Devil in the Details – 10

“Behold the hair which breaks the camels back.”

The mass mind follows the path of least resistance just as water flowing down a hillside.  The end result is the lowest common denominator serving as the benchmark for the opinions, thus the beliefs by which the rest are measured and judged. To speak outside of the Norm is to invite ridicule and scorn. To wage war upon this mass mind is called Psychotronic Warfare.

The elements of this warfare are often so subtle not one in a million will even notice how subliminal it all really is behind the bland assurances the authorities have done everything right. Why question that which has already been decided speak the talking-head sheep as if being a mindless follower is the only way to go.  Telling people what they believe is wrong, even with substantial proof, does not change the mind-set, it only aggravates those who already have made up their minds, one way or another.

The Sandy Hook incident opened up an emotional flood-gate of  great force, which is actually quite good. People care very deeply about the welfare of children (leaving aside for the moment those outside of the country) and responded accordingly. Thus, telling people they have been lied to about this incident, does not make one very popular.

On the other side of the coin, telling people, who believe it all to be a hoax, that students and staff were murdered, draws the same reaction.  In all due consideration the “incident” may well be the most sophisticated psychological experiment ever performed on the mass mind for the expressed purpose of mapping such responses in an AI project. People are being played all right, as many attest across the web, but for what deeper purpose remains to be fully seen.

To understand what happened that morning I thought it was essential to determine who was involved, both in a time-reference, per interviews, media reports, as well as, specific information of classes, students and teachers. In the pursuit of what I thought would be fairly simple answers to this incident turned out to be a real challenge. A challenge, which in turn led to this very Blog just to put it all down in some form of rational order. A map of sorts to illuminate the questions and hopefully lead to specific answers— the brass tacks and details— necessary for an empirical based analysis and conclusion.   I did not intend to pursue every wild rumor or photo look-alike, only those details which had one or more references to be judged against the official radio transcripts. If the dispatch record does not match the video records or the eye-witness testimony the gaps between these records can also be carefully scrutinized to determine why.

Finding that there was yet another teacher, who in her own words was there that morning and is not on any record publicly available from the staff site, means having to go back and examine why such an omission is even possible at all.

Fortunately, many blogger’s were quick to save important information from the web-site in question. One of which is Sherrie Questioning All… she captured the teachers web site for posterity on her site. Her capture shows all of the teachers who ought to have been there that day, or at least worked there officially. Kim Wise is not one of them.

Checking the student hand-book staff roster raised even more questions, due to the many changes of school staff between the 2010 – 2011 school year and the current year.  What is missing is the 2011 and 2012 student hand-books. Granted that if nothing had changed staff wise the book remains the same and no need for a new one. However, the changes between the 2011 year handbook and the current year are quite significant in regards to the teaching staff.

Kindergarten Teachers
*Janet Vollmer
*Sue Perry
-Lisa Dievert listed room 56 no longer at SHS

Permanent sub-not listed

*-Miss Rousseau

First Grade Teachers

-Roxanne Melaragno was a Grade Level Leader 2010 -11 year  no longer at SHS

*Amanda D’Amato  still listed– room 8– (not all rooms per schematic map) Her web-page–This is my ninth year of teaching and my sixth year at Sandy Hook Elementary School. My first three years I taught in Danbury where I taught third grade. I taught 4th grade for my first three years at Sandy Hook and I’m so thrilled to be teaching 1st grade for a third year. I know it’s going to be an amazing year!

*Vicky Kazlauskas (aka Victoria A Diangelis?) still listed room 50 Her web-page– This will be my ninth year teaching first grade at Sandy Hook School!

*Carolyn Monahan aka Lynn Monahan  still listed room 52–Her web-page– This is my 23rd year of teaching first grade, the last 12 of which have been here at Sandy Hook School. The official school day begins at 9:05 am with the morning announcements and pledge. We have 16 children in our class: 8 boys and 8 girls.

*Kaitlin Roig  still listed room 12–Her web-page— I am looking forward to sharing an exciting and fulfilling year with my students! This is my fifth year at SHS in First Grade.

*-Vicki Soto [Victoria Soto as well] room 4 (now removed from site)

^Carol Wexlar listed as 1st grade 2010 -11 year moved to 2nd grade room 7

 Second Grade Teachers:

 *Abby Clements still listed room 21  Her web site–I am so thrilled to be beginning my 9th year at Sandy Hook School! It’s hard to believe this will be my 21st year teaching.

*Dawn Ford still listed room 19  Her web page–I’m so happy to be a part of the Sandy Hook School community. I have been teaching second grade for eight years, and I just love it!

^Liesl Fressola was  listed  2010 -11 year 2nd grade room 10– now 4th grade

^Kathy Grammolini was 2nd grade 2010 -11 year room 23 now 4th grade

^Sally MacKenzie was 2nd grade 2010 -11 year in room 6  now 3rd grade

^Robin Walker was 2nd grade 2010 -11 year room 5— now 3rd grade

*Beth Taverna  no previous listing— now 2nd grade—Her web posting(Formerly Miss MacMillan) 2nd Grade~Room 23 (former room  of Grammolini)  I am very excited to be teaching 2nd grade this year! This will be my third year at Sandy Hook School. I started as an intern two years ago for all grades and was a long term substitute for 4th grade. This will be my second year at Sandy Hook as a Second Grade teacher and I am so excited!

[Soto intern, Colleen Carreiro intern, Catherine Rovello intern, as listed in 2010 -11 , so Taverna, was a 2nd grade teacher for the 2012 school year, but was not listed the year before the same as Soto etc? ]

*Amy Taylor was 3rd grade in 2010 -11 year in room 28— now 2nd grade Her web page—This is my eleventh year teaching at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Before teaching third grade, I was an intern here at SHS.

*Carol Wexler was 1st grade in 2010 -11 year and moved to 2nd grade ~ Room 7 [same room] —Her web page—Hello! I am very excited to be teaching second grade at Sandy Hook School! I have also taught 4th grade and 1st grade. Teaching is my second career and I love it!

*?Kim Wise not listed period… educated guess 2nd grade room?

Third Grade Teachers

*Teri Alves  Grade 3, Room 30 ~ no changes– Her web page—Mrs. Teri Alves, Grade 3, Room 30 ~ SHS  Hello! I am very excited to be teaching third grade again at Sandy Hook School! This is my ninth year at SHS. I have taught 2nd and 3rd grade.

*Alison Amanzio grade 3  room 32 – no changes– Her web page–I am excited to be teaching my eighth year of third grade at Sandy Hook School! I feel so fortunate to be a member of the Sandy Hook School community and I look forward to an exciting year with my new class.

*^Sally Mackenzie was 2nd grade 2010 -11 year in room 6 now 3rd grade–  Her web site–I am so excited to be in my twelfth year of teaching here at Sandy Hook School. [She is currently listed with 2nd grade teachers for some odd reason?]

*^Courtney Martin was 4th grade 2010 -11  year room 64 now 3rd grade– Her web page–My name is Courtney Martin, this is my 12th year of teaching. I taught third grade for five years; three at Sandy Hook and two at Parker Memorial Elementary in Tolland. I then taught fourth grade at Sandy Hook for six years and I am excited to be returning back to my sixth year of teaching third grade!

*Connie Sullivan was listed GLL  3rd grade  2010 -11 year room 25 no change–Her web page— Here’s a little bit of information about Mrs. Sullivan. This is my 19th year teaching. I have taught Kindergarten, first grade, third grade, fourth grade, special education and reading. Most of my teaching career has been spent in third grade, which is a good thing because it is my favorite grade to teach.

*^Robin Walker was 2nd grade 2010 -11 year in room 5  now listed 3rd grade– Her web page —  The 2012-2013 school year brings my fifteenth year of working at Sandy Hook School and after teaching second grade for fourteen years, this is my first year to teach third grade. My family and I have lived in Newtown, Ct. since 1990 and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this community!  [She is the only one of three referencing current year]

-Krisitina Pierce was listed 3rd grade 2010 -11 in room 36 no longer at SHS

*^Natalie Hammond was listed 3rd grade 2010 -11 year room 34 promoted lead teacher— no web page

Fourth Grade Teachers

-Ellen Buckly GLL listed 4th grade year 2010 -11 in room 46 no longer at SHS

-Liza Eleoff listed  4th grade year 2010 -11 in  room 42 no longer at SHS

*^-Meg Horn listed as 4th grade 2010 -11 year  room 62 and is now a Reading Teacher–her web page–I am thrilled to be spending my seventh year at Sandy Hook as a reading teacher! Following one awesome year in fourth grade, I am excited to now work as a reading teacher.

*^Kate Anderheggen  not listed 2010 -11  but now 4th grade teacher–Her web page—Hello, my name is Kate Anderheggen, and this is going to be my 5th year teaching. I previously taught 4th grade in Redding, CT, and 5th grade in Woodbury, CT before joining the Sandy Hook School team. Due On: 6/17/2013 Submit Assigned On: 9/5/ [She is one of two with photos]

*^Liesl Fressola was 2nd  grade in 2010 -11 room 10- and is now 4th grade– Her web page–I am happy to be teaching 4th grade again this school year. This will be my 7th year teaching. My first year at Sandy Hook I taught 2nd grade. What are the school hours? Start Time: 9:05 am
End Time: 3:37 pm ***5 minutes later than last year***

*^Kathy Gramolini was 2nd grade in 2010 -11   room 23 is now 4th grade– Her web page Hello fourth grade students and parents! Welcome to our class website. Fourth grade is such an exciting year! Get ready for lots of learning and lots of fun! Check back often for updated information! Winter News 2013 January, 2013 Salutations Super Sandy Hook Students and Families!
I hope you have been able to spend quality time with family this holiday season. I have been at our new school building to get ready for our first day together.

*Carrie Usher  still listed as 4th grade— room 40— no change– Her web-page–This is my 12th year teaching. It will be my sixth year of teaching fourth grade in Newtown.

*Theodore Varga not on 2010 -11  list now 4th grade— His web page– Hello, my name is Ted Varga, this is my second year teaching 4th grade at Sandy Hook Elementary!

-Michael Corvello was 4th grade year 2011 room 68 no longer at SHS

A parent would need a monthly scorecard just to keep up with all of the roster changes just to make sure their kids ended up in the right class.

So we have Lisa Dievert no longer at SHS ,  Roxanne Melaragno   no longer at SHS,   Krisitina Pierce no longer at SHS, Ellen Buckly no longer at SHS, Liza Eleoff  no longer at SHS and  Michael Corvello  no longer at SHS….  so six teachers left between the 2010-11 school year to present.

Miss Soto presumed to be 1st grade 2011-12 school year and listed for the 2012-13 school year. Miss Rousseau was not listed, but was officially claimed to be a permanent substitute, but for who is not iron-clad. If she was subbing for D’Amato why was this never specifically mentioned? Two reports specifically name D’Amato’s class and the reference to the special room in the back of fire-house for the unidentifiable.

The sheer number of students said to be escaping the classroom of Soto exceeds her official class size by 16 students.. so if every account is literally accepted that would be enough for another class of students. It is  quite logical that there were six teachers just as in years before and Soto and Rousseau replaced Wexlar and  Melaragno respectively.

The result is six teachers 1st grade there that day.

For the second grade we have the unknown Kim Wise, but once again there is a teacher  Mackenzie listed with 2nd grade teachers. If she is placed in the correct 3rd grade level, the addition of Kim Wise makes six teachers for the second grade, just as in previous years.

Another six teachers 2nd grade there that day.

Placing  Mackenzie back with the 3rd grade teachers makes six teachers, replacing the three who changed grades or left— Taylor , Pierce, Hammond thus making six once again.

Another six teachers 3rd grade there that day.

The 4th grade had quite a few changes as well with three teachers leaving and one becoming a reading teacher. This makes for five teachers in total for the 2012 year thus,  not matching previous years of six.

Another five teachers 4th grade there that day.

This accounts for all grade level teachers at Sandy Hook. In addition, the two aides,  Rachel Marie D’Avino, who was new the 2012 year and Anna Marie Murphy who was listed 2010-11 year in room 2 with many others.

By this approach all 2012 grade level teachers, according to both the teachers web site, the student hand-book and the 2011 interior map (which appears to be quite accurate) are 25 in number. At the start of the 2012 year 23 teachers appear on the web-page captured by  Sherrie, but not including Rousseau or Wise which would have made 25. This is not counting the two-pre-school classes.

There are two more sources for classroom numbers:

“There are 25 classrooms in the school: 2 Preschool, 2 Kindergarten, 5 First Grade, 5 Second Grade, 6 Third Grade and 5 Fourth Grade. There are 6 special area teachers as well as 17 specialty and support staff.

{For a very interesting article on who is Erin E. D’Elia, by researcher swansong,  go here:}

Another library report:

Physical Setup:
The Sandy Hook Elementary School is home to 625 students ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade. The elementary school is built in the shape of a square with one large looping hallway that connects all 21 classrooms. The subject areas taught within the school consist of art, computer education, English language arts, health, library media skills, mathematics, music, physical education, science and social studies. The average classroom size varies from 16 to 21 students. The Sandy Hook Elementary School is located in walking distance from the Sandy Hook fire house, the local senior center, a Preschool and a public park. When pulling into the elementary school the first thing you see is their baseball field and colorful playground.

Upon arriving in the Library Media Center at 8:45 am, I was introduced to the three staff members, Yvonne, Cindy and Mary. Come to find out this particular library has four working professionals. While Yvonne left the library to meet her first class of fourth graders in their classroom, I watched 18 students of various grade levels circulate into the library to exchange books. Mary checked the students out while Cindy assisted any students who needed help or to usher them along.

My name is Katherine Mauro; I am 26 years old and live in Newtown, Connecticut. Currently I am working towards my Master of Library Science at Southern Connecticut State University. My anticipated graduation date is May of 2013.

This is where the map now comes in handy— 6 rooms for 1st grade, 6 rooms 2nd grade , 6 rooms 3rd grade and 6 rooms 4th grade, 3 K-classes and not counting  Special Ed,  music etc.  for a total of 27 classrooms. This works out as enough classrooms for 25 grade level teachers plus two pre-school classes, one of which may have taken the empty 4th grade classroom of  Ellen Buckly in room 46.

The last source is the enrollment records

which listed Sandy Hook school:

Current Monthly Enrollment Cumulative Year-to-Date:

K-classes 4 of 16— 1 of 17 and 10 pre-school

1st grade 4 of 19, 1 of 18,  five total not six (the number of students contradicted every media report and this enrollment record itself was never mentioned in any press article. 1 class missing

Interestingly enough, six classes for the 2nd grade 4 of 19 — 2 of 18

3rd grade 3 of 21—- 2 of 20 for five not six classes as listed web-staff page but when adding the correct teacher makes six total. So 1 class missing

4th grade 2 of 21— 3 of 22— 1 of 23 for six classes not five which contradicts the staff listing completely. So 1 class too many?

Or is this a case of listing one class as another? Plus one more oddity— Sandy Hook was listed as having 456 total students and in a tiny sub-print:check 65  bringing up the total to 521 students. Did this ‘check’ mean that 65 students could not be accounted for class wise? The  Mauro article stated 625 students a difference of 169 kids minus the 65 still leaving 104 kids… not accounted for by her numbers, which is a lot of kids period.

There have been several changes to the way performance and class information is tracked, which might have cleared things up:

“Previously under No Child Left Behind, characterizing and understanding the performance of a given school was difficult. Earlier this year, the Connecticut State Department of Education participated in a federal application process for flexibility from certain requirements of No Child Left Behind. In May, the U.S. Department of Education approved Connecticut’s flexibility request (or waiver), allowing the State to establish a new accountability system to assess school performance.

The new performance measurement system improves the State’s ability to provide more accurate and appropriate interventions, support and recognition to local schools.

“Acting on the request of the Newtown public school district and local Board of Education, the Department of Education began working with Governor Malloy’s office and General Assembly leadership to draft the necessary legislation in order to fulfill the district’s request.

Today, both chambers of the General Assembly unanimously passed this legislation, Bill No. 6599, An Act Establishing The Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program And Fund, Clarifying The Calculation Of Survivor Benefits, And Authorizing A Waiver Of The State-wide Master Examination Requirement for Certain Newtown Students.

Additionally, Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor formally requested a federal waiver for the Newtown school district from provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requiring annual assessments and reporting of data. On Tuesday, March 5, the U.S. Department of Education granted a one-year waiver of the federal requirements related to the annual student assessment for Newtown students grades 3 through 8. Newtown”

This may be the only indication that there was a 2011-2012 school year:

[Indicator Participation rate (2011-2012) SPI (2009-2010) SPI (2010-2011) SPI (2011-2012) Baseline SPI (Three-year avg.) SPI performance target (2012-2013)  SCHOOL PERFORMANCE INDICATOR (SPI) 100.0% 93.7 92.7 92.5 93.0 ]

This all pertains to the way school performance reporting was changed:

Gov. Malloy and Secretary Duncan Announce Approval of No Child Left Behind Waiver Newtown Granted Request for Waiving Connecticut Mastery Tests [PDF]       No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility  Request/Waiver

And this report reflecting the previous profile:

Elementary School K-6 Edition Sandy Hook Elementary School
Newtown School District

DONNA A. PAGE, Principal
Telephone: (203) 426-7657

This profile was produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in accordance with CT  General Statutes 10-220(c) using data and narratives provided by the school district or testing services. Profiles and additional education data, including longitudinal data, are available on the Internet at Location: 12 Dickinson Drive Sandy Hook, Connecticut

This also helps to confirm when Dawn Hochsprung took over the job as Principal in the 2010-11 school year leading to all of the staff changes.

There is no clear method of resolving the discrepancies when the agencies tasked with keeping official records, such as enrollment, are in conflict with federal records and school records are simply not available. Trying to determine just how many students were actually there that morning seems fairly impossible to verify leaving only an educated guess that the 521 number was as accurate per school records— leaving 65 as questionable?

With the additional information of Kim Wise the number of teachers for each grade is solved, but not the mystery as to why she was not on any staff record, why the class enrollment records do not match, or why class specifics such as where rooms were located were never reported accurately if at all.  Calling this a simple mix-up seems rather disingenuous at best and quite deceptive as the truth. Why deceive the rest of the country? What purpose does it serve to lie about the specific details?

The only logical answer is that the students were not in the classes as reported. If any of the victims were actually second graders, as the mystery class photo seems to indicate, then the rest of the story is a bold fabrication to hide those facts inconvenient to the apparent goal. Which sadly enough seems to be only about money. A whole lot of money by the many accounts furiously circulating the web.  If so, the real motive in this mass-murder case is money. But to achieve this blood-money goal means innocent kids were either murdered, or removed by another means to facilitate the necessity of the crime itself.  That would be using the deaths of children to milk the sympathy of Americans and the world at large.  Which is pretty damn evil all things considered.

Next up— Evil came to Newtown alright, but on whose back did it ride?


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