Hard Proof–Sandy Hook Class Picture Deception

One of the most difficult challenges confronting any arm-chair researcher is proving a theory with indisputable facts which can be verified as solid evidence. Pictures can be used to convince or deceive the eye, but if the creators of the image fail to catch a mistake, the picture in question then becomes proof of intention to deceive. The qualifying factor is usually, was it a harmless mistake, or was it a  deliberate attempt to portray a circumstance, so captured, as an intended method of deception. The Sandy Hook class pictures, as released, are digital fakes and the proof is in the images, both by specific artifacts and purposeful manipulation of key figures.

The class photo which depicts Miss Soto as the teacher is a clever fraud, but the creators of this image made several mistakes, which as I will prove, were intentional and not a product of any simple photographic error.

Soto-class new--1

This class photo was presented to the country and by extension the rest of the world as a legitimate representation of the individuals so depicted. The picture was released in many sizes, except for a larger version which would have made it much easier to analyze. The first problem is a minor detail— no placard for the school year and class teacher. Most people would not regard that as anything worth talking about and hardly proof of any deception. The next problem is the age of the kids and Miss Soto as well.

This problem of the students real age is compounded by the lack of any meta-data with so many of the pictures as released to the public. Determining the age of young school kids is rather difficult without really good pictures along with any clear independent factors which can verify the date of the image or at least help to judge the correct ages. Are these students actually of the correct year– 1st grade? No… they seem to be k-students of the 2011-2012 school year or earlier.  The creators of this photo knew that proving these are k-students, would by nearly impossible, considering the total lack of any school photo’s with students in them, from the 2012-13 school year, as found on the SHE web site. With nothing to really go on proof wise a length of time has passed which now makes it even more difficult to change peoples minds about what they are actually seeing— and not what they are simply supposed to emotionally conclude.

The smoking gun is a surprising twist of Miss Soto herself…


I noticed a small defect of Miss Soto’s depicted right-hand the first time I downloaded the class image. What didn’t make any sense is why her right hand was missing the thumb/pinky and the remaining hand itself was severely distorted even without magnification. Over the last three months as I found more pictures of Soto I still had no solid idea of why her hand was screwed up until I placed another image of her[A-5]  next to her [A] green back-ground image. I then realized her part was wrong. In her student class photo she is turned so her depicted right-hand is visible, but in the image I had found, where she is not shown full length, this tiny detail of which profile she is really showing is not noticeable. I also thought it was odd she chose the same dress/brown wrap with the same necklace for every school picture years apart. Another picture of her wearing a clip-on name-badge, also appears to be the same image in question.

The only way to resolve these seemingly minor details was to ask why was this right-hand cut? Look at the above image full screen and note on which side her hair is parted and her teeth as well. In the A-5 image her teeth are un-naturally bright and light-blurred— she is facing with her hair parted, left-side facing camera— in her class photo this image is reversed — to the original which is also an early picture. In order for her to be in the correct orientation, for the class photo she would have her BACK to the students— which would be quite absurd as a school class photo is concerned— so the creators of this false image had to reverse her and in doing so realized her HAND was still wrong and thus, they cut off her thumb and pinky  finger to make the reverse work. This explains the defect and her age problem as well. The A-2 photo seems to be a better representation of her correct age in the 2012-13 school year.

[Update] A compilation of the green-backgrounds:

class-photo-backdrop matchup-1

Note orientation was made to a specific detail found in every picture… in top two rows… middle row Soto smile is her left side— and it is quite possible the background was reversed for some portraits… and changed as seen on the bottom row— each one is slightly different— Avielle and Dawn the same–note two pics for Ben and Daniel… different year different background I used the Rousseau picture [plus the clue-forum inset to show this peculiarity was spotted by them as well] to determine the orientation of the other exact same back-grounds, her part is also on the left-side.

This kind of deliberate manipulation of a photo as intended to give a false depiction of subjects was not done by the perp. The suspect has zero input or control over such matters.  If Miss Soto was not the teacher of these kids why depict her as if she was? The original story was a K-class was shot up along with the teacher Nancy Lanza— who of course was never there and was already dead if the police records can be trusted at all at this point. If the incident deviated from the original plan then the photo’s as pre-planned were suddenly wrong a fast fix had to be done. This critical real-time limit would help explain why so many other factors of both class images are so bad… the planners did not have enough time to fix the defects before the finished products had to be released. Why the parents would go along with this scheme is something they will eventually have to explain for themselves.

This next example shows the defects of the Soto class picture. Take note of the clean cut-edge along her entire hand where her thumb is supposed to be…..

Soto-class new--1c

Also take note of how blurry the hands of all the kids are and the square and rectangular defects which appear on their faces, which appear due to enlarging the image, but may also be due to the type of software which was used to create the image. Also note how nearly all the eyes are fuzzy and the ages of the students as compared to later photo’s included in the example-b image. Did these kids become smaller as they became older?  Why were two parents photographed holding in their laps pictures of their kids in a different class? Perhaps, due to the fact those they carried were in fact the correct ones and they simply did not have hard-copies of the fakes.

Another version with normal light:

Soto-class new--1d

When you look at Miss Soto keep in mind that it is her left side we see, as determined from the hair-part and not her right-side! Also note the other teachers hand is also messed up for reasons not explained by minor enlargement. I believe she was inserted into the photo from the waist up and her hand was not cleanly cut out of the original, thus became mangled by the insertion into the class photo. Behind her head is a smudged shadow as well.

One more version in black and white:

Soto-class new--1e

Note there are no material changes from color changes and the bright spot above Allison’s head remains quite bright. There are two students which have question marks on them as they seem to be the same students as found in other photo’s.  In all early reports none of the students in Miss Soto’s class were killed. I question whether any of the kids here as shown were ever in Miss Soto’s class. If they were why not release the real 2012-13 class photo? Why was it so important that these students were depicted as being in this specific class? Why was it necessary to create a clever fake photo at all? These are the questions which require an answer, but having already deceived the entire country what is the probability the Authorities are going to come clean? Zip…. and crickets.

The next class photo has no placard and for reasons not explained the one teacher that is in the photo has been deliberately cut above the chin.

class picheadchoppedoff

There is no question a clean cut across the top also took off the teachers head. The question is why? Clearly this teacher was not these students teacher in the 2012-13 school year. This is just a minor issue compared with the rest of the defects in this poorly done fake image. Take a look at Caroline in the bottom right corner. Where are her hands? Why is it just a big red blur? Why is Ana also a big, blue blur with no arms/hands correctly visible?

Now look at the spot just below Caroline in her inset picture…. I noticed this defect the first time I analyzed this picture, but I held off saying anything until I had found a logical explanation for the defect itself. Essentially, the dress of M. Hsu is stretched all the way out behind Caroline. In addition, a small cut of this dress is below her knee as well. A small cut which also stretches back behind Caroline. This is not a defect that can be caused by normal photography. It would be quite absurd to claim Madeleine wore a dress that was cut in two separate pieces and both were stretched into mid-air to be photographed. But in the photo as released, significantly altered to be too bright and also too dark, this photo-busting defect was not obvious.

In this next example I did some change outs of the students faces to show the difference in quality and to give contrast to the very strange, fuzzy faces these students were given– almost like a computer generated cartoon face— and of very low resolution.  Most of these students also look too young for 1st graders, as compared to later photo releases. The girl depicting Catherine is simply not her period. Jack had a class picture wearing the same clothing so I switched out him as well. But his body to head size was not quite right.

I also added a teacher, who came from another image of a large class, but a very small picture. She fit however for the same sized hand… head to shoulders. Another girl in that same photo had a dress very similar to the one M. Hsu is wearing, so I dropped in a small sample just for comparison.

I also added the correct shoulder design to Madeleine’s dress to show how different the color is compared to her individual-class photo– she has the exact same clothes and hair style, but a slightly different facial look. Note she has yet another defect, a slight duplication of her right ear, or perhaps the remnant of the girl she replaced in the photo.  Jessica was changed as well using a picture which looked very similar feature/age wise. She too has no hands only a blur. Noah has no hands and freakishly long arms. Something is quite wrong with his body from the waist down. His pants look so fake as to be a digital addition. Emily Parker is of course not in this photo at all. Why was the real teacher of these students not in this photo— Rousseau or D’Amato? Rousseau has a picture the same as Soto with the exact same back-ground,  but there is no class picture with her so far found in the public domain.


I also discovered a very strange aspect to the class photo, as released, in regards to the faces and the eyes of all the students. The girl, who is in the middle, is basically made from other features using the mouth/chin of Jessica and the nose/eyes of Ana. These were identical matches– all I did was highlight the feature. I replaced all of the eyes[except Noah and Daniel] to show the difference. I switched out Grace, Ana, Catherine, James and  Charlotte, and in her case because her individual-class photo matched her clothing in the depicted class photo. Same for Caroline to a degree. No change to Noah, as he has not shown up in an individual-class photo (as I have found) and in his other photo’s his head is too big for this tiny body. Daniel, interestingly enough, has two individual class photo’s, but his teeth are missing in one and the other did not fit his body correctly. I switched out Ben with another photo that seemed to match the age/features better and give him back a real look and not a cartoon face.

In this next example I switched out eyes/noses and mouths to demonstrate the differences and the results in quality:


Notice the difference between real eyes and the cartoon versions. Jessica, Daniel, Madeleine and Caroline have no changes. Jack has a face made from the interchangeable eyes and mouths as does Charlotte. Note the dress defect that is unchanged in every picture just behind Caroline’s shoulder.

In this next example I tried to get a very clean image for every child which matched individual class pictures, or another I found, as best as possible to the student, as shown in the class picture. I did this so people could see the exceptional difference in facial quality— even when enlarged. Noah and Daniel remained the same due to no images matched their head position to body correctly.

[I also had one more variation with Noah and Jack]



The next example is Adam in his class photo:


Once again he has an impossible square iris–pupil. A defect usually found only after taking a very, small image and enlarging it significantly— in this class photo note how all the hands and eyes are normal and of good detail. A placard as well. A normal student class photo except for Adam.

Here is another class photo with some defects as well:

Lanza-2nd- class photo-1http://tipggita32.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/5542.jpg?w=640&h=360

The body of Adam is a blue blob and nothing else. His eyes look normal for a change, but his face is fuzzy. His lower lip looks doubled as a result. His feet seem to far forward, but the “Inside Edition” [way over-sized] hides that crucial part of the photo. The really strange factor is the teacher. Her features are quite manly(severe facial distortions)  and her body is lost in the fuzzy background. She, or it, as the case may be, is not actually wearing glasses. It is a nose bridge only connecting to nothing and the odd-yellow, piled-up hair is like a plastic wig sitting on its bald head… which looks added onto the body. Around Adam’s neck background, a tiny checker-board pattern is visible which is a sign of using a photo-shop program. I did nothing, but increase lighting on this image. This class photo is also quite fake as depicted.

The next set of examples are screen-shots showing how images look when enlarged for comparison purposes:

pixel-adam-Capture-f1 pixel-adam-Capture-f2 pixel-capture-1a pixel-capture-1b pixel-capture-1c pixel-capture-1d pixel-capture-1e pixel-capture-1f pixel-capture-1g pixel-capture-1h pixel-capture-2a pixel-capture-2b pixel-capture-2c pixel-capture-2d pixel-capture-3a pixel-capture-3b pixel-capture-3c pixel-capture-3d pixel-capture-3e pixel-capture-4a pixel-capture-4b

Look at each image and the magnification. Pictures can be significantly  enlarged using decent software with very little distortion and have very clear details. A small picture provides poor quality, but the class photo’s were purposely made to be very low quality. Flat-cartoon like features which when viewed as small images look passable, but enlarged become grossly distorted. There are so many really good artists out on the web which can do the work here I see no reason why  these results cannot be verified. I did nothing, but very basic changes, any good digital artists can do on a routine basis. The class pictures are fakes, but does this mean the incident did not occur? Or does it mean these poor kids were sacrificial lambs to the goals of the usual sinister slime-balls who mock the American people as a daily habit.

The mixing of real and fictional elements is a central part of the graphics industry, but these perp’s used low quality for a reason. Hiding the truth in plain site is their collective calling card and they use this method in a very sophisticated manner. It is un-likely enough people will ever see anything I have done here, but perhaps if the few who stop by will add to what they have already found,

Feel the Math

Feel the Math

thus to aid the cause to get the truth out. Justice will never happen until the truth is no longer too minor to ignore.


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10 Responses to “Hard Proof–Sandy Hook Class Picture Deception”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Not to mention that the dark green curtain in the very first photo has obvious cut-and-paste lines on it.


  2. gjordan741 Says:

    If these are the same guys, or their offspring (in a manner of speaking) then they hid things in plain sight in 1963 with the third Mannlicher-Carcano cartridge casing they had to pony up when a third shot became necessary. This was another trick. Counting empty casings and equating them with all the shots fired. They went ahead and used an empty casing that had been repeatedly loaded into the breach from the magazine and dry fired, giving it markings not found in the forensics of the other two casings. They got away with just ignoring it and moving on. With Sandy Hook, I can’t help envisioning a group of guys running around trying to plug holes they didn’t expect, but hiding things in plain sight seems to work with the average American.


  3. lynda Says:

    Brilliant. But still, the question remains…


  4. Aingeal Says:


    Interesting article. I’m curious to know where you found that picture of the children together, which you used in the first collage. (The one where Grace and Noah are at the top left, and down the bottom you can see Daniel, Josephine and a few others.) I would be interested in seeing the uncropped picture. Would it be possible to send me the link or the picture itself?

    Thanks a lot!



    […] fakery evident EVERYWHERE! Here is a very good analysis done on the class pictures alone… (LINK HERE) And here a few other anomalies… It is beyond time for Americans to wake up and see the […]


  6. aa buildings Insurance Says:

    Hi there! This article couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept preaching about this. I’ll send this article to
    him. Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!


  7. Bill Siedman Says:

    this is awesome – thank you


  8. Julie Says:

    (VIDEO) CT blocks ALL ACCESS to public-record Death Certificates! When folks get murdered in CT, nobody can find out HOW they died, or where they died! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTY2bkA5Pz8


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