Devil in the Details – 6

Houston I think we have a problem.”

The remarkable statements by the nurse, were never confirmed by the secretary, Barbara Lee Halstead, who has never been interviewed.  Karin Halstead, who is her daughter, is also a volunteer firefighter and a first responder. Her ex-husband, is also a firefighter:

“Details of the drama surrounding the school continued to surface. One firefighter in the initial rescue squad to respond to the 911 call last week at Sandy Hook Elementary had a son in the school at the time of the shooting, Sandy Hook Fire Chief William Halstead told Fire Chief magazine in an interview published Tuesday.

Halstead’s daughter, Karin Halstead, the EMS captain, spotted the boy, who was safe. The wife of another firefighter was visiting the school and hid behind a dumpster during the shooting, Halstead said.

Halstead told the magazine that the firefighters set up a triage area, expecting dozens of wounded people, but cared for only two victims: one woman with gunshot wounds in her hand and thigh and one woman with gunshot wounds in her leg and foot.

Halstead said his ex-wife and the school nurse hid in a closet when the shooting started.”

As it turns out, Barbara Halstead was replacing Joanne Didonato, the official SH principals secretary, who called in sick that very day.

“Of all days,” Didonato said, emphasizing the strange coincidence.

Interviewing the second office witness, especially in regards to the severity of the tragedy itself, might have been a better idea than saying nothing at all.  Returning to the interview with Thornberg, an educational assistant who said, “the school’s doors were locked (when she arrived at 9:30) and she was buzzed in. She held the door open for a co-worker and walked through the foyer into the principal’s office, where she signed in and glanced at the staff news bulletin. Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who would be killed moments later, was not in the office. A school nurse and an office worker were there. Did she not recognize the substitute secretary?

She went through the proper procedure, but she never mentions her co-worker by name, doing the same actions as herself. Is this just another over-sight? Or is she oblivious to the implications of her own statements? She let in a somebody— who was late as well? And this somebody did not follow the sign in procedure? Moments later a shooting occurs, but this minor detail is not worthy of a second glance?

So back to the transcript records to see if something can be gleaned to help explain this minor detail.

Another audio transcript follows the primary audio, but with two additional statements which contradict the official narrative:

0937 All units, the individual I have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire….

0938 All units responding to Sandy Hook School at this time. The shooting appears to have stopped. The school is in lock-down.

*0940 The shooter is apparently still shooting in the office area.

*0942 Last known shots were in the front of the (inaudible)…?

The official narrative has the shooter seeing police coming at him in the front hallway facing the parking lot and he ducked into Soto’s class where he committed suicide. The nurse did not report any shooting back in the exterior office to her own, the office once  the shooter left. She did not mention any late co-workers, but the secretary had to know who was coming in late.  Even if they were both hiding in the medical supply closet the sound of additional gunfire would have been quite obvious.

The next question is why did A Shooter came back into the “office” at all if the primary was already dead in Soto’s classroom by his own hand? Who is the male caller and how did the police already in the building possibly miss another shooter still in the “office” area?

Was that co-worker male or female? One must assume Thornberg, had to be at ease or why let this person in? Was this because this unknown person was a female?  Considering what is about to happen is it possible this unidentified co-worker is tied in with the shootings? Did the co-worker proceed in an attempt to buzz in the shooter only after Thornberg left?

The principle was said to be in the conference room attending a meeting in progress. Keeping in mind the odd Bee report as well:

“The Bee quickly posted a retraction and apology: “An early on-line report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack.” “Things are confusing in the aftermath.”

Boy, is that an understatement.

9:34 AM [estimate]
Sandy Hook Elementary School reading consultant Becky Virgalla said she was in a meeting with Principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach and other colleagues when the shooter broke into the building on Dec. 14. When they heard the commotion Hochsprung, Sherlach and lead teacher Natalie Hammond proceeded into the hall “to check out the noise that we didn’t know [were] gunshots at first,” Virgalla told Reuters Television at a December 23 Newtown memorial. “The three of them were shot and they yelled back ‘shooter, stay put.’ And they saved my life and the life of four others who were at that meeting,” Virgalla said. “Becky Virgalla, Newtown Shooting Survivor, Says Principal, Others Saved Her in Sandy Hook Rampage,” Reuters/Huffington Post, December 23, 2012.

One can only speculate upon the eye-witness accounts, as given, about these unusual details that might help explain the actual sequence of events. Did Thornberg, by chance see the black Honda parked in the no parking zone? I seriously doubt she could have missed a man, wearing all black, with a mask, carrying a rifle towards the front entrance. But a smiling female, coming in through behind her is another story.

Looking for additional tangents to this unusual detail is another early report concerning the missing girlfriend. Like many people I expected a follow up on the missing girlfriend story, since it begged the question of how such a specific link was made at all. And after making the report why did this initial qualified relationship(girlfriend) vanish completely from further reports? And of course why was this “girlfriend” missing in the first place? Speculation is like fishing, only patience brings results. So far nothing to be cited at all?

Another article filled in some details to clarify specifics as established in the official public record:

“Police have found numerous bullets outside the school that hit at least three cars, including the one owned by Lauren Rousseau, who was killed by Lanza in her classroom along with 14 of her students and a special-education aide. The three cars that were hit, belonging to Sandy Hook staffers, were near where at least one of the first group of officers parked before running into the school, sources said.

First responders said they could hear gunshots when they arrived, meaning Lanza was still firing. It was only after they entered the building that the shooting stopped and police discovered that Lanza, 20, had killed himself with a pistol, but not before killing 26 others in the school, including 20 first-graders, with a Bushmaster .223 rifle.

Sources said the bullets that hit cars outside probably were fired from teacher Victoria Soto‘s room. That was the second room Lanza entered as he firing at teachers and students. Soto and her aide, Mary Ann Murphy, were killed there, as were six students. Six other children escaped because, police believe, Lanza stopped firing briefly either because his gun jammed or he had trouble reloading his gun. Seven other students survived because Soto hid them in a closet.”

The incongruity, between so many reports and the dispatch audio record cannot be resolved if Adam–lone-shooter is dead– and two minutes later is shooting again in the office area. In fact, it is impossible therefore, who is doing the shooting by such a record is not Adam Lanza. And this too is predicated on the assumption Adam Lanza was actually the shooter in Soto’s room. There is not one article of evidence of any kind to prove this as a fact in open-public records.  

Oddly enough, this lack of proof is circuitously cited as the only proof it was him. No wonder the public is confused when people are  forced to prove a negative to accept a positive claim of evidence. It must have been Adam because nobody can prove anything otherwise. By this logic Daffy Duck did it because nobody on Earth can prove he didn’t… show me the evidence… this is ass-backwards to providing evidence to establish guilt.

Another  early report which later contradicted the official story:

2:25 p.m. CST — A FoxNews report… witnesses said a handcuffed man, dressed in camouflage was led out of a nearby woods by officers who reported to the shooting. The individual is Lanza’s younger brother, according to the Associated Press.

3:18 p.m. CST — The Associated Press issued an alert saying the deceased shooter has been identified by law enforcement as Adam Lanza, 20. He was found dead at the school. The official says Adam Lanza’s older brother, 24-year-old Ryan, of Hoboken, N.J., is being questioned by police. An earlier report from a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers’ first names, AP said.

This report was a good example of odd contradictions in action.  There are several eye-witness accounts from students about the shooter dressed in black or a military look. A guy is caught running from the school matching said descriptions and at the very time of the incident. His name is specifically not given, but a relationship is expressed: a younger brother? So why is that? Adam was never seen running from the scene period!

Once again, how does a man, with identification, become identified as somebody else already dead? That shed door seen in the chase video was pried open by a team of officers. The running guy scene came along a bit later as the open door attests. Did the AP staff writers just make a wild guess that there was a younger brother and this guy just had to be him? How many brothers did police at the scene believe Ryan had that even suggests such a possibility?

Information is not always easy to obtain and mistakes are made. However, in this case it is well past the comfortable line of whoops… another transposed error. Is this oops the reason why officials did not release the car reg. and insurance information? I couldn’t tell from the one purposely-blurred-out-photo of the rear-plate if it was in fact registered at all. The front-plate has no visible tag and naturally, was clear as a bell, in the tow-truck photo. Centered even…

The latest update to the car story only relates the car is registered to a distant family relative? How distant? Why would Adam be using any car other than his Mom’s silver BMW. What kind of psychopath violently kills his Mom and then drives some other distant relatives car?  An astute observer posted on the tag issue, ‘If the car was owned by the mother of Rodia, as claimed, then her name would have come back over the dispatch not his.”

Personally, I just found the timing of the two vehicle checks to be rather amazing… only due to the voice scrambler it is impossible to say IF Nancy Lanza’s name was also mentioned. One might assume that it was only her name is not audibly mentioned at all. Why call in a plate check only to never finish the job? So, what a coincidence that one plate check obscured the other, of which calling in a mass-murder suspects car was significantly more important.

Here is the police radio:

30:15 – Officer asks for license plate to be run: “872 YEO”
30:40 – Dispatch spells his name “Christopher A. Rodia”. Birth date “AUG 6 ‘69”.

And two more articles focused on the original story element:

NEWTOWN, Connecticut -The tragic shooting that centered on a kindergarten classroom at an elementary school here this morning may have yielded up to 27 deaths, new reports show.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Principal Dawn Hochsprung, Kindergarten Class Killed By: Pat Cain | Published: December 14, 2012 | Last updated: December 16, 2012

“Reports are that an entire kindergarten class was gunned down and those students are “unaccounted for”, along with eight adult staff members who were meeting in the principal’s office, Dawn Hochsprung who has worked at the school for eight years.

Two guns were recovered at the scene, one a semi-automatic .223-caliber rifle. They were found near the body of the shooter, who was first mistakenly reported by media as Ryan Lanza but the actual shooter is his brother, 20-year old Adam Lanza, who is from Newtown but was currently living in New Jersey. He also killed his own mother, a teacher at the school, early in the morning in her home. There were conflicting reports that he may have also killed his father in New Jersey, although that turned out to be untrue.

The first shots broke out in the principal’s office which could be heard by all of the students in the school over the speakers. Eighteen children died on the scene while two others were pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

The gunman’s name is now reported as Adam Lanza, age 20, who media first reported was the father of a kindergarten student who was going through disciplinary action at the school, and he is the son of one of the teachers.

The names of the kindergarten teachers at the Newtown school are Janet Vollmer and Sue Perry.” (A substitute teacher was in for Perry that morning and was reported by Halstead as receiving injuries, but never identified.)

The key elements in both stories is of course the kindergarten class as the focus of the shooting. The second report adds the detail that Adam was currently living n New Jersey, presumably where he had a girlfriend that was also missing. The report was correct about him shooting his mother, but still carried the false elements he was a k-students father and a son of a teacher. So, at this point he was no longer the ‘son of a kindergarten’ teacher. But which teacher?  Checking the facts, meant simply looking up the staff on the school site. This was done becoming an additional paragraph:

“The staff directory reads as follows, which we are printing because the website is understandably on overload:

Dawn Hochsprung, Principal
Natalie Hammond, Lead Teacher
Joanne Didonato, Secretary
Barbara Halstead, Clerk
Julie Obre, Typist
Sally Cox, Nurse
Kevin Anzellotti, Head Custodian”

So if they did not see Nancy Lanza listed, who did they assume was the Mom of the shooter? Well, that too cannot be right as they listed the last names of the “brothers” as Lanza. If they were looking at the school staff did it not seem strange to them that the last name of the “mother” was not a match to the son’s? And yet they had the fact the “mom” was killed at home correct? If she was a teacher why was she not at school as originally reported? Did she call in sick that day as well and is surprised attacked by her own son?

The three staff members were said to be coming out into the hallway, and the shooting did not take place in the conference room. They were responding and were shot. Did they not think a 110 pound female was really going to shoot them? Meanwhile, who had time to flip on the intercom? The key detail is where is that intercom button? Is it next to the security camera as well? Maybe pushed by a person who has no idea what is what perhaps? A violent confrontation with screaming, cursing and shouting ending in near death? This is not a reflection of a fight in a hallway.  And the nurse did not say she argued with a gunman or the secretary for that matter. Who was arguing was not under a desk, in a closet or hiding behind a door. Unless, the reports are all inaccurate on purpose.

The press releases leave these gaps in the reports between the lines of related data which leave the reader to guess as to why there any gaps at all.  Perhaps, they too are guessing due to the lack of any actual evidence which might have helped them clarify their reports.

If I was writing a breaking story report with what information is publicly available… I might go along the line of deranged son from New Jersey, with girlfriend, drives to Newtown, in his brothers black Honda civic and kills his mother. Afterwards, he destroyed the computers. Then he and his girlfriend drove to the school. While his girlfriend passes herself off as substitute K-teacher, he just out of sight of the camera gets into his gear. Once inside she pulls a gun on staff members  and after a violent confrontation kills two and wounds one.

She then lets in her equally psychotic boyfriend, who proceeds to murder innocent 1st grade school-kids and staff, while she aids him, but does not shoot children. He then suicides himself as police enter the hallway. She continues firing on the way to the kitchen, past the “office area” killing one more victim, then leaving through the kitchen door. She escapes due to the confusion of several men running around the building. The motive for this horrific incident has not been established by authorities.”

My article has all the necessary elements of the incident, but it is clearly embellished. After all, I have no idea who was dead in that classroom.

Up next who really is or was Adam the “Red-Devil” Lanza?


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