Devil in the Details – 9

Was the incident at Sandy Hook a product of a hoax? Considering all of the public evidence that answer would have to be yes. But this hoax requires another consideration of purpose which cannot be ignored. This incident produced a significant public response as one would expect. Just out of public sight is a robust machine silently working in the background collecting and collating a vast amount of information being gleaned from the outpouring of responses to the incident itself. Total Information Awareness— sounds like an AI project— a project which was supposed to be shut down, but in reality it was just shuffled off into another corner to grow into something far worse than originally anticipated. Such a project needs data— lots of data and in real time. An article from last year on this very subject:

“A new feature story in this month’s Wired blows the lid off plans for a massive new National Security Agency data center in Utah that represents the resurrection of a program that Congress killed in 2003, known as “Total Information Awareness,” targeting literally all electronic communications all over the world — including those made by American citizens.

The proposal was to build computing systems that could suck up every electronic communication on the planet and filter them through a smart super-computer that would flag certain conversations, emails, transactions and other items of interest for further review. It was a program so monstrous in scope that after a brief legislative battle, Congress imposed strict regulations on the type of technology that could accomplish those ends, prohibiting it from ever being used against Americans.

But if well sourced intelligence reporter James Bamford is to be believed, as of this year, their efforts to stop it are moot.

According to Bamford, the NSA’s new data center in Utah will be the most all-encompassing spy machine ever conceived, capable of breaking almost any encryption, reading any email and recording any phone call anywhere in the world, even if it’s not made over the Internet. A network of ultra-sensitive satellites enhance the center’s intelligence-finding capabilities with the unique ability to sniff electronic communications from a massive distance.

More troubling still, Bamford’s three covert sources who worked for the NSA reportedly claim that the agency is dumping Americans’ communications into the mix, knowingly violating the U.S. Constitution in pursuit of a modern-day Manhattan Project.”

Now some people may still say this is just conspiracy theory and not worth another second of their time… but that it is the point. A hoax is in play alright but it is a sly hoax… one which makes people feel smug and superior to all those paranoid crazy fools believing every rumor that comes their way. Being skeptical is prudent and healthy in any given situation, especially in matters were a trail of bad decisions leads to a life-time of consequences of the wrong kind. On the other hand it is also just as prudent to pay attention to the details and when the facts start to skew sideways there is a reason why.

People have noticed and commented on a long list of contradictions, anomalies, odd behaviors, strange coincidental factors  mixed in with flat-out lies and purposeful distortions. This is the crux of many hoax arguments and in some cases well warranted. Not this one. This case deformed due to the fact that it was wrapped around something so damn evil proper investigation was impossible.  This case is like watching a horrific impact in slow motion. The psychological rebound is producing trends and those trends are being analyzed in real time. My advice is to reserve final judgment until all of the facts have been validated by the proper course of investigation. But here too is a significant problem. How can people properly judge what they are being told when so much of the case itself is shrouded in secrecy?

The motive behind this act of evil is missing.  Why is the most important part of the puzzle not in full view on the table so to speak. The suspect is also deformed in a manner which defies common sense. In the movie Psycho, the killer is revealed at the end to be literally acting out his murderous rage as his mother. Quite the twist that he adopted her personality as his own to separate his two conflicting selves. Was this suspect suffering from a similar delusion?

One can only speculate as to an answer to the question of why there is a hidden motive, but without a better understanding of the years leading to the incident it is all a matter of an educated guess. So was this suspect already killing children? Was he already being used to carry out such actions by a handler who was highly skilled in exploiting his particular mental aberrations? It seems rather  implausible this would have been the suspects first time killing so many. If the suspect had been used for the last several years to carry out such acts the questions of how and why need to be answered. Well, if there was actually something to go on such questions may have an answer. A curtain of secrecy prevents even the most basic questions from being answered thereby fueling the sense that it is indeed all a hoax.

Without a proper investigation into the motives of the official suspect, other aspects of the incident remain unsolved. There is a pattern of numbers in the actions which suggest a much different crime scene than the one now being fitted with cement shoes. Never addressing the missing nineteen victims in the kitchen seems to indicate another agency has sealed off one crime scene from the other.  This appears to have produced the need for sealing all records to protect another on-going investigation from being revealed.

In the murky under-world of child-prostitution rings and related criminal activities where large amounts of money move around a black market the possible connections cannot be dismissed. Unless, of course that is the strategy in play. Move the ball away from the real factors of the truth and make it safe in the sandbox called the lone-nut square. Ridicule anyone who questions the official version and dismiss those who claim a hoax as stupid is just too easy. As a method of silencing free-thinking, both are now being linked together as an effective method to distance real inquiry from pointless speculations. Controlling genuine free speech is the more ominous goal.

From another perspective what was manifested by the actions themselves? This type of mass murder is not normal even for atypical serial killers. Even the most spiritually evil of men have some reason for what they do to others. With this suspect a post evaluation is going to remain short of factual substance due to the absence of any real knowledge of him preceding the crime itself. The probability of illuminating the primary suspects dealings with even more notorious individuals seems to be another avenue that is already blocked from further investigation. Is one atrocity covering up another far worse? It is a viable question when all aspects are considered.

Proving a negative is not the goal of justice. The primary goal of Justice is to lawfully prove the actions of defendants with positive evidence. If the evidence is being locked away in a vault never to be seen again it is the authorities inviting the whispers of hoax to provide a buffer between themselves and lawful responsibilities. If there is a hoax here it is the hoax of actually wanting to solve this criminal incident of mass murder. Just a slight difference to keep firmly in mind as the case continues moving away from the actual crime to something else more politically manageable. Like gun control carried along by emotional fury. Meanwhile, the unanswered questions surrounding this crime will continue to pile up in the dusty corner while the officials applaud themselves for job well done.

[Update] In regards to the investigation by federal authorities:

Federal law enforcement agencies are always called in to work on cases of the magnitude of last week’s shootings. Dozens of agents, including more than 30 from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, are on the scene working on the investigation. Their jurisdiction to do so, however, has never been explicitly clear.

The Senate last night cleared a measure to change that, unanimously passing Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s bill that authorizes federal law enforcement to assist state and local counterparts in responding to violent crimes in public areas.

Federal law enforcement agencies requested the legislation, which passed the House 358-9 last September and was placed on hold by an unidentified senator. That hold was lifted this week, clearing the way for the first legislative response to the shooting rampage that led to the death of 26 people, including 20 children.

“The FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies are often crucial allies for local and state officials working to respond to mass shootings and other violent crimes, as they have been in Connecticut over the past few days,” Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat, said in a statement.

The bill, now awaits President Barack Obama’s signature, provides those agencies “clear authority” to provide assistance to state and local officials, Whitehouse said.

An article from Feb. 5th points out the prosecutor in this case has already tipped his hand in favor of secrecy as well:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Sandy Hook Prosecutor Caught In Web of Lies
Lanza Prosecutor Stephen Sedensky Lies to Public…. Again.

“If Sedensky were to reveal information about Adam Lanza’s mental health, would this information have the likelihood of prejudicing a criminal trial? Perhaps- but this point is irrelevant since Adam Lanza won’t be tried in a court of law for the Newtown shootings. Dead people don’t have the right to face their accuser- a right granted by the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Sedensky went so far as to state that this information may never be disclosed to the public, even after the police investigation is complete. Since the Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct only define what can or cannot be said by an attorney in the course of an adjudicative proceeding (which will not take place since the defendant is deceased), Sedensky is blatantly guilty of lying to the public.”

Whose hand is tying whose? When the suspect is already deceased and considering the atrocity so committed, his rights to any kind of privacy are null and void. If there were no other suspects in this crime what purpose does it serve to hide the necessary facts to ensure Justice will be served and the truth fully known?

Up next— the classroom puzzle— why did six classes become only five and why was a teacher named Kim Wise, never mentioned in the mainstream press or listed on the Sandy Hook Staff roster, despite her on-line interview along with Jen Hubbard?


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  1. lynda austin Says:

    Will the truth ever come out?


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