The Fallacy of Debt Money

The primary reason that debt can be declared money is due to the inside joke, which the phrase obliquely references, that your debt is their money. Having lent you the Credit of their money they expect back a premium[interest so compounded, not simple] plus the principle. The three-ring credit circus is a grand show filled with amazing financial acrobatics, daring sub-primes, funny clowns in business suits and all manner of cash games which are fun for the entire consuming family. Like so many other people around the world, we the people of America, are expected to consume, to spend our credits back into debt so we can resume the party time all over again. If you start running short of the funny money, there is always the credit card ready to fulfill another purchase of the amazing lifestyle, which is always touted as the reward all consumers live to die for… well the media hype is never-ending. My research strongly indicates that credit cards were pushed onto the working classes to mask the steep decline in purchasing power and to lift general commerce out of the pit of utter ruin.

This is not to say credit cards, are of themselves bad in general, only that the reason for their being rolled out in a very substantial way, had nothing to do with helping the consumer increase the marginal buying power so afforded, but to entice people into believing credit is just another type of money. I doubt but a few will remember a statement on the reverse of the typical credit card billing notice– which read– Any amount up to the line of credit — is Money we OWE you— most just look at the billing and the amount due. In March of 2008, every single one of the cards I held changed this statement into about three paragraphs of corporate legalese, which made incomprehensible that  prior simple statement. They also wiped out all of the credit as money owed to me above the debt itself. The amounts were quite substantial on most of the cards— the better part of 18 grand went poof and was gone—- thus the changing of that one statement told me the “money” function was gone as well. Credit stopped pretending to be money, but why?

This statement change occurred before the big summer melt-down [as I thought back then] as a precursor to the opposite function of debt—-credit goes dead—and debt stopped being money. As I pointed out in my work “The Grand Illusion” that bad debt eventually becomes way too expensive to be lent as good money.  This very specific criteria is also the primary reason such “paper money” was actually outlawed by the Constitution itself. It simply destroys the very thing it seeks. Give a banker a credit inch and he will take a country debt mile in return. Bankers on this earth exist for one reason: to become rich and debt makes them very rich, but war debt makes them the kings of wealth, of which all other forms of riches are so held. Giving this power to a private cartel was the sole reason of the federal reserve act and look at what happened. They gutted this country from one end to another with great efficiency and then proceeded to use that nontaxable wealth to further their goals of world conquest. Not a damn penny of that stolen wealth ever re-circulated the same way again. They connived a system to skim off the top the real money, non-interest bearing Notes and every asset of the American people they could take by hook, crook or law.

This very same money syndicate sat on tens of billions, while people here in America starved for want of single dollar, and did the exact same thing to millions of other people in every Nation in which they controlled the printing press and the first Rights to the issuance of Credit. So long as credit is on their side first, the infinite is the limit, but on the other side it is the limit of the debt so carried. How much money can you give them for a note of that precious credit is the deal you are making, on their terms of contract. When you sign up for a credit card it is a contract– time metrics– so used in conjunction with that Prime rate, which goes right back to the LIBOR scam. I assume most people really do get it— to manipulate the interest is to game the system of which it is employed. How would the average person react to the head-lines- say–“LIBOR rigged the Prime rates and the bastards stole Trillions in Profit!” —- one would like to think people would be out-raged, furiously pissed, ready to do some hang’in of those evil money pimping slime-balls— and yet it is crickets…………………..

The silence is deafening.

Well, by all indications from the Justice side of the aisle, there is nothing amiss at all. Why, those banking syndicator’s are as pure as white driven snow. The protection racket serves them all so well, they can steal with impunity, trillions upon trillions, from every sector across the economic whole and those debtors be damned. Debtors are always the bad ones— they owe money— why if those dirty-rotten debtors refuse to pay up— so will the fury of the law be swooped down upon them. Any individual who has had to deal with those debt collectors knows all to well, how swift that punishment is meted out when you owe them. But if that table should so turn— good luck on prying so much as a penny out of their dead-cold hand. And so long as that feeble department of no justice continues licking their feet apparently, that situation will not change any time soon.

When debt is money it is borrowed into existence. Borrowed from whom? That box of the borrowed is a box more evil than that of Pandora. Hell, maybe it is the very same one…. might explain a few things come to think of it…. and as such it is a phenomenon not unlike that of a black-hole…. by what magic does the banker reverse entropy itself? From out of the inky-darkness of the primal chaos does he like a mighty wizard so raise a new issuance of debt, minted upon the Bond, from which the printed currency is so delivered. Physicists, blush with envy at this marvel of  ‘creation ex nihilo’ mastery. If only such wonders might perchance apply to the sundry necessities of life, why earth would be transformed into a paradise of mutual abundance. Think of it— each according to their needs— so fulfilled by that magic box—nobody need be a poor, dead-eyed slave of debt ever again. Yeah, and so shall gold bars fall from the Heavens…. funny how those bankers wax such powers so long as people have not a single Right to oppose their damn evil schemes.

If debt was indeed the single greatest metric of real money, how come none of that trillions so counted can be spent? Well, there is that tiny problem that every debt is owed to somebody else as a credit. When debt is bundled as securities and sold it produces money from interest. I call this the honey pot theory, due to the fact when one studies the macro-functions of Debt, it is the grand pyramid scheme of which all the rest pale by comparison. This carefully engineered transformational process, of the summing of the aggregates— transmutes the productive energies of all those so bound— into producing the only money so concentrated into as few hands as possible. That piece of paper worth nine-tenths of a cent in your hand is worth a thousand in one of theirs. The con is so sophisticated in its psychological sleight-of-hand even when people know how this little trick works on them, very few realize why it works at all. 

Where on that piece of paper so held, does it state this is money? Why is a Franklin worth anymore than a Jefferson?  Or how about the 100,000 Dollar Bill: Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, served from 1913-1921.

HundredThousand DollarNote


Also take note that is a gold dollar redemption—Certificate. No doubt only circulated among the big-wigs while toasting themselves over another billion so gained. Note the date 1934? In 1933, FDR banned gold ownership for U.S. citizens– so who exactly was the intended beneficiary of this gold held in the United States Treasury? If Joe Public was banned from redeeming his dollar in gold, boy did this note make a monkey out of him.   I will take a long-shot here and say—-he was chosen for this rarest of Notes because—- HE signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he lamented… I have unwittingly ruined my country.

Too bad he was unable to put the wheels of Justice in motion to save his Nation, from the vultures he unleashed upon us all. Debts and Dues public and private –payable in gold— so authorized by the Law… in 1934 no less. That would be around 2,800 ounces of that barbaric metal so demanded… which would set you back at todays range: $1310.8 – $1315.3– coming in around $3,682,000 by dollar deflated value. Roughly 36 times more dollars needed, which is the LOSS of that value not its gain. This is the fallacy of that debt dollar laid bare to facts, not conspiracy or conjecture— just cold, hard facts that the credit dollar of today is worth 36 times less in purchasing power of genuine money. A fact which is clearly not in your debt dollar favor. The manipulations of silver have made a mockery of any historical parity to gold and as a consequence to that of the paper dollar itself. The deeper implications of such historical manipulations goes, to the heart of this quite interesting bit of past news, concerning those very mysterious Wilson Certificates:

—–“A mysterious trillion dollar lawsuit filed on November 23, 2011 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, claims that 134.5 billion dollars worth of gold was secretly given to the U.S. government in the mid-1930s by the then Nationalist government of China for safekeeping. The lawsuit claims that 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve notes were issued to the Chinese government, and the gold transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank. It is claimed that a total sum of almost one trillion dollars representing both the principal and accumulated interest of the 1934 Federal Reserve notes was fraudulently taken from the plaintiff, Neil Keenan, an agent for the owners, a mysterious Asian entity called The Dragon Family. What makes the lawsuit worth paying attention to is that involves the unresolved June 2009 case of two Japanese citizens caught on a train in Italy while traveling to Switzerland with 134.5 billion dollars in US Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments.”—

That very interesting bit of information leads to yet another:

—–“The U.S. District Court lawsuit supports claims by David Guyatt, author of The Secret Gold Treaty, that missing World War II era national gold reserves have been intentionally kept out of public circulation (“black gold”). Furthermore, the lawsuit reveals a coordinated international effort to launder, trade and defraud owners or investors of bonds and other financial instruments issued against the “black gold”. At the heart of this internationally coordinated effort, according to Guyatt, is the Bilderberg Group – which in 1954 played a key role in the passage of a Secret Gold Treaty. What this paper will show is that what lies behind the Bilderberg Group’s involvement with “black gold” is to provide long-term funding for a globally coordinated ‘second’ Manhattan Project. The ultimate goal of this globally coordinated project is to comprehensively deal with a subject so vast and complex as to dwarf the resources of any one nation – extraterrestrial life and technology.

–“The core claim of the November 2011 District Court filing is that the bonds fraudulently taken from the Plaintiff Keenan in November 2009 and the bonds apprehended near Chiasso, Switzerland in June 2009 by the Italian financial police were genuinely issued by the Roosevelt administration in exchange for gold deposited by the Nationalist Government of China some time before the Japanese invasion on July 7, 1937. The lawsuit states:

–“Upon information and belief, between 1927 and 1938, as a result of arrangements made between China and the United States, the United States … leased vast amounts of gold from the nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. During this period, China was partly occupied by Japanese troops and there was a fear of China being overrun by the Japanese. [5]

–“The Secret Gold Treaty & 1954 Bilderberg Meeting

—–“Regardless of the controversy over ownership of Federal Reserve bonds behind the trillion dollar lawsuit, both Keenan/Dragon Family and Sale/OITC agree over the bonds’ authenticity. Most importantly, both parties agree that the bonds were issued by the US Federal Reserve bank against gold reserves leased to it during the Second World War era. The national gold reserves of nationalist China, in Keenan’s/Dragon Family lawsuit version of historic events (somewhere in the range from one to 20 million tons); or the gold of most of the worlds exiled royal families in the Sale/OITC version of events (two million tons) dwarf in size the known world gold reserves of 165,000 tons. The most telling fact to emerge from the lawsuit is that the vast majority of the world’s gold has been hidden away from public knowledge and scrutiny for decades. As David Guyatt explains it back in 2000:

… the full story of the nature of gold has yet to be told, and my guess is that it will remain hermetically sealed amongst the few for a very long time to come. Two things are certain, however. The historical official mining figures for gold are patently false and have been knowingly fabricated and thrust on an unsuspecting public. Second, and leading on from this, it is, therefore, evident that gold is not at all rare. Current statistics show above- ground stocks of the metal to total about 140,000 metric tones. The reality is far, far higher and, in all probability, is well in excess of one million tonnes. I doubt anyone really knows for certain, owing to the fact that so much is still buried in the Philippines and elsewhere in Southeast Asia that tallying it all up is impossible – even to this day. [19]

–“A number of whistleblowers have claimed to have either directly witnessed, or seen documents/film of one of the most important diplomatic meetings ever held in human history. [38] The core story is that President Eisenhower secretly traveled to Edwards AFB to meet with a delegation of extraterrestrials over the weekend of February 19-20, 1954 in a final attempt by the latter to halt America’s thermonuclear weapons program. Apparently, the extraterrestrial delegation wanted to persuade Eisenhower to use his personal authority to put an end to the development of the Hydrogen bomb whose destructive capacities far exceeded the more primitive nuclear fission bombs used on Japan. The extraterrestrials offered to help the U.S. develop spiritually and ethically before introducing advanced technologies that could also be used for weapons of mass destruction. Eisenhower’s national security team was firmly opposed to the extraterrestrial’s overtures. This is how one alleged witness described the scene and the conflict between Eisenhower’s national security advisors:

—–“My dear friends: I have just returned from Muroc [Edwards Air Force Base]. The report is true — devastatingly true! … When we were allowed to enter the restricted section (after about six hours in which we were checked on every possible item, event, incident and aspect of our personal and public lives), I had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism. For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized that their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description. The reality of the ‘other plane’ aeroforms is now and forever removed from the realms of speculation and made a rather painful part of the consciousness of every responsible scientific and political group…. President Eisenhower, as you may already know, was spirited over to Muroc one night during his visit to Palm Springs recently. And it is my conviction that he will ignore the terrific conflict between the various ‘authorities’ and go directly to the people via radio and television — if the impasse continues much longer. From what I could gather, an official statement to the country is being prepared for delivery about the middle of May. [39]

–“The date of May for Eisenhower’s tentative extraterrestrial disclosure announcement is an important clue to the timetable decision makers were using to decide what to do about the extraterrestrials concerns over nuclear weapons. The diplomatic meeting failed and less than two weeks later, America tested its largest ever hydrogen bomb on March 1, 1954 – the Bravo Test’s 15 megaton yield was 1000 times more destructive than the bomb used at Hiroshima. Rather than move forward with a May 1954 Disclosure announcement, Eisenhower instead approved keeping the existence of extraterrestrial life a closely guarded secret. In May 1954, what happened instead was approval for a meeting of global elites under the auspices of the Rockefeller family – the very first Bilderberg meeting.

–“Guyatt claims that in 1972, another secret meeting occurred to formalize the 1954 meeting given changes in the international system with the growing international prominence of Asian economies:

–“The answer to this enigma appears to reside in a secret meeting held in 1972 in which 48 nations (or representatives from 48 nations) participated that formalized an earlier informal agreement (dare I say a “Secret Treaty?”) to control and “use” the metal plundered during World War II. By all accounts, bullion banks, central banks, and also refineries have since joined in this arrangement and have formed an unofficial “club” to police and control the black gold that they henceforward designated as being on “vacation.” [46]

–“Basically, as Guyatt first revealed, the amount of publicly known and tradable gold would be contrived by deflating the amount of historically mined gold to the current estimate of 165 thousand tons. In reality, the amount of “black gold” greatly exceeded this by as much as a factor of a 100 or even more. Keeping Asia’s and Europe’s “black gold” off the books would offer a cache of gold that could be moved, traded and/or liquidated in ways that would generate enormous sums for different national intelligence agencies. According to Guyatt:

–“The amalgamated pool of funds created and now held in dormant and orphaned bank accounts runs to trillions of dollars, according to insiders. At the low end of estimates, there is believed to be enough to pay off the US national debt plus some change. At the higher end, estimates range up to hundreds of trillions of dollars. I have been repeatedly told, almost matter-of-factly, that the higher estimates are closer to the truth. I simply don’t know how big the sums amount to, but I can document US$12 trillion. [47] Michael E. Salla, MA., Ph.D.

Well, the plot thickens as one delves deeper into the scheming, lying, under-handed manipulations so justified, to keep the vast majority of the people, totally in the dark about WHY the world is operating like a nut-factory in hyper-gear. The lunatics are in charge and they are hell bent on keeping it that way, no matter how big the lies need to become, thus,  to keep those illicit powers, so contrived. By all rights silver is more rare than gold, which was known, even way back in those cowboy days… which is why they had to kill that Silver dollar with a gold bullet to the back of a man. Just when one thinks the lowest level has been reached another deeper one comes into view.

The single greatest fallacy of ‘debt is money’ is that it was never intended to be money at all, only the means to control the perceptions, of what money does as opposed to what it really is… so the psychology in Tension remains firmly affixed to the desired end. To keep people in perpetually greater debt, by their very needs of said money to stay alive. One of these days people are going to realize just how fully they have been fooled, and cheated, at the same time. When the shame wears off by god, those dirty, lying bankers will be needing some new prison under-wear. Unless, of course they just buy themselves another round of injustice and head off to play another round of golf. Must be why its Obummers-in-chiefs favorite game.


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