A Jaunt Down Odd-ball Road

“Stepping into the twilight zone”

While looking for the on-line work of another photographer, whose images captured some of the people involved in the morning of the SHE shooting, I came across the lone picture of a familiar guy in the Sandy Hook tragedy. That would be Mr. Eugene Rosen. The first  picture was him talking on the phone. The second was him standing over stuffed animals in his sun-room.

http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/thehour.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial /0/7b/ 07b128a8-  7464-55cd- 8016-807bf51b7401/50cbe81a2266a.image.jpg

Image/credit Hour Photo/Alex von Kleydorff.

Image/credit Hour Newspaper Photo/Alex von Kleydorff.

This next photo is featuring the same subject matter, but is credited to another photographer on another day–with no extra data. Note the pile of stuffed animals and then take a good look at this room and wonder why it is so different and yet the same room? Open up both images and flip back and forth between them…it is damn strange he moved around so much furniture over the week-end.  http://newsone.com/2106580/gene-rosen-sandy-hook-school-shooting-children/


This image has no meta-data information, but the capture under the photo itself says,—“Gene Rosen shows some of the stuffed animals he entertained the children with during an interview with the Associated Press, Monday, Dec. 17, 2012 in Newtown, Conn. On the day of the shooting, Rosen took in four girls and two boys that were sitting at the end of his driveway; they had just run from the school, among the first to escape Friday’s deadly shooting. He ran upstairs and grabbed an armful of stuffed animals he kept there. He gave those to the children, along with some fruit juice and sat with them as the two boys described seeing their teacher being shot. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)” –photos/2012/12/18/d2/7a/Connecticut_School_Shooting1.JPG

“A couple of hours after the last child left, a knock came on his door. It was a frantic mother who had heard that some children had taken refuge there. She was looking for her little boy. “Her face looked frozen in terror,” Rosen said, breaking down in tears.”

Note the woman who came to his door —“Ms Lewis told the magazine[People]  of her rising panic when she could not find Jesse anywhere. Amid the confusion, the mother ran to a house next to the school where she had been told some children who escaped had been taken in. Jesse was not among them.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2250630/Sandy-Hook-victims-Jesse-Lewiss-mother-Scarlett-finding-son-killed.html#ixzz2RM5R3e7H   Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The earlier image from Mr. Kleydorff came from here:



A brief note on Sipa — PARIS (AP) — A French court has ordered the liquidation of the text service of the Sipa news agency, and bankruptcy protection for its photo service.  Associated Press – Thu, Dec 6, 2012

Sipa announced the decision Thursday by the Paris commercial court. It came after Sipa’s owners, Germany-based dapd Media Holding, declared bankruptcy for some of its subsidiaries in Germany in October and ceased financing Sipa’s operations.

The French court ordered the liquidation of the two companies that made up the Sipa text service, created after dapd bought the French language service of The Associated Press earlier this year. The Sipa text operation employs 50 staff journalists plus about a dozen stringers.

A bankruptcy administrator will be assigned to the Sipa photo service, created in 1973 and currently France’s No. 2 photo agency, to try to find new investors. http://news.yahoo.com/french-court-orders-sipa-news-165741044.html

The screen shot is of —School Shooting Taking Refuge-12/14/2012-Alex von Kleydorff/AP/SIPA

The captions of the photo’s read in part– “Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist, took four girls and two boys after the shooting into his home, and over the next few hours gave them toys, listened to their stories and called their frantic parents. (AP Photo/The Hour Newspaper, Alex von Kleydorff) ”

What caught my attention, besides the date for both Sipa pictures, was the matter-of-fact manner which described what Rosen did and the explicit reference to four girls and two boys. The descriptive sentence is word-for-word identical in many news stories such as:

Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist, took the four girls and two boys into his home, and over the next few hours gave them toys, listened to their stories and called their frantic parents.

Which came from this article:

Neighbor took 6 young survivors into his home
By By PAT EATON-ROBB | Associated Press – Mon, Dec 17, 2012

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) — Gene Rosen had just finished feeding his cats and was heading from his home near Sandy Hook Elementary school to a diner Friday morning when he saw six small children sitting in a neat semicircle at the end of his driveway.

A school bus driver was standing over them, telling them things would be all right. It was about 9:30 a.m., and the children, he discovered, had just run from the school to escape a gunman.

“We can’t go back to school,” one little boy told Rosen. “Our teacher is dead. Mrs. Soto; we don’t have a teacher.”

Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist, took the four girls and two boys into his home, and over the next few hours gave them toys, listened to their stories and called their frantic parents.

Rosen said he had heard the staccato sound of gunfire about 15 minutes earlier but dismissed it as an obnoxious hunter in the nearby woods.

“I had no idea what had happened,” Rosen said. “I couldn’t take that in.”

He walked the children past his small goldfish pond with its running waterfall, and the garden he made with his two grandchildren, into the small yellow house he shares with his wife.

He ran upstairs and grabbed an armful of stuffed animals. He gave those to the children, along with some fruit juice, and sat with them as the two boys described seeing their teacher being shot.

Victoria Soto, 27, was a first-grade teacher killed when 20-year-old Adam Lanza burst into her classroom. It wasn’t clear how the children escaped harm, but there have been reports that Soto hid some of her students from the approaching gunman. The six who turned up at Rosen’s home did apparently have to run past her body to safety.

“They said he had a big gun and a little gun,” said Rosen, who didn’t want to discuss other details the children shared.”

There are numerous examples which can be found proving this same information was copied into stories, but not the photo’s themselves. That is the odd-ball detail.

These six students are the survivors from Miss Soto’s class, which I and many others across the web have pondered to great lengths to understand as factually as possible, the how and the why behind their amazing departure from her classroom. Ignoring for just a moment all the previous analysis to put this into perspective, this photographer placed in his comments a description which served as a primary fact in most articles and obtained this set of two photo’s from that morning well before the Rosen story was actually released the following day.

[8:40 AM  Dec. 15th— Sandy Hook resident Gene Rosen comes forth with story that he encountered six first grade children from Sandy Hook Elementary in his front lawn while feeding his cats.]

How did this photographer find Mr. Rosen so early on the morning of the 14th? Why would a photographer know Mr. Rosen had such a story before there was a story? Why is the creation date just before 6:00 am Dec 14th? Considering the Tweets which were clocked by the system well before 08:00 am this early hour photo seems to add more evidence the days events were already planned and not spontaneous.

The New York Daily News claims that Victoria Soto had 16 children in her class. According to the Hartford Courant, six of Soto’s students tried to flee but were shot by Lanza. Later, in their search for survivors, police found the remaining seven of Soto’s students still hiding in the closet. Keep in mind the four who showed up at the police station. The resulting number of kids from these explicit reported facts is six killed out of 23 students total, but from a class of only 16. Another eye-witness account almost matches with Rosen’s story:

“Colleen Poundstone, a resident of Riverside Road, which leads up to the school, said she saw five kids – two boys and three girls – run through her back yard around 9:30 Friday morning. She said they had come through the local park, Sandy Hook Athletic Club field, which is near the school.” Maybe she missed one of the girls? But her account mentions nothing about a bus driver or why these kids were running through her back-yard and not up the road to the fire-house.

Another account for the students coming to Rosen’s house: “They ran down Dickinson Drive and around the corner to Rosen’s house on Riverside Road — less than half a mile away.  They had just seen their teacher die. Rosen invited the children and a bus driver who was with them into the safety of his home. They followed quietly up the short hill to his small yellow, 18th century house. Inside, Rosen grabbed a handful of his grand-children’s stuffed toys and gave them to the students, who he said appeared to be comforted. One child, Rosen said, began to spell her name out on a stuffed frog that had the alphabet on his belly.”Read more: http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/Sandy-Hook-children-ran-to-neighbor-s-4136455.php#ixzz2RMJGIKHi

Now also around 09:30 am is the account from Thornberg who held open the door for a co-worker and went inside to the principles office to sign in. She did not report any kids running out the door, any chaos as she went into the school, no broken out front window or any other sign something was wrong.

Thornberg, an educational assistant for a fourth-grader with special needs, says the school’s doors were locked and she was buzzed in. She held the door open for a co-worker and walked through the foyer into the principle’s office, where she signed in and glanced at the staff news bulletin.”

The first 911 call reportedly came in just after 9:40 a.m., stating that multiple students were trapped in a classroom with a gunman, who authorities say was an adult who had at least two guns. The school locks its exterior doors during the school day, so it is unclear how the gunman or gunmen gained access to the building.”

State Police confirm that one shooter is dead. A second gunman is apparently at large, sources told ABC News. The shooting occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, about 12 miles east of Danbury. State Police received the first 911 call at 9:41 a.m. and immediately began sending emergency units from the western part of the state. Initial 911 calls stated that multiple students were trapped in a classroom, possibly with a gunman, according to a Connecticut State Police source.”

Also the mom who was dropping off something for her son:

“Barbara Sibley was being a good mom—but she did not know she would have to walk into hell to prove it. Her eight-year old had left something at home and so she drove over to the Sandy Hook School to deliver it. But something was odd about the compound when she got there at around 9:30. “It’s an elementary school,” she recalls to TIME. “There are usually kids outside or something. It was very quiet.”

She ran into another mom at the front entrance, where visitors had to be buzzed in. That’s when it became clear something was amiss: the window next to the door had been shattered. “There was glass everywhere,” she says. “And that’s when we heard gunfire.”

The instant Sibley heard the gunfire, she ran for cover, sprinting across the parking lot to where dumpsters stood, hiding there while the carnage took place. Within the school, the gunman was stalking the halls.” Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/12/14/massacre-of-the-innocents-chilling-details-about-the-gunman-in-the-schoolhouse/#ixzz2RMLZal5p

What is strange is the other Mom just seems to vanish into thin air while inside the carnage is taking place. But the really odd-ball factor here is this mom and Miss Thornberg arrived basically at the same time. Yet, neither says one thing about the other at all. And the mom claims the glass is already busted out. Then she hears shooting.

According to a Facebook post being circulated by teachers, Soto was a hero. When she became aware there was a gunman in the school, she hid her first-graders in closets and cabinets, then told the shooter they were in the gym. He turned the gun on Soto, killing her, but none of her students were harmed.”

Other reports had her saying the auditorium, which is also the cafetorium right off the main entrance… the only picture I found features K-teacher Janet Vollmer speaking with another female:

Credit/Newtown Bee

Credit/Newtown Bee

“Becky Virgalla was in a meeting with Principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach and other colleagues when the shooter opened fire on Friday December 14. Mrs Hochsprung, Mrs Sherlach and lead teacher Natalie Hammond ‘went out in the hall to check out the noise that we didn’t know that was gunshots at first,’ Mrs Virgalla said. Rabbi Shaul Praver told MSNBC that Mrs Hochsprung and Mrs Sherlach were killed execution-style.”

Once again, the view from the office does not require second guessing. If the school secretary simply keys up the inter-com and shouts out,”Shooter!” there was no reason for staff to run out to see what the ‘noise’ might be… as if the deafening sound of the rifle blowing out the front window was not obvious?

Kaitlin Roig (left), 24, endured a similarly horrifying ordeal. She had been teaching 15 children when the classroom windows shattered.”

As his teacher Victoria Soto and her aide Anne Marie Murphy herded their first-graders into a closet and bathroom, a man burst in and started shooting. Amazingly Bryce Maksel, 7, and four classmates escaped. “He looked away, and we ran,” Bryce says. “We saw the principal lying on the floor in her blood.” They charged down the hall, out the door, and kept running until two parents, headed to the school to make gingerbread houses, spotted them and took them to the nearby police station.”

This account conflicts with the audio record of only four students arriving at the police station. Note the boy did not see another body lying next to the principle, did not mention any broken glass or seeing any responding officers. He also did not report the gunman asking any questions before firing on his teacher.

“At 17:20 into the third tape, report comes in that “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse“–why would they be transported back? Why were they not questioned at their homes, as this would further traumatize the students in coming back to the scene of the crime.

At 18:00 into third tape, “they” are told to gather information, and names of the 4 students and refer them to “me” (whoever that is)–” http://sleepbutawhile.com/2013/01/28/the-connecticut-shooting/

A photo from the same day of the Vollmer interview:

interior-front-lobbySHEThis picture is the only one I found showing the inside lobby area. Note the clear view from the main office. How could anyone in that office not know right away someone was blasting through the front window to gain entrance to the school?

“Procaccini said her daughter saw a boy who had blood on his foot while being brought outside. She said the blood was from being cut by glass, not a gun shot. The day Adam Lanza shot his way through Sandy Hook Elementary School, Procaccini’s 8-year-old daughter was in a reading room just down the hall from the principle’s office.  She had walked herself to her class early and was sitting there with two teachers when the three of them heard the sound of gunfire coming from outside.  “They grabbed my daughter by the arm and threw her into the bathroom,” Procaccini says. “There’s a little bathroom off the reading room, I think it’s a single-person … and the three of them just sat in there, quiet, ’cause he came into the room.” Apparently, Lanza didn’t hear them because he left, and everyone in the tiny bathroom survived.

And one of the only front door pictures with the buzz box in view:

Credit/Newtown Bee

Credit/Newtown Bee

Of the reports of officers arriving on the scene:

“Olivia died in the arms of a Newtown police officer at the school, said Deacon Don Naiman. The officer told her he loved her as he passed her into Jesus’ waiting arms, Naiman said.” Variations of this report gave the impression that this was the third victim taken to Danbury. A minor point which I had not resolved in an earlier posting.

“Police arriving at Rousseau’s classroom heard what sounded like a child’s moans from where the bodies of the children had collapsed together. Police had to move several bodies to reach an injured boy, who died en route to Danbury Hospital, the Courant reports.”

“The room is full of the bodies of children. But one child, a little girl, still shows signs of life. A tall, muscular man, Chapman scoops the child into his arms and runs out to find an ambulance. He tells the little girl she is safe, that the police are there to protect her and that she is loved. http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/Twelve-Fourteen-Twelve- 12-14-12- 4156167 .php

“Upon entering the school police found the bodies of the 26 victims in the first three classrooms off the main hallway, and the deceased body of the shooter, who police said had taken his own life.

The shooter was reportedly wearing “military style clothing” and a bullet proof vest. He had several handguns as well as a military style assault weapon, the documents state, without specifying the make or model of the firearms. http://yorktown-somers.patch.com/articles/court-documents-detail-evidence-in-sandy-hook-school-shooting-48ccc55a

One child leaving the school said that there was shattered glass everywhere. A police officer ran into the classroom and told them to run outside and keep going until they reached the firehouse.

Audra Barth, who was walking away from the school with her first-grade son and third-grade daughter, said a teacher took first-graders into the restroom after bullets came through the window.

Mike Daubert, a former Bethel police officer who lives in Newtown, went to the scene to offer whatever help he could.

“I’m in shock. Numb. We got a kindergarten class shot up. The heart of every parent out there will skip a beat when they learn of this.”

One father who had picked up his 7 year old daughter said as he was leaving the scene that his daughter told him that she saw a little girl lying in the hallway not moving.”

Upon entering Sandy Hook Elementary School, the gunman, identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, opened fire first in the school’s office, then in a kindergarten class, authorities told NBC News. He was found dead at the scene. A woman believed to be his mother was found fatally shot in a Newtown home.”

“For hours, information was sparse and it was not even clear anyone had been gravely injured until after noon.”  http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/State-Police-Responding-to-Shooting-at-School-Police– 183498401.html

Several students were reportedly brought to Danbury Hospital’s emergency room this morning, but the extent of their injuries was unclear.

Andrea Rynn, spokeswoman for the Western Connecticut Health Network, which runs Danbury Hospital, said three patients were taken to the hospital and it’s not expected any other patients will be sent there. The hospital emergency department is on lockdown as a precautionary measure, but is still accepting patients.

“There are armed guards outside the hospital. A parent from Shelton whose 6-year-old son is a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School was at the hospital, and said he doesn’t know whether he is OK.  “He’s the only family I have left,” said Neil Heslin. While both ABC and CBS reported that multiple children had been shot, other sources said the pupils had been cut by flying glass caused by the shooting.”

“Grieving father Neil Heslin told The Post that before the nightmare attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School he had been planning to go to his six-year-old son’s first-grade class to watch the happy holiday tradition.

“I dropped him off at school at 9 am. He went happily,” Heslin said.

“That was the last I saw of him. “My son, he was 6 years old. He was in Ms. [Victoria] Soto’s class.” the dad said, his voice numb with grief. “We were supposed to make gingerbread houses today at 2:30 in his class.”

[Interview with Scarlett Lewis, People magazine] “So I parked on the side of the road and went to the firehouse. They were bringing the kids out, and I was looking for Jesse, saying, “I don’t have my child.” Police said, “All the parents who have their kids, go over there.” And I said, “Where are the other children?” They said, “We don’t know, we’re doing another sweep of the building. They could be hiding.” Somebody said, “I think they took some kids next door.” While I ran there, Neil ran to the day-care center. He came back and said, “They’re not there.” So we came back to the firehouse and waited. But I just kind of knew. All the other kids are gone; we’re just sitting there.”

State troopers told Neil that instead of running away from what happened, Jesse ran to it. Something about the positioning of the body, that he was in the hall, not the classroom. He had been helping kids, trying to get them away.”http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20666225,00.html

While reading the accounts of Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin it is rather difficult to resolve the rather substantial contradiction that Jesse was brought to the hospital, where his father was waiting for him and then read the People interview which tells a totally different story. In fact, of all the accounts this one especially takes logic and throws it right out the window. If the father is at the hospital, where his son, is the boy dramatically removed from the piles of bodies— is raced to Danbury as he is one of  three patients, his father is there waiting for the grim news and then…… the boy is no longer there… he is back at the school lying in a hallway… which officers describe to Neil??

And what did this statement mean really?

They said, “We don’t know, we’re doing another sweep of the building. They could be hiding.”

Did the editor at People magazine take a powder for the afternoon? Were they unaware the boy in question was taken to Danbury? Was the Mom and the Dad of this boy confused by some kind of chemical attack? I cannot resolve the two wholly separate accounts by any torturous path of reason. This is like the two Rosen pictures which show two slightly, different rooms, only one of those pictures never really made it big like the other, so nobody really noticed how damn odd those pictures are by comparison.

The entire saga of the Sandy Hook tragedy boils with inconsistent facts which cannot be resolved into a coherent whole. I also found by sheer accident while looking for someone else two more teachers for Sandy Hook school.

***Kathy Joy-4th Grade Teacher at Sandy Hook School
***Heather O’Dell Sandy Hook School 1st Grade Teacher · Newtown, Connecticut

“Kathy Joy 10:41 am on Saturday, December 15, 2012

My heart is broken for the families of the victims of the school shooting. God give them the strength to get through this . But how many more shootings have to take place before our government takes action against these weapons.?”

One of the odd-ball details I came across was the enrollment records for six 4th grade classes at SHE while the school web site only listed five teachers. I thought they were padding their numbers. Maybe not if this teacher is the missing sixth one. But why is there any mix-up at all? How does a school not list all of the staff? Another teacher Pierce, Kristina 3rd grade room 26 is also listed, but it is hard to tell if she is actually current or not… her web page may simply be stranded from a year before or like so many others she simply never used it at all. So maybe the extra two are specialty teachers and not listed with the rest.

I will end this jaunt down the odd-ball lane with a photo of Miss Soto… a reminder that changing meta-data is really easy and therefore, not always rock-solid proof of anything.

date time digitized 12/18/2012 1:02:46 PM

creation date/ time digitized
12/18/2012 1:02:46 pm



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5 Responses to “A Jaunt Down Odd-ball Road”

  1. Pilot Says:

    Good find : 2 different Rosen pix, wow such craziness. I remember seeing Kleydorff’s name in relation to other pictures from that day, seems like he was around the whole time snapping photos, maybe the one of Lauren Rousseau’s step-ghoul at the scene on his phone looking sinister and amused?


    • megatronicsmedia Says:

      Indeed, he was there very early on and yet seemed to be none too worried about his step-daughter. The even stranger factor is like Adam, there is really no proof she was there at all. Her car was not really shown with her— no reg, plates info. and no verified information… it is all implied and nothing else.

      If you think about it… what proof is there to see at all?


  2. gjordan741 Says:

    If these people planned this whole thing in advance, they are the most inept and incompetent individuals on the face of the planet. I have no doubts they planned it in advance. That case is completely made. What disturbs me is the unthinking response of the majority population that enables these brainless morons to get away with this crap.


  3. gjordan741 Says:

    A different note about the change in Neil Heslin’s story about the his son’s alleged fate that day is that the change in Jesse’s story from the murder of a helpless child, unable to defend himself, to one of heroic action in the face of danger, only added more problems to Adam Lanza’s ability as a shooter to complete the crime in the elapsed time. If the children are not huddled in corners or trapped in closets, but are running around performing acts of heroism, the credibility of Lanza’s ability as a shooter is stretched and distorted like an image in a funhouse mirror.

    These people are incredibly incompetent to call an audible like this that reverberates through the entire narrative, making it less credible.


    • megatronicsmedia Says:

      I was really amazed actually that the Mom had such a diametrically opposing story, which only readers of People magazine read, but apparently never noted the extreme contradiction of when and where Jesse was reported to have died. This was another case/example of looking for one thing and coming across the archive version of the printed article. Finding information like her interview really helps to understand why so many do not believe the story to be fake.

      I also wonder if these parents ever actually read any of the material now on the web.


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