Identity of Self

“I am a Soul and this body is of my Self”

Some time around the sixth grade I found myself pondering what I thought was great idea— I am not a self and I am not a name— what am I when no references to me can be found. I was quite fascinated with this idea that people are identified by words which are not the people themselves, but merely an identifier. By the time I reached the tenth grade I had worked out what I thought was a great proof that men were indeed living souls. In my senior year I experienced a life changing event which while confirming, those early ideas, even as it opened up another dimension of questions of why we exist at all.

A recent interesting post on the GLP forum posed a question:

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design—- OK, so are we machines? Are we biological creatures?”
There are many such posts, articles, books etc.  pretty much asking the same question in regards to an Intelligent Designer— but not a god of the Bible specifically— versus the random theory of evolution. All of these arguments revolve around qualifications, subject to the aim of the writer, or public opinions as the case may be, as well as, the official stamp of authority of science that this is how it happened and here is the findings to prove what has been concluded. Nothing wrong with debates of ideas so posed, or the contentions as believed which are expressed. It is quite natural to be searching for answers and quite necessary to find them, as life becomes ever more complicated by the need to know what we really are beyond the Identity of the Self. We need answers that are genuine or we are going to end up against a wave of ignorance, which never turns out well in the end.

Now my experience was that of death itself.  A longer process than most would assume. I will leave the details that aside for the moment. I had left the earth, which was below me two-hand spans across. A vivid blue-white world glowing in the sun-light as the curvature cast the other half in shadow.  I— in full conscious awareness decided— that the earth was not to my liking at all—  something was very wrong about this world. I thought about many things especially why I could see and feel the space about me. I have no body, but I am not a speck less aware or diminished by it’s absence. I decided it was time to leave, as I had no intentions of ever returning and so I did—-as I moved along through the velvet, inky darkness— I could see no stars— and I did so at a phenomenal speed, quite unscientific by any definition—yet quite measurable by physics.  I pondered, as I traveled along without a single sense of fear or foreboding, why that wacky world existed at all. After, the earth was no longer thumb sized, or even a molecular blip far behind me, I remembered a place I wanted to see and I orientated myself to that direction. To get there I was going to need a major increase in warp-velocity and so I wound up— and just as I hit the higher energy peak– I instead came to a full stop.

A very popular being known to hundreds of millions— now in front of me stated and I quote, “It is not your Time to die and now you have to go back.”

And so I did rather abruptly. What had taken hours of travel time was reduced to a micro-second. I had been over-ruled. The return to the body was quite unpleasant. Damn painful actually.

I have had a very long time to think about what had happened that early morning, both before and after. I came to the conclusion quite early on that discussing such a subject was a very bad idea. People do not want to hear about such things and they do not like entertaining ideas in stark contradictions to their own cherished beliefs, especially those who call themselves scientists. The interesting fact is how so many do not want to believe such experiences are possible and will avoid such possibilities to a considerable degree. There is no point to discuss such things with people to alter their convictions so biased.  I learned very early on to keep a lid on such subjects and continue onward on the path of Discovery.

My direct experience had opened yet another door of potential knowledge. My encounters with direct aspects of the Super-natural and the Supra-natural, each is quite different from the other, led me to essentially become a Spirit Walker. I went well beyond that conceptual quality as I learned multi-dimensionality is more than just a definition of spatial geometry in action.

Our senses are our windows to dimensions— in addition to those which connect our awareness to greater forces of the immutable which is not just focused on just a simple earth plane.   A scientist will merely consider such things as unscientific, or ludicrous posturing of someone seeking attention. A psychiatrist might very well decide a full treatment of powerful psychotropic drugs are needed to return that patient to normal behavior.  My experiences into the “other worldly”  are so numerous I have accumulated an extraordinary amount of knowledge as a result… but therein lies the rub… it is knowledge from unbelievable sources and cannot be shared like batting stats or the latest book review. Sometimes having information so far out it is inconceivable to your fellow man is actually quite dangerous.

Where is the balance?

If I say nothing and millions who need validation of specific truth involving Heaven, never receive such knowledge, have I chosen the wrong answer? If I do provide such answers will I simply make the situation worse as too much knowledge can shatter beliefs, upend unsuspected balances and cause more havoc than solved? Knowledge such as this is a double-edged sword not so much as what is believable to the faithful, but what is not acceptable and to whom.  The adversity over evolution versus Creation, as defined by the Bible, is just one arena of many involving deep conflicts of long standing mutual distrust. So is abortion as a tenet of womans rights over their own bodies. How does new knowledge confirm or deny already conflicted interests? It is a tough call to make when lives might be placed at risk. Nothing is really ever easy.

Going back to the question so posed:  Ok, so are we machines? Or are we biological creatures?

How about starting off as we are Spiritual Beings—which are quite superior to machines in our higher-order, native State. A scientist might say what higher order state is that? Heaven of course. A scientist shoots back, prove this answer and I might believe such a preposterous notion. A religious person might want specific information on where loved ones go or whether or not I witnessed the God-head or any other principles so described in Biblical terms, or by any other religious text.

My answers may not please anyone, or even matter as those so inclined simply turn the old mental channel to something else. Unless I somehow provide a big top show— complete with miraculous supernaturalism’s— many people will simply conclude duds-ville and move on to something much more exciting.  There is no pleasing people who want something that cannot be delivered by simple humble truths.

Now my return to Heaven was not by death— I knew something was quite special, but I did not know until I was nearly there it was indeed my actual destination. To even arrive at that point was not easy as I went through— literally four other separate realities to this earth plane. Right there most people will roll their eyes and wonder what balderdash is this nonsense? I call this the Gap Phenomenon.

When any information is too disconnected from the every day experience of reality, any information which has no such connection and is too distant by way of reproducible results, the gap is too strong to be over-come even if facts are presented. I cannot send people back over my trail, or through other reality dimensions so that aspect of proof is not going to be accepted. Suffice to say when I knew by awareness where I was going the contrast to where I had been was exceptionally clear. I was no longer in the earth body. The clarity of Awareness increased significantly above anything back on earth. As I moved along I saw colors that I could not see on earth and I specifically reminded myself to remember that fact for future reference. How did I see colors not seen on earth? How is that possible? What was the difference in my sight perceptions and thus visual dimensions? Why were there more colors in Heaven? Where on a chart might I point to for a scientist to deduce the extra visual range? Which frequencies were these colors representing specifically? The landscape below was like a Penrose mathematical tiling, but deeper in a way I cannot explain very well.

[A Penrose tiling, which has five-fold symmetry, is constructed from two types of tile (blue and green), each decorated with white lines. The rules for joining the tiles edge-to-edge equate to requiring the lines to match and form a straight line across their common edge. Furthermore, for a site on the surface of the tiling to be ‘sticky’, the short-range forces between tiles require that there be only one way to add tiles that satisfies the rules. Keys and Glotzer1 have modelled simple interatomic forces that cause atom clusters to arrange themselves in quasi-crystal layers analogous to a Penrose tiling, but with 12-fold symmetry.]

Imagine a landscape going on for hundred of  miles— hills and valleys of such a mathematical geometry. Only in colors not seen here on earth in addition to those we see in ordinary light. Was I seeing something akin to quasi-crystal layers in 12-fold symmetry? What I was seeing was quite spectacular, but I had no answers, like now only questions.

This entire time I was traveling along with Beings whose Joy was so intense, I felt their presence long before I saw their blue-energy bodies— otherwise formless— I understood them perfectly telepathically and as I studied the landscape below they were conversing among themselves the entire time– a group of twenty-five or so– and really did not pay much attention to me. Motion was effortless under crisp blue skies and a quality of sun-light that was different in a way I could not explain— unless my vision was indeed quite different than on earth. When I entered the City outer region, my travel guides said their good-byes and continued off to their destination. I knew exactly where I was going.

In this region were trees, easily twice the size of Sequoias, and quite dense for as far as the eye could see into the distant Mountain ranges.  My senses, were all in superb blissfulness as I continued over the  towering canopies. The beauty of Heaven is in the Joy which surrounds you as a perception. Joy is a dimension of awareness in Heaven whose counter-part here on earth pales by comparison. Vitality was on another scale altogether.

When I arrived to where I was going I was met by an Angel. She was quite beautiful, properly clothed and very happy to see me. She knew my name as she held the Book in her hand and confirmed my arrival. During our very pleasant conversation we had a very good laugh about a funny incident which occurred to me in the first grade— a teacher who insisted on spelling my name wrong and forcing me to do the same, that is until my Mother went to the school and put an end to her mistake.

Now how did she know I was arriving? She knew exactly what was happening well before I did and that expectation was not a coincidence.  I did not know why I had been summoned back to Heaven, or even how such a thing was possible. My conscious understanding was not an impediment to the action so taken. It did not matter a hoot, what people believe, what churches declare, or what scientists demand as proof. None of these criteria had a darn thing to do about why I was there at all. I was not hindered by the lack knowledge, or any other factor of biology. A great weight was gone and were such attachments of the lower density body which we inhabit upon the earth. The awareness like a force was energized to a higher state of intelligence. That difference between there and here is quite substantial in every degree beyond normal comprehension. And keep in mind I did not arrive by the action of death.

I had work to do as this was not a tour of Heaven. That work, plus a test would take quite some time, but time values are difficult to draw up in accurate comparisons. Suffice to say I was there for awhile and the duties were quite specific to responsibilities so assigned. When I was finished I was returned to earth in a micro-second. That’s the funny thing— it takes me hours or at least the perception, to undertake these journeys of spirit walking and yet when the higher power decides it is time to return— its done. Just like point to point travel by a hyper-dimensional circuit. Science by my perspective is practically still in the stone-age, especially by the merit of awareness. Religious dogma is not good for anyone especially the church.

The number of journeys I have taken by such a “hyper-dimensional circuit” both into the past and into the future are not mine to control. Another fact I have found to be quite fascinating. These are mere glimpses into the Higher-States, of which I speak. I have hundreds of such experiences to draw from to ponder the physics so involved. I have had plenty of time to reflect on such experiences to determine the deeper meanings, that at the time, did not present themselves as clearly as one might expect.

While I cannot tell people specifically what to expect after they have taken their last Breath upon this Earth, as each man and womans Life is different, unique to you, I can assure people with a clear and humble conscience there is more to you than meets the eye— or an electron micro-scope, x-ray or any other device scientists claim makes their knowledge supreme. The fixation on being the least of what you are is quite odd to me as is the insistence, that being a modified monkey is the whole of it all. Sharing the building blocks of organic form is not the same as specific purposes of Life itself. Man has to strive to gain his higher potential— it is a struggle and it is not easy. Suffering the hardships of Life makes people quite bitter and this too is cited as proof the “god” was no good and or the myth– is just that a myth. Fairy tales and fables best left behind with child-hood. Those Gods of man past however, did not create the earth or all life upon it— as it actually appears that knowledge from a previous epoch  of mankind was mixed in with the period of these Gods from their own world.

Our past is all mixed up– kinda like the present. A present where we are implied to be nothing more than biological machines, in a mindless dance of randomness with no future; save for the one as epitomized by those who entertain the folly we are better off putting our minds into artificial constructs and becoming cyborgs. A particularly morbid fantasy which begs more questions than those who champion it can answer.

Here on the earth plane, in our biological forms, it is easy to confuse the meanings of implied equality where both terms only seem equal— biological machines— cybernetic machines. We are not human machines. We are far superior in every way imaginable. Machines are actually quite stupid. They do not know any better. How can they– real self- determination is impossible as is genuine self-referentialism. They have no sense of that potential at all. They have no Identity of self beyond the mundane meaning.

Transhumanism is quite popular as a concept, but its logic is absurd on many levels. People are living expressions of a deeper truth of purpose. People refuse to understand the Soul is the seat of awareness and consciousness is the work-horse of the mental or organic potential. The usual demand of proof is not based on valid logic either—- but that is why there can be no equality– as machines have no concept of what conscious means except by programmed parameters already wrong. The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica TV series—which was quite good in my opinion— fully explored the concept of machine/human dualities, especially the idea that the machines were gaining souls, or were evolving to the level of such a distinction, was unique, but this too was based on conjectures of what the Soul is in popular meaning not essential fact.

This is where fantasy/fiction has made for great movies, TV etc., but it is absurd to claim self-awareness is derived from non-living processes, or to any pseudo-simulation bound to inferior qualities; thereby lacking any higher resolution of the initial energy-state—the Creator. No connection to that dimension period. Man is much more than the sum of his DNA, blood, bones and flesh. People have assumed we exist only as organic bodies, and therein lies the real crux of the problem.

That assumption is quite false.

A machine has no love of life to give and cannot receive such love in return. No machine is born to life and cannot know death. A mechanical process does not have an emotional sympathetic connection to consciousness thus to awareness. A machine has no heart to feel anything and no need to pretend that it does. Programming feelings destroys the truth of why such emotional dimensions to human consciousness exist at all. Without such richly developed emotional capability, man would be no better than organic wood.

The insistence that DNA is just a bio-programming language therefore, man is a biological machine is another example of reductionism to absurdity. DNA does not program consciousness into existence— or the awareness. People have been well conditioned to believe the soul is simply a myth… as no doctor has ever seen one in surgery, or no scientist has ever examined one under an electronic micro-scope. The reason why is simple: multi-dimensionality capability— this plane is not the Souls rest state. Which is why it is dynamic not static. The dream state is just a small window to the multi-dimensionality of the Soul which is as natural as gravity. But there are Laws which govern these connections and science has done either a very poor job of finding them, or has hidden the truth behind walls of secrecy to give advantage to only a small number of people who know the deeper truth.  Science has betrayed the public by such secrets and I suspect so has the major religions.

Any machine which theoretically can sustain itself– will have free will, but is that the same Will as our own? Is Will now too just a cog in a mechanical wheel?

I have yet to see a proof of concept—of such cog generating cyborgian machines; so science fiction while still very entertaining and thought provoking, is going down the wrong path. The factual basis that machines, regardless of the sophistications of life form pseudo-qualities, by emulations of artificial biological design, can become a living thing is without foundation.

Only life begets life… no simulation is the real thing. People do not understand the Genesis of Life Creation or there would be no argument of intelligence versus evolution, as the logic of both qualities has been tweaked to imply a false conflict… intelligence drives choices: Inclusion or exclusion as expressed in instincts coupled with the will to survive as an evolved trait of success.

The law of Nature is spontaneous as a continuity of initial Creation. This force has never ceased its action upon the earth. Nature extends from the galactic order to the systems order of suns and planets. The Authority of that Creation, is the Authority of Natural Law on all worlds, whether we know of them or not makes no difference.

Biology on other worlds may be profoundly different as conditions are expressed; as  All forms are intrinsic to the the energy-states from which they are derived--A concept I thought out in my senior year after studying the geometries of so many living organisms as explained in dozens of thought provoking biology books. All forms of life follow these functions to conserve energy as an essential purpose— to stay alive, often by the least amount of bio-energy sustenance as needed. Defensive protections to ensure the life organism does not become the meal of another, some clearly more advanced than others. Unless, a machine is following these same basic survival rules, all Hollywood magical-logic aside, such a machine will have no Will to Live [what for?] and will never be anything, but a machine, which cannot produce consciousness, much less its own soul.

Consciousness is not a mechanical property it is a field effect— and is not confined inside the molecular organic tissues. We are Souls using consciousness expressed as energy—- I witnessed how both are connected to the body via the blood and breath cycles. Another supra-normal experience as a direct consequence of the first one two months later. I learned more in two minutes, than most scientists claim even can be known.

Machines do not have this potential of deeper awareness and people may entertain the idea of sticking their minds in a neuron-net, say like a billionaire Bill Gates– but I assure you — while it might indeed work technically speaking, it will only lead to profound insanity in actual results. A gross mis-match will not be over-come by wishful thinking and a rather absurd theory of mental processes.

Unlike a living creature, much less a man, a machine has no warm blood flowing through its veins and no breath of life to empower its Soul. The word machine is a regressive term as applied to humans because it diminishes the truth to condition people to believe in a lie. They are no better than any other animal so existing and have no intrinsic value unto themselves. People who have no birthright to a quality of the Divine can be tossed to a grave, just like machines to a junk pile, when no longer needed. Treating other life forms with deeper respect is also a sign of recognition  to that which which gives life. Will a machine know such respect?

A steam engine is a machine… a toaster is a mechanical apparatus… a car is a multi-function, hi-tech, transportation vehicle. The fact remains, no machine regardless of its sophistications expresses any genuine living quality. Changing each one into an organic creature, as plausible theories may imply, such a change does not transform the machine— it only changes the definition of its material form. A material form may use DNA, but the higher functions of awareness do not come from the organic form itself. The form serves as the expression of the life force— spirit– which permeates all living things as naturally as air or water sustain them.

The Natural Law of Life is expressed in spontaneous and simultaneous macro immutability… man like all Life on this world is connected to a deeper principle scientists, whether brainwashed by communism, or simply die-hard reductionism, cannot wrap their heads around… Life does not start here on earth… it is a cell of a greater Macro-Wholeness… as are all living souls of a greater Nucleus. We see only a small fraction of the inherent potential and only know such permutations of said possibilities as current life-forms.

Machines are mechanical devises which lack this connection of multi-dimensionality and scientists are wrong about what they are claiming— any simulated man will simply be an inferior creature to the real as a result. Scientists cannot change the immutable Laws, and pretending otherwise is either pure folly, or damn evil. Hard to tell after awhile.

The never ceasing conflicts between science and religion has reduced the potential of knowledge to a painted corner neither can leave without admitting the severity of wrongs each has inflicted upon the mass mind of the public. The reduction of such knowledge to platitudes of dogma and absurdities serves no higher purpose. In the end the greatest single proof any of us may have is the assurance which is born of a humble conscience that one has made the best possible choices as Life itself can allow. To Discover who you are is the purpose of the journey, but what we shall become is not to be decided by machines or such fools pretending they will offer man salvation at the cost of his real humanity.


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  1. lynda Says:

    Just watched where one scientist thought the greatest danger facing the earth was “smart” robots who might decide humans were no longer necessary and do away with them entirely. Funny you should address this. This is a fascinating subject and I am glad you are sharing it. More please!


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