Devil in the Details — 11

 “The Red-Devil Express”

While researching some of the more incongruent details regarding the pre-posting of information of the Dec. 10th shooting, I came across the Fellowship of the Minds site which had extensive postings of the news related material with extensive analysis of the surrounding issues.

One of the postings involved the Arlington Red Devils News feed page which had a link to a pdf file to help children cope with the Sandy Hook shooting. The trouble was the news post was dated Dec. 10th, four days prior to the shooting itself. Which is of course impossible. Either the shooter posted the news flash page as his own personal joke, or someone else did with foreknowledge of the incident. The position argued by the CMI site Admin was of course that it was just a simple mistake:

     Brant Walsh | February 6, 2013 at 9:53 am | Reply

Everyone seems to be forgetting that I was the one who helped Cheri upload this document on the 14th to the CMI website…. So there’s NO WAY that the Arlington site could have posted about it until after either WE had posted it on the current events page OR someone at that school received our Constant Contact email blast (and I’m pretty sure that Cheri sent the blast out after she had the PDF up on the site).

Another poster/guest Peter wrote up a highly detailed technical analysis which examined every possibility to establish fact from fiction.

The page in question:


My own small contribution to the discussion was checking the way-back machine and finding it was there as well:

–J. D. | February 8, 2013 at 11:13 am | Reply

–First of all let me be quite clear I am not accusing the site in question or Mr. Walsh or Jeremy of any wrong doing…. furthermore, the only individual who can answer the simple question of WHY, the post date for this single news post was pre-dated to the actual event, is not speaking for himself/herself as the case may be…. so anyone speaking for them results in hearsay. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the answers as given to help me understand what simple process went sideways in regards to the posting date of the news blast post.

The site map:


–I tried to find an example of what was referenced as a problem. Lots of examples of future post dating for the calendar/sports activities… and this one which shows no difference in dates between posting or date title. 60% Monthly 2013-01-06 09:15

***When I first checked the XML site Feb 8th this link went right to the page showing the News feed with three news items including the Dec. 10th post.

This news link is now gone… from the XML page, but I saved the original XML page just for the sake of posterity, with the entry in question:

<loc></loc&gt; <lastmod>2013-01-06T09:15:00-05:00</lastmod> <changefreq>monthly</changefreq> <priority>0.6</priority> </url><url>

***IF there was nothing to the ‘flub’ why remove the news post? They do not seem to remove anything else. Why bother at all?

The CMI student handbook is still available here:

But no longer here: 404 – document not found.  The requested document was not found on this server.]

The way-back page here shows several news items, including the Jan. 6th 2013 posting:

A screen capture from the way-back machine showing what all the ‘flub’ was about:red-devil news page Capture

***This page link is also now dead— This page shows no difference in title date or URL date: [Error 404 – document not found.  The requested document was not found on this server.]

–The challenge given was to find a single ref. to a cached page disproving the answer given for the mix-up. This is a clever argument which puts the burden of proving a negative— show a cached/date which does not exist to prove the one that does is wrong…. a better example is showing a single page on the “published” news feed which demonstrates the “problem” the school site users were having with dates being wrong and the solution (workaround hack) as a result of the problem. I found no example, but I can only find something which exists to be found.

–On Jan 8th the “Way-Back crawler” shows us that the dates under the titles were the same in the URL. So the problem with back-dating a news feed… was this corrected by this time? If so, how was it fixed without also fixing the wrong date and URL for the Dec. 10th pages in question? If it was not fixed, then only the Dec 10th page was a “problem” as it was clearly never fixed to show the actual posting date of Dec 14th? {But another entry in the way-back machine showed a 13th date as well}

–If there is no example of a “hacked news date” then there is no proof such a hack exists at all and we are right back to the original incongruity… the news page was crawled by to separate systems… both showing the same information— strong evidence— there is no proof a hack was ever needed (the site users or Admin never contacted the web hosting pro’s to fix the glitch[ which is what they are payed to do]… right?) or a single example of the hack’s success— weak argument—- usually means prison time.

–All I am pointing out is that in an actual courtroom the guys here are doing a good job, but the fact remains this is still one very, weird incongruity and the explanation for the un-demonstrated problem and the nonexistent solution does not add up to a good defense.—

There were no replies to my posting so I assumed that was as far as the matter could be discussed on those points. I also believe Peter made reference to simply checking the back-up from the site to see what was added— which seemed to me to be a very simple thing to do to clear up the confusion in the first place. That was never done. Now that all of the pages in question have been removed from the Arlington site the ‘flub’ remains just as incongruent as before and just as improbable as a fluke.

My original perspective was IF the suspect was indeed some kind of computer whiz kid… then there ought to be some  kind of evidence of those skills. If the suspect had access to the Arlington site, either by a hack, or an insider of the school having a log in… this incongruent date might be the proof the suspect was indeed planning the shooting and would be positive evidence of his intentions. This again is not a trivial detail just to be ignored because it is not favorable to the official narrative or the many claims and theories now floating around the web. If a third party was planning this attack then the  ‘flub’ becomes evidence of said intentions as well.

Following along the first premise IF the suspect was a computer whiz and he had a nick-name “little Red-Devil” from childhood, which is not a stretch considering his red hair and demeanor as reported, there was a possibility the nick-name  might provide research links to follow up on or at least provide some kind of “contextual meaning” for further research purposes.

In a case, as shocking as this one, every avenue has to be explored even those relationships which seem to be far-fetched. So I followed up on the associations just to be as thorough as possible.

An old film called war devils; Two adversaries coming together in a crises…

Red Devils— slang for cough syrup pills and for drug Seconal- a barbiturate.

Red devil: barbiturate that is a white odorless slightly bitter powder (trade name Seconal) used as a sodium salt for sedation and to treat convulsions.  Source: WordNet 2.1 a sedative-hypnotic drug

Red Devil (Edward Alan “Eddie” Bloomberg), formerly known as Kid Devil, was a superhero in the DC Comics universe. Created by Alan Kupperberg, Dan Mishkin, and Gary Cohn, he first appeared in Blue Devil #14.

So far seemingly inconsequential… so I tried ‘Bloomberg LIBOR scandal’ and ‘crises’ related terms for results:

“Some Wall Streeters are using a neat Bloomberg Terminal feature as their own version of the Facebook “poke.”

Instead of poking, you “ring someone’s bell.” We’re told by a source that it implies that you’re interested in hooking up. Read more:

“We will never know the amounts of money involved, but it has to be the biggest financial fraud of all time,” said Adrian Blundell-Wignall, a special adviser to the secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris. “Libor is the basis for calculating practically every derivative known to man.””

“In levying the record $700 million fine, David Meister, the CFTC’s director of enforcement, said that “when a major bank brazenly games some of the world’s most important financial benchmarks, the CFTC will respond with the full force of its authority.” That’s good as far as it goes, and the CFTC is to be commended for rooting out the global Libor manipulation scandal.

But an even more emphatic message needs to be sent to UBS by its prudential regulator in the U.S.: You are finished in this country. We are padlocking your Stamford, Connecticut, and Manhattan offices. You need to pack up and leave. Now.”

UBS paid global fines of $1.5 billion in the matter with the bulk of that money going to the U.S. Department of Justice. Hayes and Darin have been criminally charged in a complaint filed December 12, 2012 in Federal court in Manhattan. The complaint was unsealed yesterday.

On August 15, 2007, according to the Justice Department, Hayes sent an electronic message to an inter-dealer broker noting that he needed “to keep 6m up till tues then let it collapse.” The broker responded: “doing a good job so far…as long as the liquidity remains poor we have a better chance of bullying the fix.”

In an electronic message on January 19, 2007, Hayes communicated the following to a trader at another Wall Street firm: “bit cheeky but if you know who sets your libors and you aren’t the other way I have some absolutely massive 3m fixes the next few days and would really appreciate a high 3m fix. Anytime i can return the favour let me know as the guys here are pretty accommodating to me.”

The trader responded: “I will try my best.” Ten days later, the same trader sent an electronic communication to Hayes, asking: “Anything you need on libors today? High 6m would help me.” Hayes responded: “high 3m i’ll sort our 6m rate for you thanks.” Following the electronic chat, Hayes contacted a UBS colleague and requested a high 6-month Yen Libor submission.

According to the Justice Department, these Bloomberg communications continued through at least May 2010, after Hayes had left UBS and moved on to Citigroup. According to the complaint, Hayes left UBS and began working as a senior Yen swaps trader at Bank D [Citigroup] from approximately December 2009 through September 2010. [*now why does this sound familiar? Just a couple of financial documents of the same time frame related to the suspects possible chan4 handle… and yet  just another coincidence?]

In a Bloomberg terminal electronic chat on May 12, 2010, while employed at Citigroup, Hayes stated to a trader at his former firm, UBS: “libors are going down tonight.” The UBS trader asked: “why you think so?” Hayes responded: “because i am going to put some pressure on people.”

What the complaint makes clear is that it should not have taken five years to bring these charges. The traders effectively handed the Justice Department a slam dunk case by documenting each maneuver to rig the international interest rate benchmark known as Libor via instant messages recorded on a Bloomberg computer terminal.

There were thousands of these messages over at least a five year period. Three questions arise: did Wall Street engage in a legal battle to prevent the release of these communications on the basis of trade secrets or proprietary/confidential trading communications; did the Bloomberg business empire, owned by Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, immediately turn over the instant messages when requested to do so; why did traders feel their criminal messages would be protected on a Bloomberg computer terminal?

Good questions, why were the libor rates being manipulated over Bloomberg terminals and no where else? Would that be because it is a very expensive, private system which is indeed protected by confidentiality laws?  And on that note did Peter or Nancy Lanza have a Bloomberg terminal at their respective homes by any chance?

‘After news crews descended on their house [Peter Lanza] they calmly packed their bags and drove off and we’ve not seen them since.’

The news reporter who told Lanza that his son had potentially committed one of the worst mass shootings in American history described the moment he learned the scale of the tragedy in the Stamford Advocate.

Peter Lanza is a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services [*added for clarity— Law enforcement authorities spent a large part of the day at Peter Lanza’s home in Stamford, Connecticut.]

Read more: follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Well, maybe the seemingly ‘inconsequential connections’ are perhaps a tad more important after all. If Nancy had a Bloomberg terminal might her son also had access? If so, was it possible that he may have been downloading or storing important e-mails or other financial files on his Mom’s hard-drive or his own? Wouldn’t this be an important reason for destroying the hard-drives? Not to Adam, but if is he not the true prime suspect, only made to look that way, then this action of destroying evidence, coupled with the murder of Nancy Lanza, provides a motive quite different from the official narrative.

Once again, it is all about the money. Skeptics scoffed at the idea, that there was a connection between Peter and the libor rate rigging scandal, without looking at the bigger picture. The connection was not due to being a witness, but something else. Something else so damning a family was murdered along with innocent kids and staff at a school?

Another odd coincidence, stemming from the school Nurse, who was reported to have met eyes with a potential suspect. I say potential because this aspect of the official narrative was soon discarded. The reason being the Nurse having recognized a pair of eyes— no color given— a suspect who had to be wearing a mask— no face recognition which is more important— as the son of the K-teacher at the school.

What is lost in this contradiction is the Nurse did not know that the body of the slain K-teacher was not in the room, but at her house. She hid in a closet during the four hours police were investigating the bodies–scene-aftermath etc. and she said she did not have a cell-phone. Did she not know not a single shot was fired inside the K-rooms? Her story was whacked because she had the wrong script apparently. The script she had was the son of the K-teacher went nuts and killed her and her students.

This begs  the question of where she heard the name Nancy Lanza? But she never really said who that K-teacher was it was implied. Who else but Nancy could she have been referring to with her eye meeting eye description? Quite a few posters from different sites noticed this as well and pointed out that one of the K-teachers did in fact have a son. Scott Vollmer Capture

Here is the link to the video:

Thanks to many like Richard at “Global News Research” even when the original news blurbs are scrubbed and there are so many, people can still see what is now gone. If the school nurse did in fact see the eyes of one of the possible suspects— it stands to reason she would have freaked out even more— and she would have named the K-teacher as Vollmer, since Nancy was never at the school as an employee period. Just because the son of Vollmer lives in Hoboken NJ and has an affiliate that resides on Philo Curtis Rd doesn’t make him a suspect.

What is also quite possible is that the school Nurse was instructed to give this statement in order to provide a bridge to the suspect that did not exist. Once the association was made the bridge statement was dropped and the official narrative took over as if no such fake link was ever provided. This made the reporter look like a complete idiot on purpose.  A bitter warning maybe to other reporters straying from the official story? Meanwhile, the media parade did its job of ‘covering’ the story with baseless assertions to further the plot along the wrong road leading to the official dead-end. The lone-nut shooter is dead and there is nothing more to the story. Well, except that pesky bit of trouble called a motive.

Why are all of these slain children and teachers being used as money-making machine? Where did the parents, like the Parkers come up with the idea to launch web-sites asking for donations even before the funerals had been completed?  This is like some kind of crass reality program where murdered kids become celebrities and parents win big money. It is one thing to be respectful and certainly honoring those who lost their lives is good, but the response to this criminal incident has gone far beyond the normal function of grief. It is this very odd mixture of parents smiling for camera’s, when most people would be so devastated they wouldn’t be able leave their beds, while never asking if the official story is the factual truth. Why are they so sure Adam Lanza was the perp? If he wasn’t it does not make the crime any less horrific, but it would be the truth not a bold-faced fabrication to avoid the truth.

There are many connections to other big names on wall-street:

“Morgan Stanley, where three employees lost family members in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, has donated $150,000 to charities honoring the victims.

No word or deed can right these wrongs or take away our colleagues suffering – but as a firm, we can lend them support,” James Gorman, the company’s chairman and chief executive, wrote on Tuesday afternoon in a memo to the staff that was reviewed by The New York Times.

Mary Sherlach, the school psychologist, was married to Bill Sherlach, a financial adviser at the bank. Jack Pinto, 6, was the son of Dean Pinto, a lawyer at Morgan Stanley. Grace McDonnell, 7, was the niece of Paul Minella, who works in the company’s capital markets division within Morgan Stanley’s wealth management unit.

In addition, the spouses of two Morgan Stanley employees were teachers at the school but were not injured.

So far, about 1,400 employees of Morgan Stanley have made pledges, contributing just over $1 million to various charities. Mr. Gorman said the company would match all employee contributions.”

Another article details the charity efforts:

—March 16, 2013|By DAVE ALTIMARI,, The Hartford Courant

In the three months following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, people around the world have raised more than $15 million, spread out over more than 60 funds.

The cash dwarfs fundraising totals that followed last year’s movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colo., where about $5 million was raised, and the Virginia Tech shootings, where more than $8 million was donated.

But the flood of money has authorities concerned about whether there are enough controls in place to ensure that it is properly used.

“There is a lot of money out there coming from a lot of places,” said William Rubenstein, commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection. “Keeping track of all that is virtually impossible.”

Another link for charities:

There is no question Americans are very generous, but the question remains does the generosity go to where it belongs?

“At Charity Navigator, we know Americans are incredibly generous, especially when a crisis occurs. For example, after the September 11 terrorist attacks Americans donated over $2 billion and when the tsunami crashed ashore in Southeast Asia, the day after Christmas in 2004, American donors contributed $1.54 billion. Even more impressive was the philanthropic response to Hurricane Katrina when Americans gave $6.5 billion — breaking all previous records of disaster-related giving.”

One does not need to be an Einstein to figure there might be people out there who would really like to cash in on the generosity pie, if they could only come up with a plan that makes the goal possible. The path to Hell is said to be paved with good intentions. If the criminal investigation of the Sandy Hook shooting wasn’t so full of holes, the eye-witness statements were actually supporting the official narrative, if the most basic facts of the incident had corresponding evidence as photographed or at least documented, a blog like this would not need to exist at all.

With no accounting of the victims in the kitchen/closet area or a true accounting of which classes were involved, or a factual trail of evidence leading to the not-yet-convicted-suspect it is a guess as to who the joker is behind it all. What can be noted is this crime is not un-like a game of sorts where logical parts are missing and mis-leading pieces that do not belong are leading people off into tangents of circular merits.

Purposeful patterns exist between motives and actions no matter how thin the actual connections may appear. What appears to be the truth is the real perp’s of the crime already know they have nothing to worry about and thus, nothing to fear. Buying off the related victims, anonymously of course, no doubt helps smooth over certain ruffles, but not all. The next breakthrough will occur when bad human virtues meet unfulfilled criminal promises. Perhaps, when two enemies meet again.

[Update] When it comes to the “money” factor and who may be behind the manipulations, or confrontations leading to such violent conflicts of interests, of which the Sandy Hook School shooting  may be just the tip of the ice-berg of a much longer battle for control.  A rabbit hole so deep that the real culprits behind the scenes know the investigation will never arrive at their doorstep any time soon.

Next up on the Sandy Hook investigation is a look at the people involved and the relationships which might have made them a target for violence.

I have also began up-loading my work on Law, income tax and money called The Grand Illusion, which  is an in-depth look at the historical record of finance and those who waged war against Americans(and the world at large)  for control of the money. A long read, but essential to understand what is at stake and has been all along.

Chapter one:

and two:


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