Devil in the Details – 12

“Will the real Mr.  Anonymous please stand up”

When anonymous official’s give out information, off the record, as sources for major developments in a national story of considerable significance one assumes said information has some critical kernel of truth, which is vetted before being released to the public. In regards to the Sandy Hook shooting this quality of fact-checking seems to have gone out the window. The results of this information blitz has produced a polarization of beliefs across the mainstream of public opinions upon the subject itself. Those who believe the entire incident to be a government  black-op are not exactly in the same camp of those who believe it is a hoax with actual victims, but the wrong explanation. Those who believe it was just another tragedy may differ on why the suspect did what he did, but still remain in the same general consensus the suspect alone was guilty and that’s the sum of it all.

Without any clear defining elements to explain the wholly irrational actions, of what has to be described as a murderous lunatic, the motive of this evil man remains unknown. Like many I was waiting patiently for more information to be released about the suspect and was quite disappointed when the last round of new data turned out to be rather useless in regards to the suspects actions. While it may be of great interest to know how many guns were in the house or how much ammo was stuffed in the closets, this does not tell us why this suspect murdered innocent children and staff, or his mother.

The reasons for with-holding the search warrants seems rather thin now that they have been released. If the primary shooting suspect is long since gone what threat exists for those which may have had an incidental relationship to the suspect? This was an individual who nobody has seen in years, who had no real friends or working relationships as known, so who is going to be threatened by releasing his mundane data? What was in his journals? What art was he producing? What information was so dire in content it had to be sealed off from inspection?

The suspect in committing such a mass-murder has no rights to keep his life a secret. The moment such an act is done all such rights are gone. The public has a more significant right to  know every detail, or at least those which can be known, which illuminates the actions and give understanding to the causes of such inhuman behaviors. If the suspect was that deranged in the first place one assumes he has no control over his irrational traits and had to be expressing his disturbing mental habits long before he committed his crime. Instead, the public is given another picture which is just as phony as the previous release where he is a Lovecraft twin. Although in this case it seems more like a cross between roger rabbit and Lovecraft… yeah real scary alright… for a cartoon character. Which is what the suspect has become in the absence of more substantial information.

Of the information released the most critical was in my humble opinion, the references to the school:

What Police Found at the School—

After receiving a 911 call from inside the school at approximately 9:35 a.m. on Dec. 14, 2012, Newtown and Connecticut State Police officers rushed to the 12 Dickinson Road elementary school. An unoccupied black, 4-door Honda Civic was parked in the fire lane directly in front of the school. Authorities later learned it was registered to Nancy Lanza. [more on what was found in the vehicle below] Upon entering the school police found the bodies of the 26 victims in the first three classrooms off the main hallway, and the deceased body of the shooter, who police said had taken his own life. The shooter was reportedly wearing “military style clothing” and a bullet proof vest. He had several handguns as well as a military style assault weapon, the documents state, without specifying the make or model of the firearms.

Now I did not expect a full run-down of every significant detail, or an exacting set of descriptions of the crime scenes. To the best of my knowledge I am the only researcher who postulated the idea that three classrooms had to be included [not counting the kitchen area] in order for the various accounts to be even remotely accurate. I was not exactly pursuing a popular counter-idea to the general narrative. So to see in the sealed warrant that three classrooms were specifically mentioned satisfied the logical presumptions I had already postulated, but not proven any specific conclusions.

So I waited to see what new developments might occur now that the new information went into circulation. I saw no change at all. Without any explanation the “officials” denounced their own investigation, well a subsequent investigation ruled out the first, but this is poppycock nonsense at best. What it really means is that the official narrative is not to be disturbed in its official resting place, not even by previous official findings. The absurdity which results is that the warrant was produced on information found by the detectives, actually on the scene, who were wrong about finding victims in three classrooms. Apparently they do not know how to do their jobs so how does the public know the rest of the work was up to the higher standard? To say the initial investigation was wrong casts a cloud of doubt over the rest just the same.

A Google search produced not a single return of official news releases of three classrooms involved, or any similar results were an account made mention of three classrooms. I found no evidence that any media reports even questioned this aspect of the story or were anticipating such information to further the factual understanding of what occurred that morning.  So it was a non-issue as far as the media seems to have cared and not a issue for any counter-media sources as best as I can tell. If no one believes three class rooms were involved the release of the search warrant specifics should have been shocking. Where were the bold head-lines   “Suspect rampaged through three classrooms” from the media big-whigs? Did this information not contradict the official story deeply enough to even be mentioned?

Well, before the question could even be asked the correction went out and three classes became two once more without a single why to be heard. My theory was not a product of whim it was the result of trying to resolve the absurd contradictions of the numerous eye-witness accounts, plus the media reports and the official time-references. Too many students escaped from the classroom of Soto to be simply ignored as media exuberance to sell a story. To many odd details to be ignored from the official narrative which cannot be the truth or absurd results defy rational explanation.

For example: The suspect was reported to be a 110 pound weakling— coma inducing-bone-thin— and yet he is physically impervious to the realities of what he is said to have done? He has no strength period… with one-inch arms and stick-legs and yet he is carrying a substantial load of fire-arms and ammo as a normal man of his height?

This suspect was not normal— by all rights he would have passed out from the exertions of just tying his shoes— his heart had to be severely under-sized and his energy level on par with a sloth.  His hand and arm strength had to be next to nothing– a five-pound dumbbell held outstretched might have been beyond his lifting ability…. and comparing his strength to a normal sized male is not possible, as his bone-thin arms had no muscle mass to do a damn thing. Carrying a glass of water must have been taxing to such a malformed male of his peculiar qualities.

The brain needs calories to function with any degree of “normal” qualities of awareness and consciousness. If the body is starving of nutrients it cannot perform work both mental and physical. To pretend these factors do not inhibit body function is absurd. To ignore the reality of such restrictions on a male of his age and weight is disingenuous. This suspect fits the description of a bed-ridden invalid who was never seen because he did not have the physical capacity to even leave the house.

The mental stupor born of such malnutrition cannot be ignored as a physical limitation to his capabilities. Why no doctors have stepped up to refute the inane presumptions is also rather odd. What doctor would pronounce this suspect as normal for his age and height? The fact is this suspect was abnormal to the extreme and if the weight description is true he was suffering from long-term, severe malnutrition.  I question whether he even lived with his mother at all. How could she ignore his physical disabilities and not seek treatment for her son? He should have been under medical care in any “normal” circumstances especially if he was actually cared about at all.

People want to believe he was a monster, but if the official line is bunk and the authorities are mis-directing the investigation for what-ever reason, this suspect is still lawfully innocent until proven guilty.

The medias most powerful tool is one of influence. Another example of the repeating of early reports which turned out to be false was of course Nancy Lanza, as a K-teacher losing her life along with her students in the classroom, by her sons own hand. This disturbing lie was then found to be true–well it is assumed to be true even though technically speaking not a single piece of evidence has been vetted by any lawful process.

Considering the exceptional lack of trust, by a significant percentage of the population, for reasons which are quite justifiable, all things considered lately, simply telling the public this is how it is ’cause we say so’ doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did… which is why the authorities in charge of this criminal investigation look rather silly huffing and puffing about conspiracy theories.  There is no valid excuse for keeping the most pertinent aspects of the case a secret by omission, or implied conclusions without substantiation of the claims. The authorities have made very little effort to prove any of their contentions and have instead relied upon the media to do their work for them.

This brings up another example from the dog-pile of abandoned reports from that morning:

“The first 911 call reportedly came in just after 9:40 a.m., stating that multiple students were trapped in a classroom with a gunman, who authorities say was an adult who had at least two guns. The school locks its exterior doors during the school day, so it is unclear how the gunman or gunmen gained access to the building.”

Do a Google search on the first part of the sentence and the result is about 29,700 [results] on the term expression. The report was originated from WABC and of course the unofficial, anonymous yet police source… and of course the 911 call has never been released, or as best I can tell even verified at some point that day. This is the power of influence to sweep across the net and to give an impression which is important if true and quite mis-leading if false.

What is note-worthy is the details seem quite congruent. The gunmen gained access to the school by means unknown, students are being held hostage and one of which has at least two guns… so there has to be an eye-witness calling 911 or at least the knowledge of the gunman has passed from an eye-witness to someone else who can make the call. The time is several minutes off from the audio record, but so is most of the accounts from other witnesses. Why did this report come to a dead-end? If an observer wants to say “because the facts proved otherwise’  all seems just fine… unless those facts are hanging in mid-air like a cartoon character over a chasm.

Without any verifiable documentation the official story….. is just a story. As a story it is no better or worse than any other made up for the same reasons. To hang a reason on the incident, acceptable enough, to make the whole of it plausible. Dig a little too deep and the official story looks like a Hollywood facade made for a b-rated movie. All gimmick and no substance.

This version of the incident was very impressive looking with detailed web-graphics:

“Lanza then proceeded down the front corridor of the school building. Lanza stopped first in kindergarten teacher Kaitlin Roig’s classroom. Roig had hidden her students into a small bathroom in the building and told them to remain silent. Lanza, seeing an empty room, moved on to an adjacent classroom, where he killed substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau and all of her students except one, who survived.

When he heard police coming toward him, Lanza shot and killed himself using a handgun in a classroom in the front hallway” .

If no other information existed to contradict the report as stated one would come to a natural conclusion which would be quite sensible— a shooter committed an evil act of senseless purpose upon the most innocent of victims— clearly a very bad man. Linked to the same page is an interview with Roig and she is correctly identified as a 1st grade teacher. One would assume a fact checker might have come along and changed the web blurbs to reflect the up-dated information to keep the integrity of the news from being a source of ridicule. Or at least modestly accurate.

There are plenty of examples to go around and no one news source is absolutely accurate or free from glaring mistakes, but of course that depends on what constitutes the most factual standards of evidence cited or sources as construed. A bad snippet of data travels a long way around the net, which seems more like an experiment, from a certain skeptical  perspective.  These bad data-chunks seem to have quite a purpose especially when the “official story” is lacking any meaningful evidence.

The function of motive is to a crime what fuel is to an engine. After searching for more back-ground information on the people involved I soon found there is very little to explain why a malnourished weakling would seek out to do harm to so many. I did find out a few new things of interest about the people whose lives are now forever changed by tragedy.

Just a few examples:

Biography— “Robbie Parker was born in Ogden, Utah; the fourth of five children in his family, however, the only one that was planned. His birth was initially a disappointment after being born as the number two baby on New Years Day. Meaning his parents received no special presents and no extra tax break after his arrival. Despite his early failures Robbie has grown up happy with who he is and what he has accomplished.

Robbie then spent the next ten years of his life growing up in Arlington, TX where he became an avid fan of Texas Rangers Baseball and real Texas BBQ, both of which he has found fail to provide any genuine long-term satisfaction but are absolutely wonderful in short spurts. Upon his families return to Utah he developed a love for the mountains and fly-fishing. At age 16, after a series of unfortunate events for someone else, Robbie was given a job as the mascot “Oggie” a velociraptor, for the minor league baseball team in town.

After realizing this would be as close as he would ever get to the major leagues, he decided that his life-long dream of having his own baseball card was technically fulfilled and therefore sought out a new direction in life. He was awarded a scholarship to be the mascot “Waldo the Wildcat” at Weber State University and received his Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Therapy.

At that time Robbie found his new dream when he accepted the first legitimate job of his life, as a respiratory therapist in a newborn intensive care unit. Robbie attributes any success he has had in life to simple dumb luck or for merely showing up at the right place at the right time. Except for what he considers his greatest success, his wife and daughters.

Currently, he is married to the most beautiful and intriguing woman in the history of the world. They have three absolutely wonderful daughters, Emilie (4), Madeline (2) and Samantha (1). B-day dec 15th Emilie (4) in 2010.

His life and this world are a much better place because of them. After graduation he will fulfill his goal of working in a newborn intensive care unit and cannot wait to start a new adventure with his sweetheart and precious children.” [PDF]  Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) Exposure in Late … article=1212&context…

—“NEWTOWN (WABC) — They are called “Team 26” – each one of the cyclists is pushing the pedals in memory of the lives lost at Sandy Hook  Elementary on December 14th. Chris McDonnell helped competitive cyclist Monte Frank design the team  shirts. “Hope Peace & Love” is written on the bottom. Frank’s daughter  had Victoria Soto as a teacher.   “She was a great teacher, and she’s missed,” says Frank. —

“Dad Chris commuted about 90 minutes to work in New Jersey every day because the family loved living in the community so much, her [Grace’s] grandmother said.”

“Newtown (USA) – The shooting happened in Newtown, in the U.S. state of Connecticut last week, reached the lives of many people, including the former CEO of the ATP Adam Helfant, an uncle of the murdered children, Audrey Grace McDonnell.

Helfant released a statement and a photograph of Grace, on behalf of the family. “We are impressed with the outpouring of love and support of many people. Our daughter Grace was the love and light of our family. Words can not adequately express our sense of loss. Lynn, Chris and Jack McDonnell.

Adam S. Helfant, Vice President, Global Sports Marketing — Mr. Helfant, 42, joined NIKE in 1995 in the Company’s legal department, and was appointed Director of Business Affairs for Global Sports Marketing in 1997, Director of Global Sports Marketing in 1998, Director of U.S. Sports Marketing in 2001, Vice President of U.S. Sports Marketing in 2003, and corporate Vice President, Global Sports Marketing in August 2004. Prior to joining NIKE, he was in private practice and an attorney for NHL Enterprises, Inc.

Grace McDonnell, 7, was the niece of Paul Minella, who works in the company’s capital markets division within Morgan Stanley’s wealth management unit.

—December 14, 2012 8:08 PM “Ray Horvath, a teacher at the Connecticut elementary school where 20 children and six adults were killed, recalls the devastating moment when he learned his student “Noah” is among the dead. Horvath also shares memories of the fallen school principal Dawn Hocksprung.

—20 children, 6 adults killed in Conn. elementary school massacre. Ray Horvath, who left the school 20 minutes before the shooter entered, runs a before-and-after school program for the children. Four 6-year-olds who lost their lives were in the program, including James. “James was a sweetheart of a kid with such an innocent face.”

–“We are greatly saddened by the loss of our beautiful daughter, Catherine Violet and our thoughts and prayers are with the other families who have been affected by this tragedy,”Jennifer and Matthew  Hubbard said.”

“As with so many, the ABC family has been touched directly by the  tragedy in Sandy Hook. One of the young victims, Catherine Hubbard, is the niece of an ABC  News employee. ”

“Tragedy has hit the TransAct Technologies Family. The oldest daughter of one of our colleagues, Ben Wyatt, was killed in the senseless and horrific shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. Allison was a beautiful 6 year old. Ben’s other daughter was also at the school attending her kindergarten class. She was able to get out of the school and is now grieving for the loss of her sister.” Benjamin Wyatt

“Grieving father Neil Heslin told The Post that before the nightmare attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School he had been planning to go to his six-year-old son’s first-grade class to watch the happy holiday tradition. “I dropped him off at school at 9 am. He went happily,”

Heslin said. “That was the last I saw of him. “My son, he was 6 years old. He was in Ms. [Victoria] Soto’s class.” the dad said, his voice numb with grief. “We were supposed to make gingerbread houses today at 2:30 in his class.”

“JoAnn Bacon was also Charlotte’s Girl Scout leader. Of the 10 girls in the troop, five were killed, including Charlotte, the younger of JoAnn and Joel Bacon’s two kids.”

“At the fire station, Guy came and no Charlotte,” he said. “They were there until 4 o’clock that afternoon waiting, probably knowing the end result already.”

“She knew something bad had happened because all the families in the fire station were from Charlotte’s class,” Mr. Hagen said.

“She [Mrs Hochsprung] was crying. I thought she was screaming,” said Tori Chop, who is in third grade. “That’s what we heard over the loudspeaker. We heard kids crying. “We kept hearing gun noises and ‘put your hands up’ … we kept hearing that.”

Tori’s teacher, Teri Alves, like other staff in the school, sprang into action.

“She went out to the door, she locked the door and taped a piece of white tape over the window of the door,” said Tori of her teacher. “And then she told us to go in the corner.” Victoria Soto, 27, was killed when she used her own body to shield her pupils. Miss Soto died in a hail of bullets but is thought to have saved the lives of at least some children.

“She put herself between the gunman and the children and that’s when she was tragically shot and killed,” said her cousin Jim Wiltsie. Mr Heslin’s son Jesse Lewis, who was in Miss Soto’s class, was not saved.

A teacher who attends the Danbury Church of Christ in Connecticut survived the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in which 20 students and six school employees died. Minister Doug Vile identified the teacher as Robin Walker.”

“She’s a special education teacher and was in a reading class,” Vile told The Christian Chronicle. “She huddled kids in a corner and read stories to them while the shooting was going on. She kept them safe and together and calm until the police came.

“Bless her heart, she loves those kids,” he added.

“At 9:59 last Friday morning, Shannon Hicks pulled her 2006 Jeep Wrangler off the road just outside Sandy Hook Elementary school. As associate editor and photographer for Newtown, Connecticut’s local paper, The Newtown Bee, she was responding to a radio dispatch heard over a local police scanner. At 10:09 am, 10 minutes after she climbed out of her vehicle, she snapped the shutter on an elementary school class being led out of the school by two Connecticut State Police officers. ”

“It was chaos,” said Sophia. “The teacher said to hide.”

She said she headed into a closet with some friends.

Sophia said she remembers hearing a teacher yelling, “Lock the doors, lock the doors.” She said her teacher then yelled out, “Stay calm, stay calm and I think I accomplished that.”

Her mom Victoria said she is relieved the teacher was able to get her daughter and classmates out a back door and away from all the horrible carnage.” “


Why this suspect, or any other yet exposed, would want to harm any of these children or their parents, remains as the number one mystery that really needs an explanation, based on something more, than paper-thin assertions and bone-dry answers.


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