influence over any such entity or organization;

`(ii) acquired or maintained by any person with the intent and for the purpose of supporting, planning, conducting, or concealing an act of domestic or international terrorism (as defined in section 2331) against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property; or

`(iii) derived from, involved in, or used or intended to be used to commit any act of domestic or international terrorism (as defined in section 2331) against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property.’.

(2) in subsection (g)(5)(B)**, by striking clauses (i) through (iii) and inserting the following:

`(i) section 32 (relating to destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities), 37 (relating to violence at international airports), 81 (relating to arson within special maritime and territorial jurisdiction), 175 or 175b (relating to biological weapons), 229 (relating to chemical weapons), subsection (a), (b), (c), or (d) of section 351 (relating to congressional, cabinet, and Supreme Court assassination and kidnapping), 831 (relating to nuclear materials), 842(m) or (n) (relating to plastic explosives), 844(f)(2) or (3) (relating to arson and bombing of Government property risking or causing death), 844(i) (relating to arson and bombing of property used in interstate commerce), 930(c) (relating to killing or attempted killing during an attack on a Federal facility with a dangerous weapon), 956(a)(1) (relating to conspiracy to murder, kidnap, or maim persons abroad), 1030(a)(1) (relating to protection of computers), 1030(a)(5)(A)(i) resulting in damage as defined in 1030(a)(5)(B)(ii) through (v) (relating to protection of computers), 1114 (relating to killing or attempted killing of officers and employees of the United States), 1116 (relating to murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons), 1203 (relating to hostage taking), 1362 (relating to destruction of communication lines, stations, or systems), 1363 (relating to injury to buildings or property within special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States), 1366(a) (relating to destruction of an energy facility), 1751(a), (b), (c), or (d) (relating to Presidential and Presidential staff assassination and kidnapping), 1992 (relating to wrecking trains), 1993 (relating to terrorist attacks and other acts of violence against mass transportation systems), 2155 (relating to destruction of national defense materials, premises, or utilities), 2280 (relating to violence against maritime navigation), 2281 (relating to violence against maritime fixed platforms), 2332 (relating to certain homicides and other violence against United States nationals occurring outside of the United States), 2332a (relating to use of weapons of mass destruction), 2332b (relating to acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries), 2339 (relating to harboring terrorists), 2339A (relating to providing material support to terrorists), 2339B (relating to providing material support to terrorist organizations), or 2340A (relating to torture) of this title;

The civil asset forfeiture power of the United States government is awesome.  The government can seize and/or freeze the assets on the mere assertion that there is probable cause to believe that the assets were involved in domestic terrorism.  The assets are seized before a person is given a hearing, and often without notice.  In order to permanently forfeit the assets, the government must go before a court, but at a civil hearing, and the government is only required to prove that the assets were involved in terrorism by a preponderance of the evidence.  Because it is a civil proceeding, a person is not entitled to be represented by an attorney at public expense if they cannot afford to pay an attorney.  The time between seizure and forfeiture can sometimes be months; meanwhile, organizations or individuals whose assets are seized are forced to make do without the assets.  Only the most financially flush non-profit organizations would be able to successfully defend themselves against government forfeiture.  In short, without the full due process afforded in criminal cases, the U.S. government can bankrupt political organizations it asserts are involved in domestic terrorism.

These changes to the defining elements of the law, as quoted above, are rather substantial and were greatly expanded well beyond the original principles as intended, thereby, to justify the massive spying and related abuses of Americans individual freedoms, where no reasonable excuse is justified at all. By simply labeling anything “domestic terror” the government accusations allow this massive, bureaucratic machine to do the wood-chipper function on anyone who runs afoul of some petty tyrant wearing that big, official badge of federal powers. Powers which when viewed from a constitutional perspective are inherently false by Principle and Absurd by practice. Any “Power” coming out of that magical box of “implied powers” is already defective— and the long “Trains of Abuses” of such Powers has crippled the moral conscience of those who serve the People, in THEIR institutions of government. Naturally, those currently inhabiting the White House, having been bought and paid for by their actual Masters, lurking behind the green curtain, who of course, do not give a rats fart about anything that might actually resemble constitutional boundaries on those magical executive “Orders” which that fake fool of president waves around like a magic wand, right along side his magic pen.

The mass infantile behavior of the Congress only adds to the observation that these criminals in office have crossed the very line they themselves passed, without reading one line of that offensive code, so named the Patriot Act— an act which ironically made Congress, terrorists by their own ignorant declarations to the contrary of the Peoples Rights, so expressed, by the Founding Declarations, from which the eventual Constitution was born. One absolutely came before the other and the fools on that poisoned Hill have erected such a barrier around themselves I call this form of self-protection”Federal Castle Doctrine” as laws and rules are likened unto stones and bricks.   Look at the structure of the sweeping nature of the federal actions as deployed/written and it is there to be understood as plain as day.

When the government is intimidating the People who POLICE’S them?

A flyer produced by the FBI (Communities Against Terrorism project) titled, “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities”, indicates what they feel to be compelling signs that you may be a domestic terrorist. [

Quoted from the document,

People or Groups Who:

Provide identification that is inconsistent or suspect or demands identity “privacy”

Insist on paying with cash or uses credit card(s) in different name(s)

Significantly alters appearance from visit to visit (shaving beard, changing hair color, style of dress, etc)

Have missing hand/fingers, chemical burns, strange odors or bright colored stains on clothing

Make racist or extreme religious statements coupled with comments that are violent or appear to condone violence

Make suspicious comments regarding anti – US, radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings that suggest or appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause

Demonstrate interest in uses that do not seem consistent with the intended use of the item being purchased

Possess little knowledge of intended purchase items of items

Make bulk purchases of items to include:

Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers

Meals Ready to Eat

Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks

High capacity magazines

Bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles

—–“Though the United States has been engaged in a Global War on Terror for more than a decade, the U.S. Government surprisingly does not have a standardized definition of terrorism that is agreed upon by all agencies.  The State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and a number of other government agencies all utilize differing definitions of what constitutes an act of terrorism. This lack of agreement has allowed individual agencies to present different and, in some cases, far more inclusive definitions of terrorist acts enabling the use of expanded investigative procedures that might not be applicable in other agencies.

–“However, the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which created the Department of Homeland Security, extended the definition of terrorism further by including any act that is “damaging to critical infrastructure or key resources.”  Though this definition differs from the legal definition of international and domestic terrorism under 18 USC § 2331, the modified definition is currently used by DHS as the basis for their own activities and intelligence products that are disseminated to federal, state and local law enforcement. The modified definition of terrorism is presented in a revised Domestic Terrorism and Homegrown Violent Extremism Lexicon published last year by DHS:

     Any activity that involves an act that is dangerous to human life or potentially destructive to critical infrastructure or key resources, and is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any state or other subdivision of the United States and appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.

–“A 2009 study from Syracuse University found that U.S. Federal District Courts, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division and federal prosecutors all rely on different criteria to determine whether or not specific cases involve terrorist acts.  This lack of agreement has led to widespread failures to obtain prosecutions of suspects recommended for charges by investigative agencies.  In fact, the study found that from 2004-2009 “assistant United States attorneys all over the country declined to bring any charges against two out of every three (67%) of the thousands of terrorism matters that the investigative agencies had recommended for criminal prosecution.”  The Syracuse study ends with a warning about the ambiguity surrounding the definition of terrorism:

     The strong evidence that various parts of the government do not share a common understanding about terrorism has important consequences for all Americans. Those most immediately affected are the thousands of people whom the investigative agencies each year incorrectly recommend for prosecution in federal court. But to the extent that the investigators systematically waste their time targeting the wrong suspects, the chances increase that they will fail to identify the real terrorists who right now may be seeking to plant bombs, spread poisons or otherwise harm a much larger number of innocent people.

–“To solve these problems the study offers a surprisingly straightforward solution: come up with “a clear and understandable definition of terrorism.” —

The government cries “Wolf” and tens of thousands of armed thugs wearing badges, masks and an attitude more worthy of a cartoon fiction, are ready to pounce on any citizen so labeled, for reasons which under most circumstances, will offer no tangible evidence of Harm preceding Charges, much less defending Innocence until proven Guilty. Under such notorious declarations any individual simply taking a stand against such policies which are interfering, or causing harm to such an individual, now places them in a quality of Double-Jeopardy: where to speak of the injustice– is now proof– against the one so harmed–. So the Absurdity becomes one has to break the Law, in order to defend oneself, from the abuse of law. The abuse of individual Rights, by federal goons, in any capacity of the Agent, places the victim of that abuse in the demeaning position of what was once a slave to its Master. To speak out was to be punished and so it has become again. The word “slave” is never to be used of course as it is politically incorrect….. so instead terms are used and applied in whatever manner, in order to establish and justify, such punishments as required to ensure civil Obedience. If one does not want to become labeled as a “domestic terrorist” one had better OBEY the Masters of such Laws, so enforced by that shiny badge, so ordained by that lofty title, so purchased by that primrose standing, and to “Never Question Said Authority” which of course is the why— or what— that these “Super-World Citizens” of their vaunted New World Order have imposed…. and under that jurisdiction thereof. 

The disturbing nature, of all these odious Acts, is of course to undermine the Natural Rights, that is those Rights which have their origination by or of the Creator. Now if an atheist, so declares, that they do not believe in a Creator, that is a function of freewill, and thus choice, but such an individual has no Right, substantive or otherwise, to Impose their personal beliefs on another—by that very same quality of logic. The very acknowledgement one does not have to believe in any “God”, “Deity” or Creator is interestingly enough the very defining quality of Unalienable— that which cannot be alienated from the man against his will by any means.

An authority cannot remove a mans conscience by simply removing his tongue, but such authorities may well decide to “Impose” such rules and regulations to such an extent, that the mere mentioning of forbidden “words” or “ideas” which threaten the policies of that Superior Citizen, will of course require the removal of the offenders frontal lobes. The sanctioning of ever increasing punishments for any action which can be perceived as threatening, intimidating is the WHY behind the increased use of violent attacks, by those law enforcement agents, against the public at large.  If people were to take a public stand against police brutality, they would also be charged with domestic terrorism… and if they were killed by those very same officers, the justification is already built right into their protective shield. What they can do to an innocent individual, is a long and brutal list, and conversely, what an individual can do to protect themselves has been eroded to a mere nub. The right to live peacefully, in accordance with one own beliefs, has been substantially destroyed on purpose to justify even more authoritarianism tactics, when people try to assert those now lost rights. How can any man fight for his rights when the mere act itself is against the Law?

The bogus war on terrorism like the bogus war on drugs, poverty, or any other political fabrication so intended, are all frauds upon the Public and in most cases complete and absolute failures. Hence, the Absurdity in enforcing the very mechanism, which destroys on purpose, the only path of peaceful resolution.  The officials in charge always seem to pick the absolute worst possible solution on purpose. The bold-ass lies and fabrications so needed are manufactured like so many widgets on a production line and trotted out in the national media on cue. This has been going on as a matter of policy for well over a hundred-years…. lets take the Dope War for a quick example:

“In the 1800s opiates and cocaine were mostly unregulated drugs. In the 1890s the Sears & Roebuck catalogue, which was distributed to millions of Americans homes, offered a syringe and a small amount of cocaine for $1.50.[4]

“At the beginning of the 20th century, cocaine began to be linked to crime. In 1900, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an editorial stating, “Negroes in the South are reported as being addicted to a new form of vice – that of ‘cocaine sniffing’ or the ‘coke habit.‘” Some newspapers later claimed cocaine use caused blacks to rape white women and was improving their pistol marksmanship. Chinese immigrants were blamed for importing the opium-smoking habit to the U.S. The 1903 blue-ribbon citizens’ panel, the Committee on the Acquirement of the Drug Habit, concluded, “If the Chinaman cannot get along without his dope we can get along without him.”

“Theodore Roosevelt appointed Dr. Hamilton Wright as the first Opium Commissioner of the United States in 1908. In 1909, Wright attended the International Opium Commission in Shanghai as the American delegates. He was accompanied by Charles Henry Brent, the Episcopal Bishop. On March 12, 1911, Dr. Wright was quoted in as follows in an article in the New York Times: “Of all the nations of the world, the United States consumes most habit-forming drugs per capita. Opium, the most pernicious drug known to humanity, is surrounded, in this country, with far fewer safeguards than any other nation in Europe fences it with.”[5] Wright further stated that “cocaine is often the direct incentive to the crime of rape by the Negroes of the South and other sections of the country,” even though there was no evidence to support this claim.[citation needed] Wright also stated that “one of the most unfortunate phases of smoking opium in this country is the large number of women who have become involved and were living as common-law wives or cohabitating with Chinese in the Chinatowns of our various cities”.[6][7]

“Opium usage had begun to decline by 1914 after rising dramatically in the post Civil War Era, peaking at around one-half million pounds per year in 1896. [8] Demand gradually declined thereafter in response to mounting public concern, local and state regulations, and the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906, which required labeling of patent medicines that contained opiates, cocaine, alcohol, cannabis and other intoxicants.[9] As of 1911, an estimated one U.S. citizen in 400 (0.25%) was addicted to some form of opium.[5] The opium addicts were mostly women who were prescribed and dispensed legal opiates by physicians and pharmacist for ”female problems,” probably mostly pain at menstruation, or white men and Chinese at the Opium dens. Between two-thirds and three-quarters of these addicts were women.[10] By 1914, forty-six states had regulations on cocaine and twenty-nine states had laws against opium, morphine, and heroin.[4][7][11][12]

“Several authors have argued that the debate was merely to regulate trade and collect a tax. However, the committee report[13] prior to the debate on the house floor and the debate itself, discussed the rise of opiate use in the United States. Harrison stated that “The purpose of this Bill can hardly be said to raise revenue, because it prohibits the importation of something upon which we have hitherto collected revenue.” Later Harrison stated, “We are not attempting to collect revenue, but regulate commerce.” House representative Thomas Sisson stated, “The purpose of this bill—and we are all in sympathy with it—is to prevent the use of opium in the United States, destructive as it is to human happiness and human life.”[14]

“The drafters played on fears of “drug-crazed, sex-mad negroes” and made references to Negroes under the influence of drugs murdering whites, degenerate Mexicans smoking marihuana, and “Chinamen” seducing white women with drugs.[15][16] Dr. Hamilton Wright, testified at a hearing for the Harrison Act. Wright alleged that drugs made blacks uncontrollable, gave them superhuman powers and caused them to rebel against white authority. Dr. Christopher Koch of the State Pharmacy Board of Pennsylvania testified that “Most of the attacks upon the white women of the South are the direct result of a cocaine-crazed Negro brain”.[4]

“Before the Act was passed, on February 8, 1914, The New York Times published an article entitled “Negro Cocaine ‘Fiends’ Are New Southern Menace: Murder and Insanity Increasing Among Lower-Class Blacks” by Edward Huntington Williams, which reported that Southern sheriffs had increased the caliber of their weapons from .32 to .38 to bring down Negroes under the effect of cocaine.[4][7][11]”

Most people will assume that the authorities, made due diligence to get the facts, based on constructive evidence, not Hearsay, not hot-air insinuations, not yellow-journalism, not outright sensationalized fabrications, not blatant unscientific assertions, not misrepresented allegations of injury and patiently false conclusions themselves based on false premises, or gross fallacies so conjectured out of thin air. This is the deeper why behind the failures— what we are seeing is not the truth but its mirage… cut and fashioned to portray a certain sliver of social behavior, but without the understanding which comes from unbiased observations, or proper conduct, of research and discovery.

—–“The *act also marks the beginning of the creation of the modern, criminal drug addict and the American black market for drugs. Within five years the Rainey Committee, a Special Committee on Investigation appointed by Secretary of the Treasury William Gibbs McAdoo and led by Congressman T. Rainey, reported in June, 1919[18] that drugs were being smuggled into the country by sea, and across the Mexican and Canadian borders by nationally established organizations[19] and that the United States consumed 470,000 pounds of opium annually, compared to 17,000 pounds in both France and Germany.[18] The Monthly Summary of Foreign Commerce of the United States recorded that in the 7 months to January 1920, 528,635 pounds of opium was imported, compared to 74,650 pounds in the same period in 1919.[18]

“The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act (Ch. 1, 38 Stat. 785) was a United States federal law that regulated and taxed the production, importation, and distribution of opiates and Coca products. The act was proposed by Representative Francis Burton Harrison of New York and was approved on December 17, 1914.[1][2]”

So after the “prohibition” had no doubt raised the illicit pricing mechanism, the number of people obtaining Opium for uses (which still may have included pain relief) dramatically rose from previous levels. That is the quintessential defining element of failure. The prohibition was increasing profits and naturally, the number of people who had to become criminal users, needed to increase, and no doubt, those living in sub-standard, tenements of dire poverty, made great new potential users. The utter misery of so many made them natural candidates for anything that would relieve that quality of human suffering, not just doing drugs for kicks, or to be super-mans of social evil. Thus, the entries so quoted, as an example, is but a minor reflection of that time period and not a very accurate one of the social malaise these trends of human vices are attesting. One might be tempted to conclude it was a war between those of no Vices against those that did… the do-gooder against those bad people looking to cause them Harm. When in fact, it was to increase Profit by the manipulations of those very “vices” to allow such psychological manipulations to be conferred by the law under false pretenses of saving people from those drug users.

Is a drug user a domestic terrorist?

The war on drugs is an obnoxious misuse of co-joining terms. How exactly is a war on a manufactured substance, where the substance itself is but a fiction of law? The use of the word “war” and “drugs” do not belong in the same sentence, unless the intended result was the Absurdity so produced. Any substance so extracted from plants cannot be claimed as manufactured, plants are not mechanical devices and neither are people. That worthless, ignorant Marx, jumped on the “People are just biological machines” wagon without ever considering the fallacy so embedded by the statement itself. So it is today with transhumanism,  which implies consciousness can be switched from the biological to the pure mechanical with a flick of a neural switch. Bastardized meanings are found in communistic drivel and used in socialized rhetoric for the same reason— distortion of plain truth to sound scientific and authoritative when in fact quite the opposite. The government is littered with illiterate goons who sound as of they have never opened a dictionary in their entire stupid lives. Does having gobs of money produce ignorance of basic facts? Sure seems that way.

The cure for opium addiction was not to be found in prohibition, but self-awareness and knowledge. To understand the addiction requires the same for the user, so guided by an unbiased party. To bias people against one another is to keep them forever separate, thus from ever forming a more peaceful union. A non-war union where intelligence is the guiding factor not violence. Look at the clashes which soon erupted when booze was prohibited…. by an Amendment no less. What was not against the law in the morning was now prohibited by dinner… so to speak. The underlying declaration that some knob on that distant Hill can decide what is and what isn’t allowable in regards to ones own body… is the real evil lurking in the background.

That “Power” of personal choice was never enumerated to Congress or the “Office” of the Executive. Communism was slid like slime under the executive back-door and has been roosting there ever since… its buddy fascism was welcomed with open-arms at the front door, thinly disguised as a corporate scarecrow using money for stuffing. If the government makes no sense today it is due to the fact it no longer possesses any such thing, or quality thereof.  And the really scary observation… quite purposeful. To mock that government which might furnish without charge its own money— which had to be destroyed at all costs— was therefore, gutted from the inside-out the old-fashioned way. Those money Lenders just bought the hired help for pennies on the gold dollar. Thus, the war on the American people, has been going full-blast and bore all this time. It is a war on our Institution, because with our unique reservations of Rights, our ability to sustain ourselves to a high degree of self-independence and financial prosperity those rat-faced fools wearing their pompous crowns would indeed be the scorned, derided and obsolete rulers of the whole of the earth.

Had Americans not been under-mined by the vicious policies so “Imposed” by that wretched syndicate of black-hearted liars and their worthless synthetic pieces of dollar papers, this Nation had the ability to solve by peaceful means all of the so-named social ills which were brought to these shores, to be peddled and sold just like so many other widgets so produced. This Nation was loaded up to break it down under the whip of false security. The massive build up of the military and police state is tangible proof of where the war is soon to be heading. Our real enemies are such bone-shaking cowards they cannot face us in the light of day or reason… no these cowards need ever increasing violence of powers to subdue the very people they are purposely harming. People are trying to fight back, but they are losing the battles because they are refusing to see the whole of the operation upon them. It is really quite easy to manipulate people with money and false trappings of power— in fact, it works so well even the so called do-gooder’s fall for it every damn time.

The rise of the rotten to the top of these false political orders is damning proof of how successful corruption really is when aided by industrial strength monopolies on every real tangent of social power. That would be the wealth producing assets in connection to private ownership held by corporations themselves controlled by the banking syndicate like pigs to a trough. The Hydra-heads of the Beast are not indestructible, they just appear that way when one might find oneself dealing with several of them at the same time. Overwhelming the little guy with onerous expenses to fight the Hydra, is what the Ranchers in the West have been experiencing for decades, while most Americans were bombarded with superficial propaganda from environmentalists, whose actual purposes are quite clouded. Caring about the environment, is fine and good, but the underlying reasons for many of these front groups is just exactly the opposite. Telling the difference between the good and the bad is not so simple when the participants themselves at the grass-root level, are not phoneys, but may well be simply used for their honesty. Those that have no such principles are of course a whole other story. The ecological movement so connected to the Agenda 21 is another area of murky assertions, but as more information comes out of the dark corners this too will be scrutinized with greater clarity.

Another blurb from a news article, from a sitting Supreme court Justice no less, points a finger at the heart of the matter:

—–“While speaking at the University of Tennessee College of Law on Tuesday, Justice Scalia was asked by a student about his interpretation of the constitutionality of the income tax, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported. The longest-serving justice currently on the bench answered the student by saying that the government has the constitutional right to implement the tax, “but if it reaches a certain point, perhaps you should revolt.” Justice Scalia continued to tell the students that they have every right to express criticism of the government.”—

Interesting choice of words Mr. Scalia…. and by such criticism most of my blogs are so written, but to influence the general public to revolt…. might very well be characterized by one of those pompous buffoons, sitting in one of those gleaming federal fortresses, headed up by one those nefarious agencies, might very well conclude an instance of domestic terror has just occurred…. Such is the nature of the game being played. What he ought to have stated was the actual answer to the question. Thus, he dodged the factual answer by implying the only way to stop the injustice was to revolt against its implementations, or better yet, he may have hinted instead to seek the real source of its Impositions.

The false war on terror— as if terror itself was waltzing around with a dead-eyed stare— so asserted by a blanket fallacy, like a giant net which must include everybody to catch a few notorious some bodies, to justify the continued erosion of principles, of which every Right is determined, unleashed an expensive wave of spending which has no other justification period. More money wasted at the same time soaking the people for more taxes, of which the income tax is just one of many abuses by the same hand. An economy so dead on the line it is for all measures a corpse, while that special one-percent continue to reap windfalls like the parasites they have become, and all the while the government telling people everything is good and under control of the very same slime-balls who started the fiasco in the first place. Whats another 16 trillion in tokens tossed to the trash heap?  Throw-away money– use it once and it is gone. The whole concept of money has been thoroughly ruined by those banking sharks whose total collective conscience can be measured by the head of a pin. The stupid factor in their operations has no limit, or the expenses so incurred to keep this massive, bloated, stinking pile of lies from collapsing back in upon itself. When debt becomes so big it is like a damn black-hole, sucking in all of the prosperity so earned, faster than it can be Naturally produced, revolting will simply be too late. It is too late for a revolution… that day passed a very long time ago.

To that end what this Nation will need is a Miracle. A Miracle which to encompass the whole of the Earth. To ignore the fact that so many other people in other nations are suffering from the same damn source of evils is but one more proof, of how defective, and false, those pretenders have become, while holding onto their precious thrones by a dirty-fingernail. After all, they keep saying they are the leaders of the world, its their new world order, they claim to own it all so why place blame elsewhere?   Their collective leadership stinks and no amount of lip-stick on that pig is going to change the habits that it keeps. What they hate is peace and there is a reason why it is the only solution they fear.

As war pigs they simply become obsolete.


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