Devil is in the Details – 5

After an argument with the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn., Adam Lanza shot and killed his own mother and reportedly all of her Kindergarten students, CBS News reported on Friday, Dec. 14. Adam Lanza’s older brother Ryan is reportedly in custody, but his involvement in the shooting is not yet known.

[ As reported by the Examiner and many other sites, news reports and so on. At least at this point the suspect is Adam and no longer Ryan.]

“One person was detained at the scene of the shooting in the woods around Sandy Hook Elementary, but it is believed he was not involved in the shooting.”

[The guy dressed as a SWAT officer. And the woods are just a one acre or so hill between the school and the Masonic Lodge and Church.]

Fox News has CONFIRMED that Nancy Lanza has nothing to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School, or school district, in any capacity. Her son, Adam, chose the school for some unknown reason.

“There were two gunman before they became one.
The shooter was named Ryan Lanza before he became Adam Lanza
The shooter was 24 years old before he became 20 years old
Mom was killed at school before she was killed at home.
Dad was killed in New Jersey before he was spotted walking around in CT.”

The sharp-eyed observations above are quite accurate on all accounts.  Nancy Lanza was reported as being murdered, by her own son, at the school that morning right there in the class-room.  The shooter then murdered all of her students.

Sometimes a spade is indeed a spade. How prescient, that a false story became a true one. Nancy Lanza was killed by her son… But not in her classroom along with her students. At what exact moment in time did the police actually find her body? If it was one second before this announcement was made HOW did they know she was factually dead?

The K-class’s were not the targets of the shooter. The teacher Mrs. Vollmer was quoted on many sites that she kept the students calm and in only a few minutes the police were there to escort them out.

“When the shots rang out, Vollmer locked her classroom door, covered the windows, including the one in the door, then took the children into a nook between bookcases and a wall.

She read them a story to keep them calm.

“They kept saying ‘How come we’re here for so long?’ ‘Well, it will be a little longer.’ ” she answered. “When they’re 5, you do whatever you can to keep them safe and keep them calm.”

“We’re going to be safe,” Vollmer told them, “because we’re sitting over here and we’re all together.”

Police knocked at the door to take them all out. They instructed her to have the schoolchildren hold hands and close their eyes.

“At 5, it’s not so easy to close your eyes and walk,” Vollmer said. “So I had them look toward the wall.” They all had to be brave.”

So how exactly did the detectives make the identification of a deceased body in a classroom where there were NO victims at all?

“Riddle me that Batman,” laughs the Joker.

And the pundits wonder why such a significant number of Americans think the entire incident is a hoax. Any detective worthy of his badge is not going to make any mistakes in such a high-profile case period. The failure to properly identify a deceased victim is not a result of hyper-driven media madness. The media was not in the rooms. The media was never allowed to go anywhere near the crime scene locations inside the school and barely exterior to the school itself. Such a monumental discrepancy cannot be simple waved away with an official oops… my bad.

Identifying a body is fairly straightforward procedure wise. It is only a guessing game if the facial features are so unrecognizable other steps need to be taken. The false drama here is even more odious due to the fact that of all the possible identification mistakes this one made two. A relationship was established (mom and son) not just the identification of a body. This now begs another question.

If the body so identified was not Nancy who was it?

Did Nancy have a double there that morning? Does Nancy look so much like a younger female that she could be mistaken for one? That would imply she was so well known by the detectives that her face was recognized, despite all of the other possible methods which can be used. Say like looking on the desk at the roll-call sheet. Or her purse for actual Identification media. If she was unknown, the actual body on the floor being NOT that of Nancy has what connection to her? What did a detective actually hold in his hand that told him this body is Nancy Lanza the kindergarten teacher and the Mother of the killer Adam Lanza. If there was no such article of any kind whose body did they falsely identify?

The school nurse was directly quoted for her knowledge of the shooter as the “Son of one of the kindergarten teachers. There are only two. She saw his eyes…” Well, her story changed soon after to she only saw the boots of the gunman. The nurse was in a closet for around four hours… so she never spoke to the detectives arriving on scene before she left the closet. Her statement of the shooter is also quite false.  Why did she and the detectives make the same mistake?

What kind of joke is this?

The only teacher who positively identified in her class at time of death was Soto. The teacher aides were not placed in a specific room for some strange reason. How do the deceased fool the detectives? How were the detectives so confused as to where these specific bodies were located? The teachers look quite different from one another and I seriously doubt they were wearing the same clothing. If they were having so much trouble why not simply ask the other surviving teachers, what the victims were wearing and what class they were in prior to the incident itself.  Determining which teacher was in what class could not have taken more then half an hour at most. Not a one of the surviving teachers of the 1st grade classes could have possible told them Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher who was killed. They had no idea WHO Nancy Lanza was or her son. But somebody did know and who that somebody was must have made the phone call to the Newtown press to tell them about the shooting. This caller is the other misidentification suspect or did a ghost make a phone call?

Two impossible mistakes in one day is too peculiar to be just a coincidence. Nancy is dead in a kindergarten class before her body is officially found and  the school principle makes a phone interview after she is dead. Or even worse the day before she died.

The following excerpts are from insanemedia:

Sandy Hook School principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more than she could count – that went “on and on.

Swansong,”If this is where this story had ended I may have been inclined to write it off as some type of misunderstanding, as unlikely as that may have seemed. For the sake of posterity a bing cache of the page was found and saved. It was at that point the cache date was noticed. Dec 13/2012

The information found by Swansong is quite specific and well documented in every detail. The comment sections contain even more pertinent updates, as many other posters, on this specific issue, tried to determine how this mistake was made by the initial reporter.  He updated his findings numerious times, thereby proving this was not just a simple mistake as claimed.

From a reader responding to the article, Pat Fallon who says:

“Dear Mr. Burdett, Reporter Andrea McCarren in her coverage of the Sandy Hook Shooting incident broadcast that day and currently archived at the station’s website at states that she interviewed Sandy Hook Elementary School Nurse Sarah Cox off camera and that Nurse Cox stated that the shooter entered the room where she was and that she met eyes with the shooter, she then jumped under her desk, and the shooter inexplicably walked out.

Sally Cox later in an on camera interview with George Stephanopolous stated she only saw the shooter’s feet from under the desk before the shooter walked away....”

“I never received a response from Reporter McCarren and within 24 hours she had blocked my Twitter account with no explanation.

Why would a news reporter refuse to answer a simple question regarding her already aired exclusive interview? Unlike the Newtown Bee, she cannot make up a simple excuse for the statements. Her interview provided a crucial link to the identification and relationship of the “teacher” to the “shooter” which would be otherwise be impossible. She the nurse recognized the shooter. The principle buzzed him into the school because he was recognized. No glass was shot out…if he came in through the door. However, how did a masked man carrying four handguns and rifle trick the principle? Once again, it is the duplicity criss-crossing the narrative that keeps catching my attention to absurdities that cannot be the truth.

A masked man cannot enter the school and be recognized as a normal parent, or a son of kindergarten teacher. A school nurse who does not say I recognized his face, no just his eyes ’cause he was wearing a mask. She does not say what color those eyes were either.

So a shooter sees her and simple allows her to live? Why? This is a psychotic madman about to slaughter 1st graders, but he just walks back out into the hallway? Her story only makes a tad more sense if there are two gunman following in each others footsteps. One is killing with seemingly no reason, but the other is not  killing unless he has a reason.  The second shooter had no reason to kill her and she lived? This does not explain the bold-faced lie his mother is Nancy Lanza. So she hides under her desk and the ‘other shooter’ comes in and she sees his boots. He leaves and she heads for the closet where she will remain along with the  secretary, for nearly four hours.

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The nurse at Sandy Hook Elementary School says she and the school secretary stayed hidden in a (medical) supply closet for almost four hours after the Connecticut school massacre had ended, leaving 20 children and six adults dead.

Sally Cox told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday that she knew “something terrible was happening” Friday morning when she heard loud popping sounds and the school secretary called out to her. She says she went under her computer desk, and the gunman entered her office. She says she could see his legs from the knees down, his boots facing her desk. He then left and closed the door.

She says the secretary raced into her office and they called 911 and hid in the closet. Cox says they were “petrified” and “didn’t know how many there could have been.

How many of who? And he closed the door? Once again, why hide in a closet if the shooter that you just recognized has allowed you to live AND closes the door so to spare you the horror of seeing your fellow staff be murdered? What kind of psychopath cares about closing the door?  These are absurdities in conflict only because the truth is missing.  When the truth was removed from the official narrative of events the result was impossible. A dead shooter cannot control the narrative or force lies to be told to cover his tracks. Maybe it took four hours to convince the nurse to state a bold-faced lie. If the secretary who raced in…. told the same exact story this would have been a different matter. Interestingly enough the secretary was not interviewed.

Another slightly different version:

Crouched in fear underneath her desk, Sally Cox, the Sandy Hook Elementary School nurse, watched suspected gunman Adam Lanza through a small hole holding computer wires as he walked into the school’s office and faced her hiding place.

“I could see him from the knees down, 20 feet away, his boots were facing my desk,” Cox told “Good Morning America” this morning. “It was seconds… and then he turned and walked out and I heard the door close.”

On the morning of Dec. 14, Cox said she first knew something was going on inside the Newtown, Conn., school when she heard a series of “loud popping noises” outside of the office, but she didn’t process that something was wrong until the school secretary, who was sitting at a desk outside her nurse’s office, called her name.

After the door closed, Cox said the secretary raced into her office, shut the door and hid under her desk. Together, they pulled the phone off the desk and dialed 911. They then raced into a supply closet and held the door closed. Cox said they remained there for close to four hours.

“We were petrified,” Cox said. ”We were listening, and couldn’t hear a whole lot, and heard screaming and the gunshots.”

She saw the gunman in this version while already under her desk. WHY was she hiding before she knew anything was wrong? Her door is OPEN so she can see the gunman… where is the secretary? Does not the secretary see him as well? She said. ”But when the secretary called out to me with terror in her voice, it just told me something terrible was happening.”

So the secretary, who was sitting at her desk in full view of the gunman, had to call out to her, from just outside her office, for her to know that a masked gunman, who has already killed two adults and wounded a third, is the key moment that something is terribly wrong? NO mention of the intercom being on either.

There sure are quite a few doors to be opened and closed. Too bad no actual layout of this office arrangement has been provided in any account to help clarify the statements themselves. How did the secretary escape the gunman’s sweep of the main office while sitting in plain site? If the door leading into the main office was open, for that twenty feet to be true, the shooter had to be in full sight of both woman. It is absurd to say he was twenty feet away and all she can see is his knees down. If he is standing a foot from her desk, which is what the report is actually inferring, then  she is on her knees facing forward? Just how big is this computer desk?

{If you are crouched sideways with your knees against your chest looking sideways her story makes some sense. If of course that hole for the computer wires to pass through is at eye level… and the desk is facing the door and the floor outlets are inside the front of the desk?  The monitor cable and the plug are connected to the tower style computer under her desk?  Must be or there is no need for a hole for a wire to pass through.  A desk with a back-facing all the way to the floor is inferred here as well or why hide under the desk at all?}

Outside her open door office is the secretary who is tasked with what in regard to buzzing in parents? Is she watching that security screen? She can also look straight out her door into the foyer and the front door. If not, who is or was, tasked with that responsibility? Mrs. Monahan, is expecting parents to show up by 9:45 to help with making the g-bread houses. It is a tradition. They expect parents and the parents expect to be buzzed in.

If the gunman is suddenly blasting his way into the inner entrance area [Gene Rosen hears 8 rifle shots…as quoted, and hunters are shooting at… what? It is not deer season and there are no hunting areas around the school period.] But the deafening 160 decibel firing, of the military style rifle, sounds like pops? Glass violently shattering into the entrance area directly out those doors twenty-feet away?  The screaming of three staff members being murdered less than twenty feet away? But it is the secretary calling out her name that tells her something is bad? WHO flipped on the intercom? The secretary raced into the nurses office after the gunman shut the main office door, but they were no longer in danger. And yet  they hide for the longest period of time? A period including four sweeps of the entire building by police.

This story is out of sequence to actual events and cannot be true as told. By keeping crucial details of the office layout from being reported factually to the public the real sequence of events has been obscured. Three staff members had to race out of the conference rooms… the vice-principle had to come back through the same door to try and hide behind a door to hold it closed. The main office door open outwards into the entrance area, but the inner office doors open inwards. Once the secretary had raced into the nurses office why not lock the door? Why hide for nearly four hours when a wounded staff member was in need of medical attention?

There were quite a few people in several offices that morning, but each of these offices are all in the same section directly connected to the main visitor office. How can any of them not see and hear the exact same activity? If the purpose of the gunman was to walk into the office and stop staff from stopping him, or making phone calls why did he simply walk back out? If he had shot up the phones sitting on those desks, who would have called 911? Why has the 911 call never been released?

Why did the call not go like this from the nurse,”Adam Lanza, the son of our K-teacher Nancy Lanza has just murdered three of our staff!” “HE is armed with a rifle, he is wearing a mask and fatigues like a SWAT officer… we can hear more shooting… we need help now!”

The nurse did not need to speak to a reporter to identify the shooter she already knew! If she knew him why not tell the police who they are looking for and why?

By both accounts the nurse had to have seen the shooter from head to boot, but she and the reporter avoided this description accuracy by emphasizing the wrong elements even if it was only seconds. If she had accurately described the gunman walking away and closing the main office door her witness statements might have made more sense. Who else did she see in that office making her so petrified? And why did the secretary not provide a more chilling interview of staring down the killer as he walked into her office, the main office outside of the nurses office? She said nothing of a hallway or any other genuine description of the inner office area to identify why that twenty-feet was so important at all.

It would not be for several hours that Ryan Lanza would see his name being plastered all over the news as a murder suspect and also quite dead. Why would he think for a second his mother was a K-teacher at Sandy Hook? He was not personally told she was killed at her home. Why didn’t he react when the news reported his father was dead in his apartment?

NBC initially reported that a Ryan Lanza killed his father in Hoboken NJ this morning, then drove to Connecticut to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where his mother Nancy is a kindergarten teacher. It would be an understatement to say that there have been several conflicting reports about this timeline though: some reported that a body was found in a family home at 36 Yogananda Street in Newtown. CNN reported that Lanza’s younger brother was found dead in Hoboken; a previous AP report claimed the younger brother was being held for questioning. That has since been amended to read that the 24-year-old Ryan Lanza, the older brother, is being questioned, but is not considered a suspect.

Around 9:30 a.m., Adam Lanza is said to have opened fire in the offices at Sandy Hook Elementary—witnesses told the Post that screams and gunshots were heard over the intercom of the school. Lanza then reportedly went into his mother’s kindergarten class, killed his mother, then opened fire on the children.

Update, 8:39 p.m.: It’s now believed that the suspect’s mother, Nancy Lanza, was shot in her home. According to ABC News’ sources, “Lanza shot his mother in the face, then left the house armed with at least two semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle.” Then he drove to the school. Police confirmed that all the shootings took place in one section of the school, in only two rooms.”

“Newtown school shooting] RT @FixAaron: CNN now says suspect’s brother also found dead in Hoboken, NJ”. 12:23 PM – Dec 14, 2012

“Police Raid Sandy Hook Home Hours After Shooting
Police haven’t yet disclosed what they are looking for on Yogananda Street.

There were at least 15 police cars at 36 Yogananda St. as of 2:13 p.m. There are multiple armed police officers there, including one with a rifle at his side.”

So officially at 2:13 p.m. officers have finally found the correct location of where Nancy Lanza was killed–that is if that is the truth. At 12:45 the nurse is still hiding… she is the only one who knows who the gunman is by sight? An hour later she comes out and is found by the reporter. Her story makes the initial story of a gunman, having an argument with the k-teacher, confirmed as true.

But, did she say Adam or Ryan? If she said Adam the transpose story still makes no sense. He was carrying a Ryan Lanza ID… If she said Ryan was the shooter then this means she had to know Ryan to recognize him and know his name, but she knows damn good and well Nancy Lanza does not teach a k-class period. She cannot recognize a pair of eyes, by looking at a pair of boots and to see both is to see the gunman in full. He is the son of the k-teacher would mean, the son of Vollmer?

Another witness account while providing a more coherent report, still contradicts other narrative elements:

Gary Stoller, USA TODAY
9:37a.m. EST December 19, 2012

“Shari Thornberg says she was running late and fears she passed the gunman when she walked through the parking lot to the front doors of Sandy Hook Elementary School at 9:30 Friday morning.

Thornberg, an educational assistant for a fourth-grader with special needs, says the school’s doors were locked and she was buzzed in. She held the door open for a co-worker and walked through the foyer into the principals office, where she signed in and glanced at the staff news bulletin.

Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who would be killed moments later, was not in the office. A school nurse and an office worker were there.

Thornberg left the office, turned left into the foyer and left again down a hallway past the cafeteria. She went into a math-science room to hang her coat and store her lunch.

…Then we heard pop-pop-pop, pop-pop-pop, and I thought, ‘That’s a weird noise…'”

The school’s intercom was on, and Thornberg next heard “more shots, screaming, crying and whimpering.” She heard the janitor yell at the gunman, “‘Put the gun down! Put the gun down.'”

Thornberg says she was told by school staff that the gunman entered the principals office and left after seeing no one there. The nurse and the office worker were hiding under desks, and the nurse could see the gunman’s pants leg, Thornberg says.

The gunman went down the left hallway. Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach were killed, and a teacher whom police have not yet identified was wounded, when they went into the hallway from a conference room, Thornberg says.

The injured teacher crawled back into the room where at least three other adults were inside, and they locked the door.

A substitute kindergarten teacher, whom police also have not identified, was slightly wounded further down the hallway.

Thornberg says police arrived at the school and, unaware of who was doing the shooting, apprehended the janitor and another man outside the school.”

Too bad that janitor was never interviewed like the nurse. A slightly wounded K-teacher is a far cry from lunatic gunman kills his mom right there in the classroom.  When this account was published five days later certain elements had already been changed so radically most people reading this account would probably never question the contradictions posed by the earlier reports.

Those that did began to suspect a hoax was being perpetuated, or at least a cover-up simply asked more questions.

Why didn’t the gunman shoot at the janitor? Why didn’t the janitor provide a full description of the gunman to the press? Which janitor of the two on duty was she referring to and why not by name? If the other substitute K-teacher was only slightly wounded why is she not listed as a survivor? Where was she shot if the shooting occurred in only two rooms and the one hallway? Why did Vollmer never mention the other K-teacher was shot? Why would any staff members identify the shooter as the son of the K-teacher if nobody knew either one of them? Why would police identify a deceased female as Nancy if there were no reasons to do so? What was the hurry? Whose body was mis-identified as Nancy? Where did her name really come from? People hiding in closets cannot see what is happening… so which staff besides the janitor or janitors as they case may have really been, were actual witnesses?

None of the escaping children stated they went through the busted window.

NO broken glass visible?

NO broken glass visible?

And yet another image later on shows there is a broken window:



Capture5     Another image showing break-out of the glass.


If the glass pane was not shot out to allow the shooter into the building the numerous contradictions regarding this specific detail are no longer trivial.

Up next can so many contradictions actually solve a crime?


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