Shaping Reality With Pictures


One of the boasts from that “wild and crazy guy” Mr. Carver was about controlling a scene with photographers and “I have VERY good photographers” which seemed to be an just another incongruent statement considering the circumstances at the time. A recent comment on the Twitter post—from Lynda, “Really, with all the ways possible to skew events, pictures etc it is impossible to know if what you’re seeing ANYWHERE is truth, or manufactured to represent your point of view!” which is what shaping reality by Psychotronic Warfare is all about…. and the mainstream media is the means by which this is done, but not necessarily the only source of mischief. Governmental alphabetical agencies are like mushrooms growing under the dark underbelly of the War Beast and enjoy such high-level secret protections, there is no check and balance on them either.

Psychological coercion is nothing new under the sun and raising such strategic objectives and goals under the panoply of intelligence secrets, both military and otherwise, promotes a culture of disconnection between those who use the powers of influence and those who must oblige them their pound of flesh. Boiled down to the hard bone this means once the political machine has moved along its path,  regardless of the truths trampled under-foot, the goal as reached has little to do with the original incident as used to fire up the masses to demand the changes thus delivered.   I still think the real goal is control of speech, specifically on-line discourse, but gun control will be used as the flag-waving distraction until the true goal suddenly emerges like a zombie from the billowing smoke.

Another commenter to the Twitter post,  Shelly— pointed out  one of the Soto sisters Tweeted in advance of the incident—- which is one of the reasons why I started re-checking photo’s of some of the mornings activities to see if I could find an example of a photographer and a Tweet before the incident began which led to me seeing the lone pic of Rosen talking on his phone and linked back to Sipa. Finding connections which lead to better insights to what was actually occurring, as opposed to WHAT the public, was meant to see and then react to is one of the few paths still open which guides knowledge towards the truth and not an illusion of the truth as presented.

I came across a couple of pics of Daniel Barden which I added to Details-2 to show there is an exact class picture of him matching the out-door picture of students with Kim Wise and two other un-identified woman. I wonder if the reason for missing information is to keep the public from realizing how they were fooled by the seemingly ordinary quality, which is easy to accomplish in most cases, but not so well in a pre-planned criminal incident. In a criminal incident information is only missing to protect the actual guilty parties and to direct attention away from what was the actual goal, thus revealing the true scope of the motive, as used, to achieve the goals as actually desired. If the motive is gun-control the crime fits the Bill.

I do not think the “Sandy Hook crime” went as intended, in fact, I think it went full-on sideways out-of-control and became a different crime than originally planned. Those elements of the original pre-planned crime were stranded and became stubs in the resulting  crime-scene narrative. What I heard that morning(west coast time) from a live report was a man having a confrontation with a K-teacher, over his kid, went nuts and a shooting ensued thereafter. Like most people, following up on the incident later that day, I was rather shocked to hear whole classrooms of kids were shot at and killed along with their teachers.

And of course as the story changed the incongruent factors began to pile up and here we are today months later with no real answers as what really happened that morning. Adam Lanza was tried and convicted in a public opinion-arena which I find very disturbing, as a door-opener, for killing people only accused of a crime and not actually lawfully convicted in a Court of Law. A trifle detail at this point as most people are convinced the incident happened as reported. I also wonder that if a piece of evidence suddenly came out, which completely refutes the lone-gun nut scenario, that the Authorities in charge would even bother to acknowledge such evidence exists or would they simply ignore such a finding even as it gathers dust on their desks. From their perspective they already have their dead perp and nothing else matters. So far their investigation has proved this to be literally true or that amazing evidence they swore they found at the Lanza residence would have long since been center circle in the big-top media tent. I also think there is a good chance the Fed‘s took over the actual kitchen crime scene, which is why the State CT authorities have not said a word since, but that hunch will no doubt remain that way unless somebody spills some beans and it is Tweeted soon thereafter.

Waiting for the authorities in charge to begrudge the public a small token of proof, the crime happened as they claimed, is still not going over very well with a minority of skeptical minded people, as evidenced by the thousands of pages of counter-reports, other research minded Blog’s and articles, plus the you-tubes by popularity keep proving. This is more like people fed up with Big Media BS and lazy reporting than “conspiracy talk” which the lazy BS’ing media sniffs at like a bad burger on the plate and impudently ignores the fact they dropped the ball in the first place. Which is also a good point to argue that they did this too on purpose.

All this amounts to is straight up counter-intelligence manipulation of public opinion and the government is always eager to try out its new cyber warfare platforms and techniques, which they clearly need to practice, as most such shill episodes are quite easy to spot. The shills never question anything that really matters and boorishly claim everybody else is wrong without providing any actual proof of what they claim is true or even a pretense such proof even exists.  There is no question finding proof or evidence of a crime one cannot visit is a tough deal to start with and  not exactly a turf in the usual sense of control. Nobody has had access to that school since the crime itself that is independent and fully capable of making significant inquiry both by scientific protocols and in situ photographic/video documentation recording.

So what is left is going over what can be found in the public medium. I have done my best to keep a balanced and impartial viewpoint on what I have found to maintain a fact based perspective of the key details I thought were not being fully explored, especially by comparative and contrast logical analysis. Whether people agree with what I have discussed is of course a matter of their own observations and conclusions on the subject. Making sweeping conclusions on very little independent, verifiable data is usually not a good idea, unless that is the goal in which case being taken seriously is not all that important.

I still have quite a list of things that need to be verified due to the nature of this rather unspeakable crime. Finding such verifiable evidence in the public domain is not a cake walk, but as small increments such factors are there to be found. One of the main items on my list are the class photo’s. Neither class photo seems to me to be accurate of the students claimed ages. The problem is one could say these are such fakes, my god look at the pixel deformations alone, which of course makes for a good two seconds of staring at the picture, but as proof is easily refuted by a single parent stepping up with their kids class photo which shows the very same kids in the very same crummy, quality wise picture. Personally speaking, all those parents deserve a refund on both class pictures, if those are indeed the ones sent home with their kids.

Usually, high-quality prints are a tad expensive even today so they are meant to be good which is why I am surprised they are so bad. I am also surprised that no larger sizes ever made their way to an on-line story. Baffling really considering the importance of such pictures in a world-wide, heart-breaking story. If I was a grieving parent, well a very angry parent as well, I would have that school picture in the largest size possible at ultra-high resolution, so my now deceased child would look their very best no matter what the circumstances. I would be very insistent on that very point. I would not stand for a small, blurry, weird looking,  cheap-plastic quality substitution. Maybe I am odd in that regard, but that is the point… none of the parents seem to mind that the one thing that proves something quite vital to the whole of the incident is basically, well… looks like contrived crap.

Now the next question might be well who the hell are you Mr. Nobody in particular and what experience or skills allows you to make such qualifications, or professional judgments, on such matters of photographic integrity? After all, if one is going to claim ones eyes are better suited for such analysis people are quite well entitled to question your abilities, and rake you over the red hot-coals of dissenting opinion, if you are indeed just speaking out your ass and making conclusions, no better or worse, than anyone  else, eye-balling the same pictures in question. You-tubers and picture hounds have to be careful not to make clumsy mistakes if they expect to be taken seriously, and the good ones do just that and the bad ones… well they just do what-ever looks like a wrap of their own conclusions. Some make very good points, but not due to skills per se  just a keen eye and a good observation.

I have spent a lot of time improving my computer based graphic skills. I do not claim to be the best or an expert in my specific areas of interest, I just do my best with what I have to use and the time factor to hopefully make my art worth looking at or at least interesting. A good amount of my work is in the public domain, at various sites such as under my moniker megatronicjdw, where I competed with other vary talented artists who photo-shop images mostly for fun. I learned to improve what I was doing by carefully studying the work of the artists who won and those like myself trailing in the background. Competition is tough on that site and the really good ones are indeed masters of the skills so required. The point is you learn what to see and maybe some better techniques to achieve that look  so many of them had quality wise. Not just photo-realism alone, but the artistic nuances that make an image really out-standing. This was just a few years back thus what I learned is still part of my knowledge base so to speak… knowing what to look for is just a step to finding what is wrong or right as the case may be while studying an image, regardless of source or content.

One of the most popular images in my gallery is from a contest for big noses. I used an image of Mr. Obama— I simply gave him and the wife a more distinguished quality of nose: Obama-bignose-1

Or another of Mr. Obama, different contest, doing some Presidential work at his desk:


If possible I insert other images I have made into the scene, such as the painting which is a very tricky, technically speaking, Bryce image.

The full version:

Tridimesional Musings1

As for the image on the computer screen— I doubt only the most hard-core conspiracy theorist will know why that image is unique. I added the Babylon 5 dude(head) and the extra room as well. Plus a pet bug in the in-box to keep the hard-working, Borg like Prez company.

An example of switching out multiple heads for an image of celeb.’s doing some partying with hard drinking “big mouth” Mel.

dscn0465[2] dscn0465[1]

The top image is one step or so from being finished as I wanted to show how the difference in lighting on each face is pretty obvious. High end software and a good artist can level out the light and the end product will look quite realistic.

Another example:DUIWoods-2

The contest was using the Nike ad blurb–Just Do It— this was a bit tougher to put together. The golf balls are too big and the light is a bit off, but it is passable as a funny pic of Tiger Woods getting out some pent up rage chippin’ some balls off very expensive bottles of booze. The officer is clearly a very patient man.

Sometimes simple images have great impact:

Future Time Pieces

One of the first images I sent in which reflected what I was doing at the time with free-style imagery. Not quite a collage so much as blending what-ever carries the theme as it develops.


Along the same basic idea I tried a few more images of this particular style but never gained any real popularity:

The Beauty of Madness

The theme of this one is the super-unconscious where reality and un-reality meet as equal forces to shape new ideas or contain elements the waking mind cannot express without fear and loathing of self. All at the inner-mind of a dream like “Hotel California” where you can check out but never leave. The blue block is a key to understanding the movement of consciousness as energy just like electrons of daisy chains. The people wedged together(actual artists)  represent the ego after years of just doing what you are told. By this time I was blending much more complex images rather seamlessly and re-arranging  back-grounds any way I needed or wanted. Nothing in this picture started in this picture.

And another image with a very surreal quality which I named, Fishing for Absurdities. Life is full of absurdities we just take for granted or ignore. All I did was make them impossible to ignore as a thematic metaphor of course.

Fishing For Absurdities

The total commercialization of life has a cost. Your conscious pays that price. The absurdity is most no longer know what that really was and as it vanishes from the mind, no longer care, thus  so does its purpose vanish from life as a reflection of personal reality. A reality not shaped by the Tube or Radio…. seems indeed quite forgotten for most but not all.

Another big draw on the Freakingnews site is changing facial features to the extreme or changing body parts:

Arnold Upside Down WorldD

A bit tougher than it sounds to turn a head up-side down. But these challenges forced the entrants to solve the visual criteria and you do learn more than just the tricks.

Santa aka  John Belushi

John Belushi as Santa— required two Santa sources blended with John and all background and foreground elements.

A re-make of an ad was also a tougher job than what I first thought:

Give me more Cheese-burgers!

Give me more cheese-burgers! was my ad-line…. I did a lot of work on the buildings to remove the previous image and re-shape the correct shadow for his leg and hand still holding the taxi with a dangling driver. These New-yorkers never let anything bother them, including a giant screaming kid. I should have turned the Godzilla image just a bit to keep a better flow with the kids shirt. Contest dead-lines had to be kept and so in the can it went. So to speak.

Which is why this one never made it in as I fiddled with the cave floor…

cave-warp- worlds 3

The image is a mixture of Bryce (jeep model) and photo-images rendered in Bryce.

I found a good frame for this re-make of the classic.

Venus is Missing -?

Some fun with a classical painting— Venus is missing-?—  removing figures is just as hard as placing them into a picture.

Verne--The Moon

A look into the possible Apple future or the curse of Synaptic Overload:

Synaptic Overload

The challenge here was to make animals longer or double body parts:

Stare Down

Not as easy as it looks. I missed getting the right light and shadow for the dogs nose. Finding just the right images to use is also a big challenge. I spent more time just trying to find the right images as I did making them work in the final composite. Every animal here and bird was added to the window image.

I used Arnold again for this Sci-Fi mash with the Dr Who Metal Men:

Sullivan Theater

This one did pretty well as far as the challenge went:

but who is the Boss?

but who is the Boss?

This one was such a natural match, but so far very few seem to notice who the bald guy actually is…. as the parody goes:Monsanto

This one combined a bit of everything:

A Room with a View

A Room with a View

This one did quite well placing in the top three for that specific contest.

Tuesday Afternoon

So when I say I do have experience working with images going back to when I first purchased a computer– 4 megs of ram— 99 meg HD— 130 or so with DOS compression—laughable now—  it is the truth:

Khufu's Lost Chamber

Way back then I did these very pixel intensive geometric designs… literally filling pixels in the MS paint program and then using the various tools functions to make interesting final images.

I also did lots of small images with Sci-Fi themes like this one in 2001:

The Golden Touch

I was also starting to fool around with fractal programs with some interesting results like this one after using the mirror function:


I also did lots of landscapes using Terragen home edition:


When you spend a bit of time working on pictures of many types you eventually learn to discern things more professionally or your work simply suffers from your lack of interest or challenging yourself.

Therefore, based on my experience I do not think those class pictures are the originals and my next post will detail why.


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  1. lynda Says:

    You’ve made some awfully good points with all your research. Who CAN you trust anymore? Is what you read or hear even NEAR the truth? $ rules, that’s the one truth you can bank on…


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