Devil is in the Details – 8

Reuters reported a “whole classroom of children” was still missing while local schools went into lock-down amid reports of a second gunman on the loose.“[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” –Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD, December 15, 2012

The enigmatic statement of the Medical Examiner is just one more oddity on a very lengthy list of peculiar oddities. If the reason behind the quirky performance of the Medical Ex. is his unspoken knowledge that “things” were not quite as they were “officially” explained, a possible hostage scenario deserves a second look. After all, that was reported before the story changed. Thus, a deeper look at some of the most incongruent reports from that day.

—Very brief press conference. Little new info released. They did mention that police were called to the school around 9 a.m. 6:47 PM – 14 Dec 12 from Connecticut, US, United States.

—“They sent the live feed to a news reporter at the neighbor where the kid lived. The reporter states, “The neighbors said that around 9:15 am they saw police surrounding the ‘kids’ house and taping off the neighborhood and telling everyone to evacuate“. “Did you catch that? 9:15 am!”—-

“Around 9:15 a.m., Gene Rosen hears shots. [Eight by his own recollection being interviewed by *Brandon.]

Just up the street, Cathy Dahlmeyer hears the shots, too. God, eight of them, she counts.” Read more:

This tidbit of information about the “kid”  IF true, of course would prove that the authorities already knew some type of connection existed.  How and why cannot be explained by known public records.

“Reports say that the alleged shooter appeared in the building’s main office at about 9:40 a.m., approximately 30 minutes after the school day began. [The time factor here would be 9:35 to keep the three-minute time window.]

The initial 911 call said that students were trapped in a classroom with the adult shooter who had two guns, according to WABC.” [note it does not say what sex…or any description for that matter.]

Initial 911 calls stated that multiple students were trapped in a classroom, possibly with a gunman, according to a Connecticut State Police source.“ [This does not agree with the 911 call from the nurse. Who else is aware of the crises in the unspecified class cannot be determined.]

Three patients were transported to Danbury Hospital · posted December 14, 2012 at 8:47 am · … [still no explanation for the time record of the posting being an hour too early, but 9:47 would be more accurate for the first girl who was brought in from the scene. The boy would be next.]

From the audio transcripts, as reported:

“Be advised,” one responder said over the radio. “We should have multiple weapons, including one rifle and shotguns.”

“The last known gunshots were in the front of the building,” another said.
Inside, a teacher and several students, including some victims, hid inside a closet in the kitchen, a dispatcher said.”

I think a very salient fact is that on the State Police radio audio they mention 3 times, starting at 10:28 that bodies were found in the closet(s) in the kitchen. I would like to see a diagram of the school to see where the kitchen is. Jack J says:  January 18, 2013 at 2:15 am

“10:28: “Roger, Closet in the kitchen, you have some victims. Let us know, we’ll call the number so you know they’re coming.”

“Let’s try to take our analysis a little further. There were twenty-five children rehearsing in the cafeteria. Eighteen child victims and a teacher were located in a closet in the kitchen. An on-site police officer said so. It’s on the scanner at 10:28 am and repeated at 10:31 am. This means that some of the children in rehearsal survived…escaped…seven children to be precise.


“Then, an hour after the first call, the horror of the crime was laid bare as an officer at the scene spoke of “victims” in a closet. 

“There’s a teacher and 18 kids there,” he said in a grim voice.

The communications were not officially released, but were posted on YouTube by a scanner monitor and authenticated by police.”

 “The gunman was described as masked and heavily armed by local media. He was said to be a 20-year-old who had links to the school.

The gunman was shot dead by the parent of one of the pupils, the Daily Mail claimed.  [No other information on this statement.]

ABC said he was armed with four weapons and had a bulletproof vest with him.”

“All gym teachers told us to go to the office where no one could find – the child continues – Then a policeman came in and told us to run out. So we did and we came to the police station to wait for our parents. “

One student who escaped from the school told NBC News: “I was in the gym and I heard a loud, like seven loud booms, and the gym teacher told us to go in the corner, so we all huddled. And I kept hearing these booming noises. And we all… started crying.

The child’s statement at least makes it clear there were kids in the gym in addition to the ones in the auditorium. So more kids went to the police station then the four  previously reported? Duplication of child reports is now a common theme throughout the media accounts. The second child witness does not mention hearing booms, does not repeat the instructions to go to the office or to the police station. 

Thanks to the confusing, disconnected reports, where one child’s statement is borrowed into another, checking the veracity of the assorted statements becomes quite a task in itself.

Swansong at Insanemedia, reported a Mom standing up and claiming her daughter and eight friends escaped from  Soto’s class.  Once again, we have a numbers problem. Six students show up at Rosen’s… seven are safe in a closet… six are shot and killed trying to escape… also counting the  four who were at the police station per audio and parent statements… plus the nine and that’s 32 kids? The gym account adds more kids leaving, but not necessarily from the two classes as officially declared. The recent finding of the additional class photo, with four of the five slain students, adds another possibility to prove three classes were targeted and each had survivors, while only two suffered children causalities. 

1. Mrs. Monahan room 52, on her FAQ page states she has 16 students eight boys and girls. She has no public interviews, but she was making G-bread houses that morning. Her students are all safe.

2. Miss Kazlauskas room 50, (same as school schematic) has no public interviews,  but Pam Midlik was in her classroom that morning per interview. All of her 16 students were also safe.

3. Miss Roig room 12, numerous public interviews. All her 15 students are safe.

4. Miss Soto room 4? (if no changes from previous year) was reported to have kept all her 16 students safe. A second gunman, was heard by surviving students asking her where the rest of the students are? This gunman seems to have allowed the six students to go past him. Did this suspect murder Miss Soto? 

5. Miss Rousseau may have been in room 7. It is quite possible only six students were killed in her classroom including one transported victim out of 16 total. Were the other ten in the auditorium where 25 kids were rehearsing? This seems quite plausible.  

6. Mrs. D’Amato may have been in room 8. She has not given any public interviews. Her class seems to have had the highest number of students killed, but since no information has ever been furnished, such a speculation is based only one the odd accounting of surviving students versus those killed. It is quite possible she was also in the auditorium with some of her students leaving the teacher’s aide in her class. On a normal day this does not seem unlikely at all. Her only newsletter post makes it clear she was teaching for the 2012 year.  Based on previous assumptions she has 15 students, thirteen killed, one transported to Danbury and one miracle girl as the sole survivor. 


[Dear Fantastic Families, 

It was wonderful to meet you at the Open House. I am very excited about this school year. Below is an outline of some of the highlights from our room.


 I am still working on the volunteer schedule, so if you would still like to sign up please send me a note or an email. I am setting up a notice that I will send home for the middle of October. The note will explain our schedule and when volunteers will be starting.

 Due to the new district policy all volunteers will need to be fingerprinted before they can volunteer in the classroom. Please check with the office if you aren’t sure. If you volunteered last year in Kindergarten then you should be all set.]

The total number of students now equals the 94 enrollment record and those reported as killed not counting the kids in the kitchen closet.  

Without carefully weighing all of the various versions of the duplicated accounts, one against the other, no resolution is possible. This type of fragmentation distorts perceptions across public demographics nearly ensuring viewers never seeing the same thing will never agree on what was seen. Purposeful confusion does not inspire confidence in the official narrative and skeptical people will start to question why such divergency even exists at all. The official narrative of events cannot be at odds with itself and remain true to factual evidence.

Early on I too listened to the audio record from the unedited files found on-line and was really surprised when I also heard about victims in the closet. One adult and 18 victims.  I expected to hear more about what had happened in the kitchen area, but nothing was ever said or even mentioned in the mass media flood of news articles covering the incident.

Searching for other people who also heard the audio record I came across only a few web pages devoted to the subject. Adriaen22 is one of the few who have also tried to investigate this perplexing audio report.  And like the poster Jack J. I also tried to determine which of the larger rooms the kitchen was located in specifically.  In some articles it was auditorium/cafeteria/kitchen in the rear of the school and in others it was in the front. Thanks to a video posted at  /video by *Brendan Hunt, I was finally able to see exactly where the kitchen was located and the fact it has its own door for service purposes.


There was not a single reference to this part of the puzzle by the media. With with no schematics actually matching the interior correctly, the public was simply left to  guess why the kitchen was directly connected to the events. According to the narrative the supposed path of the shooter never went into the kitchen period. So here once again is an incongruity that involves the correct number of  child victims, but only one adult. It would be ludicrous to suggest that an additional 19 people died and were not reported at all.

It is also ludicrous to suggest the reports of kids being killed in their classrooms is patiently false on all accounts. Which came first? The on-scene officer is reporting in real-time so his report is either a drill stub (imaginary) or he is looking at a closet full of dead children. Which one is it? If a spade is a spade then there is 19 victims not accounted for adding to the number of total fatalities.  If the officer had said, ‘I just found 18 survivors in the kitchen closet and the kids are OK…’ another happy story to report to the press, right?   Did anyone read this story? I have not found one that matched this part of the audio, or even an attempt to follow-up on its implications.

Why was this closet not a safe place for these 18 victims? Did the shooter have x-ray vision? Did the suspect shoot the adult running away from the closet or directly in front? Why was A shooter in the kitchen at all?  How can an officer find more victims, if these were the only ones at all,  after fellow officers have already removed stricken victims from 1st grade classrooms on the other side of the school? How did a single shooter in three minutes flat kill staff and students in two classrooms, run to the kitchen then back and be found by police dead of his own hand?  This is a math problem with no good answers. But here it is… the victims in the closet by the process of elimination could not have been regular students of Sandy Hook School! Where did these kids come from and why were they there? Was one aspect of the shooting used to cover up another? That answer logically speaking has to be yes.

Keep in mind the primary shooter is by description nearly dead by starvation. If a 5′ 10″ man walked past weighing 110 pounds he would be considered in need of immediate hospitalization of severe malnutrition.  What was the waist size– 22″?  Where did this guy buy his clothes? I found some very interesting posts by males fitting this description in posts about weight problems. A few of them might have been Adam. But not definitive enough to list here. I found a number match-up to the chan4 posting of the possible suicide at nine from Connecticut. An exact matching member ID to that one is being used by someone else, but no correlation exists to suggest anything but another quirky coincidence–another war craft fan maybe with a dark sense of humor? Mistaken identity is another strong theme in this criminal incident leading to quite a stack of coincidental factors. The text string iKTatjYX when changed to KTYX iatj and googled leads here:

a quick snip, “the exchange rate and volatility of the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar, the Hong Kong dollar, the Chinese renminbi, the Korean won, the Singapore dollar and the new Taiwan dollar….and are expected to settle on or about January 21, 2010. Delivery of the notes   in book-entry form only will be made through The Depository Trust… J.P. Morgan Securities Inc., which we refer to as JPMSI, and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. will act as placement agents for the notes….Certain United States Federal Income Tax Considerations in this term sheet for a discussion of certain U.S. federal income tax considerations for making an investment in the notes…Thus, if you hold your securities through a foreign financial institution or foreign corporation or trust, a portion of any of your payments may be subject to 30% withholding if the Act is enacted and payment is made after December 31, 2012.”

And here:

I just found it quite interesting where a seemingly random set of ID letters led, but why who knows. A more informed analysis requires someone competent in these matters. So just another coincidence?

In a mass murder case too many coincidences is not a good sign.

“While the gunman is thought to have acted alone, the law enforcement source said a deep dive into Lanza’s computers could provide more clues.

You don’t know if this kid was put up to this by somebody else,” the source said. “You don’t know if there was a conspiracy of sorts. You don’t know if there wasn’t somebody who wasn’t goading this kid on.”

So what actually did happen in the kitchen area?

In the video, there was also a small window boarded up just on the other side where the cafeteria windows are located. This cannot be just a coincidence that a window was broken out on that very morning. A stray bullet through the window however, would explicitly explain the finding of bodies in this area. But once again, the primary shooter did not venture into the kitchen area according to the official narrative. This is either more evidence that a second shooter was active in another area of the school well before or immediately after the primary was already dead. Or it is proof the crime scene was not the  entire one the media reported to the public.

—Most important thing from the Lt. Vance presser: Lanza forced his way in before his rampage in the school—

He actually didn’t say what door now did he? Or how for that matter.

Kids were in the auditorium rehearsing for a play that morning. The school day did in fact start at 9:05 am. Were the shooters already in the building, but not known by the staff? Was this because a female, passing herself off as Nancy Lanza, the substitute teacher, for the K-class, fooled a regular staff member? Did this same female call in an interview posing as the principle?  Such a suspect would have had time to do this if the “hostage” situation started just before 9:00 am during announcments. Was the real Adam severely addicted to “red devils” and was he kidnapped or GOADED by those that knew him by his addiction?  Was he genuinely mentally handicapped or suffering the long-term physical effects of both drug addiction and severe malnutrition?

If the original news reports were true could it also be that two gunman were in two classes holding hostages respectively? Did a plan go wrong at 9:15 am causing the first real gun-fire to be heard? Did the students in the gym actually hear a shotgun(seven shots)  being used in the kitchen closet? Is this the real reason the principle was reported to be executed? In the confusion was Nancy the K-teacher shot and killed by a SWAT officer setting off the primary SHOOTER? Was the result the furious rampage as described in the three minutes? Was another shooter chasing the SWAT officer through the school and around the building? Is this why so many officers were already at the scene, but in the parking lot hearing gun-fire coming towards them? Is this when they decided to go into the school? Was Lanza actually killed in the kitchen area? Is this when the officers realized another shooter was in the kitchen area?  Was killing the kids in retaliation for shooting the suspect calling herself Nancy Lanza?

This is of course just a scenario culled from the odd-bits that were there in the beginning and just as quickly obscured by wave after wave of changing reports. Did one or more shooters or accomplices get away leaving a dead Adam Lanza as the patsy? Or was the real Adam never there at all?

It is of no good purpose to try to explain away why 19 victims were found in the kitchen area. Or dismiss why there were 18 victims in only two classrooms by police accounts when three classes were accounted for in the shootings by the media… D’Amato, Rousseau and Soto.  Six rooms and six teachers with 94 students per enrollment records. Why the media has never bothered to investigate the bold discrepancies from their own news reports or even correct their own worst glaring mistakes is their problem.

The Connecticut State police have another more serious problem. They need to explain their reports of finding more victims than they officially accounted for and why the officers on scene reported victims nobody knows a damn thing about. Either the audio transcripts are true or they are false. If true, add another 19 victims. If false, then the audio record is a product of a fraud, but not the typical hoax some believe to be the truth.

[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.

Time will soon tell just how prophetic these words shall become.


Up next— The Anatomy of a Hoax



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