The Suppression of Knowledge

The cornerstone of all civilizations is the knowledge of those who are the people of that society. If the people have little or no knowledge beyond the merest tangibles necessary for survival there is no progress or gains for such individuals and for society at large to act upon. The purposeful suppression of knowledge, to restrict progress, to control society by the negation of freedoms so required for the natural forces of mental activities such distributions of knowledge enhance, seriously undermines the strengths of individuals who need such advancements for their general welfare, which in turn grossly weakens society which reflects the defects so inflicted.

The very process of acquiring such purposeful knowledge is what the “school system” was meant to ensure and yet that distinct fundamental has been eroded, twisted and changed by absurd policies, both local and national to an ever greater degree and far beyond the critical core purposes of public good.  When the good of public welfare is turned against those who rely on such public good the purpose of such policies must be questioned to an ever finer degree.

With so many policies like candles packed together on a table a mile long it is not so easy to pick which ones might need deeper scrutiny. Some seem relatively harmless until they are placed into a greater order and only then does a pattern emerge which clearly demonstrates the harm that is being inflicted on the general public by way of the children themselves. The layers of complexity also help shield the real intentions of such policies by lawful and merely “policy” directives entwined so “artfully” a team of lawyers is required to peel them apart and thus determine what is actually law and what is a suggestion of regulations as imposed as lawfully required. Children in schools are being arrested for offenses, often so  patiently absurd, one has to wonder how did the management of schools become more like a prison that an house of learning?

The number of examples is quite numerous and unless one has been living in a shack far far away from any possible news source, there can be no doubt a meta-pattern is quite evident by such occurrences and actions. The number of incidents revolving around guns, playful or otherwise, is a leading trend across the country of which new examples crop up on a regular basis.

Boy Who Refused to Take Off NRA Shirt Facing Possibility of 1 Year in Jail –
June 15, 2013

“Suspended and arrested after refusing to change his NRA shirt. Today, 14-year-old Jared Marcum appeared before a judge and was officially charged with obstructing an officer.

A $500 fine and up to a year in jail, that’s the penalty that Jared could face, now that a judge has allowed the prosecution to move forward with it’s obstructing an officer charge against him.

“Me, I’m more of a fighter and so is Jared and eventually we’re going to get through this,” Jared’s father Allen Lardieri said. ”I don’t think it should have ever gotten this far.”

The Logan County Police Department initially claimed that the at-the-time 8th grade Logan Middle School student was arrested for disturbing the education process, obstructing an officer and Lardieri says that officers even went as far as threatening to charge Jared with making terroristic threats.”

Since when did the mere act of wearing a t-shirt suspend this 8th graders constitutional Rights? The picture clearly shows this t-shirt is depicting a political slogan, “protect your rights”  aka the 2nd amendment right to Bear Arms. The article does not go in depth as to who called the police to arrest the student, but the claim he was disturbing the education process makes it quite clear this was a policy decision emanating from the murky side of regulations as enforced; without any due consideration this is also a direct violation of the young mans  “Freedom of Speech”  which in turn begs the question: do the officials even know what the Rights actually mean? The irony here is lost on Marxists altogether.

The suppression of knowledge has worked itself so deeply into the fabric of society, officials sworn to uphold the LAW, now trample that law, both by principle, and lawful fact. One has to suspect the “offended” has to be the teacher, but once again the article does not specify whom the intentions were meant to offend. This also begs the question of why there can be any offense at all? Political persecution is now quite evident as a policy mandate, to arrest those practicing political activism, regardless of actual intentions so espoused. A minor dress code violation is one thing, a civil charge with fines, or a year in jail, is quite another.

Thus, instead of using the situation to open a deeper and more meaningful discussion upon the “principles” of said Rights, the staff decided to mock the very thing which makes them teachers, proving once again, that schools have become prisons for the minds and not learning institutions to develop critical thinking skills. This failure to encourage rational problem solving and processes necessary for young students to understand the more comprehensive factors related to the subject matter itself is a damning indictment of policies which subvert the very purpose of attending school at all. This teacher or staff member had an opportunity to give clear distinctions of why “knowledge” carries a responsibility right along with the comprehension of the subject itself and dismally failed on all accounts as policy over-ruled common sense.

What was the objective here?

Teaching students to obey authority is apparently the only policy these fools are concerned with which also demonstrates their lack of knowledge is quite dangerous to the well-being of students. If sending kids to school punishes them or harms them in any way that school has violated its very reason for existence. Punishing students for wanting to learn about their Rights is really damn evil.

This disturbing trend is not new and like so many other facets of the over-all problem remains out of view until such a ridiculous application of “authority” pops out of the usual channels and becomes national news, or at least comes to the attention of those far removed from the incident itself. If the school administrators  and staff are too dumbed-down  to even care about the mangling of “Rights” what does this say about the quality of knowledge they are tasked with teaching? Suppression of knowledge diminishes key factors to such an extant that sending your kids to such schools makes them dumber by policy alone. Considering the sheer amount of money that is  pumped through the school systems, people really ought to be outraged that the system is now controlled by a policy method of outright suppression of intelligent discourse. The very opposite reason for sending kids to school at all has become the norm?

The other factor here which really sets off the mentally deficient fools into a blather is the “individualism” so strongly associated with upholding the “Rights” so enshrined by the Law. A series of articles came out last year which not only touched upon this congruent factor, as well as, a disturbing link back to the white house itself. The congruent link here seems quite obvious:

PEG’s ‘culturally relevant teaching’ program is simply another Marxist attack on American values By Ben Velderman — September 12th, 2012 by Jason

“Many education reform advocates argue the achievement gap can be reduced through more school choice and accountability for educators. Defenders of the status quo – mostly teachers unions – argue that the problem can be solved with more money for public education.

But the San Francisco-based Pacific Educational Group offers a much different explanation for the achievement gap between white and minority students.

Plainly stated, PEG believes that African American and Latino students are being discriminated against by the nation’s public schools, which have been designed to promote a curriculum based on “white culture” and “white privilege.”

PEG says concepts like hard work and planning for the future are traits of “white culture,” and implies that minority students cannot be expected to respond to a curriculum based on those values. They say black culture is more in tune with “collectivism,” presumably the type applied in Cuba or North Korea.

“So our schools often falsely assume that kids of color can and will simply change and thrive in an environment based on white culture,” says one teacher in a PEG promotional video. “Now, when our schools and society truly value our black and brown youth – and that’s shown through school culture, and practice, and policy – then we’ll start to see equal performance.”

Pacific Educational Group Founder Glenn Singleton claims that his group has delivered this message at seminars in hundreds of schools across the nation.”

PORTLAND, Ore. – Dr. Verenice Gutierrez, a principal with Oregon’s Portland Public Schools, has become convinced that America’s “white culture” negatively influences educators’ world view and the manner in which they teach their students.

For instance, last year a teacher in the district presented a lesson that included a reference to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gutierrez says that by using sandwiches as an illustration, the teacher was engaged in a very subtle form of racism.”

Gutierrez is not the only Portland administrator who has become obsessed with identifying such forms of alleged racism. Almost all Portland school leaders have gone through “Coaching for Educational Equity,” a week-long seminar on race that’s conducted by the Pacific Educational Group.

The Pacific Educational Group is the brainchild of Glenn Singleton, whose mission is to enlighten educators about how public schools promote “white culture” and “white privilege.” He argues that those conditions are responsible for the black/white achievement gap that exists throughout America’s public education system.

The Portland school district has certainly taken Singleton’s message to heart.

EAGnews discovered that since the 2010-11 fiscal year, the cash-starved school district has spent $526,901 for services provided by Singleton’s Pacific Educational Group.

That’s a serious “investment,” especially when one realizes the district is facing financial problems, and has been forced to lay off teachers and cut classroom resources.”  /2012/09/15/Portland-Oregon-schools-spent-526-901-to-learn-that-pb-j-sandwiches-are-racist

Obama’s Secret Army: How Critical Race Theory Slipped into the White House by Lonely Conservative • March 16, 2012

“The revelations about student Obama’s association with former Harvard Law School Professor, Derrick Bell, and the critical race theory (CRT), have cast a dramatic new light on the true meaning of Obama’s radical plans for a racist reform in America. While Bell defined a new concept in law, CRT, there are other shadowy figures that have implemented CRT into the federal government.

See: “Critical Race Theory Explained,” (, Ben Shapiro)

“This is a deeply disturbing theory. It is damaging both to race relations and to the legal and Constitutional order. As Jeffrey Pyle rightly sums up in the Boston College Law Review:

“Critical race theorists attack the very foundations of the [classical] liberal legal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism and neutral principles of constitutional law. These liberal values, they allege, have no enduring basis in principles, but are mere social constructs calculated to legitimate white supremacy. The rule of law, according to critical race theorists, is a false promise of principled government, and they have lost patience with false promises.”

We can see the clear footprint of CRT all over the Obama Administration. President Obama obviously believes that the system is unjust, upholding racism and requiring “community organizing” to change it in earth-shaking ways. He appoints Supreme Court judges on the basis of race and gender; his Attorney General refuses to enforce the law equally, because to do so would be to enhance racism. When President Obama said he wanted fundamental change, he meant it at the deepest level.”

Bell’s CRT is dramatically different from any other major race-based theory. It justifies race-based hostilities and radical strategies to be employed to redistribute justice to the benefit of minorities. Obama certainly does not want the average voter to know that when he says he wants to fundamentally change the future of America, he is seeking a radical overthrow of American and the alteration of the constitution to more faithfully reflect CRT theory.”

PEG at the D202 board meeting
Submitted by TheOriginalAnonymous1 (not verified) on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at 11:44 pm.

“At last night’s D202 Board meeting, Martha Burns complained that anonymous posters here are saying horrible things about PEG [Pacific Educational Group] . She questioned why other local groups that have hosted diversity discussions (such as the YMCA, YWCA and the Mayor) have not been so roundly criticized.

Time to face the facts, Ms. Burns. This community has finally become aware of PEG’s racist teachings. People are fed up with having our tax money wasted to pay the snake oil salespeople at PEG. Those local groups, to the best of my knowledge, don’t categorize people based on their race only and peddle the nonsense that minority students fail to succeed only because their teachers are racists. I could go on about just how horrible PEG is but other posters who have read the PEG materials and attended the PEG courses have already done that.

If you see this as saying horrible things about PEG, so be it. PEG and what it teaches ARE horrible. But Ms. Burns, you apparently don’t see that and that is truly shocking. I, for one, do not find it helpful or even acceptable to take students away from school for at least a day to have them labeled and put in racial “boxes” (including “Other” as a catch-all group) to be fed PEG’s racist teachings that state that each individual and how he or she views the world is controlled solely by their race. What rubbish! And the labels that they ascribe to each race are truly insulting, especially to blacks.

Ms. Burns asserted that candidate Savage-Williams was being attacked in a “cowardly” fashion. Again, time to face the facts, Ms. Burns.

Some of us saw what Ms. Savage-Williams posted on a public website about PEG, including that racism has kept her from succeeding (while another public website discloses that Ms. Savage-Williams earns more than $144,000 annually at New Trier High School). We saw the PEG courses that she apparently attended out of state. We saw what she wrote about institutional racism. We asked Ms. Savage-Williams to answer questions about what SHE posted online. She was asked for her position on PEG and its teachings. Not surprisingly, Ms. Savage-Williams gave a brief response to only one comment but has not addressed the others, including her position on PEG and its teachings.

As voters, we have the right to ask candidates for information. If Ms. Burns believes that it is cowardly to ask for information from a candidate for public office based on the candidate’s own public statements, I suggest that Ms. Burns go back to high school and learn about how democracy works.

Ms. Burns also claimed that people on the D202 Board know who these anonymous posters are. More facts for Ms. Burns: no, they don’t. I am not a patsy or a plant for anyone. I am a voter, a taxpayer and a parent. I can read and observe facts, ask questions then act on the information that I have. No one on the Board is directing what I think or write. No one on the Board has asked me to post here. Sorry to disappoint but there is no conspiracy involved here.

Next time that Ms. Burns is up for re-election, she had better be ready to defend PEG as she did this week. If Ms. Burns chooses to seek reelection, I will do everything I can to see that she is defeated for failing to recognize what a bad decision it was to allow PEG’s teachings to be implemented at ETHS.”

What Is Critical Race Theory?

“Although critical race theory began within the legal profession — and legal professor Derrick Bell, easily the most important thinker within the movement — it has since spread to many other disciplines. Educators may find this theory very important to their understanding of classroom dynamics, academic testing, and curriculum bias. People involved in the political sphere may find it useful in understand voting discrepancies, race-based campaigning, and other issues.

One of the more interesting recent developments in critical race theory is a questioning of the normative acceptance of “whiteness.” This theory looks at such things as how certain groups — the Irish, for example — began as an “othered” category, before “becoming” white. It looks at how racial pride in being white can manifest in acceptable ways, and how it can manifest as white superiority. Additionally, it may consider what whites can legitimately do to assist the critical examination of race, without abusing their position of power.”

Critical Race Theory the New Nazism

Cultural Marxists that dominate college campuses employ a number of deceptive and irrational ideas in order to tear society apart from within. Using the ideas such as the nonsense of deconstruction from French philosopher Jacques Derrida they have invented a fantasy known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) among a number of other “theories.”

“What is Critical Race Theory? UCLA School of Public Affairs says,
Critical Race Theory was developed out of legal scholarship. It provides a critical analysis of race and racism from a legal point of view. Since its inception within legal scholarship CRT has spread to many disciplines…CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color. CRT also rejects the traditions of liberalism and meritocracy.

Legal discourse says that the law is neutral and colorblind, however, CRT challenges this legal “truth” by examining liberalism and meritocracy as a vehicle for (white) self-interest, power, and privilege. CRT also recognizes that liberalism and meritocracy are often stories heard from those with wealth, power, and privilege. These stories paint a false picture of meritocracy; everyone who works hard can attain wealth, power, and privilege while ignoring the systemic inequalities that institutional racism provides.

Let’s highlight the main points:

CRT rejects liberalism even though liberals support it. The question becomes are liberals hiding their true convictions or are they useful idiots?

CRT rejects meritocracy as being racist and used to keep people of color down. They assume blacks, Latinos, etc. are simply too stupid to compete in an open and equal basis with whites and that often self-induced failure is proof of racism. Anytime there is a lack of economic or social “equality” as they define it, that in itself is racism.

CRT was began by various Marxists in law schools but has infiltrated nearly every corner of academia. It’s racist to the core.

Derrick Albert Bell, Jr. (November 6, 1930 – October 5, 2011) was the first tenured African-American Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and is largely credited as one of the originators of critical race theory. He spews all sorts of Marxist themes in a radio interview with CUNY TV March 20, 2007 as he says,

“We live in capitalist society where some people are going to make a whole lot of money, gain a whole lot of power by the exploitation of a whole lot of other people. Now in that kind of society how do you keep the people from down below from rising up…”

He goes on to say “great thinkers” believed it couldn’t work. Would you like to guess who? As he goes on what he has done is remap Marxism where the bourgeoisie are white people and the proletariat are non-whites who must rise up and destroy the new white bourgeoisie.”

No wonder kids across America no longer understand the cultural foundations upon which their Rights stand. In my previous Blog’s I have made it quite clear I do not avoid the social defects which plagued this nation or the hypocrisies which cast a black fog over the principles so enshrined by the Law. Cultural heredity was the key factor which preceded the harms so inflicted upon those so deemed inferior of class. Marx, like many of his political colleagues, failed to understand this component of human behavior, when he ignored the fact the English people,  were treated as slaves upon their own lands by an invading force of Normans. Normans who spoke French and whose culture was as alien to the English, as the Normans themselves. Class as a function of birth is as old as mankind himself. This does not mean it is good, only that it is so old thus established as the Norm— it is useless to argue it was started to oppress  a specific class by skin tone alone.

What we are a witness to is the barbaric nature of mankind himself, where class is the instrument of the power established by social authority. Marx simply decided that if one replaced the other, by all means so violent, the poor rising up as dictators would establish a super-state where all class inequality was to be banished. This type of superficial theory-ism is quite popular in the entrenched leftist leanings and yet it is without a single example in history itself. What proof existed that such a social order was even possible?

Murdering millions of other wise peaceful people, is not a scientific proof the classless state is achievable,  rather it is the sordid proof that killing everyone who disagrees with such authoritarianism has already defeated the very core principle such political manifesto’s claim. Men are to be free in a class-less society, but only if the rest are already dead. What is the crime those murdered as a final act so deserved?    If Marxist cannot comprehend Justice cannot be turned inside-out, while claiming liberation from oppression, from the wrong social source, then a class-less society is barbaric socialism by design and represents a suppression of knowledge by purpose so achieved.

The very idea a social body is classless is absurd. What is not absurd is that those at the top of the social order practice any kind of meaningful equality. To be at the top negates any social equality and of course creates a social Tension— that is indeed oppressive to those suffering from its foul demands upon them especially in taxes so obligated. Marx ignored any other solution and instead went with the very worst possible solution, giving rise to even more draconian social controls, destroying any hope of social progress by eliminating those members most capable of determining the defects such barbaric practices demand as a condition of obedience to the State.

If the putz had instead eliminated the “political class” he might have realized the solution to this age old problem was right under his big dumb nose. But unfortunately for the masses he hated, even as he told them to rise up and kill their upper-class men, in a violent orgy of despicable, morally deficient tripe, here we are today with the same problems and an entrenched mentality for worse than before the theory itself claimed to solve.

It is mankind’s proclivity to do violence upon his fellow man which is the true cause of all social evils of which the “Social Order” was born. All Marx did was to give the war of violence a coat of fresh paint. Who actually benefited from the waves of demented violence his scourge precipitated? That would be the very slime-balls sitting atop the supra-order we know today as the global elite. The same rottenness which existed then is still here doing the same thing while the useful idiots still pretend they are fixing inequality while advancing the very social dogmas now wearing a different dog collar. Systemic social injustice still prevails because the factual root is still ignored in favor of the rank barbaric platitudes now preached to inoculate yet another class war thinly disguised as social equality in action.

While growing up I attended a small school, were there was only one black student my age. He was a kind, intelligent, well dressed, well spoken student surrounded by other students too ignorant of even the most basic notions of culture to even comprehend why they even acted like idiots. As this student was picked on I found myself in quite a few scuffles on his behalf due to the fact A– I was not to be pushed around period and B- my ability to articulate exactly the proper retort was unchallengeable.  My reading and comprehension skills were also well beyond the norm, but nobody was going to call me names or inflict any other asinine behavior without immediate reprisal.

I tried to instill in this student a better sense of self-defense. But the fact was he was not a fighter he was a scholar. This student had a future of a doctor or a physicist while the numb-skulls who made his daily life such a pain were no doubt destined for manual labors. Which is not to say without skill or ability. Kids tend to follow pack mentality and the slightly smarter knew how to keep the social status without sticking their necks out in defending a black kid dressed far better than themselves. Picking on other students was how the pack mentality demonstrated itself as a cultural quality, but even then I was observing other trends of behavior stuck to these actions which would require years of study to fully understand.

Unlike many kids I loved to read— my parents encouraged and supported my reading habits in or on any subject of my interest. No policy born from a school mandate had anything to do with my pursuits of knowledge. My sense of discipline in my reading habits was strictly from my own sense of accomplishment. School objectives had nothing to do with my course of direction. I read my encyclopedia set right along with my numerous Dinosaur books and prior to the seventh grade the King James Bible.  Reading the Bible from the first page to the last was a rather daunting process. I had several dictionaries and used them to ensure I was understanding the words correctly and the deeper meanings so instilled. What struck me more so than any other factor was the discrepancy of time geology.

I laid out my Dino books with a geological time-line, matched up with the corresponding information as found in the encyclopedias and wondered why the Bible did not match up period. How could a God not know dinosaurs existed? This struck me as absurd. The second glaring factor was my distinct impression that Mankind was specifically created by a superior race due to the fact mankind was a domesticated species. What was also quite apparent was this idea was not to be spoken of either at school or around adults. Thus, my quest of knowledge was to find the reasons why such an idea was essentially forbidden to be discussed and to establish if my hunch was indeed correct.

I knew of no other kid my age whose reading habits equaled my own both by diversity of subjects or books so read. I visited the city library on a regular basis always looking for books to further my quest for that knowledge which might lead to answering the questions of mans actual relation to these unknown Gods. It was quite clear to me even back then that the singular [God] was a compression of many into one, but I realized proving this idea was not going to be so easy. Telling mankind not to put any other God before him struck me as absurd as well. Why not tell the other inferior gods to butt out of his human affairs instead. Better yet tell these gods to obey him right in front of his human subjects and be done with any further mis-conduct. For an all-knowing God he sure was a rookie in action.

By the second half of the 7th grade my Mom received a phone call one night,from the school, informing her of my latest test scores. My reading and comprehension test had been scored at the 13th and 14th grade levels respectively. My mother was quite happy that I had accomplished such a test result, thus proving the importance of good reading skills. The remainder of the school year was spent in a specialized class, to further along myself, and several other students, who had also done quite well on these tests.

The following year however I found myself in a new school in Roseville California, with a whole other set of cultural rules quite unlike those I knew from Sun Valley Nevada. I was now an outsider none of these students knew, many who were from much wealthier families and considered themselves culturally superior to some kid from some place they never heard of or cared about even if they did know where it was located on a map. The English class bored the daylights out of me and at times was so depressingly stuck on mundane subjects I wondered what was the point. The math and science teacher however was a different story. He was tough, no nonsense, no fooling around BS kind of guy. Math was not my strong point and for the first time I was actually making some progress. Because he refused to dumb down anything at all period— the entire class, myself included, had to double our efforts or risk having poor grades.

Skin color had nothing to do with grades and no amount of disingenuous arguments changes the fact it was the hours spent on homework which kept my grades at the A-level for all classes in the second semester. Despite the fact I was as white as any other student in my classes the cultural bias was based on the wealth of the parents of which I had zip do dah in equality. I found being able to out wrestle larger class-mates did more to equalize standing than out-reading them. I realized by the end of the school year cultural differences based on the social status of parents was fostering a false sense of superiority which was only possible by excluding any other consideration. Exclusion and inclusion struck me as rules of evolution of which social class was a mechanism not un-like bio-feedback.

The following school year I found myself in yet another school in Yakima Washington. A very good friend and his family moved there many years before, and my social status was not as an outsider, as I had visited a few summers before and played on a summer baseball team. After taking the standard tests my mother was once again informed I was well ahead of the norm and I was placed into a class which was not even close to my abilities. My teacher recognizing that I was too advanced allowed me to spend most of my time at the school library.

That year I literally spent the greater sum of class time at the library reading science fiction books, along with just about anything else, that might answer the questions I had decided were far too important to leave idle gathering mental dust in a corner. I also improved my speed reading to around twelve hundred words a minute while having a medium speed of around 850 to 960 a minute depending on the material so read. The students I encountered were culturally sophisticated and many of them from very wealthy families. The student body for the most part was much more friendly, than the kids from the year before and seemed to have a more enjoyable quality of life.

By the following year I was now in Sacramento to attend yet another school and by this time I was actually getting the hang of being the outsider, but not the excluded outsider, as there was a critical difference as one is never acceptable socially while the other is simply not known well enough to yet be accepted. The number one complaint I heard in class was stop reading so fast— which was of course not really possible as I was already slowing myself down. Essentially,  I was reading so fast one part of my brain was way ahead of the speaking part. At this point I was also convinced schools had no interest in any idea not part of the accepted curriculum and the notion that mankind was domesticated from an unknown culture was so alien it was useless to even speak on the topic itself.

My experiences with schools continued down the same trend with my final tally being five high schools in three states. It was if I was on some kind of Odyssey, where the point was not a diploma but a cultural examination of which schools were only a focal point of yet another more arduous journey of life itself. Credits from one school were not recognized in another. Classes taken were excluded by policy not facts. My position came to be the diploma was now a sign of conformity and any student who had a much different school history, such as myself, was already a lost cause.

The goal of graduation had become so un-important I decided my path of knowledge did not require such conformity. I was learning something else that schools did not teach and thus there was no reward so given. But this does not mean my experiences in the school system were bad, I simply found out nobody really knew what to do with a student such as myself. I fell through the academic cracks so to speak and had to learn even more just to survive the consequences of my own decisions. Another door had opened by direct experiences neither science nor religion had any explanation for or the resources to deal with rationally. My quest to answer those questions I raised so many years before had led me to discover an entirely new branch of knowledge which to this very day places me in a position quite at odds with both science and religion, therefore politics and cultural status.

To know things by such direct experience I decided fit the category of the Supra-Normal which had factors both of the supernatural and natural. For many such knowledge is quite dangerous, others simply laughable. I have found plenty of examples of both where the subject matter is too unbelievable for even a cursory examination; even with exceptional details and facts to support contentions or conclusions so drawn. This knowledge is a secret not by my design, but rather exceptional indifference. When people do not want to know something it is useless to even attempt to gather or gain their interest. I find very little difference in scientific mind-sets, as opposed to, religious ones. I see the comfort zones which have evolved to keep un-wanted ideas out of the perceptional range and thus out of sight, out of mind. There are clear boundaries which cannot be crossed and very few circumstances where such ideas can even be expressed.

Most people might be tempted to say well maybe you are such a dumb-ass nut case that people are  simply not interested in your rambling nonsense and thus such a person might walk away feeling quite culturally smug their knowledge is indeed superior and so is their class status by such determinations of the yard stick of academic measure— that would be the degrees so many do indeed work very hard for to achieve, and by such achievements, become quite convinced such standards are the only ones worth measuring at all.

This method of exclusion is used by the left with the same results as those who use it on the right. Cultural Territorialism is also not new and goes way back into the darkest periods of human history– hand-n-hand— with conquering of nations to enslave their populations, both by the sword and with religious declarations of having the superior God. As always this too is a method of proof having a superior God on ones side being part and parcel of the Superior Rights so claimed by the victors. Humans have not really changed all that much over the eons despite our high-technologies and scientific advancements.

Would a predominate black culture really solve the problems of cultural indifferences or inequality? Could blacks actually make slaves out of white men? Not very likely… and yet white Europeans made slaves out of other white people and today we call them the British. Even the people of England have a tough time admitting what Norman the Conquerer did to their sense of national identity as the original English people were systematically stripped of their actual aristocratic class culture  and forced into slavery or death. Conform or die was their only option and so they conformed and became British as a result.

Slavery in this country was a defect of the worst possible kind. The shadow of this defective principle has destroyed far more Rights than any other defect of cultural heritage so deemed superior only by class birth. There was no real standard of “American people” as such a blood-line condition of cultural heritage is rather absurd. People back then had no idea of the factual reasons for why different races of men existed at all. The knowledge of genetics changes very little of the reality of why people exclude others, not unlike themselves, thus forming the very conditions conducive to racial bigotry, stereotyping, preferential treatments or any of a half dozen other forms of biased set  rules. People simply will not change by policy alone no matter how well intentioned, or conversely, to what ends they may actually be intended as social evils go.

To say white cultural status is racist is absurd, as it begs the question what standards existed of a non-white class to allow any other such norm to manifest itself? Were white people supposed to adopt an alien culture foreign to themselves? How was this to be accomplished? Surviving was far too difficult to be playing around with stupid ideas that would result in ones death. Do people today not realize this was a profound limitation on how such social organizations were evolving? People who made bad choices died and those that did not raised their off-spring to remain alive and successful. This was the real line of determination— if you wanted to eat every day then you tended your crops or held your wage-job accordingly. Self-sufficiency was the only factor in common that kept therm alive.

It is profoundly stupid and quite ignorant to claim white people have to lower their expectations of themselves in order to accommodate inferior  selections of choices to actually lower their living capabilities.   To say white people must be punished for being white is the very same brand of stupid as promulgated by the Marxist ass-hats, as used to justify the mass-murder of people who opposed being conquered by political extremists, using the fallacies of militant atheism, to accomplish genocide as if it was indeed morally superior to any other form of advancement of social harmony and progress.

Barbaric socialism only allows more harm to social harmony by taking away the only thing that is actually keeping the American way of life, barely alive as it is, despite the never-ending treasonous acts performed on American citizens, by an out-of-control federal, which has lowered itself to a criminal syndicate, to allow otherwise impossible trespasses of Rights, of which black people  are also impoverished. Fighting the wrong enemy is a clear sign people are really quite fooled by the forces so allied against them as a nation and the failure to rout out the rot so ingrained is equally the fault of the black as it is the white. Both sides are at fault for never being able to trust one another long enough for the enemy of both to start sweating.

The utter failure to recognize the actual modus operandi of the wretched money pirates is the leading cause of poverty not the white cultural bias of which blacks are just as guilty of, and  for the very same damn reasons. An inherent natural hostility that is genetic by source, which is demonstrated by preferences, especially so, in reproduction choices. This quality of cultural bias by females cannot be changed by policies or law without violating every fundamental criteria of every principle known to mankind.

Hence, the absurdity of claiming white culture is dominating black peoples choices, as I have never seen a single example of a black woman being forced to marry and bear children to a white male by law. Since when do black females choose whom they love by white cultural bias or law? I have known plenty of black females and not once do I remember them saying some white guy is choosing their dating partners or future husbands. I found most black females very easy to get along with so long as they were treated with the same respect as any other female. By my experience woman, no matter what race or cultural background, respond very well to being treated respectfully.

Why females choose husbands which do not treat them to any degree of a higher standard has to be a reflection of them, as they are doing the choosing for reasons which make no sense to anybody else. Why woman make such choices flies in the face of just about any racial theory or any other theory one might be inclined to posit as an explanation. I have never seen any proof Marx understood woman at all period and therefore left out half of every reason why social standards exist at all. Woman who choose to be treated as dumbed-downed, mere social animals are not going to be real happy with the fruits of such decisions, as history shows again and again, nations fall once the moral standards start to decline and life becomes miserably worthless.

Those who do not uphold the highest standards of life are inferior to those that do… which is a fact not a theory. Societies which allow murder and theft to proliferate are going to suffer ever greater degradations of social harmony until the streets are no longer safe to walk or run. Authoritarian tyrants love lawless people who reflect their lack of integrity and allow such evils to persist where they had no such chance in a higher moral standard of ethics and thus behaviors. Criminal syndicates need angry, hopeless, boozed up and pharmaceutically entrapped people to escape the factual applications of Law, or they go to prison where other such criminals end-up, who also find out the hard way cutting the social corners as expediently as possible, has consequences. This is not to say laws are not being used to enforce cultural bias or social barbarisms which they clearly are and have been for quite some time. The ruthless nature of the syndicate demands such measures to show the people they mean business and to force such false choices of moral obedience to punish those who dare speak their minds.

All of these defects can be traced right back to the same tree growing like an evil thing in the federal zone. When the money lords took over America they began the twisted social experiments of which we see the results today. The consequences of allowing these immoral parasites to gut the American peoples treasury, befoul the national standards of coined money, create national credit/debt cycles no amount of income taxation will ever return to parity, cheating people in the process out of their hard-work across all national qualities of racial originations, while setting up systems solely designed to fail those dependent upon them for social progress. The purposeful evisceration of the American dream of self-sufficiency via the prosperity of individual success has allowed the inferiority complex to grow into a national disgrace on purpose. The enemies of America need the people in such a state of mutual disrespect and hatred so people will never notice how they are being manipulated by the same old, worm-eaten policies which have tormented this nation into near self-delusional destruction.

To keep the young in such a state of cognitive disassociation is yet another ploy so they will never be able to realize how they are enslaved by mere tokens of illusions; while fighting for the lowest rung of banality as a way of life itself… sounds like the last step before extinction. What this Nation needs is to clean its financial house of decrepitude and avarice, right along with the sell-outs who have done absolutely nothing to stop the inequalities where they actually originate. The path to future social harmony will only return when people actually have the means to once again be self-sufficient and thus can express those cultural choices they claim to believe in as a way of life.

The daunting nature of fixing the social ills which continue to decimate the abilities of people to make long and sustained progress is exasperated by the policies of self-indulgent fools pretending to be Statesmen, but are in fact peddling the same old noxious choices now gleaming in a fancier bottle. Cities in America needed a fundamental infrastructural change fifty years ago, but the money only flows to those items of spending which make profits for the lending tycoons at the top of the elitist order. The very same goons who will advance the Marxist tripe as it is one of the few means available to destroy a Nation from within but advancing the absurdity that racism can be solved with yet more racism specifically engineered to incite violence where no other political manipulations are as successful.

All of this boils back down to equality— nature does not promote equality of species or lions never eat and crocodiles would have ceased existence long ago. In fact, if one wants to use the scientific criteria that only nature can provide proof of inherent truths of all things biological, nature hates equality with a red-burning passion. Species which cannot compete on a playing field where no rules favor one over another no longer exist, if they ever existed at all. Equality is essentially un-natural to higher-order, evolutionary demands as no species can afford to be so instinctively deficient. All men are equal in the eyes of the law not other men. Communism defeats equality by placing political dogma on a higher rung of authority ensuring those of the preferred political status enjoy the greater benefits no excluded, non-member can possible attain. This is just another form of more class exclusions based on nonsensical standards which are wholly without any scientific basis. Marx made this crap up not nature, which by every law so known has NO political rules period. Man is the only species which has political rules to decide social standing and thus rights to whatever is on the table.

Any political movement runs afoul eventually of being so successful every rotten form of human behavior will be lurking in every shadow of every corner. If wolves had political parties their entire social structure would soon collapse as no pack would ever allow the weakest to eliminate the strongest to reach an equality of diminishing returns. Darwin may have noted the strongest lead by rules of natural instinct, but he failed to apply those same rules in genuine comparison. Human beings formed social structures which allowed the strong to lead while also protecting the weaker members of the tribe, usually the old and the very young, to foster a better chance of mutual survival of the most intelligent.    The most intelligent of species survive by outwitting predators, or outfighting them not just running speeds alone. Smarter off-spring who are also more fit lead to new successful survival strategies which in turn are taught to the next cycle. Humans followed this same cycle even as domesticated beings.

Thanks to the academic communists and knowledge Nazis, these critical periods have been washed clean of the real reasons why mankind exists at all. Why would a man describe himself by language as a man of kind? What other kind of man did he know? Hey, lets call ourselves man and woman, male and female as mankind’s— so we do not get confused we are not lionkinds or wolvekinds by mistake—  language is filled with oddities which make no sense from a natural progression of ability where the very method requires a specialized set of vocal cords to even pronounce words. There is no question pre-mankind was a vocal being no doubt capable of mimicry of great sophistications. To mimic other species might well have allowed better hunting skills leading to greater intelligence thus survival of the smartest.

Now why does science ignore the laws of intelligence? The instinct of self-preservation is the litmus test of intelligent behaviors. People can be quite intelligent, but not well learned in specific qualities, such as mathematics, reading and writing which in ancient times would give an invading race the crucial edge in all forms where such knowledge is necessary to comprehend actual intentions. Invading armies with superior weapons need men who know how to use them in battle, thus evolve skills wholly defined by the art of warfare. These men simply slaughtered the more peaceful or less aggressive, which did not prove the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the most evil.

Evil men waging war wiped out who knows how many more intelligent societies whose values did not embrace cultural warfare as the critical determination of their living purpose. Therefore, Darwin in surmising mankind’s evolutionary purpose was deficient— the most evil of men survive by killing off the most peaceful. And enslaving the females as well. Woman have always been forced into slavery by evil men— who formed great societies on being more evil than any other and became the victors by cunning, avarice, violence, moral deprivations and every other activity which relied on lying, stealing and cheating. I wonder which natural law best describes such men—  that must be survival of the fittest where fittest is the nicest way of saying any act of Evil to get ahead.

A gang is nothing more than a war party out to take by force what is wanted or subjectively needed. Prohibitions create drug gangs like factories produce tires. Thugs of every color take advantage of such morally defective laws the way lions take advantage of sheep being tossed into their cages. Laws which produce violence are defective period. Drug laws were intended to induce violence especially the marihuana law which turned out to be so factually wrong Anslinger had to totally reverse himself once it became glaringly obvious cannabis was quite peaceful. Thus the smug lying sack of snot had to declare it was too peaceful to be legal. Millions of lives destroyed for no other reason than to impose a political persecution which violates the spirit and the letter of the law of unalienable Rights. The very one the despicable tyrants will not allow school kids to learn correctly.

The young do not strike me as dumb as much as lost between a real sense of the world and the plastic substitute they must deal with just to survive. They know good and well the rules are fictions which is why they show very little respect to those who demand things based on such bold faced lies. Stuck between a rock and a hard spot they are looking ahead no doubt wondering if there ever was a dream or maybe that too was just more BS to placate the masses. After so many lies, they all begin to look the same from a cynical point of view. Who can blame them for not believing anything when the trust of their youth is long since gone. The college debt debacle is like a noose waiting to tighten up around untold millions who were sold the theory getting a college education was the key to future financial success.

I wonder how many of them will ever realize the Marxist clap-trap so many professors of these higher institutions espoused was just another empty promise of knowledge and not the real McCoy at all.  That was the damning thing I realized way back then— most real knowledge is not in a book at all. The most profound source of all knowledge can only occur when one refuses to accept any inferior source— to question everything is not enough— one must test knowledge  in every way imaginable— contrast and comparison is what I learned by curiosity that afternoon, way back then,  when I compared one source of knowledge against another. Each had great weight by specialized significance. What I came to conclude was the Truth was not found in either one– both were incomplete and lacked specific elemental factors the truth cannot leave out or exclude.

If man was a just an evolved species by Natural Law— there is no other law to change the first—man would still be roaming free like any other creature of the earth. Pre-mankind may well have been a curious George, who was so smart he excelled were any other species usually failed—- migration to ecologies not fixed by specific survival traits. He was a wanderer by nature and inquisitive to many living things upon the lands which he traveled. He was not a domesticated species as nature knows no such creature and does not produce them period. Show me the horse barn built by natural law….? Nature does not build little cages to make your meal easier to hunt or kill. Nature does not grow grasses in neat rows ready for harvesting. Nature does not give a woolly bats eye about your demand of equality or your Rights to live upon the Earth at all.  Nature is not a fuzzy bunny waiting for a hand-out it is a shark looking for a meal. Survival of the meanest, sharp-toothed, poison fanged,  claw ripping —etc. now that is the truth and mankind was given knowledge to over-come the fierce laws of Nature and to sooth his aching brow.

The tale of Adam and Eve is quaint but silly. It is a metaphorical allegory meant to teach mankind a lesson of Temptations and Consequences. Any resemblance to actual beings is purely coincidental by design.  Like so many other tales of the ancient past the essential facts are not in the literal sense, but in the reflective to purposely pose questions otherwise lost to time itself. This is highly intelligent if the purpose is to teach moral truths by contrasting moral ambiguities to test moral comprehensions. To claim there is no moral absolutes is absurd. The litmus test is always what the claimant is willing to lose if wrong. If Marxist really believed in what they claimed they would no longer have one at all. There is no need for superiority of State, where there is no need for class. States and class are both eliminated by real equality as none is needed to confer anything already known and enjoyed by all equally. 

Try explaining this concept to an empty-headed Marxist pretending to be a communist. They will simply deny States are un-necessary fictions in a world of real equality. As are political parties and militaries for the same reason. Those who have equality need no artificial impositions to continue equality. Either equality continues on its own or it is false equality and fails its own test for truthfulness. If equality cannot pass the test of truthfulness then it is a defective theory not worthy of belief or Law. People do not need to worship gods or bow down to church figure-heads pretending to be the fountain of divine truths. Another false choice meant to entrap not liberate the Soul.

Be thankful the evil men of this Earth have never understood the Soul, or its true connection to the Divine. The world was not Created for evil men, but it is a damn shame such men have become the norm. So long as the men of the earth want to be more evil than good the world suffers their existence. Men always know when they are being evil— they have to destroy their conscience— so they seek out the least of knowledge and the very least of moral truths. Then they brag about how they never see or hear a single moment of proof such abstractions even exist. This is how the evil mind uses reductionism to its finest point. In that point there is only darkness and nothing else. That is the sum of their conscience…. such men never stop to consider Nature does not start with planets or even solar systems. The Nature of a galaxy is expressed to every order of itself down to the finest portions of atoms. Distance is an illusion of time and space. The truth is much more interesting than the fictions so declared. And much more daunting to contemplate.

Knowledge does not belong to schools or the authoritarians rubber-stamping policies like demented monkeys on power-trips. Without the freedoms so enshrined by the constitution, no man can know what can be known as he will never even try to know that which others deem impossible to know. And how will people know such claims are wrong?

Dare to be free and find out.


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