The Constitution has failed modern Americans

Can the constitution actually be saved by a convention? One would like to think that such a convention would provide the opportunity for meaningful changes, which address the great disparities confronting modern Americans, but that optimism may well be seriously mis-placed, considering just how far this Nation, has drifted away from solving any problems, which might actually help people live better lives. If failure is to be measured by the lack of success, where opportunities once plentiful, no longer exist in any meaningful way, the critical defects so suffered, by so many, have little chance of finding resolution, by adding some more dry ink to the —It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!— as attitudes in that cob-webbed Chamber have no regard for any organic constitution. By most accounts those public servants haven’t read that version in so long, it is like an old, busted record of a tune they no longer dance to. The current war-pig of a Prez just does what-ever he wants, the same as his predecessors, and I say war-pig because the fool has never declared Peace for a single day. The one solution nobody wants to hear is the only one that will work. Peace cancels out a substantial amount of the executive baggage now plugging up the pipes. The Constitutions main, over-riding purpose was to Keep the Peace, among the Several States and the People who inhabited them.

The Power of Peace is the one Power none of those charlatans in Office give any serious thought to because it takes away all those powers they never were allowed to have by the Rules so expressed upon them.  The enemies of the People have exploited that wretched implied power doctrine, and by implication also causing a much deeper defect to be turned into a run-away military-industrial complex, now transmuted into a Super-Borg-intelligence-State, which uses the constitution to wipe its collective ass.

When was the last time the Constitution actually stopped the federal administrative tyrants, from doing anything they wanted to one of those Subjects so presumed to be under their all-Mighty authority? Well, don’t waste your time making a list, instead, ponder why your unalienable Rights are so ignored as well by those Money Monarchs riding shotgun over Americans like Lords of the cash Fiefdoms. Americans, so long regulated into a position of inferior status, by an Amendment actually based on a racial determination, have been assaulted by the Congress, by way of the hordes of dirty, little side-kicks for so long, they have lost sight of those Peaceful-Unalienable Rights, as a meaningful quality of their Natural lives upon this Earth.

Unless, the Almighty himself, were to Come down from the Heavens, throwing lightening bolts, castigating and denouncing these wretched money-grubbing psychopaths, the average citizen will simply continue staring down at the dirt beneath his feet, and banefully obeying what he is told to do, just like the obedient slave so asserted. The connivance of Law has allowed the Congress, to hand off the bully club of Collection to a gang of authoritarian thugs, who point to a mile long collection of Codes and demand their money or else. You owe us is their Stock in Trade phrase right along-side “taxpayer” which assumes no other possibility exists and therefore, their position cannot be refuted, or even questioned by, the so converted person in question. People fear that odious Agency for a good reason—- they will kill you, outright or financially, and once they decide you have some of that precious “taxable Income” upon which the whole of the Law revolves, you will never know any peace again. According to them no man is allowed to take too much of that precious dollar substance, and if so, he is a good for nothing thief and a lair— whose life ain’t worth a wooden dime— and god forbid a man is so charged with willful failure to file should demand his Rights shall be heard.

Such is the obnoxious road by which this wretched relationship has festered, like a over-sized boil, upon the citizens back, not one in a million even questions how the Constitution itself was twisted like a soft pretzel, to do the very opposite function of Law, upon those vested Rights so Secured by the constitution. Now that requires some real fancy foot-work upon the very meanings of freedom, of which that lowly ‘subject’ has very few. The tyrants of Wall street have never had to worry about the peons having an unalienable Right to their own money. A hundred years of social indoctrination has assured that most “citizens” know their Duty is to Obey…. or be frog-marched off to a cushy prison cell to be punished for unslavelike behaviors.  Only a slave can be punished for disobeying its Master! The real question is—- who is that Ultimate Master?

Who was actually injured by the ‘willful behavior’ is never revealed officially, only alluded to as an assumption of pre-judged guilt.  The individual knew there was a liability, heck they said so on TV—right along with a media print blitz as well. Yet, when such an individual looks too deep into that infernal Code, all he can see is a trick on his own mind.

Imagine a man being pulled over for failure to stop at a stop sign that was invisible. Why, no your Honor, I did not see that invisible stop sign… He replies, so how can I be charged with a willfully failed to stop?  And so answeredWhy, your position is frivolous… just because there was no immediate evidence of a stop sign does not mean one has to be present. Stop signs exist all over America and you must Obey them…. Right? So claiming you need to see a sign does not mean you are relieved from its imposition, therefore you are indeed guilty of knowing your Duty is to Stop. It is not a question of knowing there was a sign, only that there can be a sign. You have NO right to question where that sign may be actually located, for you have no standing upon that question. And off the man goes to the big-house for failure to stop for the invisible sign— whose enabling law was political after all. He obviously was quite confused that two separate Signs were indeed as one. The political citizen is but a shadow of the real one and the shadow is bound to a political trick upon the Natural.

Such is the nature of this infernal trap of invisibility upon all political Americans, regardless, of your actual financial position. No amount of logical reasoning will ever matter inside a court whose Rules are used against the shadow citizen, like a sword to your natural throat. How amazing it is that those wonderful citizen rights so conferred upon the Resident, that not a damn one of them actually protects the Natural man, or his property, from the over-reaching claws of that tax beast ripping into his chest. No those vicious, invisible lies so used are the very ones which unleash that red-toothed beast upon your person, to render you as defenseless as possible when attacked. You are a slave being thrown into the lions cage, as a punishment for ever claiming you had any natural Rights at all. Now who is that authority so Harmed by the Right to live peacefully?

Where the rubber meets the road is here:

—–26 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 1.1-1 “Income tax on individuals[generic]. (a) General rule[still generic not specific]. (1) Section 1 of the Code [not the Law so cited, thus invisible] imposes an income tax on the income of every individual *who is[qualifier] a citizen or resident of the *United States . . [14th amendment not 16th]. The tax imposed is upon *taxable income [not defined by the Code in this section for a reason]. . .” A self-referential meaning is implying one thing while avoiding the actual criteria for lawful application. This omission of criteria is why the rule is general and not Specific

*Taxable is not congruent to Incomes so defined by the 16th— the definition has to meet the distinct criteria of the Uniform Excise tax law passed in 1909 in order to be taxable— this explicit relationship is obscured by the use of generic terms not DEFINED by the assertions as used.  This section was taken from the Normal tax on Federal employees and re-asserted starting in 1954 to be on all people living in any of the Union States—by the simple omission of the Title— as a sweeping post Victory tax generalization on all individuals, which also boldly excludes any possibility the jurisdiction as given is quite false. Any individual not under such jurisdiction HAS no taxable liability period.

This bait and switch tactic between the 16th and 14th has the perverted result of taxing citizenship, by the measure of the income—for an excise tax on corporations. IS the ‘citizen’ the source of commerce being moved into the country? Did the ‘citizen’ trade itself from one State to another?  The 14th amendment was not ratified as a condition for an Income-excise tax and to use it as the hook for such income taxation is logically a fatal Defect of both as used.

If without the 14th no “citizen” can be under the ‘commerce’ jurisdiction of the taxing authority—- the 16th is absolutely defeated by its omission. Since the 14th did NOT imply a NEW taxing power was about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting people… no NEW taxing power can be contrived by it use. Simply put, without the 14th—as a prop— the Code cannot impose any liability on any Individual who is not a United States *Person. The corporate income tax passed in 1909 defined what “Incomes” meant in regards to the 16th, which seriously limited its non-excise authority. To dodge the limitation the crafty Code writers made yet another major blunder, which Congress has never corrected. The freed slave was now to be taxed for being free under the 14th. Corporations were never slaves… they shed no blood and do not deserve any Standing, with those that did period. The issue of Race cannot be ignored so long it is being used to convert white and black people to federal slavery.

What Congress had to say about the passage of the 1909 law is quite revealing:

—–“2.3.3 44 Cong.Rec. 4046 (1909): Excise taxes don’t tax corporations, but shift taxes to poor people, “You talk about the power of great aggregations of capital; you talk about the crushing out of the life of the rights and of the opportunities of the individual-the policy against which we have struggled for several years… “But when the American people come to learn that this is simply a shifting of a tax in most cases upon the consumer, when they come to learn that millions of dollars can be invested in a corporation which will not pay one dollar of tax [a holding company], when they come to learn that this is a plain invitation to go on and enlarge a system which we have battled against these seven years, there is no danger of this or any other Congress taking the second step. The American people will attend to that in their own behalf… “Based upon the theory that it is an excise tax, it exempts from that excise the very corporations [the holding companies] that in all human probability are the best able to pay the tax. It exempts the great bondholders, the great accumulated fortunes of this country.”

2.3.4 44 Cong.Rec. 4233 (1909): Corporations have no moral concerns“Mr. NEWLANDS. We now come to the monopolistic holding company, the great trust organizations like the steel trust, for the purpose of holding the stock of other constituent companies, with the view to controlling and monopolizing production in certain lines. Such an organization is not sustained by any moral consideration and is against public policy and the spirit of the interstate commerce law.”

4.3.8 44 Cong.Rec. 4424 (1909)“Mr. COX. It is not my intention to belittle wealth, but, on the other hand, I believe it should be the duty of all to uphold it where it is honestly procured. The idea that men like Carnegie, now the holder of more than $300,000,000 worth of the bonds of the United States steel trust, escapes federal taxation is indeed absurd…and then, to realize that all these enormous fortunes are escaping their just and proportionate share of taxation while the people themselves are staggering under our present system of indirect taxation, it is no wonder to me they cry for relief. If it be the determination of the so-called “business interests’ in this country to maintain an enormous navy at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars annually, as well as an army, to protect and defend their various business interests, I insist that this part of the wealth of the country ought to stand its proportionate share of taxation, and I know of no way to compel them to do it as justly and equitably as an income tax. [Loud applause.]”

Of all the privileges enjoyed by corporations, the most valuable is this charter [protective tariff], given to the domestic corporations, which permits them to impose upon domestic consumers a charge of nearly $4,000,000,000 in excess of what they would pay if the competitive products on the outside were given free entry.”

3.1 44 Cong.Rec. 4028 (1909): Corporate Excise Tax of 1909 “It is a tax laid upon the business and privileges of a corporation, and the measure of the tax is the net profits of the corporation.”

[How exactly did the explicit intentions of the “incomes tax” become a Capitation income tax? Any money that is earned is nontaxable by direct meaning of the word INCOME.]

3.3 45 Cong.Rec. 4420 (1909): Definition of “Income” “The income tax seeks to reach the unearned wealth of the country and to make it pay its share.

—–“My understanding of the cause of that demand was that the burden of taxation rested so heavily upon the great masses of the people of the United States; and when I say that, I am not speaking of those who are poverty stricken, but of the masses of the people who are in moderately good circumstances, people who live by salaries and who live by wages, and people who live from incomes in small business. The burden upon them was so great as to become intolerable, and the people of the United States desired that the tariff law should be revised in order that that burden might be decreased and that they might be put in a more tolerable condition in the bearing of the expense of comfortable living. In other words, the great masses of the people of the United States were in a condition where food cost them too much, where raiment cost them too much, and where the expense of every incident of life necessary for a comfortable living was in excess of that which they could reasonably supply from ordinary incomes. Now, the point of the inquiry which I desire to make– Mr. ALDRICH. Mr. President…”—

—–“Much diversity of opinion has always prevailed upon the question: What are direct taxes? Attempts to answer it by reference to the definitions of political economists have been frequently made but without satisfactory results. The enumeration of the different kinds of taxes which Congress was authorized to impose was probably made with very little reference to their speculations. The great work of Adam Smith, the first comprehensive treatise on political economy in the English language, had then been recently published but in this work though there are passages which refer to the characteristic difference between direct and indirect taxation, there is nothing ,which affords any valuable light on the use of the words direct taxes in the Constitution. Then he goes on to say: What does appear in those discussions, on the contrary, supports the construction. Mr. Madison informs us that Mr. King asked what was the precise meaning of direct taxation, and no one answered.

Evidently the question challenged the attention of the convention, because Madison goes on to say that no one answered it, and he seems to attach such importance to that fact. If I understand the position of the Senator from Idaho, it is that direct taxes are of two kinds, and two only, namely, a capitation tax and a land tax.

—–“In addition to the provisions in reference to increasing the income of the Government, there was an additional recommendation by the President of the United States in his message that it would give a certain amount of control of corporations by the National Government, publicly, as to the condition of the affairs of corporations, and supervision to a certain extent over those corporations. The bill provides that these returns as made by these corporations to the collector of internal revenue shall be forwarded to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and become public records. But it provides also that no collector of internal revenue shall have the right to examine the books and affairs of any corporation, unless the Commissioner of Internal Revenue is satisfied that a false return has been made; or, in another instance, where no return has been made, he can then appoint a deputy specially authorized to examine the books and the papers necessary to ascertain the correct amount that should be returned by the corporation, and obtain knowledge sufficient to make a return where no return has been made. By reason of these various provisions in the measure the public will be advised of the conditions of the affairs of corporations throughout the country, and at the same time the fear of many people that these internal-revenue agents will be prying into the affairs of corporations is protected, as no investigation of their affairs can be done except by an officer specially authorized for that purpose.”—-

—–“Therefore I am opposed to it. I do not know that this may have here now any effect, but I wish it understood that you may call it a ” corporation tax ” or call it an “excise tax” or call it anything you please, you can not thus, to my mind, take away its real nature or make that good which is otherwise bad, nor can you so interpret the Federal Constitution that an income tax is unconstitutional as direct when you frankly call it an “income tax,” but becomes immediately constitutional and indirect when you write upon a yellow label across its face ” special excise tax.” Mr. Newlands.

–Mr. President, following the line of argument which the Senator from Colorado [Mr. HUGHES] has so ably pursued, I wish to speak briefly regarding the practical form that this measure should take, in case it is enacted into law.

–Mr. BARTHOLDT. In a moment I will yield to tbe gentleman from Alabama. I merely want to submit a thought in connection with this discussion, and that is this, that I am opposed to any exemptions, not only to an exemptions of $5,000, or $7,500 or $10,000, but I am opposed to all exemptions. I believe in equality of taxation. I believe that every exemption you make will be un-Democratic, un-Republican, and un-American, because you will thereby create two classes, a tax-paying class and a nontaxpaying class, namely, all those whose income is below $5,000 will be exempted from that direct tax and consequently will be classed as nontaxpaying citizens.

–THE SPEAKER. The time of the gentleman from Missouri has expired.—–

No where in these discussions did I find any mention that the proposed ‘incomes tax’ was specifically to be ADDED to the burdens of the wage earning people, or those living on a small income. There was no confusion that wages were considered to be the same as Incomes so derived by corporate activities. Also take note that even the Founding Fathers were quite silent on the matter of what a Direct tax was by any explicit meaning, other than a tax on lands and a capitation tax on people. People paid an indirect tax specifically because no Capitation tax without apportionment was allowed. The incomes tax was NEVER specified as a new form of capitation, or a derived version therefore, apportionment is still the LAW which restricts such a use and no new ‘yellow label’ can change this fundamental fact.

Clearly Congress, in 1909 was not planning a new fiction of federal citizenship to justify a new perversion of the Direct taxing power! As used today, a false condition of the taxing power, so inserted into section one, is based on federal employees but enforced on non-employees just the same. This bold misrepresentation of the jurisdiction allows two frauds to act as one. It is a fraud upon Citizens of free Sovereign States— and it is a fraud upon the races who were never given genuine Equality to the former. The modern Congress is a lying Snake for a reason and the Lender is that reason.

The reason why excise taxes were expressed as an enumerated power was directly due to the fact NO DIRECT TAX on wage workers in the sovereign states were ever ALLOWED and under any such Jurisdictions in the first place. The direct tax was SENT to the States, not the general population period. Masters paid the Capitation tax on slaves—or indentured servants due to the fact they themselves declared such men/woman/children to be their private property—therefore, evidence of material wealth gained of the lands so owned. The mass-capitation tax engineered by the treasury in the 1940’s was unconstitutional to the extreme— and they knew it was by the crafty manner in which they hid the truth behind the Victory tax—also unconstitutional but patriotic under the war powers. The very same war powers which were a fraud to hide the schemes of the British banking syndicate and their criminal accomplices in that rats nest called the FR-Bank.

–The IRC defines a—–United States person:

–IRC 7701(30) United States person. The term “United States person” means –

*(A)  A citizen or resident of the United States.

Another fine example of word-games run amok. Where does the circular reasoning ever end? The term United States has three possible meanings… which one is implied here? An artificial person is a citizen, or resident, of the United States, therefore to know which one is which requires the natural citizen of the Union States to be defined as well. Since the natural State citizen is never defined it is only by Negative Inference that real people must also be artificial 14th citizens in order to be taxed as fictional corporations. Therefore, the real meaning of the 14th amendment must have been to Convert real people to mere Fictions of the law. This Ad Hoc conversion of the real to the fiction is unconstitutional on the Grounds it deprives the Natural Rights of every Living person so Secured, by the Federal Constitution, while destroying the very reason such Rights existed in the Sovereign States in the first damn place.

–IRC 7701(14) Taxpayer. The term “taxpayer” means any person subject to any internal revenue tax.[And IF not— such an Individual is in the nontaxpaying class.] Also, take note that an artificial person aka the corporation citizen is the subject.

Meaning federal employees, or corporate persons so sheltered by the 14th, thereby excluding any Person NOT under such jurisdiction… which is international by primary purpose as Congress, has no such jurisdiction within the Union of States. Congress, cowering under the whip of Northern hatred, gave forth a bundle of freshly minted implied powers:.

–Constitution of the United States of America
14th Amendment (1868). Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside[If not the rest of this amendment has no meaning]. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States[Note the contrast of United States to the generic State]; nor shall any States deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws [Note the odd plurality of States reverts to singular within its jurisdiction—. I doubt the writers ran out of ink to use the proper terms of Several States, Union States or the the dubious claim none of the Several States were already protecting Unalienable or in some cases inalienable Rights.]

None of the above is factual law— it is pure word-smith fraud– a lie so bold it was too big to fail—-which is why it was soundly defeated constitutionally the first time, only to be ratified at gunpoint as Void the next time. The insertion of the  “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” is very clever pointing to the international jurisdiction to assign foreign Black people as artificial persons to a non-Union-state classification, in order to give an appearance that, All the Union States had lost the war, All of them lost their free sovereign status and all them lost the Rights which made them a UNION in the first place by peaceful consent.

The Northern delegates responsible for this damning bit of nonsensical hyperbole, had no Authority to void the State legislators, nor did they ever posses the Authority to Impose any conditions upon another Equal citizen of the Union. No State which joined the Union did so under the Authority of another period. All States which did not allow slavery had no reason to strip away the real Principle of individual Rights for a fiction of dubious merits. No State decided the requirements of another States citizens and the Federal role was only to ensure the Peaceful resolution of disputes which might arise and under Supreme Court jurisdiction. By boldly asserting that Congress alone decides who is a political ‘state resident’ or ‘citizen’ by the negative assertion that the United States itself has citizens— which of course begs the Number One Question: where were these “citizens” hiding before slaves were freed?  By what law of the twilight zone did these fools wrap around themselves such odious powers?


And the 16th——The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

The 1909 tax defined Income, so here the plural has to mean intangible and tangible, in order to reach into those unearned, accumulations of wealth. A Uniform indirect tax needs no Direct tax provisions, so the 16th was a farce of contrived powers. No individual of that time period was demanding a Capitation tax, which would be the only reason to include the Direct tax provisions. Here too is an absurdity as such direct capitation taxes DID not need to be re-defined for any reason, as such provisions applied to States to receive the most equal Share and thus Keep the Peace.  The capitation was never on the incomes as no wage earner had any… he simply contributed his labors to the wealth which was by the generic sense of accounting held to be the sum of such Gains.

When it comes to Congress, no word means what it says in plain English. In plain English, any State Citizen not subject to the Jurisdiction thereof, as a United States resident person, cannot be the Individual citizen so imposed upon. Therefore, the trick is to assume, anyone who is alive and breathing, wherever they may Reside physically, are nonetheless, UNDER the jurisdiction of the taxing power, by virtue of being Classified, for that very purpose. This nifty little trick is the perfected legal cage which places All citizens under the whipping tax, as if they had no other purpose, but to serve their Money Masters, so declared. If you are making money it is assumed beyond any shadow of doubt, it is Income so taxable period. No other Form of Incomes exists by such perfected declarations, and no citizen receiving such precious income is allowed to define themselves otherwise. All people are a 14th citizen by no choice, but by entrapment alone to a curious undefined States. People are told to join Social Security for a future old age benefit—  But the price of that benefit is to be nailed to that direct income cross in that odd States. If you as an American believe that arrangement is good for you…. do NOT ever fail to file or cease to pay the incomes tax. The IRS will rip you to shreds for claiming that benefit and failing to file the required Form, to which that “a tax” is imposed indirectly and so collected upon Residents of that States.

Another tiny detail to this “States arrangement” is when these odious “ITS jurisdictions” were implied by those wizards in Congress, social security did not of course yet exist. So the language of the earlier law had to be tortured just right, in order to make the Right to Tax your property thereby, unquestioned by decree. The government is converting your private property to public property under its quite limited “STATES” jurisdiction. So the Law has to convert those Rights into “subject to States” in order to complete the circle upon the square. The four-corners of the Law had to be defeated by the imposed 14th citizen “States” loophole or the government could not hand over the hog-tied, citizen so converted to a 16th defined taxpayer, therefore, so defeated to the Lender of that precious paper credit soon to be Incomes. That worthless, paper dollar so contrived out of the darkness of an evil bankers dead-cold heart, is the binding agent upon which taxable is otherwise impossible.

Interestingly enough, the mere act of telling people not to be a tax slave is treated by the IRS in a manner no different than how people were treated if they dared to support the freeing of slaves. If by some odd quirk of possibility this blog post was read by say thirty percent of the tax paying public, and because of implying some sweeping declaration that “all wage earners and self-employed” were never the intended ‘subjects’ under the so “Imposed Code”  and this assertion so declared, caused some people to stop filing, the IRS would no doubt charge me with various felony crimes resulting in death or imprisonment soon thereafter. Forget about that “Freedom of Speech” as the expression of the unalienable Right— to Think and to Speak ones mind— which is factually beyond the jurisdictions of fictions— that which has no mind cannot be superior to that which does—- to say otherwise is an absurdity both of Law and Fact, The People of the Union States clearly existed prior to the Signing of the Constitution period, but such facts are simply too frivolous to be taken seriously by those lawless IRS spooks. And they were spies from day one…. and simply fooled people without effort.

Since no fictional institution can claim it has equal Unalienable Rights to a living Being—those powers so Instituted, were enumerated, therefore are still alienable.  To remove the Superior Rights of the Living requires the ridicule of the Intrinsic quality of which such Rights encompass. People had to be told via the communistic tripe, that they are nothing, but biological machines, which do not have ANY Divine property, so Created, as in a living Soul, therefore, have no greater substantial rights than what can be implied by civil fiat. The government took over the place of God and thus became its artificial Master. Money power defeated moral truth and the American people, like so many others upon the Earth, became mere shadows of their former substance. The Tyrants of today do not recognize anything not Subject to their awesome power of money. Their laws say so— and the humble citizen obeys these laws IF they know what is good for them. Coercion always points to the factual weakness of the Tyrants and their silly claims of law—- NO real Choices are allowed.

The litmus test of any “Power” is thus laid bare—- if the government announced tomorrow any person who does not want to be coerced into Social Security can fill out this Form and discharge themselves from its implied contract— and people decided what was actually best for them that choice proves the Law can do no Harm. This does not mean the damn Code does no Harm! The Law to be true to itself has to be in Harmony with the People period! Any law that Harms people is injustice upon them— such laws defeat the Truth of any Law and cannot be allowed to Stand or such laws destroy the inherent Principle just as fire destroys paper homes and those who live in them. When the law is defective to the Principle of its Purpose it cannot be A law at all— and this fact is well recognized. Or else all law is nonsensical fiction and cannot be taken seriously, or enforced, by anything, but violence and death.

The whole of the idea of the “unalienable Rights” was to recognize that essential Principle that any law from an inferior Institution which Trespassed upon that Secured Right— was void as it cannot destroy the Right which already existed, and was Immutable by its Source. The world is filled with men who do not agree to the essential Principle, or its Nature [To do no Harm] and many of them call themselves Divine.  America was an experiment to test another core principle that—- Men can rule themselves without Harm peacefully. And if so can have full expression of those natural Rights which can only come from their highest expression— a king is no more a god than his own ego will attest. Kings have proved again and again, when it comes to money they are wolves and no man is safe from their predations. The whole idea of Kingship, in the modern world has de-evolved to its lowest expression of mediocrity, and its banking institutions born from the banality of evil itself. Those fools on that distant hill so destroyed the very meaning of crown or sovereignty, none exist today, thus such qualities ruined by such deceit and malice have never recovered from such destruction.

Kings who shaved their Coin, shaved their Honor just the same, and in the relentless pursuit of riches, so they shaved their Conscience too until it was but a foul Mote in their own eye. The lust for power was only matched by the consequences of its sins. Ruthless greed has destroyed more men than the Devil himself and for the same reason— the Harm so inflicted to the goal so demanded always Tramples the Rights of those so unfortunate to have what the liars want— material wealth of the Lands themselves. Who cares about those native inhabitants– they are too savage to ponder the riches beneath their naked feet. The ambitions of Kings knew no boundary of Wisdom, so long as there was money to Made, and to be taken, by whatever force necessary… and in that kernel of demand the evil was so administered. Lying, cheating and stealing was just a part of the game when the “divine powers” spoke. Never-mind, the fact, by such actions those so-called divine powers were hollow assertions and so morally defective, dead-to-the-ground.

The people who came to America, to escape the tyrannies of such crowned fools, is also the Reason why they had to Declare such matters specifically and Secure them as best as any congruent quality of language can Ordain. This quality of Language is expressed in the Bill of Rights at the Federal level to Impose the Positive power by the Negative restraint. Congress cannot dictate Rights, no more than a ceramic Idol can depose of them. Natural Law is immutable by the observation that no man can dictate to the wind, or the seas the course of their powers. Otherwise, who needs a sail? If only a word from a King can cause the fruits to rain down from the clouds why bother with a tree? If a Pope can decree gold to rise up from the Earth as a Fountain of riches, why has no well ever been so dug? If these men had such powers of the Divine why did they die like every other man so born? Is this a riddle to be solved?

When a government of elected public servants began assuming they too had divine powers, they ceased to be statesmen and became gutless cowards. Gutless cowards, soon became bullies as they perverted the Law to become a handmaiden to their evils. Any action which has caused the American people, as a singular class, to be subject to Harm, so inflicted, is evil. These laws of tyrants are evil by purpose, no matter how clever they may be worded, especially to an assumption that Congress so Assembled, was Superior to the States from which it was created to Serve.

Just as I refuse to believe those “Founders” were Saints is the same reason I refuse to believe they were nothing but knob-headed fools— they knew exactly what they were doing and why. They had to defeat the Claim the King of Britain had upon the Lands— lands he never walked nor explored— by repudiating his Powers over Themselves! They had to Crown themselves as Sovereign or nothing changed upon the Lands they lived and breathed. They had to repudiate the Claims of the Roman Pope or they had no freedom to decide for themselves what was Divine, what was the proper role of religion and to WHOM it served in Purpose. If they had not done these essential Acts, nothing else mattered. One cannot claim the freedom to Exercise ones religious freedoms if you can be accused of Heresy and be-headed for its Willful failure provision. What good is it to have the freedom of Speech if it cannot be exercised at Will, or needs the approval of a Superior Authority to be Spoken at all? The stupid factor of the last one-hundred years of congress declaring itself Sovereign just like some kind of demented King-Pope mutant beast over all the People, regardless of Principles to the contrary, has allowed a Defect to become a rot in its bones. Congress without a conscience is rotten to its core and so is its precious paper dollar.

As cowardly as Congress has become, that filthy creature which rose out of the swamps of the dead is much more so… the unfederal-nonreserve-central bank fiction has destroyed from its very first moment anything that was honest about a dollar. This was its only real purpose. By destroying the unique American silver Coin system of equality among the People, every other rotten quality of British credit money has lorded over this nation ever since. To strangle the good out of the People, their money had to be stripped of its Honest character of intrinsic Worth. Any man who would dare to defend that Principle of Value was deemed inferior, stupid, misinformed, a heretic to the money masters new and improved synthetic lies of a dollar. Their dollar is a measure of a lie from their lips and no other. They own that lie and every Evil which has risen from its use. A lie so bold it was TOO BIG TO FAIL!

Every Statesman who took a stand against those lies was a Saint, and there are many who lost their lives trying to fight against those money monsters, and many more whom the public has but a minor memory. After all, they owned the Press, right along with every other damned thing, only money can buy to bury the opposition; no doubt as a deadly reminder who was in charge of the Nations purse and why. Every man or woman who has taken a stand against these monsters of money has also suffered the financial, professional consequences including imprisonment or death. The heartless nature of these banking syndicate psychopaths, whose corruptions, like a disease, eats out the conscience of governmental servants, know all to well the minute the People regain their True quality of Rights, they are dead-men walking. Without Congress to oil the stone they cannot grind a man down to nothing. One cannot stop the other—- so they are both— in on the Deal.

It is a tragic fact that most people do not understand how this deal destroys the very value they believe to be working for, or at least gain by the necessity of working for a living. That dollar taken by the taxing power, is worth more when taken than returned as a refund. This too is a form of Negative arbitrage. When the international syndicate can control the “framing of the value window”  by which two forms of credit must pass, the difference is not just inflation, it is a “Shaving instance” as well. Credit Shaving is just the modern version of Coin shaving and it is lightening fast and no doubt nearly impossible to prove unless a full AUDIT is done of all the many parts of the International banking syndicate system—simultaneously of course. One could never move Coin, as a real quantity in such a manner as allowed by computers today. Especially, those which are built to do certain functions and nothing else, as only super-computers can perform such tasks, so fully secured from any out-side interference. The only clue to this money-machines weakness—-is the Bank of international settlements unusual quality that it is immune from any jurisdiction exterior to itself. That is of course a Sovereign State, which has a Crown vested upon itself like no other in History.

What the syndicate demands to enrich itself apart from scrutiny that is the proof it has a weakness, which must be protected at all costs. That would be the truth of what it is and will always be— a Pirate syndication predating upon the world at large— whose illicit powers have corrupted the world into a mirror image of itself. How many more trillions of useless debt dollars does it take to change a cowards heart? How many more trillions of lost dollar potential does it take to change a single mind? The moral absurdity of such trillions of debt  as a chain upon future generations leaves no doubt their lives are already ruined before one breath has been taken.

How evil is that?

They will never know one day of Peace.


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