Sandy Hook Shooting– The Numbers Game

After looking through the assorted images of the alleged victims and finding there is a verifiable pattern of digitally altering key aspects of the students teeth specifically, and faces in general,  the scales are tipped to the side of a hoax.

By withholding key items of information, birth and death certificates of all the students involved, there is no independent method available to verify the information given to the public either by the authorities in charge of the investigation, or from the parents themselves. What this means is that the total fabrication of their actual birth records is quite possible, along with key details which would naturally correlate the school records. If there is no need to falsify the facts there would be no mysteries to solve. The absence of one gives rise to the other over even the most basic questions concerning these students. The pattern here is deception by omission. What is left out is just as important as what was left in— the classic pattern of exclusion and inclusion.

What has been excluded is any and all photographic evidence of even the most minor details…. the glass panel, adjacent to the left-door being shot out— bullet casings visible directly in front of that window proving that is where the gunman was standing. There was never any need to keep such vital photographic details out of the media stories. Showing such specific and key minor facts substantially reinforces the official narrative and diminishes the prospects of people claiming it was all a hoax. A close-up of the car with registration and insurance paper-work in hand, the shotgun in the back seat as originally reported, these were simple empirical elements which lend strong credibility to the narrative as factual and that the investigation was strictly by the book. What the public received was just the opposite.

What does this strange dichotomy say about the actual motive of this crime? A quick look at a recent story provides a much different factor for the actual motives involved:

“The family members asked Jepsen to look into the foundation’s decision to distribute 70 percent — about $7.7 million — of the $11 million in donations it has received to 40 families deemed to have been most affected by the shootings. That group includes relatives of the 26 people killed at the school, 12 students who fled the classrooms where the shooting took place and two injured educators.

The money overseen by the foundation represents the bulk of the more than $20 million that has poured into the community since the murders.

“The attorney general and staff met today with representatives of the Newtown Foundation,” said Susan Kinsman, a spokeswoman for Jepsen’s office. “They had a frank and productive discussion about the issues surrounding the decision to disburse $7.7 million to the families most affected by the tragedy.”

Read more:

Interesting numbers in play here 7.7 and 11—-  millions of dollars sent to the various charities and ending up in a Foundation. Tax exemptions  for such Foundations go all the way back to when the 16th amendment was introduced to Congress by President Taft. I am quite amazed so very few will even bother reading a short blurb as to why most American citizens were never A “under the authority of Congress” B “a 14th Amendment sheltered corporation aka artificial person” and C “doing a privileged activity”  as such, as an artificial citizen under the authority of the U.S. federal zone. The ultra-rich were already sheltered under the Foundations and were never at risk of having all their massive, aggregated wealth taxed as “Incomes” from what ever source derived— the fix was already in— the 16th reads the way it does because it is describing “Citizens of the fed. zone” who do not need to be counted via a census and since no Union States are “included” by this nifty little arrangement no Apportionment is required.

The fact is Congress had no authority over the American People— if they did no amendment was necessary to give them a power they already possessed— and the actual power of Direct taxation— was in the allocation— proper to a Census– and SENT directly to the State legislative Houses. NO PEOPLE aka American citizens were ever the “Subject” of the power itself—- that would be slavery—- and yet its snooze-ville on the subject. This is the power of accepting false conclusions and never questioning why they were falsified in the first place. Well, that is if people can even bring themselves to question anything at all.

Read this historical document very carefully:

“I therefore recommend to the Congress that both Houses, by a two-thirds vote, shall propose an amendment to the Constitution conferring the power to levy an income tax upon the National Government(s) without apportionment among the States in proportion to population.

I therefore recommend an amendment to the tariff bill Imposing upon all corporations and joint stock companies for profit, except national banks (otherwise taxed), savings banks, and building and loan associations, an excise tax measured by 2 per cent on the net income of such corporations.

This is an excise tax upon the privilege of doing business as an artificial entity and of freedom from a general partnership liability enjoyed by those who own the stock. I am informed that a 2 per cent tax of this character would bring into the Treasury of the United States not less than $25,000,000. The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Spreckels Sugar Refining Company against McClain (192 U. S., 397), seems clearly to establish the principle that such a tax as this is an excise tax upon privilege and not a direct tax on property, and is within the federal power without apportionment according to population.

The tax on net income is preferable to one proportionate to a percentage of the gross receipts, because it is a tax upon success and not failure. It imposes a burden at the source of the income at a time when the corporation is well able to pay and when collection is easy.

Another merit of this tax is the federal supervision, which must be exercised in order to make the law effective over the annual accounts and business transactions of all corporations. While the faculty of assuming a corporate form has been of the utmost utility in the business world, it is also true that substantially all of the abuses and all of the evils which have aroused the public to the necessity of reform were made possible by the use of this very faculty.

If now, by a perfectly legitimate and effective system of taxation, we are incidentally able to possess the Government and the stockholders and the public of the knowledge of the real business transactions and the gains and profits of every corporation in the country, we have made a long step toward that supervisory control of corporations which may prevent a further abuse of power.”

William Howard Taft – Propose 16th Amendment. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD – SENATE – JUNE 16, 1909 [From Pages 3344 – 3345]

Now read the 16th amendment:

Amendment XVI

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

I wonder how many people will simply refuse to see the very Truth right in front of their eye-balls— The descriptive elements only make contextual meaning true if the Subject is in a category called, “Artificial Persons” aka corporations under the authority of the Feds in their private 14th amendment zone. People even refuse to understand the original Sovereign statement was the Declaration itself. Congress has no authority period over the People[Master] or there can be no Consent— to the Elected official of the Office so enumerated.

The Sandy Hook incident also has a numbers problem that will not go away simply because people refuse to see what is right there in front of them. The article states without doubt  —12 students who fled the classrooms where the shooting took place—  the readers of this blog series know that number if correct actually destroys both the entire media and official narratives.

Seven Soto students were described as being found in a closet— six more ended up on the lawn of Eugene Rosen and another four were taken to the police station. Five students were seen running through a womans backyard— but gene specifically stated he had four girls and two boys arrive. The house owner said she saw two boys and only three girls, but no bus driver with them. One girl leaves the Rousseau class-room after police arrive.

The total number of students escaping the class rooms,  by all of these 1st hand-accounts, are fifteen not twelve. The  combined number of survivors  still in the “rooms” is eight. The total for both sets of students is twenty three not twelve. So eleven additional kids, are by all accounts, also survivors of the classes they fled.

In the classroom of Rousseau, 14 students are reported as killed with one girl Ana Greene taken to the hospital. Another girl who survived was never identified. The remaining students supposedly did not require any medical attention due to the severity of injuries. Highly doubtful truthfully. Sixteen total students.

In Soto’s class the public was told one boy, Jesse Lewis, was taken to the hospital, but another student Olivia died in the arms of a police officer. The remaining  four student victims were already expired (trying to flee when the the suspect gunned them down)  and also did not need any further medical attention due to the severity of the injuries.

Soto by all media accounts had only 16 students. Rousseau by all media accounts also had 16 students, which included Emily Parker. None of which escaped out the door due to the horrifically sad fact that most were being shot over and over again. The suspect had to have spent more than just a minute shooting all of the victims and yet, the public is assured  he did all of this in “Officially” three minutes, or an absurdity results, where the police are doing absolutely nothing, even as the shooter kills more kids after they are said to have entered the building. They were reported to have seen the shooter duck into the classroom of Soto, where he killed himself.

If the number of killed are added to the number who fled the result is 29 students in the classroom of Soto. Which is fifteen more than any record so far found which can verify this number as factual. The enrollment records for Sandy Hook do not agree with the media record, or their own web-site period. An interesting blurb from another related story, emphasis this rather important detail:

“Lost Revenue

School districts are normally paid according to the number of students attending school each day. But if an emergency triggers a sudden drop in attendance, state law allows schools to be reimbursed.

That’s precisely what happened one week after the tragedy at Sandy School in Connecticut, CUSD officials said.”

If there are no kids in that seat the school does not get paid, unless emergency rules apply. One would think the school officials would have ensured news reports, from day one, were just a fractional bit accurate in regards, to the real number of students in the school that day, especially in those classrooms so affected. Then again, this school cannot even give a factual accounting of the teachers so employed there and by their own claims! I did not make up the story of Kim Wise, but if she did it sure is funny that Mrs. Hubbard, said not a word about this blatant lie while on the same program while both were being interviewed. I have yet to see another article where school officials decry a woman, acting as a Sandy Hook teacher, misleads the public into believing such a blatant fabrication. If the officials have no problem, the students parents have no problem, then Kim Wise is indeed a teacher, who was there that day, just like the ones listed on the schools web page.

If the official records cannot be verified why trust them at all? If the media records cannot be verified why trust them as well? If the authorities simply re-investigate and find previous eye-witness accounts on a Court Document were wrong— why trust them either? Those Warrants included the first hand accounts of the actual detectives going through the three class-rooms, which were subsequently discarded, and yet, these were not just some random thoughts from a bunch of second-hand witnesses. In  an effort to at least logically reconcile the divergent accounts I came to propose the theory three classrooms were involved without that information. Which makes that subsequent ‘re-investigation’ all the more suspect— only the two class-room scenario does not work period.

If the seven students in the closet, are added to the six killed, we have thirteen students and only three left to escape. I covered in specific detail why no other students could have escaped from the other 1st grade rooms. The k-rooms were never entered despite the false reporting of one them missing until well after noon that morning by most media accounts— due to the Officials in charge not saying one damn word otherwise.

In those critical four hours those detectives had plenty of time to get their facts straight and provide conclusive evidence of the shooting itself. They simply chose not do do so, and that fact, defies both common sense and the very purpose of the rule of law. Those upholding the Law do not need to hide information which provides critical proof, but when the Law is actually being evaded that omission becomes a different story. By omitting the facts the story is nothing, but a hollow assertion propped up by the emotional grief such an action naturally creates. This was purposely done to maximize the assertion without having to give forth proof. This would be called manipulation by the cynical hand to engender a critical public  response. This is also called Psychotronic Warfare and apparently it is still working like a charm.

To ensure there can be no possibility of any evidence coming to light from the scene itself another news blurb spells out the proposed plan:

“(CNN) — To erase some of the emotional scars left behind from the December shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, an advisory board wants the building torn down and replaced.

The Sandy Hook Task Force voted unanimously late Friday to recommend to the Newtown, Connecticut, board of education to build a new school on the site of the existing building.”

If the board goes along with the plan that school will be erased long before the much vaunted “official report” ever hits the mainstream news. There will not be a single piece of evidence from the scene to contradict the story now looking like a cement brick. Just another brick in the wall goes the famous Pink Floyd song and so very true. People just wanted the facts and instead get another brick right along side so many others going back through the Nations history just like a real stone-wall of secrecy separating the People from the Truth of so many nefarious acts.

The public servants of the American People, have enjoyed a protective shield for so long they are beyond arrogant. They simply do not give a rats ass about what People feel, think or believe so long as they dictate what Truth the little people can hear or know at all. The crux of all conspiracy Theory is the dirty, little secrets stamped with the banner of National Security, to justify the withholding of the real reasons, while merely pretending such disclosures are too vital to the security apparatus to be even questioned in public. How convenient this anti-constitutional lie works for the criminals pretending to be Statesmen. The Feds are not going to do a damn thing in regards to ensuring full public disclosure of what happened that morning. Their motive is too entrenched to be de-railed by mere details of truth.

So here we are again at the mind-numbing stupidity of a mainstream report throwing out a number that is impossible if the very story itself were indeed true as reported. In the game of logical reductionism the numbers go like this: Subtract one [lone girl Rousseau class] from the twelve which escaped— leaves eleven—to be coming from the Soto classroom. Now subtract the seven survivors hiding in the closet— leaves only four to escape to the police station. There are now only five students left of sixteen total students. Now add six victims… well that cannot be right we have more victims plus survivors than 16 students total. Well, Soto must have had 17 students, right? Sure, and now add five more students running through a womans backyard to the six ending up on Rosen’s lawn.  This results in 22 survivors not inside that school when police arrived to make that three minute window the truth. Did Soto have 28 students? Not by any account period, so why pretend that she did? The public is under no obligation to pretend anything.

Now look at that fabricated Soto class picture and ask WHY are the other extra students missing? Emily Parker was not in the class of Soto and both class pictures only show fifteen students. Now ask what twelve students as reported escaped? At least the math works for the asserted Rousseau class, but for Soto— not even close. But note that ten students plus one is eleven… web_sandy_school--525x429

Who is the other mystery student who escaped? In order for the news blurb to be even a smidgen accurate there has to be at least one more student in this Soto class. Or there were two survivors in the claimed Rousseau class. Which one is it? I need the Jeopardy quiz song…. which seven were hiding in the closet? If four girls are sitting on Rosen’s lawn.. there are no girls left to be running through a back-yard. If two boys are with the four girls there are only four boys left to be at the police station. We are officially out of students. If the story of Rosen is BS… five plus four is only nine… add seven and no students can be on the victim list and a student is still missing from the class photo. Remove the story of the five escaping… add four to seven and the magic number of eleven is finally reached. Add six victims to eleven and we have seventeen. Count the students and the class photo is now two students short. Who are they? I also do not think the boy labeled Jesse is correct, but that is going to be impossible to prove.

So in order for the latest numbers blurb to be even slightly correct the story of Rosen is complete BS and so is the account of the neighbor. Of the two Rosen was given extraordinary air-time to re-tell his story to the Nation. According to the AG’s office Rosen is a liar, right along with the neighbor. If the AG does not have the story right eleven families are going to be stiffed of their fair share of the charitable proceeds. Will Americans be out-raged? Not if they never notice a single thing is wrong. Which is why no two stories agree with one another—- as it stands nobody can be held accountable for the  gross mis-representations which have clouded this incident from the very first hour itself. And of course not a word on that closet full of victims still ignored by mainstream press as if it didn’t matter anyway. So they got confused about where the eighteen bodies were actually located— pffff who cares…. guns are the problem not a bunch of dead kids in a closet along side an un-identified teacher.

The Truth is simply to Evil to be believed— and that is not by accident.

The Dark side wins again.


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8 Responses to “Sandy Hook Shooting– The Numbers Game”

  1. gjordan741 Says:

    We have all of these Baby Boomers and Gen Xers out there with MBAs and accounting degrees who can’t run these student numbers even quickly in their minds and start asking a few questions. The people do not care about this. I think they would react to the any kids shot in the kitchen closet with, “What difference does location make?” since they are imbued with the Oprah Winfrey School of Law’s position that such details are meaningless, and we have no business asking questions as that might upset the victim families. Just send money, give up all your rights (not just owning a gun), send Sandy Hook people lots of money, and believe what you are told so as not to upset the McDonnells, the Wheelers, the Sotos, and the rest of them. Even if these people really lost children and adult siblings, they have seen these phony pictures and blue screen videos and say nothing, but they fight over the money to the point that the fighting over the money is bleeding into some of the mainstream media. Oh, they would know about the blue screening, anyway, wouldn’t they, since they would have to show up at the studio for the shoot?

    This country might be beyond saving. There isn’t much character left in the people out there. I hate to admit this, but there is no other conclusion left.


    • megatronicsmedia Says:

      People really are ignoring the deeper issues, especially the diminishment of “innocence before guilt” in regards to the alleged suspect. Maybe the authorities have conclusive evidence that “Adam Lanza” was the perp, but if one has to go by the public evidence there is nothing, but a thin assertion. The law professionals in this country who know better so far have remained essentially silent. I find this too to be quite strange. Like everything else in this case nothing adds up except the money. But will it be enough? Not likely. There will be major troubles ahead if promises do indeed fall well short of the mark.


  2. gjordan741 Says:

    Someday, I would like to ask (newly appointed?) spokesperson for the parents, FRANCINE WHEELER, what it is like to be a fair performer in children’s local TV shows, and below average dramatic actress, what it is like to produce virtual reality in real time. It must be a real heady experience for a would-be actress like her to manufacture history through her craft, middling though she may be at it.


  3. Phylax Says:

    Not to mention the “victims” (18 kids and one teacher) in a kitchen closet mentioned twice on the police scabber,


  4. Phylax Says:

    That is to say, scanner.


  5. lynda Says:

    After watching Argo and Wag the Dog you begin to wonder how much is real and what is staged to divert our attention away from unpopular gov actions.


  6. Phylax Says:

    Mega, you mention the silence of the “law professors” in this country but aren’t they taking their cue from the obedient behavior or Barack Obama, the much-touted “constitutional law professor” and President of the United States? He has had the opportunity to order an authentic investigation of 9/11 and other false flag operations that have been used to justify everything from war to the loss of our civil liberties, but instead he simply picked up where Bush left off and that means he works for the same nefarious interests and has placed the imprimatur of the presidency on 9/11, Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and now the Boston Marathon “bombing”.


  7. Phylax Says:

    Sorry, “obedient behavior of Barack Obama.


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