The Political War of Left Versus Right

“You cannot be a traitor to a Nation for which you have no love.”

The war machine in America is gathering steam and Obama is the focal point of this long and bitter political fight for the control of the Nations Soul.

Who is this man really Speaking for as if his ideas were already sanctioned by the majority of the nations people?

Ghost of Columbia- Part II: Legendary Columbia Professor Never Heard of Obama—- Jun. 7, 2013    Wayne Allyn Root

“I was honored to learn that this legendary historian has been following my political career for many years. But he had no such cheery things to say about the President. Graff said, “I taught at Columbia for 46 years. I taught every significant American politician that ever studied at Columbia. I know them all. I’m proud of them all. Between American History and Diplomatic History, one way or another, they all had to come through my classes. Not Obama. I never had a student with that name in any of my classes. I never met him, never saw him, never heard of him.”

Even more importantly, Professor Graff knew the other history and political science professors. “None of the other Columbia professors knew him either” said Graff.

Graff concluded our interview by saying, “I’m very upset by the whole story. I am angry when I hear Obama called ‘the first President of the United States from Columbia University.’ I don’t consider him a Columbia student. I have no idea what he did on the Columbia campus. No one knows him.”

This interview raises a very interesting point about the Man we claim to know today: what we actually know is a mere shadow of the man himself. Why seal his records at Columbia? The only reason to seal such records is to prevent the general public from knowing how his time was actually spent in pursuing his academic goals. And that is if he actually had such goals.

If Obama is so proud to be a follower of the “communist” social philosophy why is he afraid to say so? Why not just say, I believe in the Marxist ideology and fully support each and every plank of its core manifesto as envisioned or practiced? If he really believes he is re-shaping America into a better Nation by such lists, agendas and accords so preached, why pretend otherwise? By hiding his past, just like he hides his Marxist beliefs, he is playing the fools game while apparently blindfolded. This absurd posture of self-defective ignorance can only be explained if he is only a sacrificial goat of a much more malignant enemy. A syndicate seeking the down fall of America, by subverting the political processes, which in turn commit people to hatred, just to stay one step ahead of a trend, of social self-destruction. The criticality of the war of left versus right is drawing both sides to a fight neither is supposed to win. Both sides are expected to lose the actual war by destroying the other in a final battle concocted by those who seek our destruction from afar.

In the old days that would be the Jews.  The tiny little country of Israel plotting and scheming to over-take America and bend her over like a  noodle to their selfish whims. Considering the recent admittance that the spying scandals are all inter-related, by the same core concentrations of corporations, oddly tied back into Israel military intelligence, there is significant relevance to some of the claims. However, there is nothing new about this strategic arrangement. These foreign national corporations are simply providing a service of which the US government is all too happy to use for its own purposes. It is un-wise to simply make conclusions based on mis-directions of efforts as scape-goats are meant to draw attention away from the real culprits while playing on subversive paranoia which can include any number of real objectives so camouflaged. The entire terrorist movement is a well orchestrated plan to hide the real enemies while pumping up the willing fools into larger than life targets. The dumb and dumber play right along with the plan due to their own inherent hatred of anyone not of their national religion of intolerance.

Another article provides yet another example of the actual reach of the NSA tools so described:

“Boundless Informant: US gov’t collects 100 billion surveillance records a month

Summary: Meet the U.S. National Security Agency‘s global intelligence tracking tool, “Boundless Informant,” the latest secretive system leaked by a London newspaper. By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day | June 8, 2013

The stream of leaks revealing the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) secrets carries on with the public outing of an powerful intelligence tracking tool.

On the back of key talks between Chinese premier Xi Jinping and U.S. President Obama on issues of surveillance and cybercrime, the U.S. government’s week has just gotten a lot worse. In a fresh wave of documents obtained by The Guardian, the details of the NSA’s data mining tool “Boundless Informant” are laid out for the world to see.

A leaked fact sheet (.PDF) explains that almost three billion pieces of intelligence has been collected from U.S. computer networks in the 30-day period ending March this year, as well as indexing almost 100 billion pieces worldwide. Countries are ranked based on how much information has been taken from mobile and online networks, and color-coded depending on how extensively the NSA is spying on a country.

Users of the tool are able to select a country on Boundless Informant’s “heat map” to view details including the metadata volume and different kinds of NSA information collection.

Iran is top of the surveillance list with over 14 billion data reports categorized by the tracking tool in March, with Pakistan coming in close second at 13.5 billion reports. Jordan, Egypt and India are also top contributors.

Levels of country-specific surveillance are color-coded depending on severity; green the least and moving through the spectrum to red if a country is under heavy surveillance.”

Here at home the surveillance of American citizens continues under various secretive programs which apparently only come to light when challenged in Court:

“In February, the Administration succeeded in blocking a challenge to its surveillance policies by arguing that any confirmation of such programs would put American lives at risk. Now that the case is dismissed, they have simply acknowledged the program. The decision is Clapper v. Amnesty International, No. 11-1025, and it is a true nightmare for civil liberties. The Supreme Court rejected the standing of civil liberties groups and citizens to challenge the Obama Administration’s surveillance programs. President Obama has long been criticized for his opposition to such lawsuits and his Justice Department has continued a successful attack on the ability of citizens to challenge the unconstitutional actions of their government in the war on terror. The 5-4 opinion by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. insulates such programs from judicial review in yet another narrowing of standing rules.

Alito rejected the ability of an array of journalists, lawyers and human rights advocates to challenge the constitutionality of the 2008 law allowing secret surveillance without meeting constitutional standards of probable cause. Alito simply said that the parties could not prove that they were subject to surveillance — since the Obama Administration has classified such evidence — and insisted that their fears and precautionary actions are merely efforts to “manufacture standing by incurring costs in anticipation of non imminent harms.”

Alito wrote that just because no one may be able to challenge the law is no reason to recognize standing — a position that guts the separation of powers principles underlying judicial review. He also cites to the secret FISA as judicial review — a truly laughable proposition. I have been in that court as a NSA legal intern and the thought that it constitutes any real form of review is a preposterous notion. I have written and testified on this court in the past.”

“This FISA rubber stamp is just a scheduled 3 month renewal of the program that’s being going on since at least 2006. This is not law enforcement. This is not a terrorist related exercise. Sweeping up everything for years on end isn’t targeted at anything except control of the population. This is shameful.

What is more shameful than the administration is the judiciary abdicating their role to our Constitution. Further shame belongs to any person who will justify this action because it is taken by a Democratic president. This also is an abdication of citizenship, a repudiation of our deepest, best values in our society. We are a society of laws, not men. ” Jill — June 6, 2013

The poster here stated the truth so well it is unfathomable that our Courts are unable to comprehend, much less, articulate the actual crime in progress which is to remove specific elements of “policies” from any over-sight, public disclosure or lawful review when required in a proper Court. Law by secrecy is absurd and the proof is in the dark shadows so cast on principles once valued.

—“Justice Department Fights Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding Unconstitutional Surveillance By David Corn | Fri Jun. 7, 2013

Currently, given the conflicting positions of the Justice Department and the FISA court, Sobel notes, “there is no court you can go to to challenge the secrecy” protecting an opinion noting that the government acted unconstitutionally. On its website, EFF observes, “Granted, it’s likely that some of the information contained within FISC opinions should be kept secret; but, when the government hides court opinions describing unconstitutional government action, America’s national security is harmed: not by disclosure of our intelligence capabilities, but through the erosion of our commitment to the rule of law.”   “

“SiSense, an Israeli founded business analytics startup, has developed a business intelligence solution named Prism. Prism is a simple tool that can cope with complex problems. It can be installed on a normal $ 1,000 laptop within an hour and it can crunch and visualize the results of a terabyte of data. There is no need for data scientists to install Prism and it can be used for any type of data, in any industry.”

1 day 10 hrs ago, WLS – Chicago — The National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting phone, social networking and online records under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and through a clandestine program code-named “PRISM” that came to light in a story posted late Thursday by The Washington Post.

—“Disclosure of the Prism program follows a leak to the Guardian on Wednesday of a top-secret court order compelling telecoms provider Verizon to turn over the telephone records of millions of US customers.

The participation of the internet companies in Prism will add to the debate, ignited by the Verizon revelation, about the scale of surveillance by the intelligence services. Unlike the collection of those call records, this surveillance can include the content of communications and not just the metadata.

Some of the world’s largest internet brands are claimed to be part of the information-sharing program since its introduction in 2007. Microsoft – which is currently running an advertising campaign with the slogan “Your privacy is our priority” – was the first, with collection beginning in December 2007.

It was followed by Yahoo in 2008; Google, Facebook and PalTalk in 2009; YouTube in 2010; Skype and AOL in 2011; and finally Apple, which joined the program in 2012. The program is continuing to expand, with other providers due to come online.”

—“Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program

The negotiations shed a light on how Internet companies, increasingly at the center of people’s personal lives, interact with the spy agencies that look to their vast trove of information — e-mails, videos, online chats, photos and search queries — for intelligence. They illustrate how intricately the government and tech companies work together, and the depth of their behind-the-scenes transactions.

The companies that negotiated with the government include Google, which owns YouTube; Microsoft, which owns Hotmail and Skype; Yahoo; Facebook; AOL; Apple; and Paltalk, according to one of the people briefed on the discussions. The companies were legally required to share the data under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. People briefed on the discussions spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are prohibited by law from discussing the content of FISA requests or even acknowledging their existence.

Twitter, Google and other companies have typically fought aggressively against requests they believe reach too far. Google, Microsoft and Twitter publish transparency reports detailing government requests for information, but these reports do not include FISA requests because they are not allowed to acknowledge them.

Yet since tech companies’ cooperation with the government was revealed Thursday, tech executives have been performing a familiar dance, expressing outrage at the extent of the government’s power to access personal data and calling for more transparency, while at the same time heaping praise upon the president as he visited Silicon Valley.”

“Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of Google both strongly denied giving unfettered access to user data to U.S. officials, but it turns out both companies have, in fact, cooperated with governments requests.

Zuckerberg denied his company’s link to secret government data-sharing scheme PRISM on Friday in a blustery posted message that described allegations that Facebook gave ‘US or any other government direct access to our servers’ as ‘outrageous.'”

—“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is urging Americans to “make some choices” in balancing privacy and security as he defends once-secret surveillance programs that sweep up an estimated 3 billion phone calls a day and amass Internet data from U.S. providers in an attempt to thwart terror attacks.

Obama says it will be harder to detect threats against the U.S. now that the two top-secret tools to target terrorists have been so thoroughly publicized.

At turns defensive and defiant while speaking to reporters on Friday, Obama stood by the spy programs revealed this week.

The National Security Agency has been collecting the phone records of hundreds of millions of Americans each day, creating a database through which it can learn whether terror suspects have been in contact with people in the U.S. It also was disclosed this week that the NSA has been gathering all Internet usage — audio, video, photographs, emails and searches — from nine major U.S. Internet providers, including Microsoft and Google, in hopes of detecting suspicious behavior that begins overseas.

Obama, himself a constitutional lawyer, strove to calm Americans’ fears but also to remind them that Congress and the courts had signed off on the surveillance.

“I think the American people understand that there are some trade-offs involved,” Obama said when questioned by reporters at a health care event in San Jose, Calif.

“It’s important to recognize that you can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience,” he said. “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society. And what I can say is that in evaluating these programs, they make a difference in our capacity to anticipate and prevent possible terrorist activity.”

The absurdity in plain sight is that only unconstitutional actions can protect Americans from their terrorist enemies. The word “terrorist” is a ghost fiction made real by constantly repeating the same stupid assertion that foreign principles are out to get us by any means possible and boy are they so clever only the unconstitutional actions can save us from their trickier than shrewd methods of attacking. Looking at the facts over the years it is obvious that these so called terrorists, are more often than not, simple minded patsies who have been inoculated in a culture of hatred and have no idea how they are being played like meat-puppets. Without American intelligence operations, to prop them up and protect them from their own stupidity, none of these fools really pose a risk to anyone but themselves.

Intelligence goons created the “terrorist” to justify the Orwellian spy programs, as part of a larger de-stabilization effort aimed at the Nations, most susceptible to such devious manipulations, thereby, producing the mind-set needed, on both sides of the equation of fear, to scare Americans into compliance with policies boldly subverting the Right of Law, as a protection racket.

Americans have the Right of Law, without the protection racket, or the Constitution would have long since vanished by simple legislative fiat. The Law is still there gathering dust, but the government has left the court in which it operates. This was not just recently. The process has occurred over the last century by nothing more than re-writing the rules to convey one meaning while actually allowing another.

Naming Acts which do the exact opposite is quite clever and has worked like clock-work on the public mass-mind, while political hacks and goons hide behind carefully worded policy facades, which serves them as a protective shield, while breaking the law. Behind this wall of false policy fronts is another layer of a more sinister story which only comes into view when something goes terribly wrong. Sadly, despite the fact when people actually read correctly what is implied— is not the actual purpose as expected— by such policies, bringing this to attention of the Courts, changes nothing as they flat-out refuse to correct the defects.

While some people seem angry enough to bitch about such things, the government simply keeps right on doing the Harm as intended and ignores any other consideration. This attitude of illegal might is going to be right no matter what the actual Law means, also proves the Harm as inflicted is quite intentional by purpose.

This failure to carry out corrective actions proves peoples opinions mean absolutely nothing and do not carry any weight where it is actually effective. To even act in secrecy means— the public is already defeated by repealing the affirmative Right to know what the officials are doing. If people no longer have the Right to know such circumstances, when they are no longer secure in their Persons or papers, or any other relevant properties, the authorities have nullified lawful restrictions to propagate un-lawful behaviors they themselves will not tolerate. This is of course hypocrisy of the most venial kind as they claim to be above the Law that every citizen has sworn to uphold. Well, most but not all have such honor. There is no such thing as being above the law— it is an absurdity born from a criminal mind-set and no other. Either the Law is up-held or it is abandoned.

The other side of this little game of canceling good law to allow bad law, is the negation of their Rights is to cancel yours. That is the real nature of this nefarious game being played in sly terminologies meant to imply one thing while doing quite another. The government is secretly spying on Americans, violating the Rights of Citizens, to cyber-mine private data for collection/information, which is to to be kept secret, and used for yet other secret  purposes, of unknown positive benefits.  The biggest lie is the government needs to do these un-lawful Acts to protect the poor, little, helpless Americans. The more odious lie is that they are sincere.

The Truth of the Law known as the constitution was to prevent Tyranny from sitting on a throne wearing a shiny crown. To say otherwise is absurd.

The calculated purpose of these bold-faced lies seems to be to foment the very circumstances the lie is supposed to prevent. The data-mining is following another logical tangent which is to use reactionary profiling to determine the opposing steps needed to bring an already socially divided nation into deeper and more violent conflict. The ruse of terror-ism is quite clear if the actual goal is pitting people against one another in the agitated and cursed left versus right paradigm. This goal has been brewing all along in plain site. By ratcheting up the fear and producing “events” to stir up the already divergent hostilities prevalent in society today, the public masses are un-wittingly being drawn up into a much more insidious war, where survival of the political fittest, takes precedent over any other consideration. Thus, the chosen ideology will be seen as further proof the socialists have taken the high ground by immoral tactics. That would be a fact.

Very few things bring forth such intense anger than the rightful perceptions of un-fairness riding over lawful principles. The left, as the un-witting dopes, will gladly use the occasion to further inflame  the more conservative of the Right, to push every grievance to the limits, so imposed by moral standards, while denouncing any such Right to question the real bias of such choices. The militant atheists hatred of God and religion has festered like a puss boil on their backs for so long they have no desire to know why it actually there at all.   Such men claim one thing while practicing another far worse by design. The underlying claim of evolution as an informal proof of communism does not stand up to deeper scrutiny.

While micro-evolution is quite strong by Representual Theory— the real problem has always been Macro-evolution. Confusing one over the other only hinders true objectivity. An Objective critique leaves no doubt science does not know what law of Nature can produce simultaneous, macro-expressions of  species, across divergent ecological conditions. The “missing links” are a sly mis-categorization of species rules whose rise and fall are not coincident to micro-evolutionary limitations. One has nothing to do with the other. Marxists cannot explain their own theory without resorting to tricks of semantics to avoid the crucial argument: Why does man believe in God at all?

Before history was re-written to the lowest level of ignorance mankind learned from his Gods, about the Nature of his existence. Some Gods were much more beneficial to this purpose than others. The bewildering abundance of so many un-necessary Gods is quite absurd, even as one cannot be a mere fictions of many– of which the culture of mankind was of superficial importance. The culture of gods came before man and was in great conflict even as mankind arose in civilization.  Men are just not as clever as history pretends them to be especially in the absence of spoken language.

Men cannot speak of their imaginations, with no language to give such thoughts form and purpose. What do men gain to protect such myths of Beings whose abilities rendered mankind into permanent inferiority? A more interesting position is that a real God kicked mans ass over the course of multi-generations to such an extant the boot mark is still visible today.

Men such as Marx pitifully failed to even comprehend the most simplistic characteristics bound in mankind of which evolution as an inferred rule cannot explain. Man has no reason to hate or love fictions, unless the superstitions are a result of long term psychological continuity. The boot mark echo is found in beliefs as held in words. Words are the holding of experience and knowledge. Words were once held to be quite powerful— as reverence— to be spoken as a function of social importance. How did mankind gain the ability to Speak if he had no thoughtful mind to know speech?

Evolution of the spoken word is a direct reflection of the awareness to express thoughts coherent. Without such men as Shakespeare, language does not evolve, it conserves limitations already imposed on the mind. I suspect those that followed Marx would have killed a man like Shakespeare in a heart-beat.

To murder without cause or provocation is evil. Men who kill in the name of ideology are barbaric fools pretending to be following natural law without ever considering there is no such law. Why does a God need to tell mankind “Thou Shall not Kill” if man is just another animal? Why would a God expect any form of behavior, from an animal which knows no other by Natural law? Animals do not have speech and to hear the Word, to comprehend the Word mankind had to know Words are of a mind no mere animal can possess.

In Nature a carnivore kills its prey to survive as it has no means otherwise. Men can commit murder for any reason except natural law. Men do not as a rule eat other men— except for cannibals following predatory behavior as animals— such men would have killed Marx and feasted on his flesh— thus if Marx was facing such a death and a follower of God came by what reason would Marx give to save his life? If he only believes men are animals, than he is no better than the lowest of those barely clinging to such distinctions, of which cannibals belong.

In an odd way Marx was a cannibal by his own stupid rule of equal organic conditions. The absurdity is cannibals and socialist/marxist share the same lack of moral conscience. Zombies and cannibals slugging it out by who can eat the other the fastest? Nature does not seem to favor such atrocities or deviations from the actual rules of carnivores versus herbivores, as each seems to have a check on the other. The savage brutality of this arrangement is not a foundation for civilized society, therefore, Thou Shall not Kill is a foundation statement of Law by which a society can manifest a consciousness, describing a higher order of mind, that Nature cannot emulate by natural evolution alone.  The problem is mankind cannot live like an animal therefore, cannot avoid the responsibilities so required for a social order, where a moral conscience, whether by belief  in God, or self-discipline of self realized moral-integrity, is a must for the social harmony of good-will to exist at all. Those who wish to live like ignorant animals might want to re-consider why such living is short, brutal and foul.

Nature while described by Rules is not a tool of itself superficially rubber-stamping species into false relationships aka the “survival of the fittest”  doctrine, which while looking like a rock solid rule, is nonetheless quite false as a predictive theory. Mankind himself fails his own silly rules. People do not become civilized by natural law, there is no such law. Or all species are civilized by the same law, as mankind cannot claim special status, special rules, and natural favoritism while spouting dogmatic slogans posing as science.  Nature does NOT produce domestication of species period—- and that which does is not Natural. The transition from a simple creature drinking from a ditch to one which exists today does not FOLLOW any Natural law period. It is the lack of rising civilizations of different species over the very long courses of time which beg the question of why mankind alone has been blessed by this invisible natural law, where no other such species has such specialty from the very laws so claimed.

This is just another example of absurd logic to claim man is  way too special for natural law and yet survival of the fittest placed him at the top of an artificial niche imposed by God. Nature for some strange reason does not produce magic food just in time to save mankind from starving to death, due to inferior evolutionary traits, which rendered mankind to feeble, weak and ecologically stranded, to survive just as any other creature upon the Earth. Only mankind survives by the negation of natural law. NO other species is so special. Only domesticated species follow such un-natural survival strategies as defended by a superior species. Mankind was domesticated by a superior species and has been quite pissed off ever since. The hatred of Gods or a God, is as old as mankind himself, or none of those old rules ever needed to be stated.

And for those looking to play hardball: Nature does not bestow intelligence like a gift of roses just to be special. The very honing of survival by physical attributes oddly enough places a specific limit on native intelligence— no more and no less— than as needed— as any extra intelligence is un-needed and too costly to maintain. No species is given any advantage over another by any natural law as that demand is quite un-natural. No species can afford to ignore the very actions so required to survive or it becomes extinct. There is no separation of ability from intelligence as one expresses the other as instinct. That which conserves intelligence by instinct uses less energy to achieve the same result. Species which use less energy to reproduce, less energy to locate and feed, will out-survive any other species stranded by excessive ecological demands. Nature favors no one Creature over another– all must endure to survive simultaneously across the whole of the Earth.

While animals exhibit higher-order, biological patterns in social relationships as a function of instincts, males can fight to the death to gain exclusive female procreation. The strongest male while seeming to dominate is not always the one, using the most successful reproductive strategy, proving the fittest doctrine is a rule of thumb not explicit un-mutable law. Nature is dynamic by forces so constrained, thus it can “evolve”  solutions almost like an organic super-computer operating upon molecular bits. Solutions are niches thus conserve energy and species thrive by exclusions so rendered.

[There is an intelligence of Nature where the word “spirit” barely describes a deeper truth just beyond normal perceptions.. Why science deplores this keen awareness is absurd as it relates to the senses as spirit is aware of spirit as a fundamental aspect of awareness not bound to a mind. Consciousness recognizes consciousness and in man is formalized in speech.]

Individual species are dynamic even under constraints produced by ecological conditions, thus they too can evolve new traits, but evolution is not merely immutable as it is constrained by the dynamics of earth macro-ecology. What is meant by this observation is that evolution does not have to exist, for life itself to exist. Evolution cannot be the only deep biological law at work, or no other species of life, not evolving could exist period. Macro-diversification of Species defies simple genetic iterations— a deck of cards has only four suits… to change this suite rule changes every game such a rule allows to be played. If evolution was the only game in town, new species cannot arise from old ones with traits never seen or predicted. Evolution is not novel enough to account for the non-evolutionary diversity arising from nature itself.

The manner in which man plays the “games of biological cards” are based on perceptions which assert immutable laws, that is until the cards themselves are changed. With no such changes every species can only play by its biological cards the same game of life. No species can change its cards to change life itself.  Nature may shuffle the deck, but it never changes the suits or we would see evolutionary changes in DNA where such DNA has evolved into wholly separate coding mechanisms unknown, as varied as the species themselves. To wit the monkey genes would have no relation to human genes as each is wholly different from the other as a quotient of biological separation. DNA from different periods would have little in common either in form or function. Science would be confronted with so many different forms of DNA no two rules would be the same. Finding a biological card deck with the same four suits would be impossible. Since this is not the case the expressions of the DNA across species must be alike by form and function and yet do not fully explain the very strange notion that evolution is changing DNA into something that is not DNA. Why does the mechanism not act upon itself?

The more intriguing question is did DNA change the rules of only micro-evolution?  Nature strives to conserve energy as necessary for form to follow function where physics define limits on biological expression. Macro-evolution defines the upper limitations of specie not the successive micro-progressions of species. Or grasshoppers would roam the plains as big as elephants. 

These amazing organic molecules of 3-dimensional structures which can combine, attach, repulse or mutate by rules of gravity, heat, cold, wetness etc never actually re-define the explicit organic rules themselves. Evolution does not produce evolutions of new organic processes only adaptations to ecological conditions of scarcity or abundance. The top-level of the biology order is thus defined by the resolution of its smallest organic parts to conditions acting on the whole of all species simultaneously. And this bio-force has never ceased for a moment, as a time-frame condition upon the whole, to the expression of macro-life sustainability. All organic life acting as a single unit on the macro side of the expression. Reductionism defies the whole of the truth.

Monkeys cannot become men by such reductionism, no more than they will evolve to be giraffes, regardless of evolving genetic similarity.  Nature cannot program itself new Macro-rules and cannot change the micro-rules once set into motion. Species cannot originate out of thin air and yet nature cannot act on anything which does not exist. Nature and Existence are not mutually co-exclusive…  rules of nature do not determine all potentials of Existence and macro-nature is not evolving exclusive to strictly organic micro-existence alone. Existence does not need materialist Nature— organic nature needs material Existence. The need of one condition produces the Rules for the other.

Existence is superior to material nature and that which creates Nature is the Authority of that Nature, wherever it is expressed, not just upon small blue worlds orbiting stars. Creation is not limited by material existence like a cup to water. Awareness is not bound by time or space as potentiality scales are like fractals into the infinity of each simultaneously, micro- to macro- energy states where the top of the higher order as sustained is in equilibrium to the  lowest order of the material as conserved. Gravity acting as the memory of time— existence is potentials evolving endlessly— resolving solutions to the highest and lowest scales where forms follow functions and are perfected by the necessity of energy conservation. Nature upon the is Earth is but one potential of many and it is of Life. Living is a true State of a greater Truth of existence.

Mankind can scream, shout and howl at the moon all night long, but that will not change the laws which preceded his Time upon the Earth. Wallowing in false arrogance has no effect upon Creation. Man is dependent on biology for physical reality not Existence. The mystery of Existence preceded the mystery of biological reality or the mind would have no reason to exist beyond the need for simple self-preservation. A mans Soul is his connection to the Creator of his existence. Awareness is the seat of the soul. Far to many Human beings, having seemingly lost the ability to even discern such truths, without resorting to false demands of superficial proofs, ignore the obvious proof. Do you not question why you exist?  Pity the man who drowns in his own apathetic ignorance of his greater existence, even as he demands all men must lower themselves to yet another level of mediocrity. The lowest common denominator of mind awareness indeed becomes no better then an animal.

Marxism produced a cruel lie to impose a false doctrine of inferior reality– communism. Marx was a cunning liar who hated the rich and poor alike. Taking advantage of the downtrodden, by falsely implying their ills were strictly due to a dead Gods death grip upon them, men were easily lured into the dead-end of stupid. Communism was just another form of poison to the heart, thus the soul, and by inflaming the mentality by such calculated evil assertions, strove to prove that man was just another animal. Mr. Marx cared not one whit about the poor, or for any other factor of compassion. His was a campaign of hatred to harness the most violent of instincts to wage death upon the people of the earth. Millions died for no other reason but to fulfill the mandates of madmen, cursed of a proper conscience who indeed gave the finger to the dead god of their imaginations while claiming like simpletons this negated all spiritual existence beyond the mortal limits of self.

If such fools proved God was actually alive– only then can they prove god can be dead. If god is not a biological entity the claim god is dead is absurd. That which gave form to Creation is to god what God was to mankind.  Mankind did not create himself or he would be still doing so in ever greater numbers. Gods did not create themselves or they would rule the earth on thrones like in the bad old days. Like today, men and gods were prone to self-destruction. Both knew Good and Evil and acted accordingly. Thus, men and gods learned the hard-way some rules are meant to be up-held and Laws defeat fools no matter what game they claim to be playing.

If such fools only played with their own lives, none would give a damn what they believed, as it is the arrogance by which they claim to hold the rest in contrived obedience, by the threats of total annihilation, which has placed such men into another category of Evil. It is the evil in their hearts which drives their tongues to speak such infirmities as if strengths. The fact is they are the ones living in fear, of which men who live in honest courage, have never known life to fear. They want all men to be as afraid of life as they are thus quite inhibited of the stronger awareness. They cling to rules as silly as themselves. Which is why they cannot EVOLVE the higher awareness which bridges the unknown as easy as steel bridges cross a gorge. They are chickens dressed like wolves and need the heavy hand of authoritarianism to make themselves feel superior to those whose beliefs alone define character by moral standards instead of swords and bullets.

While I do not share the belief of a simplistic god, or wretched men posing as one, ruling over mankind today, at least by public knowledgeable rules, the higher order from which springs Creation is a whole other matter altogether. I see no purpose to impose knowledge upon others who have no such interest or need as they are already quite satisfied with simplistic explanations which do not require deeper reflections. It is too easy to say all life upon the earth is nothing more than random biology with no purpose but to eat, run, procreate and sleep etc. Why evolution has not eliminated one of these  rules of living seems to indicate limitations on biological processes remain consistent and beliefs do not change facts.

Marxist drivel actually weakens science by proclaiming a State holds superior authority, despite the fact, without man, no such thing as States exist at all. States are not Natural by natural law. Since Marxism claims god does not exist, yet proclaims State is god, as being superior to mankind, Marx produced an absurdity that fictions can hold titles otherwise impossible by any rule of nature itself. Gods simply lived by rules foreign to the minds of mankind. Gods did not arise from the humble earth and this too explains their contrary nature to mankind, who to this very day cannot reconcile the differences so lived. Mankind once left the animal world to follow the Gods back into the Heavens. The task however, proved greater than the myths so remembered and doubt once cast became the gulf it is today. Perhaps if the Gods had been a measure less destructive upon themselves, mankind might have gained the greater wisdom, ceased such violence upon himself, and thus the world  around him. To evolve ever more destructive ends is the fastest path to extinction. Which is why the few want to remove by warfare the majority of the rest to ensure they succeed by elimination. Such evil men work tirelessly, behind the facades so erected, to bring about the final days, so they can realize their utopia of the few and their slaves. The rest of their plan is bullshit weaving fictions in the winds.

The problem of  Barbaric Socialism, is that it hides its cruelties behind false slogans promising utopia while delivering nothing of the kind and death upon the lands.  Both extremes of the right and left have their problems, but genuine kind people are not the problem, honest men are not the problem and people willing to work out their differences peacefully are not the problem.  The trouble-makers need to incite violence to push other-wise peaceful people to cease trusting each other in critical moments. Obama is pushing the big, fat lies to purposely anger Americans, while setting up the dopes on the left to take the heat for policies they probably never even thought about all that carefully. And that is assuming they even read such things at all.

Obama-care truthfully is just another insult to the American people left or right on the political scales of Justice.

Unless Congress can be un-hooked from the giant tit-so named the paper printing press, the root of the problem will continue feeding the tree of corruption. The Obama fake health plan is wrapped around the “taxpayer” like a python ready for the death squeeze… of course people are going to call for its repeal, as it is diabolically un-constitutional to tax the negative function of the demand itself. The demand/purchase is not a proper excise tax event[forced commerce], plus the tax is non-apportioned and cannot be levied as a direct tax.

The 16th was specifically written as just vague enough to exploit the gap between the indirect and direct clauses, without using the word “corporation” and Excise to validate the clause as used. If the American people would just read the Taft letter to Congress, then re-read the damn tax regulations, they would understand the inference as used is strictly “policy” not law. There is no LAW enforcing income taxes on American citizens unless you take the bait and switch your income to the taxable property side of the equation. People make the law against themselves by ignorance and IRS policy. Which of course they enforce quite brutally as a matter of policy as well.

A flat tax is just as unconstitutional for different reasons and gives more power to tax outside of the actual limits now in place. BAIT AND SWITCH— see this tax is bad—> now switch to this one and it is good…. no still bullshit. The root of the problem is not changed by slipping on a different robe of power to induce Harm. The Rights of Money itself has to change.

The “Money Property” and the “Labor Property” must be in parity of Rights as established by the Constitution. The Founding Fathers did not quite make it to the next step, due to slavery clouding their vision, and letting the defect of slavery as principle ruin the future prosperity— that would be the ginormous debt—which in the aggregate is always sending a Niagara falls worth of pure interest money to the enemies of our prosperity, instead of We the People. That would be the swindle, in the con itself, added to the skim.

The whole of government has been reduced to an absurdity of a criminal enterprise, where Congress acts as the gatekeeper, to our national riches of wealth creation. To remove the root is to remove the con. People, if earning by proper unit standards, would have enough income to decide their own level of health care— IF that system was actually operating to make such economic decisions fair. Of course that too is a con. There is no such thing as fair medical services and it is on purpose… insurance does not solve the con it operates the con as administrative policy to generate profits. Profits drive the machine of health care and changing the policies only pushes the debt costs to the public side, while further privatizing the profits, where no actual rules of economic parity exist. More con and no improvements to health. Which is why it is another stealth tax on incomes, thus taxpayers, hence why the IRS is in charge. Adding more insult to injury– Barbaric Socialism operate by no other rules.

If America is ever going to survive its internal conflicts a new concept must take hold on the public consciousness— the Labor Unit of Account must equal the Silver Dollar unit of Account in parity— By Law.

Solutions require deeper examinations of the actual root causes, which polices, as thick as tar in a pit, lure people into with false hopes that foul tar is going to change. Taxing powers are so dangerous to prosperity they have to be restricted or they promptly destroy wealth accumulations like fire to dry grass. The latest move seems to take the very worst of any previous Barbaric Socialist idea and throws it at Americans like monkey snot from the dark side of the cage. Changing the system is not a bad idea, but the plan here is to inflame the growing anger stewing between the polar opposites of right versus the left.  Hopefully, Americans will see this for what it really is and refuse to dumb themselves down to play along.

Perhaps as yet another privacy scandal erupts out of the basement, like so many others, a federal judge will finally re-grow a back-bone and start calling a spade exactly what it is and throw out these un-constitutional intrusions upon American citizen rights. If not, that is the real battle. This battle has to be won by Principle not bullets or the American way of life will continue sliding into the abyss of despair and mediocrity and such will the dream come to rest in a grave.

I say Marx is dead. The future belongs to the living and our responsibility today is to choose the wisest path to that end.


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