The Devilis in the Details – 4

When a story is partially wrong, but still conveys the essential message one can overlook the minor gaffs.  The following is a good example of real facts mixed in with false elements:

Danbury Hospital treats victims of Newtown school shooting
Posted: Dec 14, 2012 5:37 PM
Updated: Jan 11, 2013 5:43 PM
By WFSB Staff


“Three of the 28 people including 20 children and the gunman were taken to Danbury Hospital after a shooting inside a school in Newtown on Friday morning.

According to CBS News, the gunman, Adam Lanza, got into an argument with someone at the front office of Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly the principal, at about 9:30 a.m. Lanza went to the school armed with three weapons after he killed his mother at their home, according to CBS News.”

The persistence of certain elements helped sell the idea there was a established motive, or at least a plausible reason for the extreme nature of the violence. What was missing in nearly all of these reports is any real description of the three patients. Was it really necessary to leave out that two were children, one male, one female and the third was  either the school’s vice principal,  or yet another adult who has not been named.  A news broadcast video posted here:

… with a brief shot starting 5:26 does seem to to be the vice-principle. I only came across one picture of Natalie Hammond, where she is younger by a few years, but her facial features seem to be the same. None of this type of second guessing would be necessary if the patient had been simply identified as a matter of public fact while still being respectful .  A single report confirmed the fact she was recovering.

To protect Hammond’s privacy and that of her family, Sonski will not talk about her condition, prognosis or where she is being treated — her family is in a self-imposed seclusion due to the barrage of media that has surrounded them. Sonski said she knows only the barest details of what occurred. Their visit was about a special sisterhood, and her desire to laugh with her friend once again.

Technically, Hammond did not witness any activity once she was back in the office behind a closed door. However, she most definitely saw WHO was shooting. Why the school nurse did not help her right away is also quite peculiar.

The good questions have almost been buried in the haze of the “staged” and offensive “no one died” memes. Who were the multiple suspects “running down Crestwood (Drive)?” Officer is heard saying “We got THEM…THEY’RE coming at me on Crestwood…” Why were grown men doing prowling around an elementary school while it was in session, then running into the woods? If one was an off-duty SWAT officer, why was he running?”

Very good questions… why was an off-duty SWAT officer at the school period? Why would a trained officer of the Law not be running to the school to help those in need? Did he hear the sound of high-powered rifle shots? Doesn’t his expertize in dealing with extreme situations give him a tactical edge? I find it highly disturbing that a law enforcement professional did absolutely nothing to help those defenseless teachers and the students. This is another peculiarity that the Media banished from real scrutiny. An update was provided at a later time, but did nothing to explain why this man was there at all.

The failure to answer even the most basic questions, in regards to the perhaps spurious reports, opens the barn door to allegations of conspiracy. In a pre-scripted operation that would be the purpose of such activities to make a hoax more plausible on purpose.

There really is no conclusive evidence of who the other victim is and no solid evidence that it may have been D’Amato. If at some point in the future she states she was fine and any other claim is balderdash that still does not explain why her class was targeted. Nor does it explain why Rousseau was reported by the peculiar description ‘it was not known how OR where she died’ in the original reports. This cannot be a coincidence that she was subbing for a teacher who was never mentioned period and yet IT was D’Amato’s class.

So back in the hallway, when the Dad was seen by Pam Midlik, the shooter is in the office area. He is about to or already has killed two people. If he steps back out into the hallway and is heading right for D’Amato’s class he is in the same path as the Dad. I think there is very strong evidence this Dad is Manfredonia. Miss Soto is not making G-bread houses until that afternoon. Why is he four and half hours too early?

Given the statement by Pam it does appear he is going to Monahan’s class, who is in fact making G-bread houses (this is in her newsletter dated Dec. 17th.) and to be there in class by 9:45 am. But if his daughter is in Soto’s class he becomes the best candidate for the witness account of Soto being asked where the kids are and then her answer is honest— auditorium/cafeteria/kitchen same place. But this does not answer the questions which are still there waiting to be answered. Why is her door and the other two not locked? If the Dad was there why did he not try to protect his own daughter or the other kids?

By this conjecture how did one man coming into the room not see another man going into the classroom next door?

[Update] Thanks to a poster named Fred, on GLP, an interior schematic of Sandy Hook, helps to clear up some ambiguities concerning where classes are in relation to one another. a2c751--- Sandy Hook school schematic

The media reports never made it clear where the classrooms were  in relation to one-another. If this schematic from the previous school year was nearly the same for the current year, then Monahan and Kazlauskas are not in the same hallway as Roig, Rousseau and Soto.  This makes it also very clear why the Dad was in the hallway between Kazlauskas and Monahan and would not have been in direct view of a shooter.

If he went back to the class of Monahan, why not report this?

Once again, there can be no accusation of anything, but it sure looks really bad. Instead, of trying to protect his daughter, and by reason other kids, this man runs out of the school and then pretends he was never inside?

A minute later a classroom of innocent kids, their teacher and teacher aid are reported as dead. But according to those same official reports the 110 pound shooter is like a man of steel and continues into another classroom. There is no logical reason to ask the teachers any questions— he is wearing ear-plugs. He cannot hear policeman running down the hall. He cannot be pounding on a door on the other side of the building. But does that make a second shooter valid or a desperate Dad wanting to hide? Presuming he was of course running through the opposite hallway.

The final guess would be that there was a second shooter trying to trick the music teacher into unlocking the door and when she refused to do so he too had to run… that would account for two guys running past the gym. If these are two innocent guys, why did they do nothing to try and stop the bone-thin, murdering lunatic?

Meanwhile, the shooter has killed five more innocent kids in another classroom, plus their teacher and the teachers aid. He goes back into the hallway and seeing the police coming in he ducks back into the class of Soto and then kills himself.

All of this activity is hinged on the official narrative being true. During this same critical four minutes are the conflicting reports of the custodians running through the hallways locking doors. Just how many men were running through the halls during these four crucial minutes? Well, it seems to be at least four.  I am amazed they did see each other or the shooter. If there was more than one shooter another question has to asked, why didn’t one of these “other” guys get shot at?

The real problem with the official narrative at this point are the students purportedly escaping from Soto’s classroom.

“Bryce Maksell states “He said [of gunman Adam Lanza], He looked at all of us, then he turned around toward our teacher and all five of us ran,’ ” Jen Maksel said in an interview with People. “He said, “We just kept on running. We didn’t know when to stop.” [He does not say which class…]

But another mom soon told Jen that five kids who escaped [which class specifically is again not mentioned] were found running down the road a half mile from the school and taken to the Newtown Police Station. Jen called the station and learned that they did indeed have Bryce there.

Another well reported eye-witness account: Robert Licata said his six-year-old son was in class[no specific detail of class or teacher] when the gunman burst in and shot the teacher. “That’s when my son grabbed a bunch of his friends and ran out the door,” he said. He was very brave. He waited for his friends.”[He does not say they ended up at the police station… or Rosen’s either, but it is one or the other or there are even more kids running out the door, unaccounted for.]

“He said the shooter didn’t say a word.”

In another article about the same boy:

“He worries the man in black fatigues and military-style vest who opened fire Friday on his Sandy Hook Elementary School classroom — hitting his teacher and his fellow students — has found him.

Aidan doesn’t know that his teacher, Victoria Soto, is among the dead. He also doesn’t know some of his friends have been killed.

Soto positioned herself in front of the students, and the gunman shot her, Aidan told his parents.

Aidan and the boys ran toward the front door, out of the building and then toward the main road…[ is this where the media duplicating a separate  account{where a woman stopped, picked them up and drove them to the police station} actually screwed up which six kids went where… sure looks that way.

[Sun December 16, 2012]

The police logs state ONLY four kids were at the station and were to be returned to the firehouse. In order to get a half-mile from the school starting at what 9:37 these had to be some very fast kids… right behind them had to be another six in order to be at Rosen’s house.  There are ten kids running from two classes. The People report does not mention the other five kids being shot… only the teacher.  There is no mention of the peculiar conversation either.

So WHY does Lanza (who does not say a word) ask the question, “where are the kids?” IF the kids in Soto’s class are standing RIGHT there in front of him. This absurdity is only explained, IF of course it was not him asking the question.

The seven kids hiding in the closet could not see anything only hear a conversation. The conversation as attributed has to be at least a minute in duration. If this was the proof of a second gunman— who was not shooting kids specifically, it may mean he was one step ahead of Lanza, when he went into Rousseau’s class, while Lanza was in D’Amato’s and murdered the teacher aide in that class, allowing four kids to run past him. Is it also possible that the Bryce’s account… simply stated the name of the teacher was only “officially Soto” to keep the lone gunman story plausible.  This is a criss-cross method of duplicity.

The second shooter leaves Rousseau’s class and a less than a minute later six more kids thinking they too should run… only to find themselves looking up at Lanza coming through the door who then shoots all of them… [time is 9:35:45?] The six students  when found include one child who is barely alive… the boy is specifically stated as being in Rousseau’s class!  If this is indeed Rousseau’s class and her other students (6) are in the auditorium, why did they make her class the high fatality room? This would also mean this is the class the miracle girl came from as well. And she was seen by a parent upon exiting the school stating quite graphically ” as covered in blood with bits of meat stuck in her hair.”  Five of six in the class are killed, four run out the door and six are in the kitchen area?

By this conjecture the second shooter might have actually shot the teacher aids  in both classes before coming into the Soto classroom and possibly shooting her ahead of Lanza. Was he asking Soto where are the kids due to the fact he only saw four students in the other class-room of Rousseau whom he allowed to escape from Lanza?

Were there six kids in Rousseau’s class in the kitchen area with three  other kids from Soto’s class?  By this conjecture all the kids in Soto’s class did in fact survive– seven, three and six only because the second shooter allowed them to leave on purpose?  But this too begs the question of why the media and the official reports have contrived a story to obscure a much different crime-scene than the one publicly acknowledged. Is the real reason why the records are sealed strictly due to this need to alter the facts to protect those still at risk?

Thus, no matter how one tries to reconcile the official narrative, there is a peculiar duality going on here that cannot be just a coincidence.

This possible second shooter also allowed six students to leave, second boy’s  Aidan’s account, who meet up with the bus driver and for reasons not explainable end up on Rosen’s lawn.  Another peculiarity which defies logical sense is why he (Rosen) did not dial 911 or the bus driver for that matter. They did know why they were ALL running right?

Logically speaking it is clear by this conjecture that one shooter is allowing kids to escape while the other kills them.

If this second shooter is wearing a mask[Lanza was wearing no mask] then he cannot be identified other than by what he is wearing…. perhaps like a SWAT uniform? This could possibly mean Soto was already murdered when Lanza entered the room to kill himself. By this time [9:36] the second shooter had gone around to the music room to pound on the door?  Or is the screaming killer account just pure sensationalism?

“According to the New York Daily News, music teacher Maryrose Kristopik barricaded 15 children in a closet to protect them from the gunman after they heard shots being fired. The “students prayed together until a police officer knocked and told them to exit single file.”

While inside the closet, the students “could hear the bloodthirsty Lanza screaming, ‘Let me in!'”

Fourth-grader C.J. Hoekenga told the Daily News the students were watching “The Nutcracker” when the “classroom filled with banging noises, heavy breathing — and then gunshots.”

All that can be formally asserted is that a lone gunman cannot  be in a classroom committing murder while on the other side of the school screaming, at a music class door, “let me in”  at the same time.

Did this second shooter go into the kitchen area to kill Rousseau? There is no information to prove this conjecture other then the very brief police log itself, mentioning one adult victim  and 18 other victims specifically. Was that number just another peculiar coincidence?

The number of such peculiarities is really quite astounding when all things are considered. And there is still many more to go.

Up next the most peculiar coincidence of all… that of Nancy Lanza being reported as dead in a class-room long before she was reported physically to be found.


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