Devil in the Details – 7

You can’t handle the Truth.”

This is the apparent message to the public. When it comes to the primary suspect, both a motive and a factual accounting of who he is does not exist. There is no proof at all he was there except by an assurance of the authorities in charge, they have the right man. That man is dead and so case closed. What didn’t they show in regards to proof is a very long list as opposed to what they did release, sort of. They gave the weight, but no height, eyes, hair, clothing actually worn, shoes, or a single photo of the corpus in any way shape or form. No photo’s of any documents, records or proof the deceased was indeed Adam at all. If nobody knew who this guy was before there is no means of vetting who they claim he is now.

The link to satanic worship was never substantiated by a single fact of evidence. A single photo of the scene where he is claimed to destroy the “evidence” of something on the computer(no technical information at all) was never provided. The claim really good evidence was soon to be released turned out to be nothing at all… so far. As all records and warrants are sealed therefore, nobody can verify anything about the suspect. And as for the picture, why are his eyes brown?

moteinmyeyeadamThis really bad photo fake was passed off as an Undated photo confirmed by government officials to be Adam Lanza…./which official’s would that be exactly?

Was the usual, professional artist on vacation that morning? Those are not real eyes and what is with the lighter brown(mote) in his left eye? Square pupils/iris?  And why are they not blue?  This is a crappy, creepy, photo paint job. Why not use his State issued ID? Is there some kind of secret on his drivers license? Why is this suspects life such a secret at all?

[Update] While trying to answer some of the basic questions, regarding the life of suspect Adam Lanza, I came across posts which seemed to fit his general condition health wise.  On one such profile page the poster bragged he was going to a 24/7 digital art school. Nothing in any media article mentions any interest in art, but after looking at the “digital representation” from a different perspective it is possible this is a self-portrait. In addition, I came across a post which pointed out an eerie resemblance of the suspect to H.P. Lovecraft. After looking up a photo of Lovecraft, I was rather surprised to find that poster was not exaggerating one bit. So I created a comparison image. Damn uncanny.

Adam digital self portait/ lovecraftt

    Was the suspect dabbling in digital art as a hobby? Or was a gov. agency tasked with making the kid look as menacing as possible? These types of photo tricks tend to bite the hand that uses them. Every time a false factor is added ‘in any way shape or form’ to a criminal investigation, by the authorities, such an action substantially diminishes their credibility.


This is a photo of his older brother enlarged to show tampering with the eyes.  Was Adam so jealous of his older brother going on fun trips to studios that he photo-chopped the pictures? All of them[studio photo files] have weird distortions of the hands.

Another version of the same picture with the dad, which I combined with Peter’s LinkedIn image just to see what a decent picture might have looked like had the correct camera settings been used.

enlarged-Ryan&Adam1aOne would think a wealthy family might have a better camera and the skills to take decent shots. Or a family picture on occasion. The best way to tell the difference between the two brothers is their noses. Ryan has a nose like his mom. Adam has his dads nose. When looking at younger versions of Ryan the difference is easy to spot as it is with Adam. Was Adam trying to impose his face on his brothers? Sure looks like he tried. Or is this another example of tampering to make the two of them look more alike?

In the course of everyday activities people leave a trail behind them as they go about the daily business of living. Some might be more difficult to follow, due to other necessities of their life, but the mundane is always there in some form. People work, do things, have fun,  especially if money and time is not a real problem. But not this guy. He is less than a ghost darting down a street in broad day-light. He has no apparent attachments or relationships which normal people depend on during the course of typical, social activities. What is his favorite sports team or movie? Nobody knows any thing about him on a personal level and the one that did is now deceased as well.

There were no reports of the suspect threatening his mother or any one else, prior to the incident, period. The description of his bedroom was that it was neat and tidy, just like the room used for his computer gear. Did he actually make his bed before going on a killing spree? Pick out his favorite SWAT looking outfit? Did he eat breakfast? Did he have any prescription drugs in his medicine cabinet? Apparently, none of these trivial details are worth a single sentence in the detectives notebook. What a clean room. Guilty as charged. What kind of investigation is this which avoids any positive evidence to be shown for any reason?

Why not a single photo of what guns/rifles were found next to the suspect? And then a corresponding photo of where they were stored in the house itself? How about showing the actual registrations of those specific weapons as identified by fingerprints and serial  numbers? Are his fingerprints a secret too? Was the house devoid of a single picture of the suspect? His mom/brother/dad? Not a single family picture on the mantle? What kind of mom never keeps a single photo of her kids?

When even a reporter on the Nightly News, expresses amazement that there is no evidence of the suspect for the past several years….  as if he doesn’t exist at all… something is clearly wrong. Either A this is not the right guy or B this guy was no ordinary suspect. He has no footprint and no evident reason for living a life of total secrecy.  Who really killed Nancy Lanza? Did her son really live there at all?

Are the Connecticut State Police deliberately provoking a conspiracy theory by avoiding or refusing to divulge pertinent information on the suspect ? Absolutely, in fact that looks like the only conclusion that can be drawn from the positive side of the fact sheet. They pulled this stunt on purpose by not giving the public a fuller  accounting of the suspect. They literally invited every single theory out-there in response to their silence on the matter. Who are these guys kidding, by only allowing a paltry, little snippet of officially approved hearsay? And a crappy fake photo?

There is no proof of who was in that school by any conventional method of fact. As released to the public of course. Why they have plenty of proof. Says so right there on the court action sealing the records themselves. Can a real conviction be made by sealing the records to prove the evidence is indeed factual and properly vetted? Apparently so if the suspect is already dead.  This suspect was convicted in a Court of the Media and nothing else.

So I say again who is this suspect Adam Lanza? He is dust to the wind. If he was invisible before he will remain that way, unless the Court decides differently. What does this mean in regards to answering the question of motive?  Like the suspect himself the motive for the criminal acts is as reed thin as he was claimed to be. The motive for even being at the school had to be invented from a bold-faced lie. Not a single eye-witness interview, as cited and analyzed revealed a single, actual conversation with the suspect in any regard to an argument with the staff. Not a single sentence started with the suspect shouting at the K-teacher Vollmer or Perry, much less the substitute who would not have known anything anyway. But this too is a clue as to what may have occurred. What did happen is not the story the State authorities in Connecticut want the public to know.

Here is a suspect with no motive about to commit a horrific act of mass murder and there is not a single fact to even use as a supposition. Instead, people can just make one up: He hated all kids… he hated places kids were being taught… so he went to the school to murder kids. So very simple. However, not a single piece of vetted evidence links a male named Adam Lanza to this act. He is merely attached to the act like a ghoulish, cartoon character. How does a nerdy-timid kid become a lone-wolf child predator killer? Must have been a gene, right? A single gene suddenly takes over his mind like a rattle-snake and off he goes violently killing his own Mother. Afterwards, he proceeds to a school-house for no reason period to continue killing? Not likely, unless this is a d-rated horror flick without  a plot-line.

So why did Nancy Lanza have to die? He did not kill her for money, or to drive her fancy BMW. He gained absolutely nothing from her death by his own hand, judging by the exceptional lack of prior evidence. If anything he was said to be highly dependent on his mother, more so than what might be considered the norm. But she was by all accounts quite protective of her son. If anything she may have died doing just that… but that would mean an entirely different crime took place than the one as paraded in the media circus act. Once again, the State authorities have all the cards hidden in the vault, not on the table. Is the case so weak, they have to take these extraordinary measures of secrecy just to keep themselves from being ridiculed, or just found incompetent to the task so required?

Considering the magnitude of the crime, the lack of any actual vetted evidence of who did what, or why, is a serious sign of weakness. Being a tough talking police man saying he is guilty is not court evidence. So far all I see is hearsay. The facts as given in the official narrative contradict themselves all over the page. The provocation started.. in an office that was vacant? The principle and two other staff members charge out of their conference meeting. Only one crawls back  alive. There is no conversation in her office. The nurse describes shots being fired not an argument in the exterior office.

Go back one step.

He had to be coming in the window after blasting it out. And yet the ABC over-head shot showed all planes of glass intact. He did not come in voluntarily is not the same as saying, somebody else buzzed him in… the principle was in a conference room so she did not buzz him in… the regular secretary was out and the “office worker” seems to be the one buzzing in late teachers and parents. But there is no interview with her at all, despite her harrowing experience. Why would she recognize the suspect as the son of a K-teacher? Apparently she didn’t and could not lie about it either.

What is here in plain site are two contradictions which cannot be put together. They are like north and south poles of a magnet. The suspect cannot get in without shooting out the glass(which is not shot out yet) and he cannot possibly fool an “office worker” eye-balling a camera screen while he is wearing a black-clad, out-fit, complete with a bulging, fishing vest of ammo and carrying a rifle. Nobody is that dumb.  Therefore, both accounts are false. He did not enter through the front door period or the secretary would have been screaming a man has a rifle at the door!

An eyewitness, stated she was there to drop of something her child needed, she saw the glass broken out… but didn’t know why. Just like the dispatch recording,…”Unsure why” and yet the suspect, is heard shooting by the mom and the arriving police. Why did she not see shell casings littering the ground? Was the suspect using invisible bullets? Rosen stated he heard eight shots…. and those kids arrived what a few minutes later? Were they heading out the door past the mom and the arriving officers?  This is absurd. She never saw any kids running past her. Neither did the officers. So how did kids leave before a shooting took place? How did they really get past a maniacal killer on a homicidal rampage who was shooting victims multiple times?

The officers arrived and went into the school just as the suspect was about to enter the classroom of Soto. So how did a helicopter camera capture the front doors before the mom or the officers arrive?  Did ABC have a camera equipped helicopter right down the street?  No that is absurd as well, as it would mean they were there before any 911 call was made from the nurse under the desk.  In this very same hallway as the shooting was occurring was a dad, apparently four hours too early for his daughters ginger-bread project. What was he doing there at all? The interview with Midlik placed him right there as the shooting was underway. Where did he really go after her warning? With all of these kids running out of Soto’s class, janitors racing to lock the doors, a lone Dad running around without a clue, plus teachers and kids in hallways this incident has become an advanced math problem.

The time factor here is officially three minutes. The incident cannot happen before the late teacher arriving, holding open that door for a co-worker. She went into the office following procedures and by her account had time to put away her lunch and start to show some pictures to co-workers. This account means the shooting cannot alert the principle to something is wrong before 9:35… and by 9:38 the suspect is down by his own hand.

The suspect is an inhuman machine, mowing down kids and teachers without a single speck of conscience, to thwart his bony finger. He is a red-faced devil with no soul. He is a heartless, cold-blooded, chicken-shit-coward of the lowest form of demonic depravity. How else to explain the official accounting of kids shot multiple times for no reason what-so-ever. And all in three minutes. Well, there is that little problem of a second male caller reporting more shooting in the office area, but that may well be a cover for when the front window is blown out. This observation leads to instant trouble of course.  Somebody decided a shooter had to get in by that window and proceeded to make that happen. This begs the question of why.

Logically the official story is false and they had to lie to cover up what really happened to save their collective asses. Dipping into the big, black hat of conspiracy theory…. a Manchurian-Candidate/hostage situation that went south and cost a lot of lives otherwise not in harms way. But the audio transcripts you say… were they contrived to fool the public? An overlay perhaps of a drill occurring a few miles away?

This is why nothing matches. Guys running into the woods after the shooter is presumed dead and long after a sweep of the area? If they had filmed the guys running before the shed was pried open then the official sequence would have matched factual events. If the over-head camera had not captured the intact front window… the sequence of events match an actual path of entry. If kids had been seen running out the door, scared for their lives into policeman’s arms the sequence matches the audio record. If the shooter had spent three minutes arguing with anybody in the front office period the sequence of events would be quite different.  It would be the truth.

“But in response to multiple questions from press, Vance said at one point: “There are a lot of things we cannot confirm.”

He did offer the beginning of a basic time-line, saying the first call came in at around 9:30 a.m.   [So is Thornberg lying or Vance?] “Officers immediately entered the school to search for students, faculty and staff and remove them,” he said. “They did search every nook and cranny…Those who were rescued were taken to a staging area.” [How about we tried to stop a murderous lunatic from killing students?]

If the sequence of events does not match the audio record or the over-head camera shot of the window, why pretend that it does?  But this is all conspiracy nonsense, the De-bunkers will say, as they always do, like a bunch of broken records stuck n the same mental groove. This also means somebody decided the parents need not know the truth… about how and why their children died.  This is of course quite evil. An evil for an evil? Does one evil cross out another? No it makes two evils out of one.

“Marilyn Gudsnuk, 52, of nearby Southbury said she heard 10 to 12 gunshots around 9:40 a.m. Gudsnuk, who attended the elementary school herself as a childhood, said she is taking care of a 91-year-old resident who lives across the street from the school.”

She heard gunshots after the suspect was officially down?

An 8-year-old student told WCBS-TV how a teacher saved his life as he walked toward the school’s main office, where the shooting started.

I saw some of the bullets going down the hall that I was right next to, and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom,” the student said. “It sounded like someone was kicking a door,” he said of the bullets. Sources identified the gunman as Adam Lanza. He showed up early Friday wearing black military garb and toting three guns, according to reports. In the main office, and with the intercom transmitting the horror through the school’s halls, he shot the principal. Read more:

But some babies are saved, and now tell. Six of them have survived because they hid in a cupboard , others thanks to the readiness of teachers. One of them, eight years, said: “I saw the bullets in the hallway next to the one where I was… a teacher and then pushed me into one of the classes.” Another girl, same age, says: “I was in the gym, I heard seven shots and the teacher pushed us into a corner. All of us burst into tears. “

“Children tell the horror of those moments when Adam Lanza, after killing his mother came to school armed to the teeth and face covered and began his mad running. He began to shoot wildly over 100 shots. E ‘entered in a class, did put the kids in a row and then killed them, one by one, looking at him.”

Norah O’Donnell just said that kids were killed execution style in the shooting. Jesus christ people are terrible. 6:48 PM – 14 Dec 12

RickLeventhalFoxNews  ‘m told shooter may have killed father in NJ home, then mother in CT home, then gunned down mother’s entire kindergarten class 8:00 PM – 14 Dec 12

The second person in custody was the brother of Ryan Lanza, the shooter, reports @petewilliamsnbc. 8:05 PM – 14 Dec 12

RT @FixAaron: CNN now says suspects brother also found dead in Hoboken, NJ. 8:24 PM – 14 Dec 12

RT @mpoppel: RT @felix85: AP: Ryan Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey 8:25 PM – 14 Dec 12

The shooter may have been carrying Ryan Lanza’s ID, accounting for the initial claims that Ryan was the shooter.    It appears that the media are now going with Adam Lanza, Ryan Lanza’s 20-year-old brother, as the shooter.

“I was at the gym – tells a girl interviewed by WCBS-TV (below the video) – very strong and I heard seven shots. The gym teachers told us to go in a corner, all curled up. Once there we kept hearing these noises louder. And we all started to cry. ” “All gym teachers told us to go to the office where no one could find – the child continues – Then a policeman came in and told us to run out. So we did and we came to the police station to wait for our parents.

Last updated: December 14, 2012 22:58 NEW YORK – Terrified yet alive. They hid in closets and some were saved from the killer’s murderous rampage of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut .

Six children were in fact found alive in the closets of the school of Newtown where 20 of their comrades who lost their lives under the blows of a masked killer, identified as a young man of about twenty years old. The killer, who died during the massacre, it would be Adam Lanza, Lanza’s brother Ryan, the prime suspect.

—Police have surrounded a purple van at 33 Crosby Street in Danbury that may be connected to Newtown school shooting.—

—Report of police activity on Philow Curtis Road, possibly connected to the shooting. Also cops descended on White Street in Danbury.—

—Very brief press conference. Little new info released. They did mention that police were called to the school around 9 a.m. 6:47 PM – 14 Dec 12 from Connecticut, US, United States

—Update: 3:38 p.m. Patch exclusive: The man identified in media reports Friday as the shooter has told friends that he thinks his developmentally disabled brother may have committed the crime, Patch has learned.

—The shooter was not voluntarily let into school as has been reported previously. Lots of inaccurate information been put out there. #Newtown 3:21 PM – 15 Dec 12—

—Most important thing from the Lt. Vance presser: Lanza forced his way in before his rampage in the #Newtown #schoolshooting 3:26 PM – 15 Dec 12

Yes, there sure was lots of inaccurate information. So much in fact that three months later the truth of that day is lost in a fog of theory, hearsay and sheer media excess. This criminal incident is a travesty of Justice not served and not fulfilled. Those kids deserve better as do the staff. The school was killed right along with those kids. And for what reason did any of this happen at all?

Why would a timid guy want the world at large to hate his guts? And by extension his entire family?

No genuine motive exists and no [public] proof the suspect was actually who they claimed him to be. So what government dept. had a file on Adam Lanza, to obtain his wretched, painted photo? Was Adam Lanza already institutionalized? Why did the suspects brother automatically assume his younger brother had to be the one? He said he had not seen him in years, so why assume it was even him? Did he see the body? Why would his younger brother use his Id for any reason. They do not look alike… their noses are quite different as Adam takes after the father and Ryan after the mom. The brothers are not the same height, weight or eye-color and the younger did not need prescription glasses. If there was no picture ID and no reports of any other identification on the body to go by…  then the reports of the suspect being identified as Adam are false.

And the authorities wonder why so many people believe it was all a hoax. A frame-up is another kettle of fish.


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