The Devil is in the Details: The Sandy Hook Travesty

On the morning of Dec 14th, an act of evil brought terror to an elementary school. The questions surrounding this incident go well beyond the usual conspiracy related material, as a direct consequence of the investigation itself, failing to provide a cohesive narrative with the corresponding expectations of visually documented evidence. This lack of substantiation of the official story provides fuel to the fire that it is indeed a hoax.

The debunker’s have easy pickings among the wide assortment of counter-theories, ad-hoc arguments, numerous false-identity picture hounds while ridiculing other arm-chair detectives merely sifting through the deluge of web media related information. While some debunkers are more focused and well meaning, others not so much. The truth in this case is indeed a crap shoot with no prizes for the winners.  Truth in America has lost the battle with secrecy and with it the real power of Justice itself.

The American people wanted to know the Truth… what they received was a convoluted explanation so full of holes, swiss cheese, looks like granite by comparison. The original narrative facts were not just wrong they were stupendously wrong. One had to begin to wonder were the detectives even at the right scene at all? How could they make such fundamental mistakes in regard to the identification and subsequent analysis of the information they were deriving from the evidence right in front of them. Considering the magnitude of the crime, one might expect a quality of conservative conclusions, but the mistakes indicate something otherwise.

Forcing the public to make guesses about what really happened, then scolding them for asking any questions at all, inspires very little confidence in the competence of the officials themselves. The political tactics to browbeat anyone questioning authority, only ensures even more doubt concerning the conclusions, thus the validity, of the authorities claiming only they can speak the truth. The Right of Free Speech is not a gift from the authorities and they have no say in its expression, or its purpose. If people want to express their opinions or ask questions it is not a power of the State to tell them when or why. Truth is an Authority unto itself.

When asking questions, involving a very serious criminal event, it is paramount to remember, not everyone is going to agree with matters as stated or conclusions so drawn. A free-for-all-discussion can be highly beneficial to explore material otherwise ignored or not fully understood. Criminal incidents involving mass murder produce sensationalism like clouds produce rain… some days its a deluge and others not so much.

There is also the knotty problem of discussing the incidentals without arousing the ire of readers, or crossing the often fragile line between sensibilities and the need to express uncomfortable details, some prefer to be left unsaid. The mass murder of children makes this even more problematic as emotions cloud perceptions otherwise logically clear. Being angry about the School shooting is just as healthy as being deeply saddened, as both are  natural expressions to such horrific acts against the innocent… young and old alike.

As the old expression goes the devil is in the details and in this case one might be tempted to argue so is the Devil himself. Adam Lanza was reported to have a web page dedicated to the devil. This information came from one source, the National Inquirer, as related by a one time school acquaintance of Adam. This set off a flurry of web articles providing yet another example of why bad reporting is an art-form and a source of entertainment.

Perhaps Adam was making a joke about his own nick-name which his teenage buddy simply did not grasp. Having a quirky or weird sense of humor is not that odd or unusual for teenage males and as proof for a more sinister quality to his personality such innuendo does not hold up to deeper scrutiny. There is no proof Adam had any such beliefs or interest in such matters. But when people are searching for a reason why he committed such acts it is real easy to suspend critical thinking and simply agree that surely that devil worship had to be the reason. Such false conclusions may make people feel better about his actions, but it does so at the cost of discovering what actually led to the incident itself.

If Adam Lanza simply lost his mind that morning no amount of rational explanation will suffice to shed light on his irrational fury. With very few facts, or even anecdotal glimpses into his actual thought processes, as revealed by his limited interactions outside of his personal, family relationships, Adam will remain an alien to the society he is suspected of harming. I say suspected because he has not been proven guilty in a Court of Law. Cutting this corner is not a good idea as it presents the possibility that people who may be suspected of serious criminal actions can be simply “executed” and that is good enough for Justice. Unless of course, the suspected party is actually innocent and the proof of guilt has simply become a matter of  pointing the authority finger and nothing more.

I find this aspect of the crime to be  quite a troubling trend if it continues to the next stage. A test for the bad “Adam gene” may have been laughable ten years ago, but ten years from now perhaps not so much. Sorry your child cannot be born as its genes have been identified as being “evil” and speaking of evil you seem to be the carrier…. a slippery slope so begins. The outlawing of dangerous guns is just a quick step in that very direction. Until the government dis-arms it is has no moral high-ground to demand The People should do so first and without considering the consequences when law abiding people are simply made outlaws by government fiat.

In an effort to understand what happened that morning it is necessary to know,  as best can be known, the school dynamics including personal. I do not claim this re-creation is fool-proof or absolute in every detail. Such an under-taking is simply one method of many to help understand what happened and to provide additional insight in regards to why this school and its students and staff were a target at all.

In an attempt to answer the simple question of why the class sizes according to this official class listing do not match media reports required some searching.

[The report was uploaded 12/4/2012]

According to this school page there are five 1st grade classes (four of nineteen + one of eighteen) at Sandy Hook school, for a total of 94 students.

Other sources for additional information were two library articles. One of which made note of class sizes: “Just this year two out of the three preschool classrooms moved to SHS thus upping the school’s enrollment. SHS has always been the largest elementary school in the district although its enrollment numbers are starting to drop along with the other elementary schools. There are 25 classrooms in the school: 2 Preschool, 2 Kindergarten, 5 First Grade, 5 Second Grade, 6  Third Grade and 5 Fourth Grade.”

These are all of the teachers from the student-handbook plus the apparent 2012 current  teacher listings: Vicki Soto, Lauren Rousseau, Amanda D’amato, Vicki(Victoria) Kazlauskas , Kaitlin Roig, Carolyn Monahan,  and Carol Wexlar, who now teaches second grade.

The previous year Roxanne Melaragno taught 1st grade but she went on to Middle Gate Elementary School in Newtown.


Amanda D’Amato has very little info. available, but she is a current teacher.(*Ms. LaBanca, who lives next-door, said Daniel was in the first-grade class of teacher Amanda D’Amato, who could not be reached for comment.,) but she is here: with lots of familiar faces on her pin-page-followers listing.

Very little on Vicky  Kazlauskas  as well, but I did run across a really good audio interview with Pam Midlik, an educational  assistant in her class which also provided an interesting mention of the “Dad who was there to make ginger-bread houses” and additional first hand accounting of that morning. (Pam)

Vicky Kazlauskas 7/1/2007 to 6/30/2015

Lynn Monahan 7/9/2009 to 7/8/2014

Kaitlin Roig 10/12/2009 to 10/11/2017

Vicki Soto 2/21/2011 to 8/31/2013

Amanda D’amato [no info]

Rachel D’Avino, 29, was a behavioral therapist who had just started working  at Sandy Hook Elementary, according to her obituary published in the  Waterbury Republican American.

Lauren Rousseau , 30, also just started working at Sandy Hook Elementary  School as a substitute teacher just six weeks ago.

Another statement regarding D’Amato’s class:

“Becky’s son(Chase Kowalski-7) was in Amanda D’Amato’s class and a state  trooper told her that the parents for that teacher’s class should wait in a special room in the rear of the firehouse…. (further down in the article) Especially the  ones who were unidentifiable.

“Daniel Barden was an active first-grader, a budding athlete who was a member of the swim team and  loved to play soccer. He was a “sweet boy,” said Karen LaBanca, whose 8-year-old daughter, Maggie, was friends with 7-year-old Daniel. The two children took the school bus together every day, she said. Ms. LaBanca, who lives next-door, said Daniel was in the first-grade class of teacher Amanda D’Amato, who could not be reached for comment.”

The articles so referenced are a real puzzler because it gives the distinct impression these two kids were  shot in D’Amato’s class? But there were no explicit reports on any loss of life in any other class. This led to examining the records both on the school site and in the media.

Typical examples: “Kaitlin Roig , 24, endured a similarly horrifying ordeal. She had been teaching 15 children  when the classroom windows shattered.

” “A friend posted on her Tumblr account a tribute to Soto: “”I talked to Vicki Tuesday and she told  me that she loved her 16 angels and never wanted to let them go.””

The numerous ref.’s to 14 coats on the rack for Lauren Rousseau’s class.

The two boys who were in D’Amato’s class.

Carolynn Monahan by all accounts her 16 students were all safe.

Miss Kazlauskas no specific student count, but per interview(Midlik) they were all safe.

There are only four teachers currently listed in the current school staff listing. The question is why were there six teachers for only five classes? Why is there a discrepancy between the Newtown official class sizes, library reports and media related teacher class records? Why did they need a substitute teacher if D’Amato was no longer on maternity leave? Why did they scrub Miss Soto’s web page completely? She was listed as an intern the year before in the student handbook for the 2010-2011 school year. There were six teachers for that school year as listed. Why was the current student handbook removed as well?

With all the info. on the table, so to speak, it would be a logical deduction that Miss Rousseau was substituting for Mrs. D’Amato. Just how long Rousseau may have been subbing for D’Amato is not clear and thanks to a total absence of class information from that day or before, it is a guessing game for answers.  So in an attempt to further narrow down the the specifics I soon realized it was not enough to assign students to Rousseau’s class from D’Amato’s. This was due to the numerous reports of the kids who escaped from Miss Soto’s class thereby, actually exceeding the possible number of students she was reported to have both in the media and from the school enrollment records.

The only solution to the problem was to assume all six teachers were in fact there that day. This would mean that Rousseau was not officially listed, but was assigned a class of 15 students. By this arrangement a much different pictures emerges as a result.

Kaitlin Roig by most media reports has 15 students all were safe.

Carolynn Monohan by her web site account 16 students all safe.

Miss Kazlauskas  has perhaps 16 and all are safe.

Vicki Soto has 16 students and in all early accounts they too were safe.

Miss Rousseau may have had 15 students and five of them were killed.

Amanda D’Amato may have had 16 students of which 14 were killed.

This adds up to the correct number of 94 students… as listed, but not as assigned per classroom. Rousseau was hired by Dawn, who had apparently known Rousseau for many years. Thus, it is quite likely she did in fact sub for D’Amato the previous school year, was was well liked and thus fit in so to speak, unofficially of course.

There are so many contradictions in regards to which class the victims were in and how many were victims as opposed to survivors I found it was necessary once again to review many of the earlier sources used in my investigations of the incident, in order to determine, why the accounts were wrong and if so was this obfuscating on purpose.


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