Obama the Fearless Leader in Chief

Mr. Obama is a perfect example of the myth of the American presidency. A myth which makes very bold assertions about that “Oval Office Power” while ignoring the reality of that tar-pit called politics. No president is required to be a sterling angel, much less a dog-eared devil, but the character of man is always the light of his actions or its shadow. When a president no longer considers it necessary to speak the truth, of even his most minor ambitions, what assurance will people have during any real crisis of conscience, he will rise to his better self? A man so conflicted is a danger to himself, as he trades his diminishing expectations for the price of influence. A price always rising in direct proportions to political failures. No amount of mythical power can help a president who has squandered his public good. When a Nation turns sour on a president, combined with bad economic times, the temptations to use force rarely turn out for the better. Leadership by bluff alone tends to vanish in an instant when the realities like rubber hit the hard road of truth.

The myth of presidential leadership
—-Many Washington pundits are critical of the president’s ability to wrangle concessions out of Congress, but they forget that his power has limits—

Norman J. Ornstein | National Journal  May 08, 2013

—–“All this is not to say that leadership is meaningless and the situation hopeless. Obama has failed to use the bully pulpit as effectively as he could, not to change votes but to help define the agenda, while his adversaries have often—on health care, the economy, stimulus, and other issues—defined it instead. Shaping the agenda can give your allies traction and legitimize your policy choices and put your opponents on defense. And any of us could quibble with some of the strategic choices and timing emanating from the White House. But it is past time to abandon selective history and wishful thinking, and realize the inherent limits of presidential power, and the very different tribal politics that Obama faces compared with his predecessors.” http://www.aei.org/article/politics-and-public-opinion/executive/the-myth-of-presidential-leadership/

The current president has done very little to alleviate the crucial problems which vex the American people. The blame does not fall squarely on his shoulders alone, but the fact is by squandering the mythical power he has demonstrated he does not understand the genuine authority of the Office, or the factual history in the applications of its use. That is the funny thing about Mr. Obama, he is claimed to be some kind of constitutional scholar, and yet, he has failed to use such knowledge, to such a degree, it is if he has no knowledge at all. History is full of interesting quirks, myths, asides and antidotes ready made for just about any occasion. A real scholar needs only to peruse a compilation of such examples of human nature to express the keener understanding of the political battles which rise and fall upon the Hill of powers that be… like clock-work. And yet his is a one-trick pony exercise in futility. When a president no longer inspires confidence at home he is exporting doubt just the same.

The American expression of power upon the world at large leaves much to be desired and this is not the fault of the current man in the Oval Office. He is not bound by the ghosts of the past as he is judged by them in the present. The American legacy which clouds the present is barely addressed which only adds to the perceptions that America is not the leader fo the free world, or its defender. When the world at large cannot ignore the growing list of transgressions sprouting out of that peculiar notion of exceptionalism, the president cannot afford to be afraid of his own shadow. He is like a feather-weight in a ring of bruisers twice his size. And the sad thing is he invited them by his silence.

The Power and the Glory–Myths of American exceptionalism
Howard Zinn June 01, 2005

—–“The notion of American exceptionalism—that the United States alone has the right, whether by divine sanction or moral obligation, to bring civilization, or democracy, or liberty to the rest of the world, by violence if necessary—is not new. It started as early as 1630 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony when Governor John Winthrop uttered the words that centuries later would be quoted by Ronald Reagan. Winthrop called the Massachusetts Bay Colony a “city upon a hill.” Reagan embellished a little, calling it a “shining city on a hill.”

It seems that the idea of American exceptionalism is pervasive across the political spectrum.

The idea is not challenged because the history of American expansion in the world is not a history that is taught very much in our educational system. A couple of years ago Bush addressed the Philippine National Assembly and said, “America is proud of its part in the great story of the Filipino people. Together our soldiers liberated the Philippines from colonial rule.” The president apparently never learned the story of the bloody conquest of the Philippines.

And last year, when the Mexican ambassador to the UN said something undiplomatic about how the United States has been treating Mexico as its “backyard” he was immediately reprimanded by then–Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell, denying the accusation, said, “We have too much of a history that we have gone through together.” (Had he not learned about the Mexican War or the military forays into Mexico?) The ambassador was soon removed from his post.

The major newspapers, television news shows, and radio talk shows appear not to know history, or prefer to forget it. There was an outpouring of praise for Bush’s second inaugural speech in the press, including the so-called liberal press (The Washington Post, The New York Times). The editorial writers eagerly embraced Bush’s words about spreading liberty in the world, as if they were ignorant of the history of such claims, as if the past two years’ worth of news from Iraq were meaningless.

There is a growing refusal to accept U.S. domination and the idea of American exceptionalism. Recently, when the State Department issued its annual report listing countries guilty of torture and other human-rights abuses, there were indignant responses from around the world commenting on the absence of the United States from that list. A Turkish newspaper said, “There’s not even mention of the incidents in Abu Ghraib prison, no mention of Guantánamo.” A newspaper in Sydney pointed out that the United States sends suspects—people who have not been tried or found guilty of anything—to prisons in Morocco, Egypt, Libya, and Uzbekistan, countries that the State Department itself says use torture.”  http://bostonreview.net/zinn-power-glory?

The current occupant of the “Oval Office” does not need any mythical powers to combat the hoary escapades of delusional madmen always looking for that crass exceptionalism to grace their offshore accounts. All he needed to do was dust off the powers of honesty and clarity to teach the shabby thinkers a pointed lesson about proper consequences for bad deeds justified by nothing but greed and ambitions. He has the power to remind the most politically powerful of their responsibilities to their fellow man, regardless of cultural intemperances which blind disparities and clog the faculties of reason. Racial strife is a sad fact of the American landscape, a fact which has cursed this country for so long there is no generation which has ever known anything else. The President does not need anything else, but sound principles to silence the critics and to remind his most ardent supporters of the importance of being earnest. These are the defining qualities of integrity of which every man has a right to measure as an unalienable expression of his moral conscience.

One does need to be a president to inspire greater notions of honor, only that defining aspect of leadership which raises the standard of its expression. His was a chance to show the “president” has the greater moral fortitude to do what lessor men cannot, who have no such trappings of power, to carry their words, or deeds, to the nation and to the world at large. The power to communicate is the power to convey the deeper moral instinct men need to overcome their own often fatalistic predilections of both purpose and belief. People need something to believe in and the president, if so inclined and able,  is one of the very few who can inspire the people where nothing else will suffice. To squander that power of the good in men is a fearsome defect of character which invites scorn and ambivalence, especially in matters of personal habits.  No man can be a Saviour and a scoundrel at the same time. To ignore that truth is to suffer the Nation at large of its consequences.

Drunk with Power and Esteem, Presidents’ Sanity Disappears
By Gene Healy

—–“One of our greatest — and sanest — chief executives, Calvin Coolidge, wrote in 1929 that it was hard for the president to “avoid the malady of self-delusion,” living as he does in an “artificial atmosphere of adulation and exaltation.”

Coolidge, who had a meager staff of 38, didn’t know the half of it. Todays president lives in a bubble of hundreds of sycophants, flies a tricked-out 747 and knows that he’s the most powerful man in any room he enters.

Silent Cal couldn’t have imagined the atmosphere of celebrity adoration that envelops today’s chief: “OMG! Obama swatted a fly! So cool! He went to Ray’s Hell Burger! Just like any normal person with a massive Secret Service detail!” How long could any of us remain “grounded” in an environment where we’re constantly treated like a god? http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/drunk-power-esteem-presidents-sanity-disappears

The man behind the official facade often has little in common with the those who seek his presence. People are naturally suspect of any man who pretends them friendship, while delivering them over to their enemies, whether real or imagined, as persistent mythos prevails upon the winds of opinion. Mr. Obama cannot be so ignorant of the swirling malaise of such opinions, teaming with rumors and innuendo’s born up out of the gulf of suspicions, from the gaps of silence upon such matters the ordinary man cannot seal with a presidential pen. His aloofness portrays him as indifferent to the issues hobbling his followers and critics alike, as he allows the same old gang of economic cut-throats, to loot the nations good-will and prosperity, as if such policies were indeed written in blood-stained stone. His betrayal of the principles so endowed with the constitution of which he disdains speaks volumes of why his record will not be held in high esteem.

The presidency has de-evolved into a popularity contest with all the forces of technology marshaled together to impress the masses that the powers are indeed, ever so majestic, that not one man in a million can compare, or extol such virtues,  of the cult of personality shining like a crown atop that elected presidential head. Was he not warned by the historical record not to swill down the wine of that false power? Time will tell, if he too will suffer the same fates, like so many men before him, who could not separate the “powers” from the realities of the responsibilities of running a government, already so bloated by the trappings of excess, that the inertia alone can crush even the most willful of men like a twig.

Too much power is not a lesson those upon that Hill are willing to learn and the president wielding his finger of disapproval is not going to stop the show for even a blushed second. The people may be told one thing, but those political sharks swimming around the white-house know the score and where the bodies are buried.  The intractable problems which such a man even in great virtue must over-come to induce any real meaningful changes are not solved by platitudes on a pulpit, but in battle of wits most foul. The executive is in a vice-grip of contentions and expectations which he has to find quite troublesome, as he cannot go forward, or retreat, without raising ever greater condemnations, seeking injustice at his feet. He is the invisible man wearing a presidential hat and coat while seeking refuge from the banality of such false pretensions, that he alone can solve all the problems of the world like some sort of Olympian God made manifest by the mere election of Office.

The myth of the Transparent Executive? Posted on April 14, 2012

—–“The challenge in any organisation is to find ways to look beyond the surface to discover what the executive is doing. As Machiavelli says about the Prince, it is difficult to see them as they are. A Prince protects himself with the majesty of the state so that the image they wish to present is the only one available.

“Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are, and those few dare not oppose themselves to the opinion of the many, who have the majesty of the state to defend them; and in the actions of all men, and especially of princes, which it is not prudent to challenge, one judges by the result.”” http://thoughtmanagement.org/2012/04/14/the-myth-of-the-transparent-executive/

The man in the “Office” is not to blame for the wretched road imperialistic policies have taken for so long. A set of policies which have been touted as the manifest destiny of the American myth for so long it is often political suicide to even suggest such “policies” are nothing, but false promises to the people, even as the insiders, peddling war as profit, squeeze another life into a bloody coin. The deeply troubling aspects of never-ending warfare as a sole means to an end seem rather inconsequential to the man currently sitting in the “Oval Office” as his record proves little has changed in the animosities which poison world peace;  leaving only the bitter dregs to be held up as proof that the “policy” is working as usual to its typical, diabolical ends.

The death and destruction across the war torn middle east is not an improvement of democratic security, but an invitation to yet more blood-shed as furious tribal mind-sets engulf even those who may have been eager to make good with the west. The demands for oil, opium and mineral wealth drive the real agendas as always and pretending otherwise is another sign of hypocrisy of foreign expedient policies. The tactical embellishments to portray the verisimilitudes of conquering hostile nations as a war on terror hides the blatant truth of such aggressions: a policy of extraction by all means necessary. To say otherwise is absurd to the extreme as the excuse barely covers the lie. The presidential powers are tarnished by such fabrications, while good-will is banished to the basement corner from which it will never likely return. To even suggest the policy is making democracy safe in the war-brutalized nations, which were once prosperous, is caustically false upon those who must suffer the degradations so imposed.

Five Myths about Obama’s Foreign Policy

By: Martin S. Indyk, Kenneth G. Lieberthal and Michael E. O’Hanlon

—–“Barack Obama campaigned as a visionary on foreign policy. He vowed to repair the breach with the Muslim world, make a major dent in global poverty, establish detente with dictators, arrest climate change and work toward global denuclearization. But since he reached the Oval Office, pragmatism has won the day more often than not, rendering the president a reluctant realist more than an idealist. Now, as Obama seeks reelection at a moment of major challenges on the global stage, let’s lay to rest some myths about his successes and failures.”http://www.brookings.edu/research/opinions/2012/03/29-obama-indyk-lieberthal-ohanlon

Nothing has changed for those still clinging to an ounce of hope they will ever recover the dignities of their own culture now made ragged by the destruction of their personal liberties and properties. The staggering human cost of the war on the people of Iraq, who were falsely judged as schemers against Americans, is one of the more brutal lies still clogging the moral conscience of indifferent Americans. What does this say about those in power, who avoid the real questions gathering dust in the war power closet; right along with stacks of other such questions scarecrows on a presidential stick dare not ask or answer? Such agendas mock the core principle of peace. To do no Harm. Ignoring the ugly truth does not make the lie more beautiful. The people of Iraq, as well as, Afghanistan were not the enemies of the people here, nor were they engaged in acts of violence against Americans. Do presidents have a moral obligation to correct the obnoxious abuses of previous administrations?

They do if they have the guts to do so.

Nonetheless, it takes some serious iron will-power to right wrongs in direct conflict with mass-opinion, plus that war-mongering profiteering, but the truth when properly defined is the one power which over-comes such bold-faced lies no matter how ingenious they may dressed. Avoiding the truth becomes a sign of weakness that the real enemies of this nation can surmise to mean this one is not going to rock the boat so much as he will re-paint the decks and call it a day. A president that refuses to take a stand is already bending to those he fears, whether he acknowledges this or not such is the task of leadership to up-hold the Law in all of its many forms. To waffle on the task sends a clear message that the Law is simply not worth the trouble.

Such doubts of leadership, only encourage the further erosion of lawfully sanctioned policies elsewhere, to be exploited by the fortune seekers riding the war devils, like jockeys in a horse race to Hell. The sheer folly of allowing the war-profiteers to lead the national policy of their choice, in stark contrast to the collective wills of the people, here at home, and in those countries so embroiled, is not a measure of leadership success. Such lives as lost are the measure of failure quite foul. And the price of that failure is born by the least able to afford its pound of flesh. What do the children really learn from the brutality of death and destruction all around them? They learn to hate and nothing else.

Spindletime: Obama’s Lame Duckface, and Other Follies
Posted on April 18, 2013 by Steven Hayward

—–“It’s been another terrible, no good, very bad week for the left, and it isn’t over yet. We could still get another Democrat or trade union running for cover over the disaster that is the unfolding of Obamacare. We certainly haven’t seen the last of the left’s bitter clingers complaining about the four Democratic Senators who extended their own right of self-preservation to the rest of us by voting down the gun bill. Obama’s outburst yesterday wins the Oscar for the Most Petulant Performance by a President since Woodrow Wilson went off on Republican senators in 1917: “A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible.” And we know how that story turned out for Wilson.”http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/04/spindletime-obamas-lame-duckface-and-other-follies.php

The crucial aspect of the Obama plan is already a foregone disaster. When people are already struggling to keep themselves out of the jaws of the debt monster, telling them they are going to be shoved whole-sale into its waiting jaws is not a good idea. The plan is a tax dressed as ‘Protecting the Patient’ which is so rudely false that alone marks it as yet another lie. Since when does protecting a patient require inflicting more pain? So sorry to see you are suffering, here let me add another wound to make the previous one less obvious. Here was another major opportunity to do some good and instead the people get another shark dressed up like a pony with ribbons.

The federal government has squandered every opportunity to solve the actual underlying problems with a rather damning quality of disingenuous manipulations of the motives so involved. If the goal was to allow the un-insured access to health care why make yet another system so cumbersome that goal becomes impossible? Health care is radically expensive because the profits so involved are measured in the multi-billions. To make such billions requires an elaborate system  of private and government insurance schemes whose complexity rivals that of the IRS regulations over income taxations. If saving money is the actual goal why not start by removing the bureaucratic wastes, administrative bloat, insurance profiteering, drug corporations damning self-interests and half a dozen other remedies to reduce costs. Most importantly tackle the real cause of inflation and the income gap which naturally arises from using paper dollars like nose wipes. The rising costs are the end result of the inevitable diminished worth of printed, paper dollars. Why not fix that little problem first? The absurdity is nothing is going to make health care costs go down so long as a FR note is only worth four cents in real purchasing terms. Claiming otherwise is pure folly and quite dis-honest.

Obamacare Follies, An Update Tuesday, May 28, 2013

● A “train wreck”: Max Baucus, the architect of Obamacare, has decided to call it quits. Baucus sits in what should have been a safe seat, but clearly he couldn’t overcome the public’s anger about Obamacare. It only has 38% favorability in polls. At first, Baucus tried to deflect the blame by claiming that the real problem was that Obama was mishandling the implementation and causing a “train wreck,” but when that didn’t work, he chose to retire. Harry Reid tried the same thing, but gave up. Instead, they’re all looking to Obama to save them with a PR push. Read on…

● Panic!!: The public remains deeply opposed to the law and wants it repealed. They see no benefits, but lots of problems. The Democrats are freaking out and are demanding that HHS “educate” the public about the benefits. HHS claims it would waste money to educate the public before the plans go on sale in October. The Democrats fear that will be too late to change minds. Of course, with the MSM pushing the law for three years solid now, you kind of have to think the “education” plan has already failed.” http://commentaramapolitics.blogspot.com/2013/05/obamacare-follies-update.html

The spectacular failure of not understanding the objections people were going to have after being saddled with yet another government imposed taxing scheme also demonstrates the pivotal weakness of the Obama administration.  A president which ignores the concerns of the those who do not support his policies is only asking for political trouble to rise up from sheer dis-satisfaction alone. What is really mind-boggling is placing the IRS into the mix as the collectors of the demands, an institution which deserves the  publics full contempt as an agency which destroys lives with near impunity. Was Obama not aware of the constitutional conflicts this arrangement has to produce as matter of policy? Was his intentions to fool the vast majority of the people, while handing them over to the most feared of unwanted, intrusive institutions in America today, as if that was indeed an improvement to the care of patients?

The IRS has been nothing but contemptuous of a rather large number of capable American citizens for quite some time now. People who are well aware of the constitutional conflicts, already so inflicted by such deceitful tax policy; so Obama figures hell why not make them even more angry and shove this new health-care tax policy upon them as if he was doing them a favor? Maybe he needs better advisors who are not kissing up to stupid ideas drawn from really dumb theories of how economic plans actually work.   One does not need to be genius to understand two wrongs will never make a right. Adding yet more wrongs, like sticks of dynamite, has to be considered intentional once ignited by purpose alone.

The actual goal seems to be quite the opposite of the blathering nonsense being paraded about by a reckless as usual media. What better way to destroy the last legs of an already troubled industry than by imposing an even dumber solution, with not an ounce of wisdom, to prevent the whole of it from imploding under impossible demands. All one has to do is read the latest news blurb to see the future of this poisonous policy concoction of barbaric socialism and capitalistic abuse.

“Sunday the House Oversight Committee released partial transcripts of Oversight Committee investigators’ interviews with unnamed Cincinnati IRS employees, which contradicts the line coming from the White House.”

Cincinnati IRS employee: Washington was ‘basically throwing us underneath the bus’ —-Caroline May Political Reporter 06/02/2013

—–“It’s impossible,” an IRS employee responded to an investigator’s question about the allegations that the targeting of conservative groups was due to “two ‘rogue agents.” “As an agent we are controlled by many, many people. We have to submit many, many reports. So the chance of two agents being rogue and doing things like that could never happen.”

Answering a question about the employee’s reaction to news reports that the targeting was contained in Cincinnati and the fault of the Cincinnati office, the employee said that Washington has been throwing them under the bus.

Another interviewee, described by the Oversight Committee as a more senior IRS employee, complained about micromanagement from Washington, D.C. that ultimately led the employee to apply for another job in July 2010.

“It was the whole Tea Party. It was the whole picture. I mean, it was the micromanagement. The fact that the subject area was extremely sensitive and it was something that I didn’t want to be associated with,” the more senior IRS employee told an investigator who was asking about his decision to find another job.

The more senior employee added that what was going on was “inappropriate.”        “Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/02/cincinnati-irs-employee-washington-was-basically-throwing-us-underneath-the-bus/#ixzz2V6jnNVd2

Do people really think for an instant that the temptation to use the IRS for political purposes is simply going to go away because of this incident being found out? This abuse has been part and parcel of the IRS directives damn near from day one. The damning fact is that is exactly how it is supposed to work, or such abuses would be impossible. Those employees do exactly as they are told, by higher ups, following the policies set by the big dogs in D.C. and there is no doubt these dogs do exactly as the President wishes, by influential methods or direct policy meetings.

This is the same power structure that is going to be running the health care pay us or else system?

The current administration is apparently so disconnected from reality it is a wonder they even know what country they are supposed to be serving. But there is the rub. These servants of the people have long since ceased to observe that bit of reality. Whom they serve now is rather debatable. Fixing the health care system is noble of purpose, but the solution as demanded is much worse. Will people be promptly sent to prison for not paying the tax penalty? Is it not barbaric to destroy lives otherwise untouched by such financial ruin? How does the Supreme Court even justify such disturbingly absurd policies? Oh that’s right it is a tax after all.  Is that an excise tax by the rules of Uniformity, or a Direct tax by apportionment? This tax has no qualities of either taxing power. There is no lawful justification for Congress, to force a private contract upon people, in the name of patient protection. Which enumerated power allows congress to Harm American Citizens? Last time I checked there was no such provision.

The sad fact is our Nation has entered into a period where the socialistic fabrications just do not work any more. Without genuine compassion or mercy for the suffering of others it is all just platitudes as empty as the fools who pretend to care. How does a constitutional scholar begin to explain such absurd policies which violate the very principle of which that document serves? That constitution gave the president the exact quality of authority, necessary for an elected office holder to carry out his duties. The myth of power may indeed blind a mans eyes to such restrictions, but it is the measure of his character which sets his heel in motion to the choices so delivered by his conscience. An American president must be able to reconcile the popular will to the necessity of social progress without infringing on the Liberties and Freedoms of the People he serves. To find that proper balance is the difference between greatness and public scorn. Tyrants usually learn this lesson too late or not at all. Lets hope this one can still change his mind.


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